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  1. Make it portable-sooner or later yer gonna have to move it.
  2. How about rinaldo del gallo....pro bernie 1a lawyer? Or samson raciooppi, candidate for the house, or shiva ayyadural, candidate for the senate? Might they merit a hearing....or are they nazis? I also prefer that people like chapman, or anybody else for that matter, speak if they think they have something to say, even if.....especially if, they disagree with me. I'm not afraid of ideas. But the key is they are able to do it without fear of physical violence. The counters have every right to be there and voice there opinion, but perhaps I understated the situation by using the phrase "implied violence"-promised (and delivered) violence is more accurate. It looked like "the mob" and the only thing keeping a lid on things was an overwhelming police presence. I value the freedom of speech too much to see it trashed by the government, "the mob", the klan or anybody else that dictates who is and isn't allowed to speak and will use violence to enforce it. One thing I do know with near absolute certainty-there wasn't a nazi/kkk/skinhead anywhere near the free speech rally.
  3. Let it go. He's just copying from his betters-it happens when there is no ability for original thought.
  4. Birds of a feather: https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/6utm2b/recently_discovered_photo_shows_members_of_isis/
  5. Since race and gender are mere social constructs I've decided that today I'm a black woman. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
  6. A free speech rally is provocative? Really? So let's recap. A rally in support of free speech is scheduled by a group that had disavowed and had no connection to white supremacists and the organizers of the c'ville disgrace. The rally permit was for a maximum of 100 people and was issued grudgingly by the city. The call went out to "the mob" after rumors were spread, without the slightest evidence, that the haters were coming to town and the troops, including the violent ones, predictably responded determined to do the job the government wouldn't. The mob, being a mob, was led by their herd instincts and did everything in their power-including the threat of violence-to successfully shut down a rally even though there was no hate displayed or hate speech given. Unless you can show me where the free speech rally was anything other than a free speech rally (supposition, "code words", gut feelings, innuendo, projection and rumors don't count) it's clearly a case of "the mob" and their implied violence shutting down legitimate discourse and trashing the 1st amendment. That it was a rally in support of the 1st just adds to the irony. It's not hate speech that you all are so afraid of and upset about-it's free speech that frightens you. You should be proud.
  7. No they didn't-the event was aborted under threat of violence. But if they did make their speeches than it should be easy for you to point out the hate. Putting free speech in quotes is a nice touch-you going for the "code word" argument?
  8. Yet we have no problem honoring those who carried out a campaign of racial genocide that would have made hitler proud.
  9. Thank you-that's the first honest answer to the question I've been asking.
  10. Absolutely. What speech did you hear in boston that you disagreed with?
  11. Congratulations to those that are celebrating the demise of the 1st amendment. Using the violent mob when the government couldn't do it is a defining moment. You should be very, very proud.
  12. It's frequently the same folks that label others "science deniers" but insist that there are more than 2 genders.
  13. Need a hanky?....play-do?.....a puppy?