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  1. ....a postor that goes by the handle "can you hear me now".
  2. And of course it all started with fox. Presstitutes have been around as long as there has been a press.
  3. Maybe if you got out more often......or got elected to something.
  4. And, to be fair, some of those lurid sex scandals were clinton.
  5. How totally, utterly, unexpectedly unexpected.....if only someone had seen this coming.
  6. But banner posted the 1st comment after the op....it hadn't been quoted yet. Which can only mean that banner read the op despite having the postor on ignore....or banner doesn't have the postor on ignore. Take your pick.
  7. If you have the postor on ignore how did you see the comment in the first place?
  8. You mean like "citizens united"?
  9. Ginsburg is always a question as well. Elections have consequences.....I forget who said that.
  10. I say it's a topic worthy of it's own thread-feel free to start one and stop trying to derail this one.
  11. Well, it was all the rage back then.
  12. Awww.....thanks....I am deeply touched by your concern.....deeply. Now explain to me what I'm supposed to make of the fox piece you posted.