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  1. I'm sure billy murphy and warren brown have been in touch.
  2. "Prince was fired from JPS Marble and Granite earlier this year and scared his previous employer so badly that he tried to get a restraining order in February. At one point, Prince's former boss Philip Siason said: "He came to see me, cursed and yelled at me about unemployment benefits. I felt very threatened because he is a big guy and very aggressive on me." A Harford County District Court judge denied the order, saying the case didn't meet the required burden of proof." http://time.com/4987973/maryland-radee-labeeb-prince-delaware-connection/ I wonder if the "burden of proof" has been met now? Not that a restraining order would have prevented this.
  3. That's true.... the individual mandate was ruled constitutional by the supremes and is the law of the land. However this is a different challenge and to date the ruling is the subsidies are unconstitutional pending appeal. So no-it's not the law of the land....yet.
  4. I presume you have some evidence about powell or are you deflecting? There's no shortage of evidence that hillary was doing it.
  5. Law??? The constitution is the supreme law of the land. But we don't need no stinkin' laws when the president has a phone and a pen.
  6. Can you imagine the wailing.....the gnashing of teeth....the rending of garments if trump just stroked a check drawn on the federal account to fund building the wall? Would need a paint scraper to get the lib/dems off of the ceiling.
  7. But their profits aren't large enough-that's why big insurance NEEDS the subsidies to stay in business.
  8. ....and the dog ate her homework.
  9. My employer based insurance premiums have only gone up-not as fast or as drastic as an individual policy-but up none the less. "Yes, It Was The 'Affordable' Care Act That Increased Premiums" https://www.forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2017/03/22/yes-it-was-the-affordable-care-act-that-increased-premiums/#517b13b011d2
  10. The answer must be too simple since you felt the need to change the question.
  11. Oddly lowering premiums was one of the goals of the aca-not so oddly obamacare didn't do it either. Where's my $2,500?
  12. Now that the big-insurance is getting their payoffs can I presume that we won't hear the usual caterwauling when the issues of obscene profits and executive pay comes up. Thanks in advance.