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  1. What is apparently well beyond your pay grade is the concept that while trump may be guilty as hell, and probably is, that's not an excuse for "questionable", and possibly criminal behavior on the part of the investigators. Frankly I don't understand why you wouldn't demand that the investigation, like caeser's wife, be above reproach. Right now, imho, it isn't and apparently the fbi agrees since horowitz is investigating.
  2. And you're willing to ignore the painfully obvious when it's convenient.
  3. Absolutely-no matter who they are.
  4. Watching you guys unspool is entertaining but do you ever have an original thought....one you can call your very own?
  5. That's mueller's job.
  6. There are more folks than page and stroke involved....look a little deeper.
  7. Bwaah.....check with a lawyer-they do it all the time. Perhaps you can explain why the long list of fbi/doj reassignment, resignations, and demolitions of senior key investigation staff keeps getting longer.
  8. In her defense she was drunk when she was genital grabbing.
  9. So you think that there are questionable people and activities associated with the investigation?
  10. Nothing to see here, eh? Is it a good sign when a parade of key, senior, career officials involved with a critical and ongoing investigation are suddenly demoted/reassigned/retired under dubious circumstances? Or would you rather the question not be asked?
  11. I have no doubt the russians have, and will, try to tamper with our elections, along with the chinese, iranians, israelis, n koreans, mexicans, pretty much any entity with a computer, internet access and the will to try. It's nothing new and I'd wager these sites are attacked frequently from here and abroad. If anything it should be a wake up call that we need to do a better job of protecting them, but it is NOT the reason clinton lost the election nor have I seen any evidence that it had the slightest impact. The dnc hacking is really rather silly considering that the crack i.t. network administrators for dws were pakistani nationals with shaky credentials and alleged ties to pakistani intelligence. Why hack when with a few well placed rupees anyone interested could read the dnc emails before the intended recipients read them? And the dnc chair handed them the keys to the kingdom.
  12. Perhaps they know something we don't?
  13. Everyone is lying including trump. Obviously a concept beyond your pay grade.
  14. "Two more senior government officials who were prominently discussed in text messages exchanged by FBI personnel formerly assigned to the Trump-Russia investigation are leaving their positions. Mike Kortan, FBI assistant director for public affairs, is set to retire next week, an FBI spokeswoman confirmed. In addition, the chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, David Laufman, resigned this week, a department spokesman said." https://www.politico.com/story/2018/02/08/fbi-texts-officials-resign-400533 Getting out before the horowitz report?
  15. I stand corrected and your point is valid. I posted that more as a compare and contrast.-it wasn't posted in support of trump. I don''t remember schumer proposing this either-maybe because of the lack of an outcry. Hopefully trump will come to his senses and realize that the fighting isn't yet over and we still have large numbers of troops in combat zones. It's not time for a victory lap-ego driven or not.