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  1. Wyatt being one of the freshman qbs? yea he's definitely talented. not sure he'd be ready for a starting varsity role just yet IMO.
  2. I thought it was the kid from New Canaan CT? Drew Pyne?
  3. sad that's how Damascus won the game. gotta feel for the walkersville kids.
  4. You keep talking about gonzaga, why? What do they have to do with this game?
  5. Who's injured for Spalding?
  6. Why is that ? Because of one bad game against a very underrated team?
  7. I remember they had some really good big lineman up front and a qb that lit up gc last year. Are they still there?
  8. GA, do you think Gilman is better than msj?
  9. Where's the steam?
  10. Marshawn loyds' arm!!!! That was bad..
  11. What's happened to the Spalding kid?
  12. does anyone have info on the Spalding palotti scrimmage?
  13. What happened to Henry and bangda the transfer rb from sjc?
  14. How did Calvert hall do against friendship?