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  1. And just like that, the 2018 O's reassert themselves. Trumbo is so slow he can't cut off the ball and allows Gomez's ball to go for a triple, Sisco makes a bonehead play. Bleier was due for a bad outing, but the team behind him is making it worse. For a moment there, I thought we were looking at a legitimate team again. How wrong I was.
  2. That's 8 GS for Machado now? He's liable to break his idol A-Rod's record if he keeps this up. It's gonna suck not having him around after this year. Prima donna or not, what a talent.
  3. Jabuys, it would be encouraging if Gausman finally figures it out and becomes the 1/1A starter optimists always thought he could be. This is in its way as impressive an outing as KG's 9-inning masterpiece a few days ago. Of course, then the problem becomes, once the O's (invariably) start stinking up the joint again, what kind of haul the O's could get for him vs. keeping him to build around.
  4. This is the kind of game the O's played in 2014. Timely hitting, good D, tenacious starting pitching. Impressed with Sisco's sliding catch earlier. A couple of sharp DPs. Gausman isn't falling apart even though he's putting runners on through mostly 2014 ALCS-like hits. He's getting his secondaries over exactly when he needs to. Lots to like so far.
  5. Gausman looks good so far, Manny pops one, Mancini makes up with his lack of range with a well-timed sliding catch. I can't help it, I do like to see the Orioles play well. The O's playing well on the field won't change in any way the organizational buffonishness that needs to be eliminated to get this franchise off the schneid -- the question is whether a team that plays adequately every now and then will preclude doing anything about said organizational idiocy. So, might as well enjoy those games when this team looks like a borderline ML outfit. Now watch it all fall apart in an inning or so.
  6. MM might be a good fit there. Who's their 3b? Bat-flip Bautista? The Braves have a disgustingly deep farm system. We ought to be able to pry a nugget or two out of them.
  7. If, as that article implies, Brady is being elevated to a kind of titular GM, making all the sexy decisions but delegating all the quotidian paperwork to underlings, then I don't have much hope for the future of the O's as a competitive concern. I think Anderson has his role, and I think he's a reasonably smart guy (just because he's buffed doesn't mean he's dumb), but he doesn't seem to have the stick-to-it-tive-ness, attention to detail, etc. to be a real, not to mention real effective, GM. But what do I know?
  8. This team needs a break ... Davis, inexplicably, goes on a hot streak a la his glory days in 2015, and the O's can somehow unload him at the deadline, picking up 50% of his salary, to a team that needs a (very occasional) power threat and decent 1B. In exchange, we get a new tarp for rain delays and a H.L. Mencken automaton programmed to lambaste the O's at the Sage's most sardonic best, to be placed in CF in lieu of fireworks and animated whenever the O's make a bonehead play. (Trade would obviously have to include a generous maintenance plan.) But if that were to happen, of course, the PTB would say, "we got the 2015 vintage Crusher back! Can't trade him now! WC, here we come!"
  9. They could mount a miracle comeback and win this game and it wouldn't mean a g/d thing regarding how pathetic this team and franchise is. Although it would be a wee bit of a payback for 2014.
  10. Stat padding time. Only 12 more solo home runs to get these fightin' Birds back in the game!
  11. Why pitch Bleier here? I wanna see Davis. I'd think the conventional "get him some work" reason is a bit nonsensical. The way this season is going, getting Bleier work in a game like this means he gets injured, and we lose whatever pathetic value he could bring back in a trade.
  12. Has ever such a bad team had a player having such a season as Machado? I know Cal had one of the great seasons of all time (11.5 WAR) in 1991 for a team that lost 97 games. But this group of ... pros ... I think they'll blow past 97 with aplomb.
  13. There goes his trade value.
  14. Obligatory "Moneyball" reference. "Billy, there's a lot of talent in this room. Just leave it to them to find solutions to our problems." (Paraphrase) I'd say that's a pretty good summation of the Orioles FO rhetoric over the past few years. Meanwhile, tonight, I'm rooting for 31-3.