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  1. Cito Sucks
  2. Chen's fatigue situation came at a bad time. O's could have used him rather thanTillman. But if Chen can't start after going 8 innings he's not going to command a decent contract. Tillman is not pitching to capabilities, is it poor coaching?
  3. Mussina as an Orioles: better than Flanagan? Boddicker? Storm Davis? 2nd best Os pitcher?
  4. What is becoming clearer with the recent book on Cobb is that Bonds was a bigger jerk than Cobb
  5. Paredes is a decent bat off the bench or as an occassional DH against RHP. He can't hit LHP, never has. He's an NL player as a pinch hitter and occassional starter, but insufficent as a everyday DH.Pearce, Lough, De Aza(DFA'd) and Snider combined are below replacement level players. And Delmon Young is better. By the end of the season how many replacements for Markakis and Cruz will be DFA'd? How many marginal, average, non descript corner OF/DH/ utlity players do the O's need? Reimold is nothing more than any of them. All have had shots in the majors and have had an occassional success, but inconsistent.
  6. lighten up Frances. Take a Midol.
  7. Is Machado an elite young player with Trout, Gallo, Bryant, Stanton, Gordon, Lawrie, Posey and Harper. Is Jones in that class?
  8. They have been hit by the injury bug, Ellsbury has been out for a while. Ivan Nova hasn't played at all. Beltran goes through a cycle of days off before playing a couple of games, Tanaka missed games and is playing injured and Sabbathia has lost velocity that he can't counter with guile. But good signings and trades and the best setup and closer combination in baseball have helped. But McCann, Tex, Gardner and ARod are a formidable lineup, when healthy, even at their ages.
  9. wow, the Angelos *** kissing guild has a website and message board. Nice retirement gig for Tony. Hard to see how someone can fight against Saddam Hussien, the Taliban and Osama bin Ladin and come home and crawl into bed with the Evil Emperor Peter Angelos. But that his life, bless him for it. I honor his service. PTSD?
  10. but in 2018, the Orioles will get the last laugh
  11. Orioles never should have let Matusz appeal his suspension. Another Orioles draft bust. Rowell, Matusz and Hobgood. BUST 3 out of 4 years.
  12. Is Manny really the Orioles leadoff hitter for the next 15 years? What is the fascination with him there? Is it a lack of options?
  13. palmeiro? If MLB really wanted to punish the Orioles for Matusz they should require the Orioles to play him everyday having him sit for 8 games is a blessing
  14. If the Orioles anticipated this kind of performance repeating itself, why wasn't Wright on the opening day roster and pitching every 5th game already?
  15. Angelos is a terrible human.