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  1. I somehow missed this thread but find it interesting my friend would pick mushrooms in Harpers ferry not sure about which type but she sold them to restaurants in the area and made some good money. the only time I tried mushrooms was at a cheap trick UFO concert at Lehigh U. boy did it turn my stomach never again.
  2. pickle and evil yoda 2 other posters I like did they ever have a ravens halftime meet and greet from this forum?
  3. hey have you ever cruised on crystal yachts cruise line it looks cool being a smaller ship that can get into more coves on islands.
  4. josensback and norman to people I liked to converse with
  5. The government is giving you taxpayer money and someone thinks buying crabs is a waste of money.
  6. The best air filtration system in the world I encountered was the childrens hospital in philly. My sinuses were cleaned out after several days and a relative that deals with legionnaire's disease said this is a big problem in nursing homes and hospitals let alone hotels that are inclosed.
  7. forcing people to pay for the high cost of health insurance is just a Ponzi scheme. take from the rich and middle class and give the poor free health insurance. If you don't take health insurance our government will fine you on your tax return. Unconstitutional in my book Im sure our founding fathers would have tarred and feathered the person who came up with this kooky plan. The US leads the world in bankrupting people who can't afford their medical bills.
  8. CNN will be all over this rev. Al and Jessie are probably on there way. One of the women is an attorney in York let the fire works begin. Hanover, PA has all white membership clubs so does York so yes racism is alive from York to West Virginia.
  9. We seem to all get along the old guard of racism is dying here. Coombs tavern is a local prime rib tavern and we all converse no matter age skin color or how rich or poor you are.
  10. I joined this course haven't been out yet what happened is this guy sold a bunch of 3 yr memberships at 175 bucks all the golf you want cart extra. well all the cheap wads that golf bought into it and the course was jam packed the other Friday reminded me of caddy shack. He basically oversold the membership and Dave the ranger told me there will be no singles during busy times and they were enforcing the pace of play. This course was known for old ladies walking and yapping and doing 5 hour rounds. You cant keep up get off the course. Another bs case where the people were of color. they treat everyone the same.
  11. I was told Dez has visited the training complex twice.
  12. I got my wife and some friends who are cowboy fans thinking about a preseason game in dallas
  13. Obvious this team is going no where get what you can strip it down and start over. Just be lousy for several years and rebuild a championship caliber team.
  14. I would think gun owners have jobs and don't need to march around and say look at me. I like guns and shoot them.
  15. Geisiki is the guy at te. watch a lot of penn state games this guy is a playmaker.