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  1. I bet you have a lot of friends being smarter then everyone.
  2. the problems pitching clutch hitting Machado and Jones are banged up
  3. Shot in the back and not robbed you can see how people would jump to conclusions.
  4. Need to know who killed this guy and why?
  5. I got lost at experts ha ha ha.
  6. You cant trust anything the media says anymore I think these journalists should be held accountable for slander and reckless reporting.
  7. From watching the Boston series the umpiring strike zone has been a mess. I thought the ump was fair last night several low strikes but consistant. If the ump starts squeezing the stike zone I expect walks and runs scored on UJ.
  8. My adopted son is mixed black and Hispanic and he is light skinned considers himself Hispanic do to his mother's maiden name and came from Puerto Rico.
  9. We have 32 documented women and men gangs in York, Pa were lucky that they like to shoot each other in the legs to control their turf. Best doctors around to treat gun shot wounds.
  10. That's the chance you take when you play in the street.Break out the water cannons and fire hoses and get them off the street.
  11. I think my 75 GMC one ton stake body truck just blew its engine. The lift gate was dropping killing the battery so I charged it and let it run at some point the throttle got stuck and it revved up full speed for 40 minutes that's what the machine shop told me.
  12. boy oh boy you people just hurt this snow flake
  13. Why don't we just change some names in office like the king and queen of the white house. trump is going no where with his plan the congress country club boys and girls don't like the way he trying to change things.
  14. that's one of the biggest words I saw on this board congrats sprightly.