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  1. Britton to the Nats for some prospects or a starting pitcher.
  2. My brother and his son were both eagle scouts and scouting and mentoring along with the diverse badges set them up with life goals. I tried it for a couple years but our scout master retired and the new guy bought beer to our first campout that did the troop in. I'm sure not everyone there was for trump but showed respect unlike some liberals who still have temper tantrums about the election.
  3. lay on the horn and rev your engine. that is just stupid more disrespect by the entitled.
  4. I like water cannons great way to get them running.
  5. Do what they do here in York, Pa just shoot them in the leg lots of people walking around with limps.
  6. Just trade Britton to the Nats for one of their starters who is better then any Oriole starters. The defense last night was exceptional.
  7. anyone watch mad money? that guy does his homework.
  8. School field trip there as a kid really cool. Got a target from the shooting range.
  9. Before Obama care it was near impossible to get a reasonablel insurance policy if you had cancer or other major medical issues. Obama care helps the people that can't afford insurance get a plan although many can't even afford that.
  10. . Parts generally can be made anywhere in the world for any vehicle.
  11. The owners created this problem of huge contracts and some teams will suffer when someone gets injured.
  12. I don't like the together theme on the tickets next we will be listening to the Beatles come together song pre game warmups.
  13. Is anyone knocking on the Orioles trade door I think other teams don't need mediocre players.
  14. The news media or make believe news should become geologists. They keep turning over every rock they find to create a story. I'm sure you could find flaws in most media centers. Journalism has a whole is pretty shabby.
  15. most of the world would not consider this a crime like the 17 yr old in Georgia had sex with a 16 yr. old they threw the book at him and is serving time.
  16. Bundy threw a nice batting practice last night. Look how many years it took for him to get to the majors. Then we had Arieta that couldn't throw strikes this thing will just snowball with the umpires borderline pitches will be strikes.
  17. I heard Major Dan Rooney speak about his flight time in the middle east He is a fighter pilot and golf pro that does motivational speaking engagements. He said they could drop a bomb from 30,000 feet and destroy a house without any damage to the house next door that is how accurate the technology is in these aircraft. The US could take out these North Korean fatso any time they want.
  18. These people torture prisoners for fun and eat dogs great culture.
  19. Kim has good baseball sense and instincts I would like to see him play more.Never addressed a true leadoff hitter and base stealer.
  20. Comcast tv ads are pretty cheap depending on the channel in my area 10.00 or less for a 30 second spot vs. radio at 50.00 to 100.00 per spot.
  21. What I see in my area is a major road replacement projects running new natural piplines and lots of construction everywhere this is stuff from the Obama administration it just took years to get the ball rolling.
  22. This guy looks nervous he is in trouble and he knows it.
  23. One day I have a vision to once again see the balitmore skyline from Camden Yards especially the Bromo tower. Take off the top floors lower the amount of rooms increase operating efficiency. I would like to see a monthly profit loss statement I bet that looks ugly.
  24. not a bad idea sitting trey and have him come in late to pinch hit worked out well for Buck.. I admit I walked away bottom of 7th went to watch some track and field came back upstairs and heard the roar 6-6.
  25. Needs better command with an 0-2 count you throw it wide left no chance the batter is going to swing just wasting pitches.