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  1. The extinction of wild animals is just greed of the hunting industry.
  2. If your innocent you counter sue for slander. I don't see that happening with with these guys.
  3. I walked into a Gala event at the Venetian in Vegas grand opening of a DaVinci exhibit was the best part of my trip. Amazing
  4. Believe me Blow we have done our research. He is now in a research program that took a tissue sample and determine the DNA his tumor is made of and create vaccine to attack and kill his cancer. That is our hope.
  5. My boy went through a removal of a cancer tumor in his sinus. Just pulled out a wad of 6ft stuff of gauze out of his nose good surgery now back to phily for proton radiation. 5 yrs fighting this rare disease. Say a prayer.
  6. thanks that is cool. doublt I will ever get there.
  7. Never liked Kyle Shanahan hope it works out for the 49ers. I'm sure Kyle will pick apart Jimmy's brain to run a patriot's offense.
  8. They got 98% of my son's sinus cavity cancer now more radiation. He is now in an exploratory study at Hershey they took some tumor tissue and blood and doing some genetic testing to see if they can develop a treatment to attack his cancer cells. We did a lot of research and this looks like a good direction. You guys take it easy things are very scary at first but life goes on .
  9. yea this guy is dealing with that.
  10. rich and famous taking care of the young and innocent that's hollywooder.
  11. go to fortune magazine the article says you can only trace buyers and sellers so far the money exchange is tricky.
  12. It tanked.
  13. my fantasy football guy ran into a box truck this winter in a white out visiting his daughter in college in Ohio . busted up both legs hip arm shoulder , Long recovery.not getting answers from his doctor.
  14. We had a priest hanging out with my catholic friends at the local swimming pool throwing us around having fun until he showed up in his mgb convertible and asked my mom if he could take me on a retreat for the weekend. My mom went freakozoid on this guy. You got to be smart about people around you.
  15. Bottom line PR is kinda like Cuba they didn't spend money on their tnfrastructure and were unprepared for the hurricane. That island will take years to recover.
  16. I see groups of amish and Mennonites at Penn St. Hershey's children hospital . No cell phones just rely on the hospital's land lines to communicate. They really keep to themselves. I will see them again next week after another surgery for my son.
  17. Let's take from the rich and middle class and give free health insurance to the poor.
  18. Maybe the US government should make a mandatory enlistment for a year or 2 . Look up snopes.com.
  19. can't congress just subpoena these Russians in a court of law and get answers under oath along with everyone else involved. Time to step congress and get some answers.
  20. I thought the dresses were ugly this year.
  21. Some people didn't leave because of their pets.
  22. If the ravens have to rely on mallet it's going to be a long season.
  23. The establishment on both sides of the aisle and the PAC's can't control or buyout Trump. I would like to see a list of all the money received to our congress by these groups.
  24. And the founder of the University of Virginia is? Might has well burn the whole town down and Monticello.
  25. Mallet has accuracy issues- run game so so- defense was like a tidal wave.