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  1. We had two gun shops burglarized that puts seventy guns on the streets.So gun control isn't the answer
  2. Mental illness is the problem most of us have a batty relative in the family. Bi polar people can be happy then violent with a flick of a switch. Maybe if you want to buy a gun you most get a certificate from a psychologist that your not bat crap crazy.
  3. Another oriole pitcher that has trouble with the strike zone. Jake A had that problem with the O's but goes to Chicago and he's MVP material. Makes you wonder about the pitching staff teaching players how to pitch in this organization.
  4. We have sewer water electric internet and cable tv my wife can work out the cabin.Some places are very primitive.
  5. I see some big minor league trades coming you take our crap and we will take yours. It's a new start just start picking up roks you might find a gem.
  6. The thinking might be Hardy is done and third base might be easier to fill.
  7. I laugh everytime I watch the Carbarno effect he freaks people out also impractical jokers.
  8. back in the early 70's we had York Sports night when autograph's meant nothing to the kids and adults. I got autographs from Joe DiMaggio, Willie Mays,Hank Aaron plus numerous others. Now the greed to make money has turned the athletes off giving out their autographs.
  9. There's a couple of guys on the west coast that have a contraption to collect all the plastic waste in the Ocean and there is tons of it. Same with beach cleanup day in Rehobeth people are slobs throwing their cigarette butts out the windows that eventually get washed down stream.
  10. Skaggs where do you find this stuff never had nutella.
  11. no big deal you meet the good the bad and ugly doesn't mean Obama supports his hatred.
  12. If Obama want's to help this country why doesn't he try and stop the killings in his hometown instead of lurking around in the shadow of Trump.
  13. The democrats are doing everything in their power to try and humiliate Trump and his family. Making fun of his wife's speaking voice and saying their son is mentally ill just so nice of them. You think trump acts like a jerk the media is neck and neck with him.
  14. Our campground is adament about throwing anything into the sewer but toilet paper.
  15. The traffic of York commuters to Baltimore is bumper to bumper everyday. I thought it should be a 6 lane highway from Baltimore to Harrisburg That whole stretch of 83 is nothing but heavy tractor trailer traffic.
  16. Out my way in Chambersburg it is the wild west of drugs. Someone ODs just about everyday.
  17. I love the Gettysburg area along with Caledonia state park. I know some historians that have vast knowledge of the civil war very interesting.
  18. ha ha yep he is a little snowflake.
  19. Our country is being run by a bunch of egocentric weirdo's. I don't care which side of the aisle you sit most of these people are bought and paid for.
  20. Soros and the capitol country club millionaires in congress can't control Trump. The media and establishment just can't seem to throw him out of office but they are trying their best.
  21. My wife watches CNN MSNBC these reporters basically repeat each other its all the same to them impeach Trump he is not competent.
  22. I talked to a venture capitalist who has money in uber and bitcoin he is doing well.
  23. Did Mrs. warren ever do ancestry.com to trace back her family heritage and her DNA? that would shut some people up if she is a certain amount of native American.
  24. There was no stopping Hopkins one of the best recievers in the league his speed and body control make the ravens secondary look like college kids with the fouls.
  25. And what a mess getting into the stadium last night it took me 30 minutes in line. Had to drop someone off at a hotel near BWI got stuck in traffic till we got back to York it was 2am. Tough work day today.