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  1. Obvious this team is going no where get what you can strip it down and start over. Just be lousy for several years and rebuild a championship caliber team.
  2. I was told Dez has visited the training complex twice.
  3. I got my wife and some friends who are cowboy fans thinking about a preseason game in dallas
  4. I would think gun owners have jobs and don't need to march around and say look at me. I like guns and shoot them.
  5. Geisiki is the guy at te. watch a lot of penn state games this guy is a playmaker.
  6. How can parents help their kids when they don't understand this asnine way of doing math. My school district had a meeting with parents on how this works and most were dumbfounded why they threw keep it simple out the window. My kid couldn't continue school do to health issues we enrolled him in cyber school. Now that was good one on one instruction through Skype.
  7. People keep pumping money into his stock I don't get it.
  8. When she was campaigning in the South and switched her voice to a southern twang her fakeness showed it colors. Anything it takes to win.
  9. philly has a nice Comcast complex outside the ball stadium.
  10. south side of m and t stadium is run down in some areas. Gordon Ramsey might have set the stage with his restaurant.
  11. China undercuts everyone and any American mfg. with factories in China is like dealing with the mob they take their cut.
  12. who is the offensive coordinator and qb coach this year
  13. Huma was smart staying behind her Hillary would have crushed her if she fell into her. I heard she took her shoes off the rest of the way.
  14. Years ago the owners were a father and son and they ran it into the ground. Once they got a new management team they turned it around.
  15. I bought stock in rite aid years ago at $1.75 went up to $7.00 plus sold some off now the stock has tanked again.
  16. So much debris and trash has to be a way to clean it up before it gets into the upper Chesapeake bay. the pics are horrible.
  17. how many big plays and touchdowns can he impact a game? that's a lot of money Alshon Jeffery would have been a nice pickup.
  18. The Hollywood hypocrites have been exposed.I could care less about their political viewpoints.
  19. Take the farms from the farmers and let some limited education people take over. Just a matter of time till they run out of food with lack of food production.
  20. toothbrush
  21. the more guys they bring in the better they need spring training team competition.
  22. After the Yankee's landed Statton it appears the orioles threw in the towel.. I can see some ugly losses to the Yankee's.
  23. We had two gun shops burglarized that puts seventy guns on the streets.So gun control isn't the answer
  24. Mental illness is the problem most of us have a batty relative in the family. Bi polar people can be happy then violent with a flick of a switch. Maybe if you want to buy a gun you most get a certificate from a psychologist that your not bat crap crazy.
  25. Another oriole pitcher that has trouble with the strike zone. Jake A had that problem with the O's but goes to Chicago and he's MVP material. Makes you wonder about the pitching staff teaching players how to pitch in this organization.