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  1. no doubt...some solid academic options and some very competitive football in the psac...those schools recruit this area hard..there are more than a few psac kids scattered around the nfl and cfl...
  2. happened to be in Erie watching a kid i've mentored now playing at Gannon university, they were playing Clarion and I recognized the name of a little RB who was putting in some work to the tune of about 200yrds rushing..wasn't sure about his recruiting path and how he ended up at D2...seems to be a great fit for him though...
  3. LOL, not mad at that...Dm will always claim someone like quinn cook(dematha camps as a youngin thru 11th)..
  4. just wondering, why should this get ugly?
  5. DM and recent Harvard grad Jonathan Mason is still close to some in the program, I'm sure he could give some advice(if asked), wonder if he is till at JP Morgan..
  6. as for DM mcgregor always played FCA(including his last year when FCA had about 15 kids sign for scholarships -stags won of course in a very good game)...when he left it was brooks call as far as scheduling...i would say the arc of the stags scheduling under brooks has been just fine with or without FCA...
  7. not around much so I couldn't say, but 1 DM coach mentioned to me that he thought a scrimmage was good for the stags because he respects the talent level at sfa and an early test would benefit them, as for scheduling them, he was indifferent,said they have all the transfers and have to prove they can make it work..
  8. I do think there is a just a bit too much drama about this scrimmage...my guess is a million conclusions will be drawn(most will probably be proven wrong at some point)...but hey it's football...I may be wrong but I think there was a 3 -way scrimmage with DM, don bosco, & bmore dunbar(with tavon) at catholic U. that only a few initially knew about..
  9. not in the area anymore so i'm just checking in with the some DM people...but QB position will be interesting, Beau was one of the best leaders at that position DM has had IMO...love Hellams, but i would take Lorenzo(striker zo) Waters at safety if we are talking since Tate..
  10. can't remember any game as big the mcdonalds capital classic back in the day, maybe the dapper dan up in pittsburgh....
  11. very proud of this kid....coached him on the aau baskeball circuit yrs ago... http://gomustangsports.com/sports/fball/2016-17/releases/20170429vb30al
  12. In the case of the stags, you don't think the beat downs they took up in NJ (SJR) and PA a few years back prepared them for WCAC play and for future games vs miami central, AHP for example? everyone from coaches to players in that program had to step up to be able to travel and compete against top teams nationally..it was a different level of coaching, mental toughness, focus, preparedness etc..you don't get that by crushing local teams..i would think some lessons was learned by those kids in particular who took those losses and rebounded to win their conference...hopefully some lessons about picking themselves off the ground that they will carry for the rest of their lives..as we all know they will need those skills in this life..
  13. not about being off limits...jumping on a high school board at 7am for that?...guess you had to be the first to comment....but hey, wishing him the best though as i'm sure we all are...even the anti - gilman crew..
  14. you up at 7am just to get in a early shot at a local kid trying to make it in that league....get a life...
  15. melvin ended up at D2 glenville state....not sure how that turned out though....