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  1. Brady throwing BP to Chrissy today You can't make this stuff up. Guess Chrissy needs to start somewhere , hitting 70mph meatballs from the 50 something VP of Baseball Ops.
  2. Chrissy, the phantom DL is calling. You aren't capable of playing the next week or two according to Buck. So we play with 24. He really needs a stint on a rehab assignment down with Tilly.
  3. According to Buck, Chrissy taking a powder for a week or two. He is supposed to let Buck know when he is ready to play again, LOL That says it all Buckeroo. Do you make any decisions at all anymore? God.
  4. Will this get Jelly Man back in the fold? One Joseph better then none
  5. Buck will insist Pedro comes back for a 4th year with the O's. That's Buck's idea of a re-tool
  6. I hear ya, but its called greed. I should of said not as much money flowing into their pockets. That crash in attendance may not be a huge amount compared to MASN revenue, but again these guys are greedy as all get out. If it means a couple mil in their pockets compared to being friends with Buck, I'm betting that cash wins.
  7. Yeah I know we are stuck with Buck for the rest of the season. Wishful thinking on my part. But that friendship card may have an expiration date as money flies out of the pocket of the Angelos 3. Attendance plummeting and Buck a big reason Davis is here.
  8. Twins are a good example of a team that wants to win above placating their big time players. I know Sano has options, but they just shipped his butt to A ball after 73 plate appearances where he hit .191 and struck out 30 times. Heck Davis would love those numbers. Point being he is a star player and he got canned quickly for non-performance. I know we are stuck with Davis but he should of been benched long ago. And Tilly released ages ago. And Alvarez released like yesterday. Buck and Brady don't have the stomach for it.
  9. He didn't pitch too bad. Better than most of Tilly and Wrights starts. Maybe he can be a long relief man replacing Wright. Wright has been better lately, but that still mean below average. The guy can't carry and ERA below 6. Hess and Rameriez have shown how misguided Buck has been on what Tilly and Wright can bring to the table. Buck and his track records. White noise.
  10. Hope he doesn't take it. On second thought, I hope he is dismissed or reassigned by 1 July. If he hangs around the rest of the year, we'll never see guys like Mullins, Dosch, Santander, Stewart get their feet wet. Remember when he played Flash in the OF in Sept that one year when we were out of it instead of giving Dariel Alvarez a shot? Buck is a dinosaur. He is a huge reason we are the worst team in baseball. Hope the spotlight keeps getting brighter on how ineffective he has become.
  11. The difference before is he came in with a somewhat clean slate on his new teams. Now he has built in bias on any players that are still here. He has proven that he can't make the tough call on who should play and who can't. Example: He would want Tilly back next year on a minor league deal instead of giving Ramirez a fair shot. He'll push for Gentry to be resigned. And so on and so forth. Right there is why you do not want Buck in on this re-tool.
  12. Well geez, finally some small light being put on Buck that he is part of the problem. He will finish the year and maybe they give him some ceremonial position. There is no way I want him involved in any re-tool or rebuild. Out of touch, the game has passed him by in terms of talent evaluation. Let his personal feelings get in the way.
  13. Agree. No qualified, self respecting GM candidate is going to come to Baltimore with Brady and possibly Buck lurching around in the shadows of the FO competing for the ear of the Baby Bros as if they were attention starved kids. We'll end of with some unqualified bagman for Brady with the title of GM. Brady -"total autonomy, no accountability". What a disaster this ownership/FO structure is. Laughingstock of baseball.
  14. That would be typical for the Buck and the O's FO. Alvarez has zero value. Zero. No other team has wanted him for he last two years. And now he is sinking even lower. Valencia on the other hand could be moved. He is playing pretty decent.
  15. I don't. But he seems to be the only guy who had the brass ones to cut anyone. Even if they were all his blunders, LOL!!!! Remember 2015. He had like 8 DFAs in the first 3 months of the season. He was so bad that off season.