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  1. Here are the Trumbo slash lines for last year and career - DH vs playing in the field. Pretty shocking difference given the fact the O's gave the guy 37.5mil to be a DH most of the time. Geez than they scratch their heads on why he wasn't any good last year. Doh!!!! Below from Roch column where he makes case that Trumbo may have to play more RF in 2018. There’s also the matter of Trumbo’s slash lines, which further cuts to my point. He batted .207/.268/.367 in 111 games this year as the DH and .331/.368/.508 in 31 games as the right fielder. Trumbo is a career .226/.287/.416 hitter as a DH and a .279/.336/.521 hitter as a right fielder, so his 2017 production isn’t an aberration.
  2. Well this deal is so typical. The price of pitching always goes up. Chatwood got almost double what was predicted, 3/38mil vs predicted 3/21mil. Add on the Minor deal of 4yr/28mil and whoa Nellie. The O's have their typical googly eyed sticker shock face right now. Its no wonder they tried to swoop in and get Mike Fiers on a relatively cheap 2 yr deal. Fiers is nothing more than a 5th starter innings eater type with a 5 ERA. Sadly, that description is better than all but 2 of our starters last year. Cobb getting 90-100mil looks like a real possibility now. I fully expect DD to do his typical late season bargain bin shopping for pitching - expired dairy products at half price. Hello Wright, Ynoa and Asher.
  3. Looks like another hot shot O's pitching prospect falling off radar. They are now talking about leaving Chris Lee in the bullpen. He was supposed to of been in rotation sometime last year. Same ole story.
  4. Yeah we probably aren't far off. Pete/DD/Buck just cant change their spots. They are who we think they are. Obsessed with power and no stomach for investing in decent starting pitching. I could really see our three new starters to be Vargas, Wright and Ynoa along with signing Cargo for RF. Whoopee.
  5. I'm on board. UJ and Miley stinking again in 2017 was just a fluke. And Wright is right on the verge of breaking through after his stellar 5.86 ERA out of the pen/DL last year. Bundy, Gaus, UJ, Miley and Wright!!! Just think of all the dollars DD/Buck would then have to sign a power RF that strikes out one out of 3 times. Perfect complement to Davis and Trumbo. Yeah that's the ticket,
  6. I'm sorry, but this is just sad and pathetic. The O's mgt team continues to show their blatant ignorance on what constitutes decent starting pitching. On another "jump the shark" comment from DD, he didn't dismiss the possibility of giving Raffy Palmeiro a shot in his supposed comeback attempt. Yeah, Raffy is floating a comeback at age 53. Good lord, this is really shopping in the expired goods aisle!!! This just seems like a big joke. Hope DD was just pulling little Kenny's chain.
  7. Interesting quotes from DD on Tillman. The team still really doesn't know how to fix Tillman after all this time. They are still looking at it, LOL!!!!! Sounds like a pass to me “I know he was one of our players and he did a great job for five years, but it’s really not kosher for me to talk about where he fits in. I think those decisions, we’ll sift our way through the pitchers. Certainly, he did a great job for us for five years. I’m not sure we have identified exactly what the solution is to getting him back to form that he was previously. That’s something that we worked on all year and we’re still taking a look at it.”
  8. The only thing I can think of is this is the O's last gasp push for an extension. And their misguided thought that moving Manny to short will be a sweetener for a home town discount. That and Beckham is below average at SS.
  9. One of the masn guys had it in a column and if I remember correctly, the numbers were pretty shocking. I'l try and find it. Yeah some guys just aren' good sitting around as a dh.
  10. I'm following your logic, that's why I suggested throwing in Brach as a sweetner to take MT and give back a decent prospect or young MLB ready player. If the other team has a salary they want to dump we could take that as long as its short term. I just don't think Pete would cover any of MT's salary in a deal. Again, the O's were very short sighted in the Trumbo signing. Signed the guy to be a full time DH and the guy had no real good track record of filling that role. Brilliant, just brilliant.
  11. Agree on Fowler. Although he had another very solid year, he has more money and year left (4ys/67mil) than I thought. I thought he had like 3yr/42mil left. Also, I used to think same about Trumbo, only as an AL guy. But the numbers say loud and clear he is a terrible full time DH. He hits much, much better when playing in the field. So he would be fine in the NL as a slightly below average first baseman. Or in the AL for that matter. If any one is still scratching their head on why he sucked this past year, he DH'd most of the time vs 2016 when he played in RF the majority of the time. The guy is a butcher in the OF, so first base is his only position. Thus we need to trade him if possible. Again, packaging him with Brach and see what they will bring. Some kind of pitching and a LH hitting OF are the needs.
  12. Same as last year, Britton and Brach. Except both have less value. Way less! I'd sure like to see DD try and package one of these guys in a deal to get rid of Trumbo. With the emergence of Mancini, Trumbo is an extra part we really don't need. Also, batting him and Davis back to back killed the offense all year. St Louis is looking for a closer and a power bat. Anyone have any interest in taking Fowler back on a salary dump and sticking him in RF??
  13. Another Gallardo.
  14. LOL, yeah maybe. And I would be ok with that as I like Tilly. But I have no faith in the O's fixing him. If he goes to a another team with a big ball park like Seatlle or San Diego, he has a chance to be a somewhat serviceable 4th or 5th starter. I think odds are better he is Gallardo. I guy who has had some shoulder issues and lost a tick or two off the fastball and also lost the plate because he changed his arm slot. I don't think the O's can afford to take this chance mostly because Buck won't cut bait with the guy if he is terrible again. And just to point out I've been dead right on Tilly ever since spring training this past year. It was pretty easy for me to see the guy had less than mediocre stuff and command every time out. Not sure what shades ole Buckeroo was looking through.
  15. You guys can have him. Good luck watching that curve ball get hammered at a .480 clip. And one of his fastballs got hit at over a .400 clip. No off season work is going to fix a shot shoulder. Cant come over the top any more.