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  1. He'll get some starts you can bet your bottom dollar on that. If Tilly can start last night Hardy will at least be part of Buck's putrid Sunday line-up. I see him splitting time at SS maybe getting 2 or 3 starts a week. Anchors away Buck. Ride your guys right to the bottom of the ocean and out of the WC. Tillman already has us down 2 games.
  2. This is good news on Hays. When was the last time we had an all around good every day corner OF? I can only thing of Markakis from in the 2011/2012 time frame. His power tanked the last couple years he was here. Its been a desert in the corners for years.
  3. I agree on the starting pitching point. But I have to disagree on some level about Buck. Yes, he is still pretty good and we would be most likely worse without him. But he isn't pushing all the right buttons anymore like he used too. I mean throwing Tillman out there yesterday in a must win game is just insane. That is the second time that has blown up in his face where his stubbornness to get Tillman in the mix has cost us a game. If a team has to roll out a pitcher that is 1-7 with an ERA of 8.00 in a must winner, well turn out the lights and throw the dirt on the grave.
  4. He pitched 2 scoreless innings of garbage time relief, LOL. Buck liking his guys. Tilly wasn't very good. but no worse than the last 4 or 5 garbage starts of the staff. This is just a frustrating team this year, and some of Bucks move's add to it.
  5. Yeah last two starts have been putrid after being lights out the first two. Buck probably busting a gut to get Tilly back in rotation, Lets all face it. Our starting pitching just isn't good enough this year. Getting Hellickson was the old lipstick on a pig trick.
  6. It was season saving. Maybe they can rip off 6 or 7 in a row. This team just can't seem to synch up the pitching and offense though.
  7. Only saw one AB in 9th, but he didn't look overmatched. Started game winning rally. Glad to see Davis grabbing some pine.
  8. Davis .196 in 2014, 221 in 2016, 221 in 2017 and .208 first half of 2015. I think we got ourselves a .220 hitter that Ks 200 times a year plain and simple.
  9. Exactly. DD had already made the deal for Trumbo and IMO was ready to move on. I think this one has Buck's fingerprints all over it along with Pete's stupidity. Normally, Pete would be way too cheap to sign off on 161mil. Why this time? But Davis is one of Bucks guys. Buck fell in love with that monster second half of 2015 and totally forgot that Davis was worthless in 2014 and the first 2 1/2 months of 2015. Pete is just going to have to eat this one. They may be able to move the remaining 5yr/85mil current obligation in a my junk for your junk trade, but Pete and the baby boys will have to choke down that 40 plus mil in deferred money. They will be paying Davis long past the day Pete is 6 feet under.
  10. Yeah its funny now that the rush to get Hardy back is so great. As Beckham continues to show he is way better than advertised. I really thing the O's thought they were just getting a utility player in that deal. The Cruz deal is water under bridge, but man it changed the fortunes of this team. We probably wouldn't have resigned Davis and can you imagine the numbers Cruz would be pounding out at the Yard.
  11. LOL!!! Sox already realized this guy is a AAAA filler before he even got to bigs!
  12. His OBP is up around .380 again. And I thing he leads league in RBIs. The RBIs is where Davis has taken a powder the last 2 years. We are paying a guy 20 plus mil to be an 80 rbi/yr guy. Probabl have 60 this year. But he sure can hit those solo bombs when they mean nothing. Not exactly clutch cargo.
  13. I'm Ok with Buck managing thru his deal next year, even though his blind loyalty to his guys has become increasingly frustrating. I'm worried he slides into the GM role after DD leaves in 2018. From what I've seen, that won't be good.
  14. Looks more and more like Hardy wont be back till early Sept. Squirm, Buck, Squirm. Declaring Hardy the starter a month before he comes back is one of the most ridiculous things I've heard in a while. Its almost like DD had to shove Hellickson and Beckham down Buck's throat. He still wanted Tilly in there and same with Hardy. Geeesh! If Hardy was playing decent I could see it. But he has been dreadful the whole way around this year.
  15. For being the same punching bag as when you pitched for us last year. Easy peasy win last night as O's keep WC hopes moving ahead. Gaus very good again. BTW, Cruz hit one and is having a monster season, again! That one really hurts.