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  1. Yep 0-4 this year and lost last 11 decisions in a row. Epic!!! And Buck will just keep rolling him out there. That deceptively bad outing yesterday will keep him in rotation for a good while and keep Slide in green clover.
  2. Season over on 22 April!!! Nice job ownership, DD, Brady, Buck. You all own a piece of this foul smelling donkey of a team.
  3. Yep watch as thumb is inserted into backside by the FO and they do nothing. They are like the orchestra that is playing on the decks of the Titanic as it sinks to the bottom of the ocean Remain calm and do same ole same ole.
  4. No I don't know what their farm system has to offer. They have been bad for so long you would think its stacked with high picks. I really only had looked at the Yanks and their MLB ready guys like 3b Andujar, OF Clint Frazier and SP Chance Adams. We need at least 2 teams in on Manny to get max return. Teams know they have us over a barrel because we are out of it. With Manny wanting to leave whats the motivation for keeping him.
  5. I'm on board too, but I can't hide my disgust. We have a once in a generation player in Manny and have squandered the last 3 plus years of his time. Surrounded him with junk!!!
  6. Its Manny or bust. Mostly bust. At least Manny raising his trade value!!
  7. The AL worst hitting Indians are beating the O's into submission today. Brach blows up in the ninth again and its 7-3. He has become almost worthless now on the trade market. And he is a liability now in our suddenly weak bullpen. Wheels are off this sorry team.
  8. They added Alvarez, Valencia and Rasmus!!! LOL, they down graded!!! What a FO. What a Manager.
  9. The position players this year are dreadful. Really, only Machado, Schoop, Mancini and Sisco are guys you would want going forward. And Machado/Schoop will be gone soon. Jones, Davis and Trumbs are fading vets that are only going to decline more. The rest of the guys we have are AAAA players and that includes Kolby on the DL. Maybe Santander develops but he needs to be in AAA soon to get ready for next year. I mean seriously, you can't win with all these retreads and AAAA guys we have on the roster. The bottom fell out right before Buck's eye's and he was standing on the trap door and pushed the button.
  10. Just noticed we have sunk to last place in the AL East 11.5 games back and its all of 22 Apr. Wow we are so bad. You really need a season like this to clear out the deadwood across the board and that includes the FO and Manager. Wake up and smell the coffee Baby Bros, your house is on fire!!
  11. Hopefully the Phils stay in contention in the NL East. I have them trying to trade for Manny. They showed interest this winter, MacPhail is there, they are in the NL, they want to make a splash for the fans this year, they would have the money to sign him next year. It all adds up for them to be at the top of the trade partners.
  12. With the market so fluid and the draft pick comp around his neck, it was a tough call on him. The way things have worked its probably better we didn't waste a draft pick this year. This team is DOA even with Moose. Maybe next year would be the time to make a play. Anyone know the new rules on Q.O.s?? Can you get one 2 years in a row now???
  13. Post game. Demper not impressed at all with Tillman. "Nothing to write home about"
  14. Zero runs and 2 hits!!! WHoopee!!! What a AAAA line-up.
  15. Just wait. Buck will be falling all over himself praising that outing. he had another 2 or 3 of those pitches that missed by 4 feet and clanked off the backstop on a couple bounces. He did have some breaking stuff I haven't seen in over a year. So there was that