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  1. Wow givens!
  2. Been thinking same. No stamina. Weak.
  3. Oh crap!!
  4. Yep at 93 pitches. He runs out of gas around 100.
  5. I thnk Buck has seen enough of Tejada at SS. He did look dreadful. Janish moving up in pecking order.
  6. You on board yet Bleeder?? Angry Orchard down the gullet? Big Boy pants are out!
  7. Lol! I had just got back from golfing so I had 4 or 5 in me!!! So I hear ya!!!
  8. Yes!! I'm out on limb Bleeder. You crawling out there too?? Buck packed his big boy pants for him!!!
  9. I don't see anything in this entire thread (from me anyway) that indicates we knew Gallardo was going to be a bust. So don't sprain your arm patting yourself on the back. This is just a clear documentation of a very poor deal and deals that DD has made. No it looked good at the time bullcrap. Just clear results of a dismal record of big ticket signings.And don't forget the number one picks DD pushed into the pot. They count no matter that some want to cover that fact up.
  10. I can't help it you took forever to clearly state what your opposition was. God you were all over the map. Plus I gave you an out from a further spanking. Give it rest weird. You got nothing left to argue. Or should I say anything else I'm interested in hearing. But have at it. Keep firing those empty shells, LOL!!
  11. LOL!!! Oh my a 8.39 ERA says otherwise.
  12. Yeah Weird and I can go at it. He is a good debater. I respect his skills. Its all in good spirit even if it gets a little overheated. I do think we bring some good points to the table when we disagree.
  13. Ok so that boils it down. I said YG was a big FA signing for O's and you disagree. Lets just leave there.
  14. And what were you trying to debate me on that got this all started???
  15. Talk about sand, LOL. You are trying to argue the wrong side of the YG deal. Now that's sand baby!