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  1. Yeah he has been talking that for awhile and it hasn't come through. Buck and Brady pushing for guys like Davis and Trumbs. But it sure seems like Big Dan is in the back seat of the Bird Mobile eating popcorn with Brady and Buck driving. Rasmus is a pure Buck/Brady play. Look at all the big gets the last couple years and they have Brady/Buck's prints all over it. Davis, Trumbs, O'Day, Cashner, Tilly. Brady negotiated those last 4 deals and he was all in on Davis. Stinkeroo.
  2. Yeah agree. Its really no wonder a Manny deal never happened. I'd love to hear what some of the offers really were. DD was out there negotiating, but then you have Brady and Buck with their thumb in the soup when its pitched to Pete. Say hello to another 75 win season and a comp pick for Manny next year. Geez you would think it would of been an easy pitch to Pete to get 16mil off the books.
  3. Tilly a low risk move on the surface, but you can see above that Brady and Buck made sure it happened. My only problem is it seems they are looking for him to hold down the 4th spot. What other options have they passed on in pursuit of Tillman (like Odorzzi). Tilly should of been a 5th/6th starter option signing. Good ole DD seems to be in the back seat with Brady driving and Buck in shot gun. What a dysfunctional FO set up on player personnel.
  4. Wrong again. James Shields was lights out for 3 years after leaving TB. And Wade Davis is still lights out.
  5. I agree its really odd. At this return, you would of thought Odorizzi was due 11 or 12 mil this year and another bump next year. When you consider middling set up guys are getting 8 mil/yr, getting a serviceable 3rd starter for 6.3 seems like peanuts. I did some checking and he was hurt twice last year that contributed to less innings and reduced performance. But the injuries were not arm related. It was a lower back strain and then a bruised foot from a line drive. He wasn't great last year but still went 10-8 , EROA of 4.17 and a WHIP of 1.24. Yeah Tampa is a pitchers park, but that's still in the AL East. And those numbers would make him the O's best starter last year. I still can't get over his previous 2 years 2015-2016 in TB where his ERA was 3.35 and 3.69. I had no idea he was that good. That's in a combined 61 starts. Also, after he was healthy last year he was very good in 5 Sept starts. Oh well water under the bridge. It will be interesting to track Odorizzi vs Cashner/Tillman this year. IMO, Odorizzi is head and shoulders above these two.
  6. Replacement for JDM . Dbacks better load up the truck for that Manny trade offer if they want to make a run this year.
  7. Good god, ain't that the truth. 2017 was abysmal for Buck on that front. Its almost like that debacle in the WC game killed his confidence. Like a golfer with the yips. Can't make a 3 footer under pressure anymore.
  8. You know, after thinking about this, I'm going to give DD a semi-pass on this one. I mean he was interested in Odorzzi 10 days ago. Which means there was about a week window to get a deal done before the Twinks swooped in. Well we know Brady has been wrapped up in the Cashner negotiations since Nov and that just popped last Thursday. And Brady and Buck have liked bringing back Tilly since the end of the year. I mean Tilly was working out with Brady in Florida. So those negotiations have been going on for weeks now. I just get the feeling that when DD started poking around Odorzzi and McHugh, Brady and Buck pleaded their case for Cashner and Tilly to Pete. Game over. Take a powder DD, we already have 2 starters lined up, says Pete. Funny how those deals got done right away then. Especially when Pete can get two pitchers for 3 mil a piece before incentives in 2018. Those are White Castle prices for starters, Hey, I'm speculating a lot here, but the timing and results are par for the way the O's do business. Plus, like u said, DD has no idea how much payroll there is. Its a deal to deal thing with Pete.
  9. I haven't seen any firm offers published , but here is an article from Jim Duquette. A little less than what I said, but probably around what the Yanks would offer. Not getting the third player ML ready player is why O's aren't biting.
  10. Believe it or not, Ordozzi has almost identical number to Cobb pitching in the AL East. Plus he is younger, hasn't been hurt as much and is way cheaper. O's blew it not making that deal happen. Orduzzi is a solid 3 that could slot 2 for the O's. Oh well, we got Wright and Ynoa to fill the void.
  11. Got Tillman on the cheap. 3 mil plus incentives. Major league deal . Not a bad move, but starting staff still one of the worst in baseball. Why mess with Ordozzi when you can get Tilly for 3 mil and Cashner for 3 mil in 2018, Filling up on white castle burgers.
  12. Yep that figures. Why they passed on Ordozzi. They like cashner and tillman more.
  13. I hear what you are saying, but this guy is only 28 with career ERA of 3.83 and WHIP of 1.21. Fly ball pitcher or not, he has been a very effective pitcher. Last year he was still decent with and ERA of just over 4 and whip was still at 1.21 with a 10-8 record. The exact kind of pitcher the O's need to slot number 3 with their limited resources.. I should of revised my post as the O's were in on him. Reported that the O's talked to Rays 10 days ago. This whole thing stinks that the O's didn't want to pony up the 6.3 mil in salary. That's what I think. This team is a hot mess. A number 3 starter falls into your lap on the cheap and you cant pull the trigger.
  14. Yep, and 2017 proved the O's were out gas. They squandered 165 mil in payroll for 75 wins. Now it looks like Pete has tightened the belt and the payroll is sitting at 125mil. They couldn't even push in a middling 20 something prospect and 6.3 mil salary for Ordozzi . If you noticed they are only paying Cashner a middling 3 mil this year. This team is heading into the abyss of mis management.
  15. How in gods name could we not be in on Jake Orduzzi?? Twinks get him in salary dump for a prospect that isn't even in their top 20. DD and crew asleep at the switch, again!!! Too focused on bringing back Tilly. Yikes. This is completely frustrating.