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  1. The Orioles absolutely have the revenue/ payroll to compete. Everything I saw this year was their payroll was around 165mil which placed them in the 10-12 range in the ML. It would be interesting to see how the O's % of payroll spent on pitching compares to the rest of ML. I'm sure it would be in the bottom third. And the money they are spending on pitching was squandered for the most part last year. UJ, Miley, Tillman, O'Day and Britton cost 50 mil and we got almost zero return. Three of those guys were health issues which you cant really fault. But UJ and Miley were jus a waste. Those two guys are the epitome of the failed O's strategy on starting pitching. Pete is the main problem, but DD and Buck have to do a better job on talent eval as well.
  2. Yankees are a perfect fit. Plus they have the prospects. Back in the day 1976 I think we did a deal with the Yanks that built our 79 and 83 WS teams. Picked up McGregor, Dempsey and Tippy Martinez among others.
  3. Yeah agree it will take some sharp skills to pull off the proper re-load. Reading between lines, DD sounds like he is ready to say good bye to most of "their guys" . But Buck will have a say and if the past is any indication, his thumb will be squarely in the soup for guys who cant play anymore. UJ, Hrdy, Flash, Tilly, Smith, Miley, Hlickson all should be shown the door. Castillo is going tleave as well. I'd realy like them to shop Trumbo as well. Try and find a your junk for my junk deal . There are teams out there desperate for a power bat lie KC andSt Louis.
  4. LOL, right you are my friend. They have to bite the bullet and use most of their available money on two starting pitchers. I think they should have 35-40 mil open. Cobb is your first target and then you need a LH. I think they have 66mil coming offthe books, but they have some big arb raises.
  5. I agree, but what choice do we have but to be all in next year? I mean you know that's what Pete, DD and Buck want to do. I'll play along one more year, then clean house and rebuild.
  6. Hindsight comment for Bleeder. Cruz and Markakis have out performed their contracts for three years running. Posted up at least 150 games a year I think.
  7. Agree. Hardy and O'Day you can live with. Its he UJ and Davis signings as core guys that are the real killers.
  8. FORESIGHT!!! Secret word Bleeder!
  9. Yeah its amazing what impacts not signing Nick had. We trade Davies, Breault and Tarpley for Snyder and Parra and neither filled the RF slot. Davies and Breault would be in our rotation now.
  10. Hindsight yes. Do they suck now, yes. You don't win ball games giving out free passes for what looked to be good moves at the time.
  11. They still should of traded Britton and Brach for what they could get. Both of their values has cratered since July. And now we will be on hook for 18mil next year for two guys you cant trust now. The bigger issue is that DD and Buck thought the the 2017 team was good enough. LOL!!!! Cashman new the 2016 Yanks weren't. As I said, our guys are wearing dunce cap for their foresight and lack of brass balls.
  12. Yanks did it in half a season!!
  13. Yeah when a team has the foresight to know they are out of it and then has the brass ones to trade Chapman and Miller for a kings ransom, they will rebuild quickly and be back to the playoffs. Compare the 2016 Yanks to the 2017 Birds at the trade deadline. One gets the genius label and one gets the dunce cap. Guess who is who. That scenario right there will tell this current mgt structure of Pete, DD and Buck will never win big, Never!!!
  14. Yeah its a crap shoot for sure either way. But you know DD never hid the fact he was going to use draft picks and minor league talent to make the O's a playoff team. And he did just that. Its just hard to sustain that MO. The bill will come due eventually and it looks like it came in the mail this year with heavy interest. Just glad it looks like there is some hope on the farm.
  15. No I'm talking about draft picks. We traded a first round comp pick (#37) in the Dud Norris deal. And forfeited 2 first round picks (around 15 or 16th pick) for UJ and Gallardo. The second round pick was for Cruz. And the 2 third round picks (around #74) were in the salary dump deals to get rid of Matusz and Webb. Ouch!!!!