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  1. Yep he was serviceable which is about all we could expect. He pitched to contact for a change. Zero walks and zero Ks. Sounds like Velocity was 90-92 which is a good sign as well. Only negative was that there were several hard hit balls according to Roch. He gave up 6 hits (3 doubles) and 4 line outs in 5 IP. Well I guess I owe Bleeder a Blue Moon this summer
  2. Thank goodness we have a not so good duplicate in "El Toro" Alvarez. With the O's, there is never a shortage of one dimensional, all K no Field, low OBP guys in the cupboard. Buck collects them like they are valuable coins.
  3. Buck drinking Wild Turkey while watching the side sessions. It all looks good thru Turkey goggles.
  4. Tilly making his second spring start today!!! He has 2 innings under his belt and its March 19th . Heard he had another dynamite side session this week
  5. Signing Chris Tillman to be your de facto 4th starter is the perfect example of a team that has no intentions of competing in 2018. Cheap dumpster fire. WHoopee!
  6. Yep, got it. Agree. Its back to lining Pete's pockets. He has no intentions of competing this year. After losing money last year, its time to stuff the Angelos coffers again.
  7. Yep we are heading back towards a 100mil payroll. It all crashed last year. Brady, DD and Buck delivered 75 wins on a 165mil payroll. Good night Irene on the big payroll. They done blew it with that putrid overpaid roster last year.
  8. Yeah and new FO guys and manager. These guys are delusional on some of their personnel decisions that they do bring to Petey.
  9. I hear what you are saying. Cashner was a nice value signing for a 4th starter. But bringing back putrid Tilly, counting on an always underachieving Wright and bringing in some rule 5 guys, in no way addresses the rest of the rotation. Its just a cheap recycle job done on a much cheaper payroll. My expectations were that we might find a below market FA deal for a solid starter (Lance Lynn was there for the taking) and/or we would be able to find a salary dump trade for a serviceable back end starter (Odorrizzi was there for the taking). And the cheap skate Twinks beat us to the punch on every front. This team is a joke when it comes to starting pitching. Has been for years. Its always a bunch of patchwork hail Mary's for the most part that get stuffing beat out of them by June.
  10. It is a disgrace. But when the owner cuts payroll by 35 mil, DD's hands were tied. And I'm sure dopey Pete didn't really tell anyone. He just keeps turning down deals and signings. Brady gets his cheap deals through though.
  11. I actually agree. If DD had some authority other than to make the minor league type moves, I think we would have either Lynn or Odorrizzi in the fold. Maybe both. It all comes down to cash. Pete has the wallet closed. All those contracts that expired in 2017?? He pocketed the cash for the most part.
  12. The ship sailed on a decent starter when Lance Lynn fell into their laps asking for a 2 year deal - and they turned up their nose. If Cobb is still asking for 4/68mil, not jumping on Lynn was a monumental blunder. It all comes down to the O's not wanting to spend anymore cash. After Pete lost money on the O's operation last year, you just knew he wasn't going to spend the 165mil again. Face it folks, we got Tilly and Wright because they are cheap, and gosh darn it Buck and Brady like them. This team is going to get destroyed this year again on the starting pitching front. Just like last year. Wait till Tilly and Wright start in Houston the second series of the year. Should be a blood bath.
  13. Pete has cheaped out this year. There were/are pitchers out there at a reasonable price and years that are way better than Tilly and Wright. And we passed. Unless he proves me wrong, I've been saying for 2 months now that Pete has slashed the payroll to 125-130 range. If he would of done the 165mil again this year we could of had both Lynn and Cobb or we could of traded for Odorrizzi and just signed one guy. Tilly and Wright would of been washing uniforms instead. Yeah, the O's really went for it in 2018. Heck something in the 150-155 range would of gotten it done.
  14. Agree. Why ruin the kid rushing him up. He needs handled with kid gloves his first year back from TJ. He could be a lynchpin of the staff starting in 2019.
  15. I think the O's plan would be to leave Harvey in the minors most of the year. Maybe a cup of coffee in a Sept call-up. The only reason I said you might see Harvey before the all star break is that as sure as the sun comes up tomorrow, the O's rotation will be apart at the seams like a cheap pair of sneakers by late May/early June. Check it out, it happens every year. Sometimes earlier sometimes later. And with the current cast of scrubs slated as "Depth" , they will be desperate for a serviceable arm. Yeah they will be 6 or 7 games under .500, but that won't deter the delusional O's mgt from rushing the kid up to save an already lost season. t's the Oriole way on pitching the last 2 decades.
  16. It he shows well in AA the first couple months, there is a good chance you will see Harvey before the all star break. Palmer was saying yesterday that the O's have used 11 different starters in 2016 and 9 different ones in 2017 (or vice versa can't remember) and that there is no depth .
  17. Excellent post. "I'm pronouncing him DOA." Please send this post to Buck. If he doesn't get it together soon, I will be firmly convinced this signing was mostly based on Brady and Buck's personal fondness for Tilly. Hey, I'm all good for loyalty to long time players, but good god enough is enough. Do you really have to ruin 2 seasons because of a man crush???? Its either that or Tilly has a mental block ala Steve Blass that he just can't take anything to the mound in a real game. You know he has historically bad first innings even when he was at his best. That was always a mystery to me - had to be mental.
  18. I hear ya. And yeah spring stats don't mean much at all. Its just my point that Tilly should of been able to show way more yesterday less than 3 weeks from his first real start in Houston. Now if he shows way better next time out, I owe you a Blue Moon
  19. Agree. Can't believe we are already on our first "bring up Hunter Harvey" tweet. Just speaks to having Tillman and Wright as your 4 and 5. These guys will be in the meat grinder in Houston on Apr 2 and 3. Less than 3 weeks away!!!
  20. LOL!!!! Remember last April when you and others kept saying about Tilly - " Its his extended spring training. Don't worry that he can't get A ball hitters out and his velocity is down""" I didn't buy it then and I don't buy it now. You must be drinking the same memory erasing Kool Aid that Buck has in his locker Get back on the Blue Moon Bleeder
  21. Yeah it must be. Its March 14th and Tilly has 2 stinkin innings of live action under his belt. He might only get what 3 more spring starts before he has to go live against Houston in Houston on 2 Apr. Hide the women and children. He has about a 5% chance of getting through 5 innings down there.
  22. Uh I don't think so. I would of been excited. He might have actually fixed something. But no, ne showed up with zero again. ZERO!! After all the throwing, tweaking, blah blah. As Dave Johnson said yesterday (probably got his MASN pink slip last night) , he is the same guy I saw last year - Can't throw strikes - No reason for any optimism.
  23. Yeah another classic from Buck - "He presented well on the mound" . Hey Buck, how about checking how his stuff looked and how is velocity was. Do you even look at a radar gun?? Tilly has been throwing batting practice for over a year now on diminished velocity and no snap on his breaking ball. I need to find that off season article again from I think Camden Chat. It detailed last season's batting averages against Tillman by pitch thrown. Teams hit well over .400 when Tilly threw his curve ball.
  24. Yeah the second paragraph is me. And yeah the MASN goons will try to spin this in a positive way although yesterday's stink bomb by Tilly was hard to deodorize. Good ole Buckeroo had his beer googles on though - "no worries, just part of the process, he got his work in, blah blah"
  25. The Orioles spoke with Lance Lynn’s agents right up until the time he signed with the Twins, writes Roch Kubatko of However, Lynn was seeking a two-year deal from the Orioles, whereas he agreed to a one-year, $12MM deal in order to join the Twins. Kubatko adds that the Orioles are of the impression that fellow right-hander Alex Cobb is also seeking a multi-year deal and that a contract comparable to Lynn’s pact with the Twins won’t get the job done. My take - Why in God's name would the O's not do a 2 year deal with either Lynn or Cobb?? If you are giving up your third highest pick, wouldn't you want the guy for more than one year? This team doesn't want to spend one more nickle. I'm convinced of that. Its all a bunch of excuses not to sign someone. If Cobb came to them and said he would do a 1 year 10mil deal, the O's would say they only had 8 mil to spend. Keep moving the goal line. Its gone from 3 years now down to a cheap 1 year deal. That's the O's parameters now for a decent starter. Idiots. They can choke on Chris Tillman this year.