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  1. Follow-on story that makes Davis look even worse. Wow this guy is getting destroyed and he is bringing it on himself. He may be finished in this town as his support is next to nil.
  2. No brainer on Hanely. Saw where he had a 22mil vesting option for 2019 if he reached 497 plate appearances. Plus he was not playing well to boot. Good night.
  3. Agree. I'm no fan of Brady with some of the stunts he has pulled and his "Total Autonomy, No Accountability" job role. But hey he is just getting away with what the Baby Bros are allowing. They like Brady as the only ex-jock friend they have and besides they think his sideburns are cool (see Louie, LOL!) Heck I'd do the same thing. What a cushy job. With that being said I can only hope Brady wants to consolidate his power and recommends Buck's ouster at the end of the year. So yeah, I'm taking Brady over Buck. Let Brady be the top power guy and have the new manager and GM report up the line.
  4. Its called "Washed Up".
  5. Its called, "Washed Up".
  6. LOL, He may be done. Career ending slump. That we will watch for 4 1/2 more years. Brady, Buck and Krusher.
  7. Yeah or can't see or has some other medical issue with his ADHD. Yeah that crack Baltimore media is really asking the hard questions. Palmer is the only one and I mean only one that has stood up. Guy is hitting .152 for 2 months and Buck and the media think he is close, just a slump.
  8. This. Buck has the local media scared to ask any hard questions or to question anything he does for that matter. Its such a joke. Any other organization would of sent Buck, Tilly and Rasmus packing a couple weeks ago. Too bad they can't invent a mystery injury for the manager. Buck could use some time down in the Gulf Coast league to find himself
  9. Yeah it was. I thought Wallace and Chiti did a very good job with what they were given. Winning records all 3 years and playoffs 2 out of 3 years. Seems like the pen has regressed, but injuries have played a role in that too. I also think these two helped shield Buck from too much on the pitching front. Since they have left, he has been exposed as a terrible manager of the pitching staff. This whole situation really showed how much power Brady has accumulated. Buck pretty much sat in the corner in this spat.
  10. I seem to remember Brady giving tips to Wright on where to stand on the rubber and that started the big feud with Wallace and Chiti. Memo to Brady. Wright still sucks.
  11. Oh yeah and the excuse that Chrissy has all this pressure because of the big contract. We could all be that lucky to have 161mil worth of pressure. Buck has turned into a running joke with his babble to cover "his guys". Inmates running the asylum here. That's the bottom line. Buck has zero and I mean zero discipline or accountability unless the guy is a scrub rule 5er or is a Norfolk buser.
  12. Anyone see any quotes from Buck on this Palmer call-out??? Or is the Baltimore media too afraid to ask him since he is complicit in this lie. He has enables the Krusher to do whatever the Krusher wants. Its a disgrace that he is still the manager of this train wreck.
  13. DD did just what you said. Put a more than fair offer out there, then pulled it off the table when Davis/Boras showed their greed. Then he traded for Trumbo and was ready to move on, except the idiot brigade of the Angelos 3, Brady and Buck intervened. Rest is putrid history. I think the educated fan and analysts were on this that it was a bad deal for the O's with Davis' past history of massive slumps and drug suspension. But I have several friends who are casual fans who were all over Davis coming back no matter the cost. All they remembered was the Krusher mashing 47 dingers (most the last 2/3 of the season) and we couldn't live without him. He was barely hitting .200 through May of 2015 and I remember most everyone on this board was done with him. Especially since he hit .196 the year before. The O's braintrust made this decision just like they were Joe 6 pack who watches a handful of games every year, digs the longball, but are "die hard" O's fans.
  14. They are. DD already has floated that propaganda for the reason on why not to deal Manny. He is smarter than that. Not sure what his motivation is other than to not get fired and not have that smudge on his resume. Or he just thinks that will put teams on notice to up their offers.
  15. Palmer the man. Exposes Chrissy and Buck as frauds. So someone remind me why Buck shouldn't be fired? This should be the last straw, but it won't be.
  16. Or Brady. Brady needs cover in order to lurk in the shadows with no accountability for what's going on. But with thumb in soup on all matters.
  17. I'm convinced no package will be enough for the O's. Hey, we got an MVP to watch in 2018. What can beat that for the fans???
  18. Higher than he already has??? Again, something with no accountability. Thumb in soup in everything. Its a joke. This team has no hope with that set up. New GM will need to ask to go to the bathroom from Brady and the Babys. Nothing has changed from the DD set up in my mind. New GM will be nothing more than Brady;s bagman.
  19. I hear ya. But the comp pick is the bar, because the O's really don't want to make a move and most likely just choke down a comp pick. I looked at the cubs top 20 prospects and they look tapped out. They would need to add another top prospect to the above and not sure that would be anything great. Bottom line the above package may be the best the O's can get. So it looks like a comp pick for one of the best in baseball.
  20. Davis with another collar and a couple Ks. Further into the abyss of no return. Buck thinks he is close. Keep batting him 5th. Coolbaugh working on it.
  21. Just brutal. Getting absolutely waxed by the worst team in baseball. Which now means the O's are the worst team in baseball.
  22. The other thing I didn't realize is that Manny's cousin in the Cubs CF. Sounds like they are close. So I have to think Manny would be all in on a deal to the Cubs.
  23. I saw the some of the cubs media pushing for a Manny deal. Names floated for Manny was a deal of Russell SS, Montgomery LHP, and top prospect RHP Alzoyla. Is that enough? Its certainly better than a comp pick.
  24. Anyone who thinks the players haven't quit on Buck has a bag over their head. And why wouldn't they quit with Buck's moves this year. Buck has to look in the mirror and realize its over for him as a manager.
  25. Well this article shows me where Brady is coming from. Ha, yeah why would he want the GM job? He might actually have some accountability for results if he took that job. Right know, he has complete autonomy and no accountability. He can float around behind the scenes, in the shadows and do whatever he wants. And he can't be held accountable for any of it. He has no defined role. Its really a joke - him and the two Baby Bros. Running the corner lemonade stand.