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  1. I look around and see snarky liberal propaganda blaming the NRA as if they were personally involved. If you believe the NRA is behind this then you are the fool.
  2. So, you feel it's OK when one party gets away with it, but another party gets in trouble for it?
  3. I was being sarcastic, complaining about republicans gerrymandering in PA while the democrats have done it in the state is totally hypocritical. Pot. Kettle. Black.
  4. Great point Kang. Thankfully Gerrymandering doesn't occur in Maryland at all.
  5. How so? Link?
  6. Maybe, but I sure wouldn't miss paying federal personal income tax.
  7. I wonder why Barry traded 5 Taliban commanders for him?
  8. I think you have some good points. Have you also considered some people are trying to get Ray's statue removed because they feel he got away with murder?
  9. Also, in the early 90's they renamed Roger B. Taney junior high school to Thurgood Marshall middle school, in Temple Hills, MD.
  10. I said I felt he was painting with a broad brush. Not everyone in the GOP is racist and you know that. Maybe Ellison is a racist? He made the comments, he's fair game.
  11. So Keith Ellison says the GOP is the party of racism? He is a man who converted to Islam and is a big fan of the racist Louis Farrakhan. Come on EgyptKang. Ellison obviously has issues and saying the GOP is racist is painting with a very broad brush.
  12. He left the GOP years ago. He is just making it official.
  13. How can you justify the protesters standing in the middle of the road impeding traffic?