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  1. I saw a sign at a gas station a few days ago, $8.50 a pack! I wonder how much these inflated prices are a factor.
  2. Delete
  3. Good one. Thank you.
  4. Wow.. Ground control to Major Tom.
  5. They fired him. I don't think he is back (yet).
  6. Do you feel that any of the sources you quoted are left leaning?
  7. They have a leftist bias they are nationally known for. Remember Jayson Blair?
  8. How about you suggest some reliable soruces please?
  9. Did you see in the first sentence where they quoted the New York Times? Do you love the New York times? You forgot to site your source.
  10. Would you think those people would ever support a Democrat? Do you think they would blindly support a Republican? Does trump reciprocate the support of these people?
  11. I don't know a lot about The Federalist. Here's one:
  12. Just borrowing a page from Songfouone's play book, but you know that. It's OK for others to do that but when I do it, it's bad. I don't expect a response.
  13. What racist bills / legislation has he supported?
  14. So what racist legislation has he supported?