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  1. I'm sure 11 year olds everywhere are very conscious of their clothes....not. Well, maybe future fashion designers.
  2. Hey, you're stealing the squid's thunder.
  3. Yes, grave desecration is great fun. I'm not all surprised you support it. Hey, maybe they should dig those people up and put their corpses on trial and burn them. You know, do it right. You could wet yourself with glee.
  4. Of course, because you can only comment about a thread if you think it's important.
  5. Well, now see, THIS is important. Oy...
  6. That you'd think it's funny isn't surprising. No doubt you approve of the ghoulish attacks on cemeteries. It reminds me of jihadists vandalizing WWII British military graves in Libya a few years back. The left here isn't much different.
  7. There's now a full scale assault on Confederate memorials in cemeteries nationwide. Besides removals, there has been vandalism at various locations. It was as predictable as sunrise now that the raving left has ramped into high gear and declared what is acceptable and what isn't. Also, the oldest Columbus monument in the US was vandalized yesterday in Baltimore. This won't stop at Confederates, not by a long shot. Nobody is safe now, not Washington or any slave owning founder or any other American or white European the left feels needs to be removed from the public square regardless of their prominence. I expect any memorials to Washington and Jefferson, even if not removed, will now be due some "updates" to satisfy the new history police. Very reminiscent of the Taliban and ISIS in their intolerance. They talk about hate yet reek of it themselves.
  8. Here's some hilarity. This person calls Maryland "a state which sat out the Civil War". Guess she's never heard of the battle of Antietam. What's even more sad is that she purports to be a history professor. This is why leaving these decisions up to people driven wholly by blind ideology is a terrible idea.
  9. The only place that happens is in the movies. I think you've probably watched too many of them.
  10. You guys are going to have to decide whether Trump is the brilliant master of international intrigue and collusion that you've suggested or a halfwit. It can't be both. You're going to need to pick one.
  11. I see you have no cogent response. 'Nuff said.
  12. Vote for him? No. Like his main ideas? Mostly. I've said this before. The interest you guys take in how people voted borders on obsessive.
  13. What has this effluvium got to do with Obama? If I'm the expert on racism denying, then what are you? The quintessential racism huckster and guilt ridden white guy? The above is also dishonest. There are legitimate reasons to oppose illegal immigration no matter who is coming in. There are also obvious reasons to try to prevent terrorists from getting here. Those issues are now distilled by the left into fear of "Mexicans" and "Muslims". How thoughtful. What part blacks specifically played you'll have to elaborate on.
  14. Yes, hard to believe. However, eclipses are self evident and highly measurable. We know when and where every one has occurred going back to 2000 BC. GW is a much more anomalous creature and everybody has a different take on the data, even its various proponents.
  15. The warning was not to look at (ie. observe or stare at) the sun without protection. This is just more tripe to jab at Trump. You know that.