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  1. You think no atrocities were committed by the Union army? What about Elmira prison? Are they "terrorists"? I've said nothing about celebrating Confederates. I was correcting the idea that they were "terrorists" akin to the people previously mentioned. Oh, and I can judge because I know what the guy did.
  2. I disagree with you on Davis. If he's a traitor than Lee must be as well. One guy resigned from Congress and the other resigned his commission in the US Army. Both seceded with the Confederacy, albeit with Davis as its president. Both were products of the time and of their commitment to their states. (No, hst2, no slavery diatribe, please.)
  3. We have live Confederate soldiers anywhere? Whatever you think of Confederate soldiers, they didn't skulk around consorting on how to kill civilians. They fought in the open, in uniforms on the fields of battle. Terrorists are a whole different breed. The point is that the left doesn't want to watch Fox and they don't want anyone else to watch it. They don't own guns and they'd like nobody else to own them. I'm not advocating stopping the parade, merely saying that it is unseemly.
  4. He might know something, just not about the capabilities of wind and solar.
  5. I won't but that doesn't preclude me from commenting on it. I guess we could say, if you don't approve of Fox News, don't watch. If you don't approve of guns, don't buy one. But that isn't good enough is it?
  6. We still need coal for lots of things. Steel production is one example. It isn't going to go away as quickly as some people think.
  7. I'm actually going to do what my opponents in here never or rarely do. I am going to admit that impeachment is proceedings and that Hill's statement could actually be acceptable. Nixon never received a vote but he was being subjected to impeachment proceedings. What it is accurate to say is that Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton went through full impeachment proceedings while Nixon did not. I'm happy to admit a factual error when I find it.
  8. Proceedings isn't impeachment and his presidency didn't end with impeachment as claimed.
  9. Look, you're wrong. Just take it and move on. Hill misspoke. You'll live.
  10. It didn't end with his impeachment at all. That's where she is wrong. She never says a word about him resigning.
  11. Ah, I guess we've entered the "I've got nothing" phase.
  12. "Ended with impeachment" is inaccurate because it ended with resignation. There is no way her statement is factual. Yea, he would have been impeached. He wasn't, however.
  13. What do you think "ended with impeachment" means? If you go to school and never get a diploma does your schooling "end with graduation" because you were in the process of getting a degree? Nope. You either do or you don't, which is the same principle here.
  14. Saying it "ended with impeachment" is the same as saying impeached. Did she mention resignation? No. The statement is clear and it is wrong.