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  1. Isn't it interesting that it has now been revealed that Comey released his notes, which are government documents, to his friend before he was fired? IOW, the head of the FBI leaked confidential notes of meetings with the POTUS to an ordinary citizen in order that they be leaked to the NYT. Something is telling me that is a crime.
  2. When you have any evidence that our efforts at cyber security have slackened, let me know.
  3. Good grief. I haven't said that at all. Trump isn't the guy who works on cyber security. That happens elsewhere. Now, if you think that Trump is going to somehow retard or stop that process, you are mistaken.
  4. I'm neither praising nor condemning Trump. The point is that you have no clue what is happening in regard to cyber security but act as if you do.
  5. Are you privy to everything that goes on behind the scenes or in the intelligence community? If the answer is no, then you can't answer the question you keep answering.
  6. No. The point is that having Trump talk about it now, after the fact, accomplishes nothing. The real work of securing our elections and the rest of society is done by people other than Trump. That will go on during his presidency and into the future. Our cyber security people are not simply going to disappear.
  7. The thread is about Obama. Obama was president. By all means, keep talking about Trump, though.
  8. No, I never said that. We should try to be as secure as possible from cyber attacks regardless of where they come from. In fact, we should probably be much more aggressive in offering retaliatory cyber responses, something we seem loathe to engage in.
  9. Obama only lied about a multi billion dollar scheme that put government in virtual charge of healthcare. No biggie. As for Trump, why should he be wasting time on Russia and the election now? The election is over and the people investigating it will, no doubt, make recommendations. Acting like you know what is happening behind the scenes is rather absurd. Again, this is about Obama's complete lack of response to known Russian hacking and interference. Obama was president, not Trump. Try to keep that straight.
  10. "If you like your plan......" Seriously, though, this is about the lack of response by Obama, something, had the reverse been the case and a Republican said nothing, would be the source of endless outrage.
  11. I don't know how many fans believed it. That has nothing to do with what they were peddled by the team, which was smoke and mirrors.
  12. The fans have been sold a bill of goods that a AAA pitching staff could be propped up by barrages of HR's. It can't and now that the HR's aren't showing up, the true rottenness of the team is on full display. There will be no housecleaning because Angelos doesn't care about winning, only showing up and collecting his cut of the TV money.
  13. You act as if I'm here cheerleading for the GOP plan when I haven't said a word about it. Oh, and yes, I'd rather have an insurance company telling me what's what as opposed to government. I can change insurance companies. Under Obamacare I can't even change my deductible without getting a new policy.