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  1. What has one got to do with the other? You guys have claimed that Trump is the worst thing to happen in the history of elected government and you're 0-5 in elections since he arrived. It doesn't look like too many people are buying what you're selling. Yet, you keep selling it anyway.
  2. Another squeak from the peanut gallery. If I had a dime for all the times you clowns waste time talking about me as opposed to the topic, I'd have a nice pot of money by now. BTW, when Trump has committed some crime, let me know and we can discuss it. Perhaps you should worry less about him (or me) and more about figuring out how to win elections. I've noticed you're not very good at it.
  3. From them? Nothing. It would be nice if the apologists, for them and others, admitted that the Russia thing is being pushed because it's good for business, not because it has any legs.
  4. The really amusing part about all this is that, since November, the left/Dems have acted exactly as they claimed the Republicans would had they lost. Accusations, whining, conspiracy theories, street disturbances, threats, vile attacks, they have it all. This gross hypocrisy is totally lost on them, of course, because they see destroying Trump as some noble mission to save humanity. It really is a spectacle and the complete derangement evident among the rank and file, much of the leadership, the MSM and all their assorted hangers on makes for great entertainment, especially as they continue to fail to have any identifiable policies or plans as well as to lose elections. At this rate, the GOP might hold Congress in 2018.
  5. Nope. I think I was here before they showed up. Rather than explain me, perhaps you'd like to explain the shenanigans at CNN.
  6. Right, because having people candidly admit the truth is very sneaky. What doctoring? Voice overs? Editing to remove words? What? You have no evidence that this guy or the PP people or anybody didn't say exactly what they are recorded and shown saying. To deny they said it is pure delusion. CNN pimps the Russia thing for ratings. We all know it but here's an insider admitting it. The only thing this proves is how CNN strings along the slobbering mobs eager to take down Trump and makes a nice buck doing it. Hilarious.
  7. This totally escapes hst2. In his zeal to have government run everything, he has convinced himself that government mandates have magically become some facet of the free market. A true free market would let people buy anything or nothing. Instead, they have to buy what the government demands or face a penalty.
  8. Probably. However, it's tough to get rid of entrenched groups who have been feeding at the public trough for decades. They are like barnacles on a rowboat. That's one of the reasons that there's so much enmity against Trump and so many anonymous leaks.
  9. Maybe this is what happens when ideas get acted upon that others only talk about. Plenty of conservatives complain about NATO, the Paris accords, lack of action on immigration. terrorism, etc. and then do nothing. Trump actually thinks he's there to do what he said, not just talk. It's the difference between a career politician and a true outsider. That's what got some of the career insiders all riled up.
  10. If you mean a white nationalist, hardly, nor have I ever posted anything to remotely suggest otherwise.
  11. Laughable nonsense. You find racism anywhere and everywhere you look. No doubt, you'll more than make up for any that has been overlooked.
  12. Yep, that's how i chose to interpret it but, apparently, that got everyone upset. The guy who posted it hasn't explained what he means, although he does feel the need to "wrest back the country" from the alt-whites, who, no doubt would have a hard time filling up a HS school gym.
  13. OK, how do you take it? What does one instance of vandalism have to do with the whole country?
  14. Feel free to do as you see fit, as will I.
  15. No, it doesn't speak for itself at all. I interpreted it as it comes across. Why don't you elaborate on it?
  16. Find one post supporting the contention made or crawl back under your rock.
  17. Run you out? I said you were free to go. You apparently can't read.
  18. "What a country!" comes across as a flip remark and also implies that black monuments and memorials are somehow under siege, if not blacks themselves and that we have made little progress in race relations. I don't think any of that is true. I asked MM to elaborate on his comment but he chose not to.
  19. No, Nixon was much more toward the center than Reagan in the totality of his presidency. The evidence that the GOP has made some massive rightward shift is negligible at best. Trump ran as a populist and as an antidote to Obama. As I've said before, if you want to know why Trump won, simply look to Obama and Hillary running to become Obama II.
  20. You have a vivid imagination when it comes to ascribing motives to other posters. First off, it has already been stated that the Russians changed no votes by their hacking. In fact, 18 states use paper ballots, not electronic ones, so they are immune to hacking. Secondly, the evidence that Trump was involved in anything is at zero so far.
  21. Nope. I'm saying that if you think the country is somehow irredeemable, the globe has 195 others where you may be happier.
  22. Right, of course. Perhaps I misconstrued your comment. Would you care to elaborate?
  23. I won't disagree in the main here. Let's just agree that it was tragic that we lost some good people.
  24. I haven't moved anywhere. I simply realize that no candidate or president is going to give you the whole loaf so you have to be satisfied with what you can get. BTW, if Trump is as palsy with Putin as you guys claim, how is that reflective of conservatives? How about his reversal on DACA? How about proposing to spend trillions on infrastructure and the inner cities? You look at a few things like tax cuts or healthcare and then act like Trump is the new Goldwater.
  25. What is being dissented from? Is there a groundswell around the country that markers and monuments be defaced? I mean other than those erected to Confederates?