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  1. Beats me. Everybody has an opinion. I see plenty of bizarre nonsense on CNN and MSNBC.
  2. There won't be any civil war if Trump is impeached. Stone is goofy, too.
  3. The only thing funnier than this "historian" and his nonsense, is certain people buying it.
  4. Which laws are those and who is currently supporting them? The fact is that there are a plethora of laws in place that protect blacks and other minorities in just about every area of society. Had the "caucasoid" majority been as horrid as portrayed, this would not have happened either. The truth is that racism has always existed and will continue to and it is not confined to Caucasians. However, we have made good strides in seeing that its worst aspects do not become the basis for policy.
  5. Had white people been as horrid as you'd like to believe, Obama could never have been nominated, much less elected twice. There is a difference between hard core racism and conservatism, between hate and respect for law. But those distinctions don't serve the left agenda so all white people who hold conservative views are described as "horrid". It's the type of broad brush labeling they are always accusing the right of doing.
  6. The 5th Circuit Court struck it down. The 4-4 tie in the SC kept their decision in place. For all intents and purposes, the law doesn't exist but Trump has taken no action.
  7. hst2 believes in ignoring any laws he doesn't like, immigration laws in particular.
  8. Law is law, is it not? Who put you in charge to decide which laws get enforced? Oh, and the slavery comparison is a bad one, though I know you couldn't resist.
  9. How is that any different than blacks feeling like they were losing jobs to whites or being denied them? The wheel has turned. The left treats whites like they insist the country has treated blacks. What you call racism is the backlash from being under assault from the left (ie, people like you). Rather than calm the waters your side keeps them churned. Otherwise, you'd have nothing to do.
  10. I Imagine if Christ Himself were leading a protest, that the squid would call it a "rightwing murder march". It's been well trained.
  11. I think non-public persons could sue Trump if they felt slandered. Not so sure about public figures.
  12. You didn't find crap. In fact, you tried to lie by showing a post of mine responding to Maggie's mention of the Breitbart article. Then you furiously had to go find one link in a list of similar links from different sites. IOW, a total failure. This thread is a good example. You butt in with unrelated, idiotic BS and then issue a personal attack when I point it out. So, shove off.
  13. Change the subject and then attack me for pointing out that you've changed it. Unreal. Truth to the left always looks like lies.
  14. I don't know...CNN maybe?
  15. Which has nothing to do with the point at issue.
  16. No, you made a wholly inaccurate description of what the 1st amendment says. The 1A can be used for any purpose short of law breaking. (ie. libel or slander of an individual or something that would threaten national security, for example). That includes crowds of people saying things that are distasteful or that you might disagree with. I get it just fine. I can read.
  17. I've endlessly heard how the "Nazi/KKK" vote put Trump over but now it's suddenly the "white resentment" vote. I have no doubt there are resentful white voters but that doesn't make them white supremacists.
  18. C'mon man. Government is the engine of propaganda. Propaganda and public institutions cannot be separated. As ken said, nobody was talking about these statues 20 years ago or even 10 years ago but now they are a blight on society. If communities want to take them down, they can do so, but the frenzy is quite amazing to see.
  19. Well, since Trump could not have won without blue collar Dems in those states and we keep hearing that white supremacists put him over, it seems that blue collar Dems and white supremacists are a lot of the same people. If Dems and white supremacists are different people then why is it that the white supremacists put him over if he couldn't win without the Dems as well? It would seem that both put him over if that's the case.
  20. What's the "white resentment vote" and how is that different from the white supremacist vote? Do you have any data that shows any of this?
  21. I don't care whether you do or not but if all you've got is wisecracks then you may as well use them elsewhere.
  22. You seem to be another one with a fetish for following me around nipping at my ankles. I can think of a handful of others who tried that. They're mostly all gone. So, I guess you can try to contribute or become an afterthought. Your call.
  23. That might be but the contention that ALL the Dems voting for Trump in PA, MI & WI were white supremacists is unsupported. Plus, if they are Dems why don't the Dems disavow them and shun their votes? Because they are happy to have their votes. It's only problematic when they go off script.