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  1. I wonder how many in here had to go look up Jerry Lewis on Wiki.
  2. I'm not familiar with the practices of the ultra orthodox Jews but hundreds of millions, maybe billions of males have been circumcised with no ill effects. This seems like the usual violent overreaction. If done in a sterile environment, there is little danger.
  3. Your problem is that you want to beat on the racist elements of our past ad nauseum. The thing to do is to come together and move forward and I think most people do that by simply trying to get on with their lives. Yet you insist on prying off old scabs which will only rekindle animosities and hatreds previously buried or at least suppressed. The people who trash the country and feel that they are owed something do to past injustices, are not helping anything and neither are you.
  4. Just as I predicted, the confederate statue issue is just the camel's nose under the tent. The left will now try to expunge anything and everything to do with slaveholders or, failing that, to append as much of their blather to the record as possible. What's extremely ironic is that the same people who accuse others of "writing slavery" out of the history are all too happy to write out the slaveholders, no matter who they are or what they accomplished. If this country now sees fit to attack people like Washington, Jefferson and Madison, then it deserves to be the wreck it will ultimately become.
  5. The country has big problems ahead because much or most of the left fundamentally does not believe in many of the things the country was founded upon and which made it wealthy and powerful. They think capitalism has somehow outlived its usefulness. They question the desirability and value of the traditional nuclear family. They see little value in organized religion, Christianity in particular. They see white people as some evil to be overcome, although many of them are white themselves. They see nothing exceptional about America and they find the idea of trying to maintain the traditional culture as somehow "racist". Most importantly, they believe in the ability of government (run by them, of course) to mold people into new and better citizens. Man isn't a lost cause. He just needs to be better instructed in how to live. They are happy to take on the task as long as you agree with everything they tell you. Now, even if we acknowledged this, there would be little to worry about. But, when you realize that the left has co-opted education and the media for most of the past 5-6 decades in order to turn out the "proper" type of citizen, then you can see that there is very big trouble ahead, the current run of GOP political strength notwithstanding. The left will regain control and, when they do, I expect they will go to work in earnest. Alas, there will come a time when the people who are opposed to being told what to do and forced to do what they oppose, will resist, and that is when the left will exercise its penchant for coercion in a big way. I can see that possibly leading to civil violence and bloodshed. The next civil war in this country, if you want to call it that, will not come from Trump or the white supremacists or even from the fringe left but from the mainstream left in its attempt to make a "new" nation in its own image. This has been the long term goal of people like Soros and the many groups he funds and controls like so many puppets. He probably won't be here to see the fruits of his efforts but they will be rotten fruits indeed. I have to leave for awhile but I'll be back to enjoy the hyperventilating from the usual suspects.
  6. You know that, I know that and most sane people know that. Libs don't know that and they will try to shame you for their own disconnection from what is rational.
  7. Hellickson is the loser we suspected he was. Another Dumpster Dan special.
  8. Here's the pertinent phrase from the quoted link above: "In Portland, where the Rose City Antifa has been active for a decade, members focus on outing people they believe are neo-Nazis,..." IOW, they harass people who they merely think might be neo-Nazis and I'm sure they have quite an elastic definition. I wonder who is going to out them.
  9. The comment responded to was the contention that the people who rallied should have been denied a permit. IOW, they should have been denied their rights because they say things that offend people. Not surprisingly, you support the idea.
  10. Should any generation be responsible for things they played no part whatever in? That seems like the real issue. We need to do what we can to get along as one people and that is incumbent on all of us, not just white people. Plus, the grievance industry doesn't really want it solved. They'd all disappear.
  11. White people have a choice to make: lead productive lives, care for your family and do what you can for others OR....become absorbed in self hatred and abasement hating every minute that you were born white and taking the sins of those long dead upon yourself. I'm sure we know which hst2 has chosen.
  12. Right. You can't target young Muslim men unless you also watch Catholic grandmothers. Leftist Wisdom 101.
  13. BS. Stop lying. Hey, did the Baltimore police contribute to the rioting during the Freddie Gray episode by standing down? Yes. Did they do the rioting themselves? No. The same thing applies here. The city failed to adequately separate two groups which had already been fighting the day before.
  14. They have a 1st amendment right or do you think that's only for some people and not others? As for being my "buddies" that is also laughable nonsense since I've never once posted anything in here in 12+ years which is remotely white supremacist or antisemitic. You simply make crap up.
  15. More lying. I never even mentioned the victim. You're just spouting BS as usual. Demonstrators and counter protesters were already clashing on the eve of the rally. The city should have anticipated trouble. Emancipation Park and Justice Park are in very close proximity to each other so the fact that each group was assigned to one of these areas did little to keep them from coming together. Yes, the driver is responsible but who knows if this happens if the two groups are many blocks apart and are kept apart.
  16. Yet, the two groups had come together or there would have been no clashes. Other cities have anticipated possible violence and kept competing groups well apart. Charlottesville couldn't figure this out.
  17. Gee, you made two points and both are wrong. What a surprise. What was hilarious was the squid's silly claim. Of course, the murderer is responsible but his act may have been prevented if the local PD had done its job. I wonder why they didn't.
  18. He has? How so? Did he register them as Republicans? Drive them to the polls? Oh wait, he opposes illegal immigration. I get it now. Funny, but Trump's daughter married a Jew and converted to Judaism. You'd think any self respecting bigot and racist would have drummed her out of the family.
  19. Of course they work. They only don't work for you because you fail to acknowledge the truth. Obamacare has cost millions of people to lose their plans and have to buy government approved new ones. Where is that power in the Constitution? Obama clearly lied about what would happen and did it repeatedly. Gruber told us what the strategy was. As for Clinton, he paid Paula Jones $850K. Does an innocent man do that? Does he have other women (at least those willing to come forward) making similar detailed allegations against him? Usually when it walks and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. Yet, Dems voted for him anyway. But Trump boasts about stuff, which may never have happened, and Republicans should leave the party. Uh huh.
  20. I just gave you the facts. Apparently, you didn't like what you read.
  21. Nobody is asking you to feel better, just to admit the facts.
  22. Obama blatantly lied about Obamacare and got overwhelming Dem support. Clinton was a serial assaulter of women (not just talk) and he got overwhelming Dem support. This is hardly restricted to Republicans.
  23. Hilarious. The death in Charlottesville could have been prevented had the PD in the city run by DEMOCRATS kept the two sides far apart. Your Dem mayor is the failure here.
  24. Simple, they had to requalify for admission after their legislature expelled blacks in 1868 and military rule was reinstituted. They satisfied their obligation in 1870.
  25. 63 million people voted for Trump. Perhaps a few thousand would qualify as neo-Nazis or white supremacists. So, the idea that Trump would have some need to appease them seems rather silly.