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  1. My boy had the stats to be in the running for all met but I knew it was a long shot for him. 85 tackles,5 sacks and 16 tackles for loss is pretty good for a defensive tackle but was hurt the year before and play for a weak team didn't help. Who knows what his stats would be if he played in the miaa but I know he could play for almost anyone.
  2. I dont see anything on the link, i guess ill wait until tomorrow to see it.
  3. Wise would do very well in the Miaa but they are the exception.
  4. I could run a 4.9 in the day and had this guy say he could run a 4.6 so I raced him and he wasn't even close to me in the race. I don't know where some of these kids get their 40 times at.
  5. wow how can they not even talk to the Hamilton players that is just stupid!
  6. I was impressed watching him in the final, looks to have a bright future. I have 2 boys that played for Patterson Mill my youngest graduates this year and is 1st team all county and my other boy graduated 2013 and was 2nd team all met and all-state and 1st team all county.
  7. Great half, anyone's game!
  8. Fun half hopefully second half is as entertaining!
  9. yes on 4th and1 looked short!
  10. I was at the game and Mathis was the best player on the court that night I think he had like 5 dunks. The overseas player is really going to help JC this year.
  11. I was a little off on my prediction but close enough!
  12. CHC by 14 points! Someone had to start the thread!
  13. Elkton is missing a very good running back and another player for this game so Harford tech should win easily.
  14. JV plays before varsity so if the player gets in the game for jv the player cant play in the varsity game that week.