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  1. That's not true about not having a spread QB... They had #2 Kiani Freeman, and if Im not mistaken he came over from Pallotti who runs the spread.
  2. They had a down year this year. Lost a ton of quality kids from the year before playoff team
  3. Rumor has it current coach will step down as HC and take his old position soon.
  4. Big33 Maryland team has SFA kids all over it... Got your wish !!
  5. FYI... That LR WR is getting FBS/D2 inquiries... Just to let you know MDsoccer...
  6. Why does it have to always be about D1 looks or offers ? Its should be about getting the opportunity to play at the next level no matter of the level.
  7. Son, nephew or cousin not getting any playing time at Dunbar Knowmercy ?
  9. Please stay on topic...
  10. Gentlemen... Lets put the EGO's back in your pants and get back to the topic !! Will this freshman QB stay all four years, or do a Holgorsen and leave after a few weeks ??
  11. Who is JB ??
  12. Congrats to Mike Kraus the long time DC on becoming the new HC at South Carroll HS.
  13. Was extended the offer by a LR alum and DL GA Coach Montag