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  1. Howard Co JV Standings Long Reach (5-0) Atholton (5-0) Howard (4-1) Glenelg (4-1) River Hill (4-1) Reservoir (3-2) Mt. Hebron (2-3) Oakland Mills (2-3) Wilde Lake (1-4) Centennial (0-5) Marriotts Ridge (0-5) Hammond (0-5)
  2. JV Score Long Reach - 14 Howard - 8
  3. Long Reach 28 River Hill 14
  4. You got me...
  5. Since your new to the message board... Why don't you give us your Long Reach vs River Hill prediction...
  6. Can you do us all a favor, and write like your someone's Dad... Your killing me with that CAPS and emojis... PS: Reason you didn't win "The Player of the Week" is... 5 INT's is a state record !!
  7. Here is Zimmerman's website that you can upload your sons info. Also follow him and Told Haldis on twitter @NPCoachZim @tdhald
  8. Your getting ripped off, if you have to pay a recruiting service. If you want to invest in your son, then sit down and do it yourself !! Cancel that subscription with NCSA now !!
  9. Committed back on June 23. Here is his twitter handle @ugogotswg
  10. Long Reach-23 Hammond-0