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  1. It is not in my economic interest to see more wealth centralized in Washington.
  2. No. The GOP wasn't going around claiming it was referendum for something else.
  3. He has a point even if he doesn't have a viable solution.
  4. And where is the money coming from? Taxpayers and debt.
  5. There is plenty to go around. Let's spend $20 million on flipping a +25R long shot and make sure that everyone is watching! What could go wrong?
  6. It is the Noam Chompsky rule. Government didn't intrude enough. It is like me punching you in the face and blaming you for the pain.
  7. From the article: It could just be a narrative but it is not a flattering one at all.
  8. Then why not single payer housing. Single payer food. Single payer clothing. These happen far more often than health care. Why not have government simply provide everything?
  9. But wait, there is more. Let's have a brand that crafts a health care reform bill in secret only to release it and find out there aren't enough votes for it. BRILLIANT!
  10. And selling arms to Qatar even with them being designated as a state sponsor of terrorism? How about our 'friends' the Saudis. Better yet, praising the new crown prince Mohammed bin Salman who is the defense minister in charge of the war in Yemen which is regarded as a war crime.
  11. That is kind of hard to do when you fancy yourself a ruling elite. We went over this before.
  12. Please. Have you read the president's tweets? A dumpster fire is not a good frame.
  13. Source "The assumption that Clinton would win contributed to the lack of urgency." One can only imagine how many diapers at the White House got loaded when she lost.