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  1. I remember when trench coats were fashionable. I still have my London Fog.
  2. How hard would it be for a 17 year old to find a key? When I was kid there were guns in the house that were not locked up. I knew where they were and where the ammo was. I never touched them unless my old man said it was okay to do so. I didn't shoot up any schools. I never went near them without dad's say so. As you say, it is absolutely insane that this has to be explained.
  3. The legal owner. I legally own my guns. I don't have any kids but if a 17 year old can find the key, it is in a desk drawer, then the fact that my guns are locked up doesn't matter a bit. And around it goes...
  4. The responsibility lies with the shooter. They are the ones doing these things.
  5. Pickle has repeatedly come out against gun bans so that is not exactly fair.
  6. OTOH the so called 'common sense' gun controls of scary looking gun bans, magazine limits, and extending background checks would have done nothing here. So around and around it goes.
  7. By bailing out the fat cats and leaving the middle class to be foreclosed on. Apparently we were supposed to be thankful for this.
  8. This was mostly regulatory relief for smaller banks.
  9. Not really. The FAA is about arbitration. The NLRA is about unions. The court essentially ruled that the latter doesn't overturn the former. source
  10. Exactly. If you arbitrarily throw people out then you're hurting your own business.
  11. Correct. Half the battle for brick and mortar businesses is to get people in the door.
  12. OMG! Did the OP just refer to the Trump administration as ANIMALS!!!!! sets hair on fire runs out of the room
  13. You know full well that what Manafort and Sater did was well before the campaign. I understand it is a good excuse as leverage so I doubt this will go anywhere short of someone admitting it was done for political reasons. That would be a self invitation to a jail cell so I don't see anyone doing that even if it did happen.
  14. How much would you spend for a bottle of scotch?
  15. If a GOP administration had spied on the campaign of a DNC candidate the hyperbole would be nuclear. C'mon! Like I said, Manafort and Sater are a convenient excuse if you want one. It the excuse was to watch the Russians then you'll get away with it. If the excuse was to watch the Trump campaign then that probably crosses the line.