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  1. If I didn't laugh at it then it would be depressing.
  2. I guess not. Try again if you have time.
  3. Yep. If the GOP is supposed to be the alternative then I guess I was right not to vote for them in well over a decade now. They way I see it is that the GOP and DNC are idiots throwing rocks at each other. It is best to stay out of it so I don't get hit by a rock. The DNC taking over the house wouldn't be such a bad thing. It'll keep the GOP from passing their own bad ideas, not to mention the random policy positions coming out of the White House. Nothing will get done and that is probably for the best.
  4. Agreed. That they flipped a +20 Trump district is not a warning for the DNC. The GOP is the one with the problem.
  5. I already have obliged. The gallup article on page two. You know, if you have the time.
  6. The ACA was against my self interest.
  7. With 80% satisfied with their care and 61% satisfied with the cost the Democrats had no mandate here. They did it for themselves. It was power whoring.
  8. Not really. and It was a money/power grab and they got shown the door, in good part, because of it. The GOP and DNC are racing to see who can show how bad they are the fastest. That is no way to run a country.
  9. It is the usual case that the party of the president doesn't do well in the first congressional elections. The twin dumpster fires of the ACA and Trump's goonish behavior don't help matters. It is amusing to watch politicians claim to have a mandate only to get tossed out one or two election cycles later. Amusing in a sad sort of way.
  10. If that is your excuse for coercion then so be it. Just be upfront about it. If you favor coercion then Pelosi is for you.
  11. Possibly 15 million of them are victims. Of course, if they opted out, there was a tax increase waiting for them. So yes, a coercion based middle class tax increase is exactly what the ACA was. If the DNC wants to show why they shouldn't be in charge then put Pelosi back in as speaker should they win the majority.
  12. A reminder of how well that turned out in 2010.
  13. I believe that the DNC needs a come to EarthMotherGaia moment when they finally admit that Trump isn't the only problem.