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  1. I'll play this game once. You've got 12 days.
  2. I believe it might shut down. Again. I do think the federal government is broken. Broken things have a tendency to stop.
  3. True. Considering the vagaries of the federal government, I'll still say, if you're counting on them, you got a shxt plan there.
  4. Isn't that what Trump wants to do? Maybe a government shutdown might be beneficial on that front.
  5. Yet life goes on. I know you said you didn't know what the fuss was about so if you're heading somewhere with this line of reasoning, you lost me.
  6. Yes. My concern for the suppliers of horse cart makers is near zero. Your point?
  7. I do care about others all the time. Just maybe not the ones you do. Try again.
  8. Until the feeding trough stops. Then it is about the worst business plan ever.
  9. You should. Stop insisting that others do so for you.
  10. Not a lot. I can't care about everyone all the time. Neither can you. So spare me the world's smallest violin.
  11. If you're counting on the government you got a shxt plan there.
  12. Yet certain persons™ want to run an ad featuring Trump shutting down the government. I'll leave their 'minion' status up to you.
  13. Let the states look after the parks. I'll wager the biggest group of people who would be inconvenienced are the government employees.