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  1. Yes, the decision was stayed pending appeal. Who gets to appeal it? The DoJ. Some state AGs have banded together to keep the appeals process going but that'll be an interesting argument to make. The states forcing congress to appropriate funds for a law congress doesn't like is a hard sell. Congress did do its responsibility. They are not bound by the acts of previous congresses. They fund things they see fit to fund. The CSR payments weren't one of them.
  2. I'm not sure why anyone would think I am a Trump supporter. I'm not. Just because I'm against the ACA and pointing out facts about appropriation in regards to a court case decided when Obama was president doesn't lend anything to the idea that I might be a Trump supporter.
  3. That would be a good example. The president cannot and should not wage war on his own authority. Congress could stop such a thing by refusing to appropriate money for it. I'd wager it would be an impeachable offense if a president were to spend the taxpayers money in such a fashion. Sadly, congress usually folds like a cheap lawn chair over such things. That said, in one case they did not.
  4. If I am going to be the last one to look after the constitution then maybe I should just turn out the lights on that one. No one seems to understand it any more.
  5. Your last two sentences should refer to the first.
  6. Appropriations are supposed to come from the house of representatives.
  7. I agree that conservatives and Trump aren't any good. That doesn't make bad and failing laws a good idea. It certainly doesn't justify trashing the constitution. Or does that not matter you anymore?
  8. It is not intellectually dishonest to make a poll out of how appropriations work. Somebody should take a stand for the constitution even if it has fallen out of favor with the political class.
  9. New entry for the progressive dictionary. Giving: forcing people into contractual arrangements against their will.
  10. Your illiteracy already won that award.
  11. Is the executive not spending money not appropriated by congress sabotage?
  12. New entry for the progressive dictionary. Sabotage: not breaking the law in a way the left prefers.
  13. I believe they are or were pals. Edit: maybe not pals but Trump claims to have known Weinstein a long time and isn't surprised.
  14. Since you refuse to deal in reality, have a good night.
  15. False. A good chunk of Hollywood apparently knew. I'm just not shocked by it. When faced with choice of picking the lesser evil what will you inevitably get? This is like explaining to a preacher what actually goes on in a whore house.