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  1. For a mere $350 million, the Beverly Hillbillies mansion can be yours! Keep in mind, only the exterior shots were used for the show.
  2. You just contradicted yourself. You don't want to talk about poor whites so you ignore them and blame others for not ignoring the economics of poverty. They only one sticking it to hst2 is you. For page after page your facts don't support your conclusions precisely because you ignore other explanations. Poor whites, poor blacks, poor latinos all have it rough. This is isn't racism. It is poverty.
  3. Appalachia is used so that concentrations of poor whites and poor blacks can be compared. I could use the Rust Belt if you prefer. I understand why you are desperately avoiding doing this. It proves the point that economics, not race, is the driving factor. "This segregation may be constraining the upward mobility of black and Hispanic children compared with their white and Asian peers." As bmore_ken has repeatedly pointed out, nothing is forcing them to live here. You've already conceded the point that middle class blacks are leaving inner city ghettos. Nobody is making them stay.
  4. Which proves my point. It is economics, not race, that is king here. It is the same for poor white people in the white ghetto (characterized by poverty) of Appalachia. Poor people will always have less mobility.
  5. source No insurmountable obstacle here.
  6. 40,000 black families in Baltimore say otherwise. Also, one bank doesn't set policy. Lower income Americans will always have fewer choices about where to move due to being poor. They can't buy McMansions in upper class neighborhoods simply because they don't have the money. This is not a race thing but an economic one.
  7. Any attack coming from NK directed at the US, SK, or Japan will almost certainly result in a war that will destroy Kim Jung Un's regime. I can't make it any clearer than that.
  8. If someone within the regime does a rogue launch then it is the end of the regime anyways. Kim Jung Un will not walk away from any nuclear attack that comes from North Korea.
  9. It is not there. It is a complaint about the FHA from... wait for it... ... the 1960s. A blink of an eye for people who mistakenly think the confederacy is right outside our door. Not so much for people in the 21st century. 40,000 black families violated hst2's housing policy.
  10. Tell him 'No'. If he uses a nuclear weapon then the US will destroy him.
  11. Crazy, yes. Suicidal? If he nukes someone he has to know that he will not survive it.
  12. These 3 Federal Debt Ceiling Nightmares Should Keep You Awake At Night 1. Republicans Say No Way, No How, Ain't Gonna Happen. 2. Trump Vetoes The Debt Ceiling Bill. 3. Trump Orders Treasury Not To Borrow. Remember all those times the GOP said they were going to repeal the ACA? Just for the record, I don't think the debt ceiling should be raised. The government needs to live within its means.
  13. Agreed. The GOP's fiscal conservatism is a myth.
  14. Which would be just as farcical as the ACA repeal went. One might as well vote for democrats.
  15. Really? Do I have to explain the birds and the bees?
  16. The surrender post. That was quick.
  17. It is a civil war topic. How can it not?
  18. The same way everyone else was.
  19. The fact that when affirmative action went away in California, Asians benefited. Since it doesn't fit the meme you don't see how it matters. So have a nice fact free day.
  20. I know that one. It is not public policy. It is the illusion of whiteness that does it. The key word here is illusion.
  21. Yet the middle east is hardly cleaned up. Got any more fantasies?
  22. It is 100% racist. White people were not created to support racism. That in itself is racist ideology.
  23. It speaks for itself. That is openly racist. You created an illusion based on hate.