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  1. source "There is nothing more tyrannical than the power to specifically target someone for murder absent any judicial proceedings, which, alas, is standard operating procedure for the U.S. government thanks to our endless and impossible Forever War on Terror."
  2. Pete Strzok, who is my client is the second coming of Christ. C'mon. IT IS HIS LAWYER!
  3. How cool would it be to have a Hans Gruber High School?
  4. Bush had them with drone strikes. Obama expanded them. Trump is now defending them. Before that, regardless of Ford's EO, the CIA pretty much does what it wants.
  5. They pre-date Obama too.
  6. Hoot's Pleasure Shed of Horrors and Bait Shop. If it is in South Carolina then it needs to have a bait shop.
  7. I thought Bill Clinton was the first black preznit!
  8. Yes. The previous policy was a perverse incentive to bring children along, sometime fraudulently (as in the child is not related to the adult).
  9. Reporting from war zones will always be dangerous work. It is even more dangerous if your own government is playing judge, jury, and executioner with said reporters. Do you really want President Trump to be the secret arbiter of your 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendment rights? I don't.
  10. It is almost certainly lawful but just a bad law that is being abused by both the government and the illegal immigrants. source It needs a legislative fix but no one is interested in making one.
  11. The forum is closing but Hoot's basement will always be there.
  12. It is easy enough to find bumper sticker slogans with a search engine. Like this! Or you authoritarian fetish clowns can keep being hypocrites.
  13. Nixon has won Watergate. This isn't anything new.
  14. I don't feel like looking it up so I should have left the quotes out. They guy preaches some hate but that is not on you.
  15. Fair enough. I don't take the screeds of people like Louse Farrakhan seriously so I shouldn't expect you to.
  16. How about a church with sermons along the lines of '******* white america'? I'm would not agree with that but I wouldn't prohibit it.
  17. In the warped ideology of white privilege, aren't we all in the south now?
  18. Yes. Just as if you wanted to have a college fund that only provided scholarships to blacks that would be okay even if you were the only scholarship group in town. If you really want to take a stand for freedom then you'll have to put up with some people behaving badly. Keep the freedom, call out the bad people for what they are.
  19. Yes. I wouldn't think highly of you for doing so but I find my own freedom to be more important than your bad decisions. The liberal idea of the free market is the voluntary exchange of goods and services for mutual benefit. If you won't volunteer your services then it would be wrong for me to conscript you into them. If I can do it to you then some day some one will do it to me. This is not a road I want to go down.
  20. The government exists with the free exercise of religion. Mr. Phillips is not a law of the land, just for his bakery. If the Mormons want to practice polygamy then that is up to them.
  21. Where do you get the authority to decide if someone else's religious beliefs are serious or absurd. You need to check your privilege as the saying goes.
  22. It is the right call even though I don't agree with what Mr. Phillips is doing. If he wants to put his religion ahead of doing business then that is up to him. It is a terrible way to run a bakery.
  23. Monitoring? You forget yourself to the point of absurdity. At least tedious wasn't the normal anti-liberal screed.