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  1. source If you want a welfare check then you need to worship the state, not Jesus.
  2. It is funny watching Obama, and now Clinton, being air brushed out of history in order to keep the rage against Trump relevant. Just like Stalin.
  3. If the Democrats could learn from China they'd do better in the 'proper appreciation' department.
  4. Maybe something else the Dems can learn from the Chinese?
  5. Trump seems more interested in having business leaders kiss his ring. Beyond that he is rather clueless.
  6. But since the Bible Belters already trend toward the GOP then what would be the point. Besides, the GOP is more into corporate welfare. Not that the DNC isn't but rather the GOP is more open about it.
  7. Of course I know that. I'm just suggesting that the Democrats should insist on which should come first.
  8. We actually agree on something. That list needs to come out.
  9. But China is communist so.... jazzhands.
  10. It was a question. You know, the '?' at the end is a dead give away.
  11. So the Bible Belt should continue to look to Jesus and 'vote against their best interests' (as the saying goes)?
  12. The LFPR is still in the toilet. Not that I'm a Trump supporter.
  13. Leave Pennywise out of it. What should welfare recipients be more grateful for, Democrats or a 2000 year old myth?
  14. I think they already do.
  15. Bernie is a Democrat? Shouldn't welfare recipients be loyal to the party that advocates for them?
  16. Just to see if anyone has thought this through, what are you going to do with President Pence?
  17. Just like I said before. If the GOP dumps Moore then the finger will be pointed at Trump. Then what? There is no way they can dump one and defend the other and they have no one to blame but themselves for nominating these clowns.
  18. The GOP's problem here is that if they pull the plug on Moore, which they should, then the finger will point to Trump. Then what? I've got the world's smallest violin to play for the GOP on this. They need to stop nominating arsehats.
  19. Forcing people into contractual arrangements against their will is unethical. That you see it as something good is Machiavellian in the extreme.'s_Number_of_the_Day_for_July_27,_2017 Millions of the people you claim to help are actually victims of your policy. Unfortunately the GOP is too much of a cluster eff to do anything about it.
  20. Trump I guess. He doesn't get the privilege that progressives do when it comes to doing bad things. The one saving grace of the GOP is that they're too incompetent to do many of the things they say they'll do. OTOH, the DNC is usually successful in screwing people over. Look at the ACA.
  21. Close but not quite.
  22. How much force are you talking about? If the roles were reversed then I'd still stay home. You know what they say about voting for the lesser evil.
  23. In fairness to soulflower, in the US it is a market trend of cheap natural gas that is displacing coal. Trump can go on and on about bringing coal jobs back but there isn't a market for it. Trump is just plain wrong about this. Things may be different in Germany but that is up to them. MotR: I've heard story after story about peak oil and for the most part they've all been wrong. I suspect I'll live out the rest of my days with fossil fuels being readily available and used for energy production.
  24. Just as I predicted the last time around. "I suspect this is why Obama needs to be airbrushed out of history. He authoritarianism is inconvenient to the narrative of Trump being the authoritarian." It is like how Stalin used to remove people who fell out of favor with him from photos. Authoritarians do this. Yet I'm the one who needs help? Nope.
  25. You really have no idea. You're arguing against something you don't understand because the facts got in the way. Shucking oysters would be preferable to being blown up by an authoritarian playing judge, jury, and executioner but that is just basic human decency. If you can't figure out which authoritarian was doing that then liberalism is not the ignorant part. I'll agree that the middle class is suffering these days... at the expense of a government driven by greed and captured by fat cat special interests. This is not liberalism. It is the centralization of wealth and power that liberalism opposes and that you reject.