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  1. It gets worse from there. TL;DR: the welfare state is a huge unfunded obligation and the MIC is a black hole that the government throws money at.
  2. No, but that narrative of yours got Trump elected. You refuse to see faults in the democrats. Hell, you were thankful for their authoritarian policies at one point. Stop being a fraud for one second and you might figure it out. You need to stop blaming other people for the things they objected to and you supported.
  3. To an extent, you're right. It is not so much that the GOP has lurched to the right but rather that they've dropped the facade of being anything other than self serving. The idea that the GOP is fiscally conservative is a myth but they don't even try to hide it any more. Free trade? Gone. Smaller government? Nope. Things are different from Perot so his run is probably not all that informative. I should have left him out of it.
  4. The very narrative that got Trump elected. Good job there!
  5. Being one of the proponents of a third party, I've seen first hand how far that goes. IIRC, Perot got 19% of the popular vote and no electoral college votes. And seriously, condescending bumper sticker slogans are not likely to go far.
  6. It is not a tough one to figure. I'm not voting for the lesser of two evils. I gave that up a while ago. The best chance you have with Kasich is an independent run where he siphons off GOP votes like Perot did to Bush. That said, the country is much more divided now than it was back in the 90s. IIRC, Colorado's Hickenlooper is the rumored Kasich running mate.
  7. This is what will get Trump re-elected.
  8. Then come up with something better than a badly run coronation or somebody who was essentially an also ran.
  9. The deductive reasoning was earlier, "If he runs under the GOP banner, regardless of whether Trumps runs again or not, what makes you think he would do any better than before?" He seems unlikely to prevail outside of wishful thinking. Wishful thinking did wonders for the Clinton apologists but it got them nothing.
  10. As if Civics aren't bad enough, there is the far more powerful Accord. The NRA doesn't want you to know this either.
  11. "Sure, you'd get rid of the 'dumpster fire' part of it but many bad policies would remain." Did your reading skills fail you?
  12. Just for fun speculation, what if he ran as an independent?
  13. Considering Kasich's past performance, I don't see him as a likely means to getting Trump out of office. Even if it were a slam dunk I'd still have problems with such things as Kasich once being a fat cat banker. I've seen enough of those. Sure, you'd get rid of the 'dumpster fire' part of it but many bad policies would remain.
  14. Because the NRA doesn't want you to know that. Or some other equally made up excuse.
  15. I'm not a huge fan of Kasich but... If he runs under the GOP banner, regardless of whether Trumps runs again or not, what makes you think he would do any better than before? If he runs as an independent why would you think he would do better than someone like Ross Perot who was probably the most successful independent candidate in my life time yet came no where close to winning?
  16. source I have friends who own Honda Civics; they enjoy driving them around, and fervently defend their right to own them. But I cannot accept that their right to enjoy their transportation supersedes my right to send my own children to school, to a movie theater, or to a concert and to know that they are safe. Can the answer really be to subject our school children to reckless driver drills—to learn to hide under overpasses, turn off the lights, lock the door and be silent—instead of addressing the root cause of the problem and passing legislation to take Honda Civic style weapons out of the hands of civilians?
  17. But he would have been able to buy all sorts of other rifles, almost all of which would be more powerful than handguns.
  18. This is what the NRA does want you to know. There are millions of AR-15s out there, legally owned, and used for legal purposes. Yet they should be banned in the name of a tiny minority committing horrific crimes. One could ban almost anything by such a standard. This is what the control freaks are demanding. Any sensible person should say no.
  19. If that is the narrative that you want to go with then that is up to you. I'll disagree.
  20. Would it be too much to ask Preznit Trump to not engage in nepotism? Well... probably, yes.
  21. Considering politicians usually rate down around the level of 'used car salesmen' is it any wonder?
  22. Would it make you feel better if it had? You know, for the narrative.
  23. Gorsuch dissented in favor of a company firing a truck driver over regulatory nit-picking. But I'll wager that such honesty doesn't feed the narrative quite so well.
  24. Or you. As I said before, "I suspect this is why Obama needs to be airbrushed out of history. He authoritarianism is inconvenient to the narrative of Trump being the authoritarian."