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  1. Disgust? Just last Sunday you were defending it as legal! What changed?
  2. I am arguing that the norms of government are collapsing. It just didn't start yesterday. Where is bmore_ken when I need him?
  3. Because the coercion of it is the norm of abusive government these days. I know it is a GOP concept. I know who made it law too.
  4. How many times did the GOP vote to repeal the ACA? Now that they can the votes aren't there.
  5. Trump vetoes it. The GOP starts to override it. Trump has a twitter tirade. The GOP decides to defer to executive action on foreign policy. I'm trying to think of a more far fetched way this could fail but that is all I got.
  6. Habit. There are a few of these topics running around.
  7. For $2.5 million, his old digs can be yours!
  8. And I'm talking about how the coercion of the ACA came to be. That shouldn't be such a hard concept to grasp for anyone that is bothered by abuse of power. OTOH, it would be hard to grasp if you only want to talk about ONLY the GOPs abuse of power. Take off the blinders. It is the norm.
  9. From the OP: "We are truly in uncharted territory. This is where the quest for absolute power at any cost takes us." Fact: the abuses of government are the norm, not uncharted territory and I've consistently warned against centralizing wealth and power in Washington. Those are inconvenient for the meme.
  10. Joy was the one who brought it up.
  11. Secret kill lists are democratic norms?
  12. You brought up the ACA. Now you want to ignore that the norm of government under it is coercive mandates? How convenient.
  13. It is not okay. Neither is the war on drugs, asset forfeiture, undeclared wars, secret kill lists and all the other civil right violations that are the norm and have been, in some cases, for decades. The point is that if you're just seeing it now then you haven't been paying attention. The norm is the abuse. As hst2 has pointed out, I've been going on about this for 10 years (probably more) yet somehow it was fringe hyperbole all that time? whisky tango foxtrot
  14. It is estimated that 15 million would drop the ACA if it were not for the coercion.
  15. So on Sunday you were okay with the trend but since yesterday you've discovered a problem. That is a convenient meme for you.
  16. That doesn't make them any less true. It only confirms that the norms of government have been bad for quite some time. It only took you ten years to realize that I'm right and was right all along. That has to be a bitter pill for you. What changed between Sunday and yesterday?
  17. Dogmatic, shrill, and hyperbolic is the meme. I'm just factually pointing out that the norms of government have been pretty craptastic for a while now. Even hst2 pointed out that I'm right.
  18. I have been nothing if not factual. It is just facts that don't fit your meme.
  19. Yet here you are pretending abuse of power is new and different. The norms of government have been the norm for quite some time. Ten years by your estimation. Congrats on finally figuring it out. You say, "We are truly in uncharted territory. This is where the quest for absolute power at any cost takes us." It is not 'we' but rather you. I've been warning about the quest for absolute power at any cost for, well, a decade or more. You should change your 'we are' to 'I am'.
  20. The US produces 40% more factory output today vs. 20 years ago with 5M fewer workers. Building a wall or slapping tariffs on foreign products won't change this.
  21. I was just responding to the ACA being thrown out there. Remember, I'm not a republican . I'm also not a democrat. Some people struggle with the idea that this is not an either/or situation for me.
  22. Yes! In Russia too! Clearly this is a sign from god of collusion.
  23. Wrong. Scroll up a little to the part where I want Sessions out. Scroll up a little to part where I describe long running abuses of power.
  24. It is amazing how much people will forget in order to gin up a new complaint about the numerous decades old ones.
  25. Yes. This is the norm of government. It is practically automatic. Thanks for making my point.