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  1. What? The few hundred families that get work while the few hundred private jet mechanics and pilots get laid off. The mechanics and pilots become your new problem and it is exactly the same as your old problem.
  2. Then you'd better hope it stops with just them. If it doesn't then they'll eventually get around to something you do care about. And by that time it'll be too late. It probably already is.
  3. Now take that same thought and replace the 1200 billionaires with nearly $4 trillion annually. It limits everything within that society to the needs of those that hold the cash.
  4. I'm sure the yacht builders and Learjet people don't agree. Especially the ones that aren't billionaires. Then there is the matter of, "If a billion dollars is obscene then what is the word for a trillion dollars." The former is the realm of the rich and the latter is the realm of government which is precisely where the oligarchy has its way.
  5. Nope. I was asking if the private jet industry is something you're willing to do without. You won't be able to count on the support of the people who work in it.
  6. What Sanders is planning: source I wouldn't call it the same a guaranteed basic income.
  7. If you're a GOP congress critter are you asking yourself this, "Is my +5 or +10 district still considered safe?"
  8. Correct, the R won. By 5% or so. In district that went for McCain by 22, Romney by 25, and Trump by 21. How many 'safe' GOP seats can withstand a +16 to +20 democrat shift? The rest of the story. The money quote: "But that very lack of distinctiveness probably makes Arizona 8 a more reliable data point. There are no particular contingencies related to the candidates or the campaigns or the demographics of the district that complicate the outcome or give many excuses for it." It was a win for the GOP but it wasn't a good one.
  9. Just to nit pick a little: do the workers that make, maintain, fly, etc... private jets not matter?
  10. Ahhh, the joys of situational ethics. It took 6 minutes. Got it. Thanks!
  11. Does the nearly $4 trillion annually in the hands a few congress critters count as detrimental to the economy and democracy?
  12. I'd wager most sane people would drive within their abilities which I admit, at times, doesn't amount to much (I'm looking at you Mr. Cellphone talker who cut me off yesterday).
  13. Between the fall and moving traffic I'd say there was a good probability. With the trucks there it made it a lot more difficult. So good on them.
  14. By that logic, speed limits stop speeders. It doesn't. And it has nothing to do with high performance race cars out on the NASCAR circuit.
  15. Apparently this nutjob's guns were taken away. And then given to his father. Who then gave them back to his son. When this level of failure exists it is not going to be cured by magazine limits.
  16. Not in the context of increased spending. As for the $21 trillion, how are the taxpayers ever going to pay that back?
  17. The reloading time is a distant second to the fact that there is a wacko willing to kill.
  18. If a billion dollars to get elected president is obscene then what is three and a half trillion dollars annually? Throw another twenty one trillion in debt on top of that.
  19. Rein in their power. You know, the liberal idea of limited government. I don't see this happening as the powers that be are very well entrenched. Some people are thankful for this. It's nuts.
  20. Scroll up a little bit.  It is right in front of you. Deflect all you want. When Obama's authoritarian polices were listed you thanked him.
  21. That is part of it. I scratch my head when people say the answer is higher taxes and more regulation. My thought is, "Do you realize who you're enabling when you do this?"
  22. I'm aware that the NRA does teach gun safety and certifies instructors in doing it. Maybe it was too much of an assumption on my part to think that demagogues would know this. My bad.
  23. "How do you suggest we as Americans attack these problems you have listed other than with platitudes?" My personal opinion is that it is too late. The one silver lining to Trump is his incompetency. Obama with his facade is not preferable along the lines of would you rather have a convincing authoritarian or a clownish one. It is a crap choice but it is the one the last presidential election was about. I stay away from that one. If you only destroy the GOP then what does that leave you with? War without congress, kill lists, access to all your information, prosecuting whistle blowers and journalists, and screwing immigrants. Or do the people who did that deserve our thanks? To me, Trump isn't anything new. He is an unsurprising result from a failed system of ruling elites.