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  1. Please familiarize yourself with our most recent changes to our Terms of Service. These adjustments were made in response to a recent uptick in nasty behavior, with the goal of clarifying existing language and bring our TOS in line with moderation policies we've instituted. Three main takeaways: - Keep it civil. If you wouldn't say it in person, wouldn't want your parents or children to hear it, or couldn't say it on television, don’t say it here. - Our policy on quoted and linked material is now included in our Terms of Service. Quoted material should not exceed three paragraphs and MUST include a link to its source. - and its designees reserve the right to remove posts that are deemed in violation of the Terms of Service or otherwise unacceptable. If you have questions regarding any of these changes, please send a private message to Talk Admin. Thank you for your continued cooperation and adherence to our guidelines.
  2. If you would prefer not to receive SUNPlus, you can call 888-539-1280 or email and give them your mailing address. We apologize for any inconvenience. Sun Marketing
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