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  1. The good ones are injured. TM
  2. This is the worst start after 25 games for the Orioles in a season since 1988. That year, we started the season 2-23. Injuries certainly have not helped and the Orioles have had to patchwork a tram together as a result. I suspect as the season progresses and our schedule gets less brutal we will play better. Right now though it is a challenge. TM
  3. Ubaldo will be DFA'd before the deadline. TM
  4. 4 out of 5 wins! Playng .800 ball since we hit the bottom of our rough patch. Ubaldo was amazing but he needs to put several of these games together. TM
  5. I think the worst or our pitching is behind us. Yesterday was a nice rebound by KG. With Britton coming back and possible trades before deadline, I think our pitching woes will be addressed. We certainly have the hitting and defense and with several players due hit to their usual numbers, there is hope. We are way in this. No one is running away with the East and there is clear parity in the AL. The Orioles can definitely do this! TM
  6. He is clearly not 100% healthy. TM
  7. The O's starting to play better! TM
  8. Ubaldo may have pitched his last game for the Baltimore Orioles tonight. TM
  9. We really needed a big hit there. Miller is a beast. TM
  10. We need to take advantage of these baserunners. TM
  11. Cleveland may need to save some runs for the rest of the series. TM
  12. Bundy is going through a little mid season slump. He'll rebound though. O's bats need to heat up though. TM
  13. Indians have gotten hot lately so we are up against them at their best. TM
  14. The Orioles have won 4 of the last 7 games including the last 2. Time to finish strong! TM
  15. The bats are due to get hot. Outside of a couple blowouts, the last 11 games were very close. We just were a timely hit here and there from several wins against some great teams. TM