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  1. Thats the good natured rioting though.
  2. Gotta get that dig at black people though. It's cathartic. I guess.
  3. I posted about this days ago. there have been stories about it since it happened. Maybe the alllivesmatters people will start asking for accountability and transparency in these cases instead of being annoyed because blacks folk are asking for it, and by default saying the police were justified.
  4. I posted about this case but my links didn't work. The family doesn't believe he was shot in self defense. Based on the posts I've seen on Twitter , if the family wanted to protest, folk would show up. The media will only come if they expect trouble.
  5. She has fans. They're not interested in what she posts, but must take time to tell her that. Her attention must be the goal.
  6. Well there are quite few articles regarding this term, therefore it was posted just like other topics on this forum. I get that some find it unworthy of comment. They were unbothered, and also felt no need to try and shut it down.
  7. Aw man, If he is a f up, what's the big deal if I'm a f up...
  8. Not all mental illness is the same,or noticed the same. A good amount of those that shot a bunch of people probably wouldn't have been locked away. They can often appear "normal", unlike a person with say, autism.
  9. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/zachary-hammond-shot-police-south-carolina_55ba6d51e4b0af35367aaa16 http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/08/02/south-carolina-police-chief-isists-officer-shot-teen-in-self-defense/ Officer says the teen accelerated directly at him when approached. Tried fixing the link. Don't know why they're not working from my phone.
  10. And they don't necessarily use it for blacks folks either.