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  1. it keeps going, and going, and going
  2. Right. Forgot about that one cause I don't post much over there.
  3. If this thread gets too big, TA will simply lock it, we had a Harford County Basketball thread on the high school sports side that went on for months and months, and finally apparently it was just too big. Elevation started another and that one is probably getting close, too. I don't check OM or locals or anything else much around here, but those threads are the longest I've seen on sunspot. And bobby continuing the OldMan fakey game is as funny as OldMan doing it. Get a life.
  4. I met Tim Robbins at a concert once. He's tall.
  5. You think OldMan and Bobby still believe in Santa Claus?
  6. Did you know the human head weighs 13 pounds?
  7. I still love lamp
  8. I love lamp
  9. I can't believe I posted 28 times on this stupid thread. What a waste of time. Go. Fight. Win.
  10. Well, in OldMan's defense, there are three other posters on this thread that have done the same exact thing he has, in getting banned and returning under other names. But OldMan has been much more annoying about it, although Bobby is pretty close.
  11. So that visit to the Sun's office must have paid off. Pathetic. I can only imagine the level of crying and complaining OldMan did to gain the right to get ripped on. Pathetic. Go away.
  12. I agree, Maverick Hiker
  13. spot on would have been a better term