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  1. He is. We went from having the worst center in the league to only having 21 better....
  2. I was cleaning a ceiling fan in my kitchen and after doing so, it wouldn't spin. I knew it was getting power so I pushed up on the light in the center and it started spinning fine. The problem is when I let go of it the center moves over and scapes against the cover. I tried tightening all the blades but it just is out of line in the center now,and the motor housing scrapes the cover on one side. How do I fix this ?(get it centered again).
  3. This just shows how dumb they were in letting Boldin get away in the first place. They get a guy who is a year older, not as big, who relies more on what is now, diminished speed. I also don't see him as the redzone threat that Boldin is. I will never understand the logic in letting Boldin go essentially for nothing as a salary dump, to now have to go out and get an older, inferior replacement. What did they gain by this? I agree he will help the team, but this shouldn't even be necessary, had Ozzie been thinking straight after the superbowl win.
  4. How many all star appearances did Mussina make? If he was such a dominant pitcher why didn't he make more? Afterall, pitchers are selected by the managers aren't they. A sure fire HOFER like some of you biased know-it-alls are claiming would seem to have been named quite a few times, and probably even started at least once or twice. Yet, somehow I don't recall seeing Mussina all that much other than the one time he was warming up in the bullpen, and never got in....just saying....
  5. If Mussina eventually gets in it will only be by the skin of his teeth like Don Sutton. He will also have the benefit of better pitchers not getting in due to Rhoids like Clemens. I will give credit to Mussina, as he never cheated with illegal substances - you can tell that by looking at him as he was always slim. He was a workhorse and the fact that Sutton is in ( I think he is the weakest HOF pitcher in there) gives him a slight chance, but barely making it to me isn't something to brag about like some here seem to overlook.
  6. Not true. If had stayed with the O's his stats would not even be as good as they are. That is simply an idiotic point of view to accuse me of. Again, Dave McNally isn't in the HOF nor Dennis Martinez. Both of them would be comparable to Mussina, (although give me McNally any day in a big game) and I am not hopping mad they aren't in. I really think they should be more selective and guys like Don Sutton shouldn't be in there either. To me you have to be the best of the best to get in. I am not sure for example if Curt Shilling gets in, but he IMO would also be a bettter selection than Mussina. HOF election should be a no brainer in the selection. You think there was any doubt with Palmer, Brooks, Frank or Eddie? If Mussina does get selected I can only take comfort in knowing he will go in as a Yankee and will always be known as a borderline pick. He would have never made it as an Oriole so I am glad that punk left Baltimore.
  7. I will respond that letting borderline guys like him in the HOF diminishes the honor of election. I also feel the same way about the NFL HOF. There are players in there now who in my estimation don't belong and players like Jerry Kramer who should have been elected on the first ballot that aren't in. Another NFL player who should be in is Mike Curtis. These two were among the best of their era and should be in the HOF but show the idiocy of the voters. If they vote in Mussina he is the benefactor of sterioids knocking out guys like Clemens and possibly Pedro Martinez.
  8. Baloney, excuse after excuse. How come Maddox and Glavine were able to win 20 games more than once? I will tell you in case you cannot figure it out - they were better and didn't need lame excuses for not being able to do it. He is a very weak candidate. Just admit it. I don't get the bias for him. He isn't and wasn't good enough.
  9. That isn't a debate. It would be like asking any free agent right now which team they would prefer playing for, the Yankees or Orioles.
  10. Then stop judging me. I have every right to dislike the Yankees and Mussina as much as you do to love him for some bizarre reason. I don't find it irrational at all. His selling out to the Yankees undid everything that happened as an Oriole in my eyes and those of a lot of O's fans. I am not unique in my stance and certainly not irrational but part of a large percentage O's fans. Heck, even the founder of the Orioles Hangout feels the same way. If he somehow squeaks into the HOF it will be wearing a Yankee cap. I fail to see where that is even up for debate.
  11. Gotta be pulling for him. I have no dislike for the Seahawks other than Richard Sherman. I would love to see him get torched and lose the game.
  12. Unlike Yankee lovers like you. How many different Yankee caps are you wearing now boy? You probably wear a Mariano jersey to Orioles games don't you? Go ply your crap on a Yankee loser forum. They suck. Who cares if some Yankee player makes the HOF with such borderline at best stats? I sure don't. Twenty percent - ha, ha, HA, HA. He is lucky to get that...
  13. All of that is very nice and he indeed was a very good ( I would argue though against great) pitcher for a long time. However, the mere fact that anyone has to argue so much to try to convince that he is indeed HOF material, does not bode well for him. A true hall of famer should be a no brainer and Mussina is far from being that. He is "Mr. Almost" and IMO should be a leading candidate into such an "Almost" Hall of Fame Honor if one existed. He would join a club that would have a lot of members and not just 57 of his position.
  14. No, what caused the loss was a bad decision to throw that first INT to Boldin and then on the final INT a great play by Sherman to get a hand on that ball, which was on the money for a game winning TD.
  15. Again, he was too far behind the defender who quickly cut in front of him. That wasn't Boldin's fault, CK should have never thrown that ball. Have you never even played in a pick up game and have someone cut in front of you a pick off a pass before you can react? If you had you would know there was nothing that Boldin could do. You act like that pass was up for grabs when Boldin wasn't even close to it or the defender.