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  1. Yeah, when he lost Reggie Wayne it was akin to Flacco losing Boldin, maybe even worse. Give Luck the Redskin receivers and there would be no comparison.
  2. Why is it that there is a club called the "Redmen" and that isn't viewed as offensive? So I guess if they changed their name to the Washington Redmen it would be okay? Why don't they just change it to the Washington Americans? Afterall, isn't that what American Indians truly are, moreso than any other race? Either that, or they could change it to the Washington Palefaces, as that is indeed what they truly are as I don't think they have any pure Native Americans on that team do they? Or better yet, how about the Washington Potatoskins? That way they could still be called "the Skins" and it wouldn't be a slur?
  3. As I have espoused and showing to be spot on in my acessment, Andrew Luck was a far superior draft pick and it is most likely his career in the NFL will continue to support this is so: You cannot help your team sitting on the sidelines injured. This is precisely why running QB's don't suceed as well in the NFL as the more prototypical player at the position, i.e. the Mannings, Brees, Brady, et al. To the Redskins credit though, they were smart enough to draft Kirk Cousins, most likely for this very reason. In the long run Couisins will probably have at least more trade value and possibly even a better career than Vick Jr. will.
  4. Not as sorry as the mere fact you post here all the time when you are too dense to realize you are about as welcome as a Snakehead in the Potomac River!
  5. You have the maturity level of a three year old. No, I take that back as it is insulting to all three year olds! I called you on this, made the first serve so to speak, and instead of returning it like a man, you run off the court like a mouse. No surprise here. Just remember others read these threads. Your true color is showing jack.
  6. Oh NO JUNIOR you don't get off the hook that easy boy. You want to espouse stats all the time to claim how great your boy's performance at the QB position then AGAIN explain how come when he has stats that are the SAME essentially in every game that your team LOSES almost EVERY SINGLE game that GARCON isnt playing? In other words, the X FACTOR by LOGIC or even COMMON SENSE DICTATES that GARCON is the TRUE, LEGIT reason you team has won the games they have won all but one. SO YOU LIVE BY THE STATS BOY, You go down by the STATS son! Its that simple. You can't have it both ways YankeeSkin boy. DEAL WITH it and stop being such a flim flam WEASEL.
  7. Ok junior. Then explain if gimp's stats are the same in all those losses when Garcon doesn't play and are the same when he does play during all those wins why such a descrepancy (which is night and day desparate) in the W-L record without/with Garcon? Cmon genius, explain that? I guarantee you that you can't.
  8. Well how come if that is so, your team lost all but one of those games? Based on your own statement his stats apparently are meaningless unless Garcon plays because the only real stat that counts (and yes you admitted it on an earlier post because it is true is WINS).
  9. I just love how you continually ignore the Garcon stat. If your boy is si great how come he loses virtually every game he plays witout Garcon? Seems to Mr /Garcon is the team MVP hands down. He is who you shoulle be touting.
  10. I an not espousing that he lacks intelligence other than the fact he continues think he can run around in the NFL the way he does without getting hurt. Any way you slice it comes out as stupid and hurts his team. O
  11. Then he will need to officially change his name to: Robert "Gimp" Griffith III. At least he can keep the same initials only it will be RGG III ! He may also need to have his vision tested so he won't again miss a flying Haloti Ngata coming right at him like a deadly missile! BTW, I cannot believe this thread has 20,701 views. That has to be an error. If not it means thousands of readers have seen what a fool a certain DC/Yankee fan posters has made of himself for all to see!
  12. Yeah genius, if he played so great how come his backup QB is really more of the game winning hero than he was? Splain that one Lucy! Oh, same as with the defense and your special teams. They were the real heroes of the game, not Gimp. Go back to your Skins board and enjoy your lucky win. The Browns will probably beat you next game anyway! I sure hope Gimp is able to play.
  13. What part of the facts are not supported that your boy is far more injury prone than Flacco, or for that matter, Luck or Wilson? Who are you anyway, Hail2BNG or the Queen of Denial?
  14. Too bad your fragile bird legged QB can't take a hit like Flacco and not get knocked out of games. Or maybe he could it he wasn't running around like a fool. He is going to do your team a world of good standing on the sideline when the game is on the line. Oh, wait, he did just that and got bailed out by his backup, Garcon, your defense, and special teams play. Wow, he is one lucky son of a gun. I wonder how long his luck will hold out? He has already been knocked out of more games in his rookie season than Flacco has his entire career Einstein, but I guess that is not important to ya eh?? BTW, how many games have Luck and Wilson been knocked out of? Maybe you ought to be looking at those stats too genius!!
  15. Apparently he doesn't understand it either: Aaron Wilson, reporter: The Ravens squandered a lead and a potential win for the second consecutive week despite quarterback Joe Flacco outdueling dynamic rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, exploiting mouthy Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall for two touchdown passes to veteran wide receiver Anquan Boldin. Because of a 64-yard punt return allowed in overtime, the Ravens lost the football game. It was a disastrous ending as Redskins backup quarterback Kirk Cousins threw a touchdown pass at the end of regulation followed by his two-point conversion run to tie the score. It's yet another setback for a Baltimore team trying to position itself for the postseason. Flacco was sharp overall with three touchdown passes, albeit still in need of better pocket awareness and some upgraded pass protection from left offensive tackle Michael Oher. The defense was impressive against Griffin, containing his rare athleticism as Arthur Jones and Paul Kruger each had 1 1/2 sacks. By the end of the game, Griffin was limping around and covered in mud and had to leave the game with a sprained right knee when he got shaken up. The Ravens struggled mightily against bullish rookie running back Alfred Morris. Read the bolded part junior Redskin fan and you might learn something for a change or maybe get it through that mulehead of yours that you are consistently wrong. I told you this before the game for weeks and yet you still don't believe it when it happens right in front of you and the game stats even prove it! (Not that I care that much about stats but you seem to live and die by them, so now you just died!) Just be happy your team won the game by the great play of your backup QB, Pierre Garcon, London Fletcher, your OL and special teams. They played superbly. Nothing else stood out as all that much for your team otherwise. Sorry, just the reality of it son. Deal with it.