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  1. A back world in the New World. He will fit right in, You will not, however...
  2. I think you are somehow misunderstanding my own standing here.
  3. The natives on Bermuda are quite black, You are not. Bring sunscreen For your lliy white arse,
  4. Of course I do. But given that you are a newlywed, I will keep my own council for now.
  5. I can use the word "peeps" while you cannot. Can you appreciate that ? I quit my day job some 15 years ago. I was not quite as ignorant as you are currently
  6. You man showing you off to his peeps ? Our a more conservative gathering of your White relatives ?
  7. You suffer from not knowing what my standing here is.
  8. Nice retort. Many young people live in cyberspace. My advise to you is that the world is bigger than Facebook. Do you understand ?
  9. You're a Baltimoron, Oh weird one. One cannot expect you to be objective. You simply want the Orioles and Baltimore to thrive, even at the expense of their Very Big Brother to the Southwest. I do not suffer from your affliction.
  10. Get off of FaceBook and live life, Workerbee...
  11. I was a liberal, like you,. when I was 17 years old. I grew up. Got educated. Experienced life. What happened to you ?
  12. I am a secular individual. That is to say, It is my conclusion that God was invented by Man, not vice-versa. But still, Man invented God for a reason. And determined a behavior code for a reason.
  13. Maybe. It wouldn't be the first time.
  14. I salute you, sir. As well as the woman (women ?) who bore your offspring.
  15. Anyone who wants to force Christians to go against their Christian values. Nowadays, homosexuals and their supporters, mostly...