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  1. Jeez, I just got back in time to see the whole gig shut down. Had a lot of laughs here over the years...
  2. Beautiful. The Persian poet/ mystic Rumi once wrote something less specific to animals but similar in sentiment. And then I rewrote it "Somewhere between right and wrong, there is a garden. And someday, I will meet you there."
  3. I read somewhere that a dog's helpless devotion to its owner is eased greatly when that devotion is reciprocated. You did good,Pepper. I'm sorry for your loss...
  4. How do you like your provider? Pros and cons of your plan? Do you own stock in either company?
  5. Just not in Baltimore. I watched Chris Davis successfully bunt down the third base line a few times in spring training. That was a viable situational weapon. I haven't seen him try it once so far this season. But then again, I haven't had the stomach to watch every game. Anybody know when Buck's contract with the O's is up?...
  6. We do enough weird chit in the water as it is down here without y'all wandering down from the north and upping the ante....
  7. BeeGees music has always been one of my guilty pleasures. Just received a replacement copy of "Main Course" from Amazon because I wore my old one out...
  8. It's the start of do rag season down here...
  9. I love just about all of Alfred Hitchcock's movies - Mr and Mrs Smith, The Lady Vanishes, Strangers on a Train, North by Northwest, Foreign Correspondent - I can watch them over and over again. I also like old James Garner and Jack Lemmon movies. And just about anything directed by Fritz Lang,
  10. Texting is a very necessary tool for me because it allows me to comunicate from afar with my deaf son.
  11. Back home in north Florida after chasing the Birds around south Florida for the past several days. A few observations.... Traffic in that God-forsaken part of the state is miserable, even when you know where you're going. I'm real happy to be home. The ushers at Ed Smith Stadium seem to all be wrinkled pseudo Nazis. You MUST adhere to the rules! You CANNOT slip down an isle and take a picture of an Oriole hitter while he's warming up to bat between innings! Anyway, great stadium - friendly fans - beautiful weather - but the ushers suck. I've become a Noland Reimond fan in the last week. The dude is running good, hitting the ball well and hustling. He wants to make this team, and I hope he does. Adam Jones is in mid-season form. The Steve's - Pierce and Clevenger are two more Orioles I enjoyed watching play. Pierce makes playing right field an adventure for me to watch at times, but I like the guy's overall make-up. Can't say the same about Manny Machado. Dude looked like a clown in the field in Sarasota Wednesday against the Blue Jays. He should have been charged with three errors instead of one in the first inning alone. Chen's numbers were serviceable that day, but he gave up two big-time homers to left and Toronto was making decent contact against him the whole four plus innings he pitched. I have never ran into a fan of any team at a spring traing game who was a jerk. Conversations are started by total strangers near your seat and it never takes long beore thhe conversation expands in the area. You find out where others are from, and where they're heading next. You share team rumors, you hassle the suffering dude in the Villanova hat in front of you and you enjoy another day of spring training when hope once again springs eternal for you and your team. Unless you have to deal with a friggin' Ed Smith Stadium usher on that day...
  12. We saw Jiminez pitch against the Pirates today in Bradenton and he looked real sharp (for a change). Parades put the charge into a couple of balls but came up a bit short on both of them. C. Davis laid down a perfect bunt early in the game with the shift on and caught Pittsburgh's infield totally flat footed. And Pearce had a nice game at the plate but did get totally turned around on a deep shot to right that ended up hitting the bottom of the right field fence. Delmond Young had a nice day at the plate as well. On to Sarasota tomorrow for the O's - Blue Jays game and some serious swag spending at Ed Smith Stadium.
  13. I bought my first electric guitar in Denver in late 1968 from a fellow serviceman. I can't remember what brand it was, but I do remember that while tripping on acid one night, I managed to disassemble the whole thing, repaint it in weird colors and somehow put it all back together. Damn thing never played right from that day on.
  14. Everything fine here in north Florida. Kids are healthy and living elsewhere. Mrs G still working and I'm still retired and loving it. We'll be making our annual trip to south Florida for spring training in a couple of weeks to follow the Pirates and Orioles. Life is good.
  15. I suspect it'll be some snide comment that perturbs a moderator enough to get me banned one more time, and as a result, I decide to pack it in and stick to hassling people face to face.