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  1. Have they caught the killer? Do you know what he is or is not claiming? Fill us in. The victim wasn't a dealer or gangsta, just a hard working bus driver who had to get up in the morning and he shot in the back for complaining about loud music, nothing to see, move along. No one cares, life in the City, Oh well, no story then, for the 36th time. As long as the deaths are spread out over 57 days, they're acceptable to some people.
  2. We all know what the hoppies want: Total gun ban. It's their wet dream. But as of today, Feb 26, 2014 - ALL GUNS STILL LEGAL! lol
  3. Let's compare Vermont (626,000) to Baltimore City (621,000) instead as the population numbers are almost identical. Per 100,000 people, Vermont (where 16 year olds can legally purchase and carry loaded concealed handguns) has a gun murder rate of 0.3. Per 100,000 people, Baltimore (where handguns are tightly controlled, no legal CCW carry without permit, no sales under 21) has a gun murder rate of 30.4. No wonder Shad-Mitchum wants to run away from his post.
  4. The couple has not and will not reveal the location, a smart move. Without anyone witnessing them digging in a specific location, it's doubtful anyone could make a claim.
  5. Why complain about Texas when you can look at what the Dems did right here in Maryland? Ever wonder why the 6th District, which always included only Western MD, was redrawn to include Rockville, Germantown, and other Democrat strongholds in Montgomery County? Ever seen how the Dems have drawn the 3rd District? "It's known as The Most Gerrymandered District In The Country."
  6. Police are investigating whether a man who was found shot in south Baltimore was killed as a result of a spat with a neighbor over loud music. Another Gunshine State hate crime, shooting a black man over a loud music complaint. What? In Baltimore? Not Florida? Oh wow, I thought that kind of stuff only happened in The South, where racist shooters are targeting black victims over rap music? How could I have missed that? Oh, maybe because it hasn't been publicized on CNN, MSNBC, no Rev Al, etc I wonder why the nationwide media is ignoring a black man being killed over loud music?
  7. It was posted that in Vermont, 16 year olds can legally buy handguns and legally carry them loaded and concealed, and yet Vermont has the lowest gun murder rate in the country. You said Vermont cannot be compared to others states, you said it was like comparing "apples and cumquats." So why would you make a comment about Vermont and then run away from it? What do you mean by your statement? Please explain it to all of us.
  8. Inside Edition did a video story on this case this evening. Excellent outcome! Chief of Police says she did the right thing.
  9. You made the comment, are you gonna run away from this comment too like your emergency room/Taser lie? Now tell us, why can't we compare Vermont to any other state in the union?
  10. Why? People are people, right? Is there something different about the people of VT,something that makes them more law abiding than the average state? I know that they are "the least religious state", is there anything else that prevents us from comparing them? They have unrestricted freedom to carry any loaded concealed handgun, and 16 year old can legally buy handguns and legally carry them, openly or concealed. And they have the lowest gun murder rate in the entire country.
  11. Waaaa. Individual Right. Heller, McDonald. Get over it, they're ALL still legal, lol.
  12. No, the sale was illegal. Don't fall for Shad-Mitchum's lies.
  13. What part of Virginia State Law, quoted from the Virginia State Police website, give you the impression that it was legal? Do the words "A person must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a rifle or shotgun" somehow escape your level of comprehension? Good grief, how can somebody be so stupid?
  14. More hoppie talking point nuttery. It's hilarious to see them frothing about in anguish over this illegal activity. If only they would get so upset about thuggery.... There is no "gun show loophole" as there is no legal difference from the sales between private sellers at a "gun show" and selling them in your basement, or on a table in your front yard, or in a dark alley late at night.
  15. The lie, Dummy, is the narrator saying it was legal. Are you rally that stupid, or are you deaf and didn't hear it? Only in your bizarro world does video narration saying "legal" mean "illegal."