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  1. Waaaa. Individual Right. Heller, McDonald. Get over it, they're ALL still legal, lol.
  2. Will that cover up all your "let's ignore and never mention it and maybe it'll go away" ignorance for all of us?
  3. What was the race of the perps? Try to keep up, lol. Of course, a thug apologist like you would try to deflect the thuggery of black crime despite the article clearly stating the race of the attacking gangstas.
  4. I'm outraged that these black teens were not following the law against illegal handgun possession. How dare they break the law. Of course, as they didn't seem to follow the laws against assault and attempted murder, I doubt they would have followed other lesser handgun laws anyway. And since there is already a law against their possessing an illegal handgun or carrying it without a CCW permit, are you suggesting we pass...... another law? Because THIS TIME they'll follow it? Your only answer is "ban them" which is foolishness.
  5. I don't buy the "stopped by the book" story anyway. Any paperback book small enough to be kept in a pocket won't even stop a .22LR. Mythbusters proved that it takes a 400 page hardcover book to stop the .22LR, any higher caliber would shoot right through it. And although the thugs may have been carrying a .22 handgun, I doubt the victim had a 400 pg hardback. The "stopped by the book" sounds fishy to me. But the "stopped by the book" part of the story is the least important part to me, I'm more interested in the story why of 3 black teens randomly targeting and shooting a bus driver for a gang initiation. Anyone going to focus any outrage on that, or will the "religious book" aspect serve to deflect that exhibition of thuggery?
  6. Knockout Game taken up a notch?
  7. Hate crime? Of course not, young black males targeting a white man and shooting him to be "in the club" is just boys being boys. Three shots were fired at Wagoner — one struck him in the right leg and two were fired into his chest. Police said those bullets were stopped by some sort of "intervention." Too bad he didn't use the gun wrestled away from them to shoot all three in the head, but that would have prompted outrage for shooting unarmed children.
  8. As we all are still waiting for you to name the "4 local emergency rooms where cops exchange their guns for Tasers" lol..... Liar, lol.
  9. Memorial Fund for Troy Douglas
  10. They need to call in Ironworkers Local 401 to teach those VW workers a lesson about unions and what happens when you don't do things their way.
  11. It was a choice. It's part of the "lesser included offenses" instructions given to the jury.
  12. I can see the Death Wish analogy between a religio-nutter who handles deadly snakes and driving in a car with Drunken Teddy K.
  13. Careful, you know Songie and Finney know what's best for others, even if it includes paying extra money and receiving less pay and benefits.
  14. He'll probably have to lie and tell them that the most dangerous person they'll ever face is some White Guy who happened to be attending homecoming at a historically black college in MD.