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  1. Compleletly agree with your assessment. Here's the $64k questions: what gives you hope for change? Same administrators (who control admissions and are in theory responsible for upholding the School's standards for excellence), same AD (the AD in waiting is the former HC who is responsible for assembling and developing the team over the last 3 years including the one on the field today) and the current HC who was handpicked from the former failed regime's staff. This is the proverbial gang that can't shoot straight. If you want to re-tool, announce a two year move to the B Conference, recruit like crazy for two years especially in the trenches and at key positions, play all of your top freshmen up (assuming they pan out) give them two years of success in the B Conference (schedule a lot of A teams in the 2nd year of the B hiatus) to build confidence and migrate back to the A in their junior year. It's called "rebuilding" or a "turnaround" and is common in other universes not named Blakefield.
  2. Not Guru? I said they weren't running it because they weren't running it correctly.
  3. Reading comprehension is clearly not a prerequisite for posting on this forum. Per the quote below, which part of they're not running it correctly don't you understand? If your QB is making the wrong read a majority of the time at the mesh points, the option advantage is negated. I've installed the offense and know how difficult it is: spacing, mesh point mechanics, having a tough, great decision maker at QB, etc. Since I'm not in the room where they're making the sausage, I don't know whether the QB is just awful at reading his keys or whether the OC has taken away the "keys to the car" and is predetermining the read. Lastly this could be a cause and effect scenario. Penetration by DL who are supposed to be blocked makes the decision process at the mesh points almost impossible.
  4. No they're not running the triple option at least not correctly. On film, its doesn't look like they're running any option football: predetermined calls or QB decisions? I'm not sure. Lineman miss critical blocks on almost every play and the QB isn't managing the mesh point correctly. Very little smash mouth football.
  5. GA is sandbagging unless there is dysentery on Roland Avenue. The Greyhounds by 2-3 TDs.
  6. Please confess, you had your Mom proofread it.
  7. GA can't conjugate a verb and now you can't decline a noun. Something tells me this is the same person. One poser: two handles. Shoe box rich: I know the type, entire net worth is tied up in his wheels. Lives with Mom in a modest rowhouse. Hasn't done anything since high school: stuck in a time warp.
  8. Please learn to conjugate a verb before you use the word intelligence is a complete sentence.
  9. More foolish jibberish from GA. True to form. Card carrying member of the front runner fan club. Light on brains, heavy on hyperbole.
  10. Why did MCD turn the ball over that many times? Why did Curtis have a good game? Your diatribe isn't analysis, it's what we call an elevator report. It went up and then down. You and Guru are complete posers: let me give you a quick remdial class. When you throw primarily go routes, ur two primary deep threats aren't high point receivers and are bracketed, u stare down ur primary target, vs a cover 4, u will turn the ball over a ton. The middle should be open as will your tunnel or slip screens assuming you have receivers who can block and linemen who are athletic. The importance of Xs and Os and proper technique is amplified if the other team has better players and more depth. Class is over.
  11. So now it's the fellas who hang at the barbershop or my cousins from the family reunion. Hope you don't use these references on your CV. Better yet GA and his long list of All World rec players who play for his beloved Gilman: you know the School which is one overhyped player away from conquering the world. As a DI once told me, when you're in a deep rut the first thing to do is to stop digging.
  12. SFA scored on one good drive, another on a broken play and a pick 6 inside the MCD 15. The last score was when the game was already over. MCD drove the ball ok but turned the ball over every time they crossed the 50. Does SFA have more talent than MCD, sure. Did they soundly beat the Eagles, sure. Was MCD destroyed? Lol, you haven't reviewed the tape. Watch it, until then refrain from commenting until you've actually analyzed the film. Heresay evidence is for City hustlers not true students of the game.
  13. So you didn't see the game or haven't watched the tape but your rec coach buddies told you an SFA tale so you're sold. Break the tape down and then get on the forum. Until then keep fantasizing about that roll of $1s.
  14. Watched the SFA McD tape again last night. You have clearly never played or coached a lick of respectable football. Everyone on this Board snickers at your hyperbole and Madden inspired pretentiousness. And no, a shoe box filled with $1s doesn't constitute a successful businessman unless you're in 4th grade and running a lemonade stand.
  15. Yes, it was a back up QB who was actually better than the starter: but throwing deep in a game where you're up by 50 in the 4th is in bad taste no matter how you cut it (even in the NFL). Stomping on the L before the game should have ended the game anyway. I do agree keeping your starters in to run up the score to settle a personal vendetta doesn't reflect well on the Oblate School. I don't see any of these events happening in a Finney led Gilman.