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  1. It’s not that hard to put hidden surveillance cameras on a campus. Ask students to report any “hate” graffiti and you can usually find the perpetrator. Expel the studen(s) and use it as a teaching moment for the entire student body and their parents. Closing the School and letting this jerk win by being mentioned on the front page of the paper is a management failure in my opinion.
  2. You don’t comprehend the level of incompetence. They had a “national search” for a President, offered a paltry wage and settled for the interim who had no prior Head of School experience. Translation: they appear to hold an open search but can’t attract any strong candidates so they settle for an internal hire.
  3. Parents who pay full tuition and don't suck up the School's funding for academics, social welfare, cybersecurity and robotics initiatives. They don't want to spend $$ on perceived dumb football jocks. Not saying I agree but that's the sentiment of the majority of the Board and administration. How else do you explain their messaging on social media or their personnel decisions?
  4. It’s real simple. The Board has bigger fish to fry. Athletics are medium emphasis. No need to tilt windmills.
  5. Just offered an entry level job to a May college recruit which pays six figures. Kid is 6' 2" and is a Division 1 athlete. He's having second thoughts due to the perceived (or real) safety issue in Federal Hill, Fells Point and Canton. Shame on those executives who commute out to the suburbs and put their junior employees at risk by not exerting the influence they have with the City Fathers.
  6. MCD looks like an all guard squad. Nobody over 6'4". No real #4 or #5.
  7. Tuscarora loss was the first game of the season with a brand new QB (according to his HC in the Sun). MM has good skill players but the 2 big questions I have is how do they match up in the trenches (can they consistently hold their blocks?) and can their staff make the necessary adjustments vs a proven seasoned coaching staff? That, special teams and TOs will dictate the outcome.
  8. Congrats on getting a full ride to the best school in the country (hardest to get into). Who cares if he touches the field? Its about the benjamins and the degree that goes with it.
  9. Bill McCarthy, who is the head of Catholic Charities, is the Board Chair.
  10. All this hope for change. Same thing happened when Pesci left. Nothing changed then, my guess is nothing will change now. The School has picked their niche and being competitive in A Conference football is at the bottom of the priority list. It starts with the Board. Unless the Board Chair is bombarded with emails and letters from alumni and donors don't expect any change. The squeaky wheel always gets the grease.
  11. Let’s be brutally honest: 75% of the personnel on Loyila’s sideline don't belong on an A Conference field. It starts with the adults on the field. The administration is to blame for the lack of raw material. Why you ask: they retain bad athletic directors, head and assistant coaches and squander their scholar athlete money on non athletes. They waste their money on kids that don’t fit culture wise: me not we kids. These failures rest with past coaching staffs who pouted about the administration’s stance on $$ and refused to be ambassadors for the Program. The main culprit will be the next AD. Don’t expect any changes under the School’s inept leadership. These folks make the Cleveland Brown front office look like geniuses.
  12. The Administration and Board doesn't care about football. They've been very clear. They know they have to play CHC in the Turkey Bowl but frankly they view football as a relic of their past that doesn't fit their target audience and demographic. They want full pay students who participate in Olympic sports (cross country, swimming, lacrosse, etc.), social outreach projects and cybersecurity/robotics clubs. Loyola fans and football alumni, stop living in the past. The best you can hope for is a move down to the B Conference so the boys at least have a shot at winning. Stop tilting at windmills: The Administration and Board has spoken. Take your lumps and move on......
  13. Respect is earned. Years of zero civilian oversight and poor leadership. Better to remove the policing authority from the City and give it to the State or Feds.
  14. From a rational business perspective wouldn’t u want to maximize the fundraising opportunity of the 100 year game in 2 years? No, these knuckleheads can’t manage or fundraise effectively. They are like little lost sheep. Pathetic governance.
  15. What makes you think this is about the kids? The Loyola crowd manages up and the only thing that will move the needle is plummeting admissions. They have become the Friends School of the Archdiocese. No problem if that’s who you want to be, but as many have pointed out it’s not fair to the boys or their opponents in the A Conference.