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  1. How many kids actually left?
  2. That sounds like a comment my mother would make and she grew up in the Third Reich. This is America, the land of self determination. Even the Germans (read about Martin Luther) were not above challenging the Church hierarchy when they were dead wrong. See the Reformation and Counter-Reformation.
  3. I agree, this is not a question of dogma. Clearly the Archdiocese's handling of the matter was negligent. The Church has come a long way in how they treat these types of issues. That being said, why is the management in charge at the time (Woy and the Archbishop) still in positions of authority within the Church? At this point, this is more of a governance issue going forward. How can the laity be supportive if folks involved in the suppression of this story are still in positions of power?
  4. I agree the Catholic Church does a ton of good. That being said, how can you explain the AOB's request to one of the victims that she find corroborating evidence? Does this sound like an Organization that is truly interested in uncovering the truth and removing deviant clergy from its ranks? How can the Catholic Church allow the Bishops and Monsignors implicated in this cover up to still be in positions of authority? (Bishop of DE and parish priest at the Cathedral). Why does Cardinal Law still live in the Vatican? These clergymen should be hidden in a monastery where they should spend their waking days begging for forgiveness.
  5. Who wrote the feasibility study? Just like Rocky Gap. Another white elephant. Hold all parties responsible. Publish a list of the entire deal team and politicians who voted for it. Send them all a bill.
  6. If your kid struggles with academics, get the high school athletic staff to get him tutors (not to baby him) to actually teach him the material. If they want him on the field badly enough it will happen. Ditto on SATs/ACTs. There are no shortcuts academically, but its a lot easier to do with the right kind of help. If you instill the right kind of study habits in high school, it will pay off in college. College: Only you have your child's best interests at heart. Manage the football process (get the most out of the free or subsidized education) and make sure your son has a "real" major. Look up a program's graduation percentages (there are a number of different metrics out there) and ask for a list of graduating majors. Also ask for the team's cumulative GPA. Those three sets of data will let you know if your actually getting something of value for your football skills. Screw the NFL (making money there is like hitting the lottery). Focus on the odds and be a good parent. its about the education.
  7. I saw Koras run a great set of option plays two years ago vs. MCD. He's smart and tough. That being said, he will need good linemen, a great tailback and a tough FB to keep defenses honest. That and he'll need to become an expert at the offense in one year. They should have recruited a TB last year, moved Smith to FB and run it last year as they had two deep threats outside to keep the DBs honest.
  8. Gilman is 2-3 years and a coaching upgrade away. You're in my wheel house now, GA.
  9. I'm putting a 60% probability John H is coaching college after the end of this upcoming Ravens season. Ozzie will retire and John will be coaching at Notre Dame.
  10. Basketball or football?
  11. I know he's a D1 football commit but is he receiving any interest for hoops?
  12. Intellectual superiority. Hah, you could put DW's brainpower in a thimble and have a lot of room left over. Not only does he not know football (except Madden of course) but his cultural literacy is deficient. He uses Denzel's lines from Training Day... Clearly classically trained. By the way, DW, the Russians got Denzel at the end of the film. Lead and superior firepower trumped hot air and talk. Talent, hard work and team chemistry under great leadership (aka coaching) trump false bravado every time. Please give me your list of undefeated high school teams you've led to State championships. Crickets. My guess is you're a non-achieving government worker with a lot of time on his hands to troll. No achievements to speak of......
  13. Reading comprehension is not DW'a strong suit. Trolling and pontificating is. He punts the tough questions (W&Ls) by responding I have a friend or mentor that was a great coach. He really should internalize some of President TR's quotes about combat and competition.
  14. My life as a Super Troll and Erstwhile Waterboy, by DW, the patron self proclaimed saint of public high school football.