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  1. Eastern Tech at Hereford - The game between these two often decides their divisional championship, and that could be the case again this year. ET has won three straight, while Hereford has won four. Since both teams run ground-oriented offenses, we should see fewer points in the Zone than in the last two weeks. Look for the Bulls to outlast the Technicians in a game that should be close throughout. Hereford-27, Eastern Tech-20. Any details on the ET-Hereford game?
  2. Go to CHC Athletics site, click on live stream. Game @ home, 7:00 P.M.
  3. Somebody get Trumbo a bat that's 2 feet longer.
  4. Checked on the other 6 judges who voted yes. Couldn't find statues but I'm sure if their names are googled, were they are buried will show up. I guess a tombstone gets just as many points as a statue. Interesting that all 7 concurring judges were Democrats. The 2 dissenting were Republicans. .
  5. Davis is definitely a head case. He needs help to get rid of that mental block. Extra bp isn't going to help. Somebody should recommend a good psychiatrist to him.
  6. 44 pitches in the first inning. Another 3 inning or less game for an Oriole starter. I've got a cookout to go to, thank God.
  7. Davis pathetic. Swings at a bad pitch. Looks at two in the strike zone. Trumbo and Davis and now Seth Smith looking at good pitches. Must be guessing.
  8. What in the h--- are these hitters looking at. The pitches are too close to take on a 2 strike count. They're definitely not a Ted Williams. Too many looked at third strikes.
  9. Why is UJ still on this team? And of all things they bring in a lame to relieve a lame. Tie score. Unbelievable.
  10. 5 games into the season and it looks as if the starters are picking up where they left off last year. Trying to be too fine and throwing too, too many pitches. Milkey, 1 game, 5.0 innings, 100 pitches Bundy, 1 game, 7.0 innings, 99 pitches Gausman, 2 games, 10 innings, 100 pitches per game Jiminez, 1 game, 4.1 innings, 94 pitches Still early but if pitch count isn't improved, the bullpen better stock up on Ben-Gay
  11. Starbucks, overrated and overpriced. Bought coffee there twice. Should have known better. Dumped both cups in the nearest trash can. Prefer DD or Royal Farms.
  12. You're not going to hear too much negative about the casinos or the Inner Harbor. They're tourist attractions. My friend worked at Horseshoe as a dealer. Left there and went to MGM. He said there was trouble at the Horseshoe , inside and outside just about every day. Didn't think it was to wise to put himself in jeopardy every night. As somebody stated, the class and behavior of the clientele left a lot to be desired. He warned me off and I haven't been there at all.
  13. Papi, first you called Michelle Obama a "common partisan hack" and then you said she was responsible for the "death of the spirit," then doubled down and said "screw her." Yes she is and no I wouldn't.