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  1. Take a look at KSP, it's really Fun & it Hooked me. With the MechJeb autopilot plug in it's much easier to get around the Solar System with the Docking & Refueling. You learn to build these Humongous ships by Trial & Error with all the Staging and what not to get progressively larger ships just into Orbit, then refuel and get to the Mun (Moon) and then outer planets. Takes Time though, you'll spend a good Hour just getting to the Mun & back even with the Fast Forward that you have to keep an eye on or Overshoot. It really Hooked me for the last 3-4 years but they Upgraded it and I just can't get it to work on this New PC I got like it worked on my older one. You Learn by Trial & Error what Works for you and Doesn't! It's Fun!
  2. Was Addicted to Kerbal Space Program for a couple years till they Upgraded it past 1.2 I think and my Autopilot plug in wouldn't work anymore. Been to Duna (Mars analogue) and out to Laythe (Jupiter moon analogue) by progressively building bigger & bigger ships and mastering in orbit refueling But not being able to Dock without the Autopilot plug in Killed it for me.
  3. Oh NOW it's a Conspiracy against the Dems? WAAHH, WAAHHH!!!
  4. I used to listen to him all the time on the radio: "Someone breaks into your house, you Kill 'em.That way there's only One story." - G.Gordon Liddy And Yes, all my weapons were purchased legally years ago. All are in a locked cabinet except one ready in Condition One.
  5. IF there was any Original attempt to go after anyone or Certain persons in particular, now the cat is out of the bag and doesn't care where it lands. Yesterday I saw blurbs about going after Stallone & Travolta too. Who's Next? 1/2 of Hollywood and 1/2 of Gov't officials will now in the gunsights. See? Once you Start something the next thing you know is Everyone jumping on the bandwagon and No One is Safe.
  6. Golden
  7. Cyberpower PCs have an option you can just get theirs with a Formatted HD. I have a Licensed Box with W7Pro
  8. Sorry, All my machines run W7Pro. I'm not running W10 and won't ever. Have W10 on an Office PC at work and it drives me Nuts. The IT guy said "You'll get used to it!" Now I think about 2yrs later, I haven't.
  9. One uncle had Parkinson's really Bad. Didn't know till after he passed why. Uncle Al just Shook a lot was all i knew. After he passed my Mom told me he was Shelled in Bastogne. Another who passed when i was still a kid, had a Japanese Rifle and a Flying Tigers leather jacket hanging on his wall. One Grandfather had a bunch of Pics of himself and Natives in the South Pacific. None of them ever talked about what they had done. I guess they just all did what they had to do and that was it. They never talked about or made any big deal out of any of it. I wish I could have known what they had done but they never said anything. I guess that's why they call them Heroes!
  10. Did OK with Algebra but Trig started getting to me, Calculus? That just gave me a Headache. What the heck are these Squigly Lines and stuff? I can Understand about the Universe down to 10 -43 seconds after the Big Bang, Planck Time and I get it about Quarks, Gluons, Leptons and the rest of the Elementary Particles even without having the Math down. I've read Neil DeGrasse Tyson's books and Lawrence Krauss's "A Universe from Nothing" and it gets Mind Boggling but I can Grasp the Essentials without the Numbers. It's all really Cool even if I can't do That kind of Math. That's good enough for me. At least I Know about those things! Most people Don't. I'm just a Space Nerd I guess.
  11. BTW, forgot to mention there are 3 small "Trams" that run from TI to Mirage, Another from Bellagio to Aria & Monte Carlo and another from Excalibur to Luxor & Mandalay. If I'm not mistaken they are Not independent vehicles but all on a Cable system. They're kinda neat but only for Short Haul.
  12. Not Me. I'll stand next to Anyone who Proves themselves next to me on a Job for a couple or few years I don't care if they're Black, White, Red or Blue. Green or Yellow. But you want me to take someone I Don't know at face value, that's Not gonna happen. In This World, you Prove your Worth, you're just not Assumed to be Worthy. Anything else is for Dreamers. BTW my own Brother-in-Law is a Real POS!
  13. Don't Blame Me for Slavery! All my Blood came in thru Riker's Island in NY in the 1890's from Germany & Poland with whatever Bags & Rags they came with, I vaguely remember as a child one Great Grandmother who only spoke German and another who only spoke Polish. I'm just the 3rd generation born here in the US.
  14. Leave the Transporters to SF, works well there. Maglev is really fast but remember just like any other Rail, you have to acquire the property or get land rights to run where you want to. That can get pricey. The Railroads started that over a century ago so you have to deal with them if you want to run where they do. CSX just recently dropped plans to expand the Tunnel. They don't have the Cash without Gov't support. Now, LV has a Monorail. OK, just Stop and let me spout. Rode it quite a bit my 1st few trips out there before I started renting my car all the time. It's pretty Neat but they had to stick it behind the strip as there's just no room for it out front. So the major properties there have a Large footprint and it's quite a Trek (see what I did there?) from the Strip to the back of those properties to the Monorail stations. Originally it was supposed to go all the way Downtown to Fremont but the Feds wouldn't throw in with it (weren't they supposed to be pushing Green?) and it just runs from MGM to the old Sahara now SLS property. The Only places that Really benefited from it was the Convention Center & the Hilton (now Westgate) as it's right in front of them. Now most folks that don't drive either use Taxis or ride the Deuce (Double Decker bus) to get around. I don't care what anyone else thinks but when I get on a Bus, all I can smell is Diesel and I can't stand it and just Won't ride them anymore anywhere. I'll stick with my Rental Cars. Now if LV and the Feds could get together and finally run the Monorail Downtown on the North end and run it to the Airport as planned on the South end. I'd be tempted to use it again. As it is it's still kind of Fun to ride if you've never been on one but it's not really all that convenient due to it's location way in back. Here's a Map of what has been Proposed in the past for it in LV. I don't think it will ever happen but it's nice to think about.