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  1. Have lived here most of my life and have been back in my folks' house for a bit over 10yrs now since their passing. All I have seen in my 60 yrs is the continued Deterioration of areas that once were solid working family communities. I wouldn't walk down the street where my folks' first house was and I won't go near where my Grandparents lived. Violent Crime now goes on in areas where such things were once unheard of. Don't even try to tell me that what I've seen in my 60 years on this planet Isn't what I've seen with my own two eyes. Who in the heck are you all trying to Fool? Charm? If I could get a check for what the City tells me that this house is worth on the property tax bill, it would Never sell for that, I'd be outta here in a Month! I'm only here 'cause it's free & clear and this particular street isn't too bad ..... Yet.
  2. On the other question, I haven't ridden on a Bus here since High School. After that I had my 1st car, an old '63 Chevy Biscayne, it was a stripped no frills set of wheels. Last time I was on a Bus was the 1st couple trips to LV where we caught the Deuce double decker bus from the Strip to Downtown & back. I hated the smell of Diesel right away. After like my 2nd trip out there we always rented a car. You can get out and around off strip and everywhere else a lot better. I don't have to bother with the Beltway, I get on 95 abt. 3 miles from my house. Straight up 95 across the Del Mem Bridge and onto the NJ Turnpike. Get off exit 3 and take the short drive through Runnymede then get on I think it's Rt42 which you bear left on straight onto the AC Expressway. Come back the same way, No Problemo!
  3. Nah, it's pretty much an all day travel ordeal here from BWI to LV. I've outlined the whole trip before here. Back in March I drove to AC in 3hrs Flat no problem. Know my route there like the back of my hand.
  4. 'Nother reason I'm Done with Flying. It's not bad enough they cram you in like sardines but the clientele seems to have gotten worse as well. I'll just drive myself in comfort, it's not worth the hassles anymore.
  5. "Some". If he was deeply involved in it I think they would've used a stronger wording. Here was a guy who apparently had deep pockets at one time but it appears he went off on a tangent and lost that job after making a whole lot more than many people do. So he started going down a different road some time ago. He supposedly was burning through all the cash he did make. That many weapons don't come Cheap. I have a fraction of what he had and I spent enough on that hobby at one time. Then he got sucked into Video Poker and really started burning through it. That is arguably the most popular form of gambling in the US but it doesn't look like he did his homework. I don't play VP much, just for the heck of it now and then but those that do subscribe to the Strategy books like ones made by probably the Guru of the game, Bob Dancer. There are so many variations on that game and there are defined strategies for each variation. Jokers Wild, Double Bonus .etc .etc.etc. and some follow those "Rules" on a Religious basis. I saw that so I didn't delve into it. Seems this guy was just dumping Thousands into it without doing any homework and losing his shirt. Then there's his what was she, Fillipino wife, that's something else that's different too. We don't know the whole story there either. About the only thing we can say is that he definitely went off his nut and it seems that some people saw him heading down that road for some time. I doubt we'll ever get the full story.
  6. Royal Weddings are a Huge deal to them, they draw from all over the globe. Remember Britain was an Empire once and people come to see that from all over the world. Our Elections are Peanuts in comparison so one shouldn't even be made. Remember how Diana was a Global Superstar? Politicians here just come & go like anywhere else, it's no big deal.
  7. Watch "Revolution" (1985) with Al Pacino, Donald Sutherland had a big part in it too. It was a box office bomb when it came out but I think it really portrays how things were. You can't fault the costumes & sets and the action. You might think it Drags some but you can't beat it for the Realism of the late 1700's. I sure wouldn't have wanted to live around then! It's a Keeper in my Library of films.
  8. Once upon a time people came here on boats from Europe (My Ancestors) looking for a better life but they joined in and Contributed, Worked and raised Families who Assimilated into the USA culture (in just 2 Generations we didn't speak German or Polish anymore) and Prospered. Now I believe the vast Majority of those flooding into here just want to suck on the Government's Teat that is so Easy to do now and have no desire to join This culture. Tell me it Ain't so!
  9. Yeah, Pay me Not to take it!
  10. Oh Yay another Nutty Liberal! Prepare to pay More Taxes! Anyway who was it that decided that Dems were Blue a Nice Color and Reps were Red an Angry color? I think they should maybe be Purple and Orange or something else, colors that don't Imply any Emotions. I Hate ALL Politics anymore!
  11. Just happened upon it this AM when I turned on the box to see CH11 news and the Today show covered it so I watched. It's all kinda neat, we don't have any Royalty but I guess the Kennedys back in the 60's were the closest we came to it.
  12. Rapture just sounds too much like Rupture to me and I get Scared when I hear that!
  13. Guess I missed it. Came late to this thread, oh well, Nothing to see here, Move Along!
  14. If you still believe in some Deity who will somehow reward you or punish you for what you've done in life after you kick the bucket, I feel Sorry for you. Considering what we now know about Particle Physics and Astrophysics anyone with half a brain knows that the Universe doesn't give a Rats' Patootie about you and that the life of any individual is pretty much Squat in the whole scheme of things. The Best you can do is realize that This is your One Shot so just try to Not F it up too bad. You're here for a while and then you're Gone and everything will still go on whether you're here or not. Sorry but that's the way it is. Deal with it.