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  1. Good Tip for Noobs! Flip is 100% correct here, Always install Manually!
  2. Prob told China "Well if you still want our Coal....."
  3. Just hearing his speech lost my Vote. Was registered as Democrat all my life but finally switched the last time I renewed my drivers license. BTW, who chose the Colors denoting Blue as Dems and Red as Republicans? The Democratic Party is more Red to me like the Communists I was brought up to Fear most of my life. This State is Gone anyway. For years now it's been a Slam Dunk to go in the Blue column on the map. Too Small & Too Close to DC. The Gang in Annapolis redistricted everything to ensure their dominance here long ago. Once in a while we can get a Republican Guv in there to slow them down a tad but that's about it. Why even Bother to Vote the Other way here?
  4. Learned on the Rifle Range at Broad Creek Boy Scout Camp way way back when I was like 13 or 14. Dad got me my 1st .22 rifle from Wards for Xmas sometime after that. I still have it. When I went to Poly here they still had a Rifle Team that I tried out for but didn't make it. They gave us these crummy old gov't hand me downs that weren't worth a damn to shoot and Qualify with. Well the guy who was the Team Captain had his own $1000 custom .22 rifle. What would you expect? They would shoot at the 5th Regiment Armory.
  5. Have found some posted pics on IMGUR that may have had stuff attached to them. Pic Peak, More Pic Peak, Bendbox and More Bendbox. Stes with funny pics & memes that I pack together and send out a weekly Email to my friends. LOL Pics, HaHa Stop, I Love Bacon, Eat Liver, and a couple more, some of those are Links from Ernie's EHOWA site that goes way back to the 90's. Not Just Porn! Really don't bother with that too much anymore. Actually think some of those Hijackers might be attached to some Pop-Up ads from Legit sites.
  6. How many times have I heard about the "End of the World" in my 65 years? Plenty.
  7. Longtime friend of mine, a tad older than me and retired, Much "Crustier" than I am. Literally the embodiment of "Grumpy Old Man", I'm downright Likeable compared to him. Anyway he was wearing a "Trump" hat and someone just told him "I don't like your Hat!" Well, John said "Look at it, it says "Trump Taj Mahal" It's from the Casino, can't you Read!" The other guy was nonplussed and didn't know what to say. John has Loads of Trump Taj gear from Atlantic City he got Free on Comp over the years. I have some too. I won't stop wearing mine either when I feel like it. It has Nothing to do with Politics.
  8. Firefox got nailed with one of those that gave me a Warning Page and Beeping that I was Infected and had a phone number to call to get rid of it. Shut down the laptop & rebooted but opening Firefox, there it was again. Ran my Panda Free & Malwarebytes and they didn't find it. Restarted Firefox again and it was still there. Uninstalled Firefox then grabbed Hitman Pro free trial and it didn't find anything. Reinstalled Firefox Again and it was Still there on startup. DAMMIT!!! Then I searched around with IE and found Zumana AntiMalware Trial and ran that. Now This one found it and I deleted it. Reinstalled Firefox Again and now it's all back to Normal. SO sometimes you have to be Patient and just keep trying. Thank God for Free Trial Versions! That was a Pain though.
  9. Line in the flick from Robert Morley - "The problem with these International affairs is that they attract Foreigners!' You can buy it to watch on YouTube for $2.99 I got my copy off Usenet long ago.
  10. Only thing I watch on ESPN every year is the WSOP. Don't bother with it much otherwise.
  11. Mein Heritage! Well 1/2 of it anyway. "There is Nothing a German Officer cannot do!"
  12. No way I'd pay a Grand for a phone. Anyway, wonder if you could set it up to recognize your Butt or maybe something else!
  13. I am! This AM I'm in AC at Harrah's Resort bayside looking out over the crummy marshes and the sun Trying to glow through but just casting a faint reddish glow to the undersides of the Overcast. Be here till Friday. Room Free on Comp but didn't get my Free E-upgrade to the Waterfront Tower. Since they're Renovating the Marina Tower I'm in the crummy old Harbor Tower. Would show a pic of my lousy view of the casino roof from here on the 5th floor but don't have my USB cable to hook the phone to the laptop. Well it's Free anyway so "Oh Well". Lots of people here last nite which surprised me. Thought it would be relatively Un-Crowded here on this after Labor Day week. Well after my Wo-Man wakes up God Knows when sometime this AM we'll run around down on the Boardwalk Casinos for a while today. Have a BO-GO coupon for the Golden Nugget Buffet to use later on for Dinner this evening. I'm doing OK with all this though in general. Hey I'm in AC! It's not LV but it'll do for now.
  14. Who looks at Porn on a Phone? Why Bother? You need at least a Laptop with a 14" screen. Sorry, but my Phone will Never be more than that to me. I don't Tweet and don't have a Facebook page. I used to make Real Websites with Dreamweaver years ago, FB is just Junk to me like the old Geocities sites anyone could set up. I don't "Like" anything. I might Message about 4-5 people now & then and that's it. $200 is the Top I will pay for Any phone. I have 2 Laptops & a 1yr old fairly powerful Cyberpower PC. I just don't Need to be Connected 24hrs a day.