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  1. Too Many or Bad JAVA scripts, I get that from time to time on the UK Daily Mail site. Haven't run across it that much elsewhere. They have Ads & Videos popping up but you hear the audio before the pop up screen comes on. Then when it does pop up it won't go away when you click it immediately. Some sites are just trying to cram too much Stuff on the page.
  2. Some breakdown in Training here somewhere.
  3. Not up on all the Details, mostly just glance at headlines anymore. What is ANTIFA? Sorry...
  4. The top 10 paid actors this past year, according to Forbes magazine and MY comments: 1. Mark Wahlberg, $68 million - Gotta admit he puts out some Good Stuff 2. Dwayne Johnson, $65 million - Who doesn't Like "The Rock"? 3. Vin Diesel, $54.5 million - Now This guy, I can't Stand, I won't watch Anything He's in! 4. Adam Sandler, $50.5 million - And Why is He still around? I Never found him as Funny. 5. Jackie Chan, $49 million - OK I guess if you like Kung Fu movies. 6. Robert Downey Jr., $48 million - Always liked his work despite his past troubles. 7. Tom Cruise, $43 million - Bankrolled by the Scientologists I guess, OK in his Early career but I don't care anymore 8. Shah Rukh Khan, $38 million - Who? Must be Indian Movies. 9. Salman Khan, $37 million - Same 10. Akshay Kumar, $35.5 million - Same OK, YOUR Turn!
  5. There may be No End to the number of Crybabies out there with Nothing better to do. Sitting here watching the news as always before getting ready to go to Work. If I had a Dollar for everything that "Bothered" me during the course of the day. Well you know the rest. Just repeating the words that my Folks would say when I would complain about whatever. Turns out They were Right! I'm too Busy, I have Stuff to do and I have to live my Life.
  6. Not Responsible. All my line, German, Polish & a pinch of French came here on boats in NY & here in the mid-1880's. So yeah, as far as I'm concerned, I had Nothing to do with anything that happened here before then. I'll stand next to Anyone who Works for 20 some years right next to me and Shows me their Worth but I'll have Nothing to do with people that Don't like my Brother in Law for instance. He's Worthless. So There!
  7. I don't consider myself a Serious Gambler. To me it's Recreation a few times a year. Now my buddy John who Used to go to AC on a bus every week goes down to Horseshoe now every week. Must be Nice! But he plays Pai Gow Tiles which he knows like a book and even knows it in Chinese! The Wongs and Gongs and all that stuff. That's Low percentage too but he's playing at $25-$50 a hand which is too steep for me. Sometimes he'll play a little Bacarrat if they have it Macau Style. Frank Scoblete has columns on I think it's the Casino City Times and though he's one of those Golden Touch Craps players he points out the Money at Risk over Time equation a lot. I mentioned Slots are the Worst and everyone knows that but they can be Fun. With Blackjack unless you play Perfect Strategy which I do not know and don't care to, it's just too Fast for me. You Know the Casino has all the Odds so you're Not going to come out a Winner in the long run no matter what you think. So I Low Ball it and just try to have Fun which I usually do. I've sat in Binions all afternoon when I get on a PGP table Early at $5/hand for a $100 buy in. When more people come in they bump it to $10 but I'm Grandfathered in at $5! I played for like 4 1/2 hrs straight and said I Had to get up 'cause my Butt was Killing me and this 60sh looking woman called me a Rookie! Anyway I've done that, Played all afternoon and still had at least 1/2 of my stack left, a couple times I've gotten a little ahead, it's a Grind! And I've had a couple times when you just get a Bad Run and can't catch a hand and lose the Buy In. I'm there for Fun, Anyone who thinks they're going to Win all the time in a Casino is a Fool!
  8. Think this is Relevant today?
  9. Slots are pretty much for Amusement mostly though once in a while you might get Lucky. Biggest single hit after One Spin I ever had was in Caesars AC. I forget now what title it was but remember it was a New title I wanted to try out. Some other lady was playing it so I just wandered around the rows close and when she got up, I grabbed the seat. Mistakenly I thought it was Pennies but after rolling in a $20 and hitting the button I saw it was Nickels! Then right away on that first spin I hit the Bonus which paid me something like $460 and change. Needless to say I cashed out immediately and redeemed the ticket. Unfortunately here and in AC the Table Minimums are too high for My preferred game, Pai-Gow Poker. However in Downtown LV you can usually find $10/hand tables esp during the day. PGP is a Slow, Low Percentage game and one of the few you actually pick up your cards and set your Two hands, a 5 card High hand and a 2 card Low hand. To Win you must Beat Both of the Dealers hands. Of course Splitting is a Push. And if the Dealer beats Both your hands, well, you know. Percentage wise, I don't know the exact number offhand but you Push like 40 point something % of the time. Win like 29 point something % and lose 30 point something % of the time. So if all 6 spots are filled on the table, it's a really Slow game and everyone sits and chats and watches how the cards come out and who wins and loses. Very Social, lots of Chat. You won't make a Killing at it but for a $100 buy in, unless you hit a Bad Run, you can play for a couple Hours and still have some of your stake left if not getting Ahead or just staying Even. Just play Straight Up and forget the Bonus and Insurance bets, they just jack the Casinos Odds. Don't know if they still have it but at South Point they had Mini-Bac at $5/hand so I bought in for $100 and had fun learning with my little pen & scorecard keeping track of the hands and played for quite a while before it went away. That was Fun but mostly Mini-Bac has Higher Minimums that keep me away. Especially Downtown & Off Strip Cheap Roulette is all over the place. At Binion's one morning they had a table with 0.25 chips with a $2 Minimum! We bought in for $40 each and played with the Streets and Combinations on the table for quite a while and cashed out something like an hour later with almost what we started with. That was pretty Cheap fun! Blackjack is only for people who Understand Completely what you should Hit or Stand on with what you have and what the Dealer is showing. I don't so I don't play. Craps I avoid 'cause I don't like standing around and everyone jostling each other. The Only bet there is just on the Come Out Roll, just play the Pass Line. That's the Only bet with Good Odds. The other "Carnival" games are just too Fast! Remember this One Rule! The Less Money you put At Risk over Time! Slots are the Worst when you consider Plays/Hour, just think about it. But you can still have some Fun with them if you see something that Floats your Boat. Hope this helps some. Here's Mike Shacklefords site, he used to be an Actuary with Social Security right here in Baltimore before moving to LV, now he teaches Game Theory etc. at UNLV! BTW my Gun Cabinet is filled too!
  10. Phobos isn't exactly round, it's more like a potato in orbit
  11. Panspermia, look it up. When a large say Asteroid or just a big enough Rock hits a Planet, or Moon at sufficient velocity, some of the material there, on impact may achieve sufficient velocity to escape that body's gravity. Now, there are those who looking at Mars are seeing evidence that some Millions and Millions of years ago, Mars was much wetter and had more of an atmosphere than it does now. In the meantime, we have already found meteorites that appear to have originated from Mars. So given the possibility that there may have been some early Microbial Life arising there, it is wholly possible that may have been "Transplanted" here by such events. We do not know or can prove that is the case but it remains another Possibility of how Life took hold here long ago.
  12. Have always wondered about all these people who go out and March or Protest Anything! Don't they have Jobs? "Hey Boss, can I take off tomorrow to go march on Whatever?" HAHAHA!!! Sure, some of them use their own Vacation days. Well those are too Few and Valuable to me to use for some Demonstration. Guess I have different Priorities.
  13. I'm Not in That group to start with but All my ancestry German, Polish and a pinch of French got off boats here and in NY back in the 1880's & 90's I remember when I was a kid, two Great Grandmothers who didn't speak English. One spoke German and one spoke Polish and my Grandfathers would translate. Never knew the Great Grandfathers, they were Dead by the time I got here. One bunch of graves is in Holy Rosary Cemetery and the markers are all in Polish. The other side are buried somewhere in NJ, I don't know where. It's not My fight or problem. leave me out of it. I've got Work to do.