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  1. I don't know anything happened other that they were both ticketed. Yeah the 390 wasn't really all that but Ford stuck it in the smaller Fairlane fastback and with the Auto trans it was badged GTA. Mr.W also had the 1st model Charger 66 or 67 fastback before they went with the newer body. I do remember a Senior who drove a yellow SS396 convertible, his last name was Earlbeck who auto enthusiasts will know, they were on Pulaski Hwy and made intake manifolds & headers. They became a quite famous outfit, still around I believe, the SS was their Tow Car for their Drag cars. A good buddy of mine got a Mach 1 Mustang with the 351 Cleveland after one of his "Friends" stole his 57 Chevy and wrecked it. I just drove an old POS 63 Chevy Biscayne with a straight 6 & powerglide tranny. I was Poor! I did have a good 8 track player though driving a set of 8" woofers & smaller tweeters in there though. I would blast the music in the days everyone hung out at the Perring Pkwy shopping center at nite.
  2. Been there several times yrs ago. Too crowded now and parking in DC is expensive. Better for a day, drive out to Dulles at the Udvar-Hazy expansion or whatever you want to call it. They have the Enola Gay, an SR71, the 1st 707, a Concorde, Bob Hoover's Aero Commander, Leo Loudenslager's Laser, a Space Shuttle and a whole lot more for Real aviation enthusiasts.
  3. Just face the fact that MD would've sided with the Confederacy except for the fact that DC was in our back yard. VA had the river to separate them from the seat of Gov't. there. Hard to argue with Geography back in the 1800's. Heck, steam trains were Brand New then and most ships were still Sail. Most Travel was still by Horse! The Industrial Revolution was just getting underway. I still think our Local Politics are affected way too much due to our proximity to DC. Other states have some distance from there. Just look at the Political Divide between the Eastern Shore and the rest of MD. I don't see why the ES couldn't separate from the rest of the state and join Delaware. I think they'd be better off. I always remember one line from a Firesign Theater album, "The cruel Industrial North has been defeated by the gentlemanly Agricultural South!" that Was the main Cultural difference back then as well. There are still many differences Culturally between people in the Northern areas vs the Southern just as there are from East to West. As for the MD Flag and the State song and everything, Who Cares? It's our History, leave it alone. Remember "Those who Forget the Past are Doomed to Repeat it!"..
  4. Out on Falls Road...The Names will be Withheld to Protect the Innocent,,, As you know the late 60's and into the 70's were the era of the Muscle Cars. There was this History teacher who worked at a car dealership in the summer. Mr. W had a Plymouth Fury with a 440 V-8 in it. An upperclassman named D had a Ford Fairlane GTA that had a 390 V8 with the automatic tranny. Well D used to cruise around the lots after school doing burnouts & stuff showing off. One day Mr.W said "I'm gonna catch that little SOB out on Falls Rd and blow his doors off!" Well one afternoon it happened. Word got out and I won't say the whole school but there were a lot of us standing there on the Sidelines. They were at the light at Falls Rd & Cold Spring and the Light Turned Green! Both cars jumped out with the lighter Ford out a bit ahead they screamed past us heading north and Mr. W's Big Block 440 came into it's own once it got rolling and both of them roared away past the school and out of sight in the dip in the road past the school. When they got there, then 2 Cop Cars pulled out from the side street before Cross Keys and Nailed both of them. Just another Time, that's the way things were back then. Oh, and Poly still had a Rifle Team when I was there, I tried out for it at the 5th Regiment Armory one day after school. They actually had a bus that took us there but I didn't make the cut. I blamed it on the rifle, I was used to Open sights from Boy Scouts and they handed me a rifle with Peep Sights. I had never seen them before!
  5. Think I'm Done with Flying. It's like riding Public transportation now. I guess, I haven't been on a Bus since I got my 1st car in HS. Anyway flying on SW feels like being in a cattle car anymore. Used to get to fly around the country some with the Co. I was with in the 80's and seem to remember it still wasn't that bad then yet. Hadn't flown for years till the 2000's when I started going to LV. Have only flown SW out of here as they have the Only Non-Stops and 1 stop with no plane change out of BWI. Any other airline you have to go somewhere else and change planes. I'm not doing that. It's an all day travel ordeal out there and back as it is. Flying is something that used to be an experience. Not anymore. In the summertime I don't mind the gals in their tank tops, shorts & flip flops but the Guys? C'mon!!! If there's an Emergency my size 11 Wolverine work boots are going to leave Tracks across your back getting out of this thing! Cramped? I'm only like 5'8" on a good day and I'm not Obese. Yet last time out I felt more cramped than ever in their New interior. Maybe one more trip in August, we'll see. Anyway I can drive to AC in comfort in 3hrs flat listening to my tunes & audiobooks no problem. I've done it Dozens of times. I'll be there for 3 nites midweek at the end of this month. AC ain't LV but it'll do.
  6. No Jr High, was in Nun City thru 8th grade then HS in the 9th grade, graduated Poly '70. Freshman year there was still on North Ave then out to Falls Rd.
  7. In HS in maybe '69 or '70 they showed us a "Computer". They wheeled it in on a cart and it looked like a glorified adding machine. It had a std roll of adding machine printer tape and a keyboard like a calculator but with a bunch more functions but it was at least 2'x2' or better on top of the cart. and probably 4"-6" high so Yeah a really Big adding machine. The teach showed us a bunch of calculations and it just seemed like a lot of steps to print out a tape with numbers. I really don't remember exactly what we did with it but everyone thought it was a Big Deal. Later sometime maybe the late 80's my Dad brought home a well used IBM 386 and monitor that used the 5" Floppies. Where he worked I guess they upgraded to newer 486's and they just gave him this old one. I played around with it some but it really didn't seem to do all that much that I cared about but a few simple games. I think I still have the dot matrix printer down in the basement somewhere. My own 1st PC I bought when W95 came out and I ordered it from one of the places in the big Computer Shopper book. The builder was one of the Hundreds of vendors that were shoving them out the door then. It was made by Digirex, now a Long Gone co. and it was a P100 with I think a 20Gb HD and I ordered it with a CD-ROM burner and built in 56K modem. I believe my Cyberpower PC I bought last Feb is like my 7th or 8th machine since I started fooling with them. I'm sticking with W7 Pro, I just don't like W10. We have that at work and I Hate it.
  8. Thinking back about some of the teachers I had in HS, No Way! I remember one History teacher in HS who ran a movie in class and he sat in the back of the room, took off his shoes & socks and started clipping his Toenails! I Swear to God! There was a Geometry teacher that when he saw some kid nodding off would grab an eraser and chuck it like a Vida Blue Fastball across the room and nail the kid in the head. Another Algebra teacher would do the same but he'd wing a stick of chalk across the room and it would go "CRACK!" against the blackboard on the side of the room by the kid. Then there was the Shop teacher who was missing I think parts of 2 or 3 fingers on one hand. Yeah he warned us to be careful with the Band Saw. Most were Good teachers but there were some with obvious Quirks. Then again those were different Times way back then.
  9. Used to go to Toys R Us back in the days I built Model Airplanes as the old Neighborhood Hobby Shops were disappearing. As for Amazon, probably haven't bought anything from them in several years. The last things I remember getting from them are my Micca Speck video boxes. Most Online stuff I get off Ebay, then again it's not much, I'm only at Blue Star and 250 some purchases in almost 20 years. I miss my local K-Mart that shut several years ago, I can't stand Wal-Mart and only go there if I Have to, usually for Clothes or Shoes. Not a big Best Buy fan either, I miss Circuit City as so much of my Electronic & PC stuff came from them when they were still open. Now if I need PC stuff, if I don't go on New Egg or Ebay I run out to Micro Center out on Joppa Rd. Anything I get Online I have to have delivered to my Secure workplace. I've been nailed by the Porch Shoppers 3 or 4 times the last several years and that was enough. Truth is I really don't buy that much Stuff. Guess I'm not one who is fueling the Economy much anymore.
  10. No Comment!
  11. Religion and everything aside, what I want to know is why can't I get a Chinese Hearse like This when I go?
  12. Hawking Quote on Death: "I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark." So who am I to contradict that? Pretty much my feelings on the subject as well.
  13. I didn't even think of that 3/14, looks like sometime early AM GMT over there in the UK, I haven't found the exact time yet. Never read his "Brief History" but think I'll try to pick up a copy. Lawrence Krauss's "A Universe from Nothing" bent my mind enough. How these guys wrap their heads around the Quantum Theory stuff is beyond me. It's Mind Boggling. It's there then it isn't then it's there again, no wait now it isn't. It's Incredible. Someone call Elon to stick him in the drivers seat in another Tesla and launch him in the next Falcon Heavy!
  14. Once your biochemical processes stop, decomposition starts, you will decompose and become worm food unless they cremate you, And Yes each of those processes generate more Heat. Eventually when the Sun expands into a Red Giant and engulfs the Earth only Then will your atoms return to the furnace. From there the Sun will eventually cool and shrink to a White Dwarf and continue to cool itself. It is still unclear exactly what Future the Universe has. Whether it will continue Expanding into Oblivion or whether it will in some Eons slow and start to contract again is pretty much Speculation at this point. Yes we all came from Star Stuff but we're way down there on the Food Chain. Pretty hard for Microbes to see what's beyond the drop of water they exist in.
  15. Never really been a Marvel fan though some of the flicks have been pretty good. Was more of a DC comics kid way back when. Superman, Batman, The Flash, Sgt. Rock, Lt. Johnny Cloud and The Haunted Tank (Jeb Stuart) .etc. Never got into Marvel except maybe Susan Storm in the Fantastic Four, you know...