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  1. 2 cents OK, so Ken moved. Who cares Why? Everyone has their own circumstances. I've been back in the house my Folks bought when I was like 10 since their both passing away over a decade ago in what Was a good high Catholic percentage neighborhood in E Balto. 50 some years ago. IF I had the Financial means and IF I could actually get what the City claims this house is worth on the Annual Property Tax Bill, I'd get out except I know that a place in the county would cost even More and I'm not getting any 30-35yr Mortgage from a Bank now that I'm turning 65 myself. FYI my 1911 is sitting below on the shelf of my night table in Condition One and my Stainless .357 which needs no Lock sits handy in my PC desk. And Ken, I'm looking at Finally returning to LV in December the week after the NFR Rodeo is over 'cause it looks Really cheap, Under $800 for AF & my GO Room again at the Flamingo!
  2. "Wreak Havoc" now where have I heard That before? Oh Yes the tales of the Wonderful White Winged Weekend Warrior, the Fabulous Fighting Fowl, the Caped Capon Crusader, oh never mind...
  3. OK, My Refurbed DELL Lattitude E6400 got the following review on it's Wi-Fi from Tom's Guide: "Our review unit came with an unremarkable 802.11b/g wireless connection that pushed data along at a rate of 16.0 Mbps from 15 feet away from our access point and 13.4 Mbps at 50 feet away, both of which are below the category average." So yeah on my Basic 3Mbps connection it's the same as the PC upstairs on Ethernet. Still would be looking at a substantial boost If I went for the Double or Triple play now advertised at 100Mbps. As I only Download and don't Stream it should be more than sufficient.
  4. Always wanted to do this but we can't put New Pics in here anymore!
  5. I have a separate router from my modem, the PC upstairs is on the Ethernet cable. The laptop I have on the sofa end table is on the Wi-Fi. It will D/L at the same speed as the PC upstairs but remember I only have basic 3MBps speed anyway. They both clock at about 3.6 Mbps on speed tests. I hardly use my phone for anything but a phone except for a couple games. With only 8MB ROM it's Out of memory after only installing a couple apps thanks to all the factory Bloatware I Don't use on it. I have not enabled any Email on the phone. Though I set up a Google Email acct long ago, I haven't used it in years. All my mail is on my PC & laptops with my MSN acct. I don't use my Comcast Email acct at all either. I'm not all that happy with Google & Android. People complain about Apple but to me Google is the real 800lb Gorilla. The Lollipop update ate up 1/2 the free ROM I did have on the phone. I wish I never hit that Update button. People tell me I should get a newer phone with more ROM but there's no way I'm spending more than $200 for a phone, it's just not worth it to me. Maybe in 2-3 more years the ones that cost $500-$600 now will be down in the $200 range I can wait.
  6. And CNN and MSNBC aren't?
  7. I could say the same thing thinking that the Libs have gone off the edge. Everyone has their own point of view.
  8. Bodyslam? Lucky he didn't get put in a Figure Four Leg Lock!
  9. It's a Big Ocean, you try to find a Nuke Boat out there. Likely Not one of the Boomers though close to NK, they don't have to be. The Attack boats tho can hide in a lot of places.
  10. I still have to play with the math a while again. Xfinity 220 channels is basically the same as my Dish 250 with a few differences. Lots of Garbage channels including the Music Junk on Both. I could get 100Mb Internet which is a great boost over my 3Mb basic. With Both Dish & Xfinity you pay a $5 charge for the Local channels but Xfinity throws in an extra $7 for "Local Sports" that I don't care about. The Double Play may work out a tad cheaper keeping my old house phone with Verizon over switching all three. From what I figured roughly so far the difference will be in just Dollars, not Tens or more of a difference.
  11. Doubt I'd go for it as I don't Stream anything now. I learned that lesson Long ago with RealPlayer. I thought everyone else did too. Hey I Downloaded it and watched it now where did it go? It's Gone? Forget That! If I take My time to D/L something off Usenet it's in Mp4 or Mkv or DivX avi and it goes on one of my drives. Whether I Keep it or not is my decision. A new modem would set me back abt $200 from what I priced for a new Netgear 3.1. I bought my own Motorola 3.0 modem long ago instead of leasing from Comcast and have my own Netgear Wi-Fi Router. For how much I D/L I still get by with Basic 3Mbps internet only. So it takes an hour or so to D/L a movie off Usenet, I don't care. My TV is on Dish with a built in DVR and if I want to keep something I still have my old Toshiba DVD Recorder under the Dish receiver and can burn a disc off that & rip it with Handbrake myself. I have to run the numbers again for Triple Play 200ch/10mbps/Phone which they now have for $129/mo (for 12mos) but after that what is it? I might want to switch from everything being separate now but I'm not sure how much it would save me in the long run. Maybe $20-30/mo now but what does their service go to after that 12 mos? I'd probably be giving up the DVR unless Xfinity has that in their receiver but can I Record off it? Tough decision as I've sworn by Dish for like 20+ years now and I like the way I run it all now.
  12. Yeah I looked. I just wonder what they'll Charge for the Gigabit service. Their Gigabit Pro internet is shown now at $300/mo. Egads!
  13. Sad News certainly. However there is only one Bond for me, Sean.
  14. Hadn't looked in there before. Wow! Loads of "Guests"! Why don't they get a username & sign in? Why bother with a Forum unless you chime in sometime? I'll check out the Miserable section & look around for what else might be there.
  15. Donny? Sorry I thought this was gonna be something about Donny & Marie. Still Headlining at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. My Home Base there.