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  1. Crazy Uncle, HAHAHA!!! Guess everyone has one! We used to call ours Screwy Louie!
  2. SW has the ONLY Non-Stops or 1 Stop with no plane change from BWI to LAS. Spirit is Non-Stop but has just 1 early AM, like 7AM or so outgoing and a Red-Eye coming back, No Thanks! All the other carriers from BWI you have to go somewhere else and change planes. Driving to DC or Dulles or up to Philly to get a Non-Stop flight just seems to defeat the purpose.
  3. FLYING - by Bartman After my last Dec trip to LV I think I'm Done with flying. SW was making a big deal abt their redesigned interiors but when I got on I never felt as jammed into such a little space as I was this time. It's not Me 'cause I know I dropped 10-15 lbs the last couple years since my last trip out. TSA Pre-Check was Good. Then Boarding was a pain! It was not just the few "Assisted" people in their wheelchairs but the Entourage they each had with them. Must've taken up more than 2 dozen people right off the bat. I think it's a load of Crap. They've got the whole damn Family with them! Even with our A30 something numbers we still wound up behind the wing. The non-stop flight to LAS from BWI is a good 5:30 as it is. If you figure from leaving the house, driving to BWI in abt 1/2 hour, parking in Long Term then getting that shuttle, even with the fast check in and only a :30-:45 min wait for the flight, the Flight, then getting the bag from the carousel at McCarran then the shuttle to the rental car place, getting the car and driving to the hotel & checking in it's something like a 8hr or more Travel Ordeal. How some people travel having to stop somewhere and change planes is beyond me, I couldn't do it. If someone sat down next to me with some "Service Animal", I think I'd have to Punch them in the face! Maybe will try one more trip this Summer, we'll see, but I can hop in my car and Drive to AC in 2:45 to 3:00 like Clockwork, I've done it Dozens of times and that doesn't wear me out. AC ain't LV but it'll do. Still haven't been downtown to Horseshoe, I just don't care to go there. Flamingo Strip View - On the High Roller - Strip View coming home -
  4. Good One!
  5. All the times the Gov't has shut down in my lifetime, don't recall it ever making a difference to me personally. Just Sayin'...
  6. Best guess it was abt 4yrs old. Was putting TV shows on the Seagate and the WD has the Movies. My WD Elements 1TB drive is at least 5yrs old and not a hiccup out of it. The Micca Speck is sitting on the front of the 50" TV stand. I had the Movie drive on the left side of the stand & the TV drive on the right so I could just switch between them anytime. Both drives look different and that way I figured I wouldn't mix them up. Gonna get a couple more WD 1TB drives and backup everything. Have to anyway since the 2 WDs I have now are both almost Full! Glad I had the One Spare I could use and Luckily I recovered everything off the Seagate. The Specs say the Micca can handle up to a 2TB drive, But 1TB is a Buttload of Folders with movies & TV shows as it is and a 2TB drive would just be Ridiculous! I'm sure you've spent time scrolling down the screen on the TV!
  7. Darkest Hour even Better than Churchill!
  8. Well he's only 55 and likely able to Retire on a good hunk of change coming in. Definitely Way more than I make. He mighta been able to go a little Higher on the ladder but Oh Well. He won't have to worry about much anymore. Wish I was in the same position.
  9. So the Gov't is gonna be shutdown for the Weekend! So am I so Big Whoop! They'll argue about it again on Monday.
  10. How about These?
  11. Think I'll use it for Backup on the Main PC upstairs. That's got an Old Iomega full size 1TB drive backup that has its own power supply. That thing's gotta be 10yrs old or more! Would free up some of the desk clutter. I never see anyone with those big old things anymore.
  12. My understanding from listening to C4 on the radio today was that Obama "Commuted" the sentence, According to what he was saying, that Just removed the Sentence, Not the Conviction. So as I understand it if he's not Wrong, it should still be on the Record Books, so by what you're saying is it's perfectly Legal for a Convicted Felon to run for Office.
  13. I don't know all the Rules but even though His/Her sentence was Commuted or whatever the term is, isn't She/He still on the record as being a Convicted Felon? Would that not make one ineligible for elected office?
  14. Snowballs Chance
  15. Snowball's Chance