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  1. Here's a YouTube channel from a younger couple who just moved there sometime this year. Not so much on Gambling itself but a bunch of good Walkthroughs of several of the Casinos there. They've gotten off to a pretty good start as YouTubers!
  2. People all over just can't seem to get Carlson's line right. If you listen Carefully it's: "As God IS my witness, I thought Turkeys could fly!"
  3. People still actually Buy newspapers? I haven't seen one in Years as opposed to the days I used to get my coffee & paper on my way to work.
  4. Haven't gone to a Movie in something like 20yrs now. Why do you think I bought a Big TV? Just Not a People Person, I'd rather be home. I'll grab the BluRay Rip when it comes up on Usenet in a few more weeks. Probably will get released fast 'cause it Tanked at the box office. 60 days, maybe 90 Tops.
  5. Last week or whenever I saw that it tanked at the box office.
  6. I read ur link abt PASPA. I was wondering why the sports books were Huge in LV and the ones in AC were just little rooms if the casino had one at all. Never into sports betting myself though way back in my 20's I subscribed to Pro & College Football Newsweekly mainly to look at all the stats and matchups & try to pick the winners every week as I was a Football Junkie back then. I'll Bet that sooner or later the Money will win out and and it'll be Legalized eventually. The States want a piece of that pie just as they did with all the casinos most states have now as opposed to when it was just LV and AC.
  7. Wal Mart - Refurbished Dell Optiplex 745 Small Form Factor Desktop PC with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 4GB Memory, 80GB Hard Drive and Windows 10 Home (Monitor Not Included) - $87.86 WOW! That's kinda outdated, I'm surprised it has the juice to run W10! Heck, if you have a bunch of others I'd try to scrape up one of those to work. Really it doesn't have much juice to do much more than surf the web. I mean a Core 2 Duo dep. on the clock speed is OK with 4G RAM but there's not much else you can install on it with only an 80GB HD. Dropping any PC 3 ft isn't good, coulda knocked loose any connection like the video chip on the MB loose too. If the whole system freezes, well def not good. Think it's time for you to Upgrade!
  8. Happens every day but you rarely hear about it. Just not Newsworthy.
  9. Not 100% sure on that, a couple yrs ago I heard that NJ was going to open it up to Sports betting besides just the Horses but I haven't kept up on it. I heard abt Del doing the parlay thing too. It may be a State to State thing but if it is the Feds I don't doubt that the states will get the Feds to open it up sooner or later as pretty much All the states have their own gambling now in some form. I oughta pick back up on my subscription to Casino Player I let lapse.
  10. As I recall, there was/is some NJ or Local law where they couldn't have "Bingo" but they had basically the same thing called "Skill-O" didn't they? Yeah my Dad's mom would play there all day. The other thing I remember was the Swings from the big Globe out there on the pier, swung you right out over the edge by the beach. There were so many Games to play at the Arcades I barely remember any of them at all except Skee-Ball. Yeah we were up in NJ so many times in the summer 'cause we stayed at my Grandparents house right off Route 9 for Nothing. The trips here to OC came later after my Dad could afford to Pay to stay somewhere. Shame we have to grow up and deal with Adult life.
  11. I still have cousins in Forked River. I'm old enough that I remember the Navy Blimps flying over us out on my Grandfathers & Uncles boat fishing in Barnegat Bay. I remember going to Asbury Park too when there were still some rides there and the walkthrough Fun House inside the one place. Seeing pics of Asbury now just saddens me. I was Heartbroken seeing the one Pier at Seaside wiped out by Sandy. I remember the Wild Mouse out there on the end where you thought you would get flung out into the ocean. OC here had Squat for rides when I was a kid while Seaside had Two Piers full of rides! What kid wouldn't Love that? Point Pleasant & Belmar, I still have some vague memories of those. Mostly the family going to restaurants there. In the 60's when I pestered the folks to go see AC way back then they told me ahead of time there was Nothing there. Eventually they relented and we drove down there and I remember their Boardwalk was full of places mostly all boarded up. The Steel Pier was even closed! So in my mind the Casinos really Did "Save" AC. Never saw it again till I hit my 50's after Dad passed and Mom told me how she missed Dad taking her to stay a couple nites in AC now & then. So I said I'll take you and that was the First time I ever set foot in a Casino! I still like AC enough for short 2 or 3 nite midweek stays spread out maybe 3 or 4 times a year. Trying to get back on my schedule for my Summer & Winter weeklong trips to LV. Been there at least a Dozen times and I miss it. Be back this year in December! Here's a Seaside Heights local guy who must live there and he puts up a neat little bunch of Videos on YouTube, Nothing Fancy but kinda Nice to see.
  12. I don't remember exactly offhand what rate NJ taxes their casinos at. In any case it's much lower than what most states who recently expanded gaming are doing. I read that PA gets 1/2 of the take in their casinos. When I read that MD was going to rake in 2/3rds of the Take here, I figured No Co. in their right mind would come to MD. Guess I was wrong. However I will say that "Live" didn't impress me and I didn't really expect to see much at Hollywood. Still haven't been to Horseshoe and likely never will. Just go on Wikipedia and look up the difference between Class 2 and Class 3 slot machines. I won't play State regulated/connected Slots. All the MD State Lottery agency will say is that on ALL Games Overall they pay "Winners" some 60 odd percent of the Take, that Stinks! I'll only play True RNG type Slots. Besides that Table Minimums are Lower all over in LV, not as much in AC but I just can't afford to play My game tables in MD at all. In LV I've played Pai Gow Poker at $5/hand. Buy in for $100 and play all afternoon! Played Mini-Bac at $5 hand at South Point. In LV Downtown in the Morning I've played Roulette at $2 a spin with 0.25 chips! You can't even play that cheap in AC and Forget about it here! I'm strictly a low Roller.
  13. Yeah, it's always been about getting Away and just being Other than what you have to be week in and week out at work & home. I like being catered to in LV and almost as much in AC. Been to both many times now since I Re-Discovered AC in my 50's. As my Dad's side of the family is in NJ, I was there as a Kid before the casinos and thought it was a Dump back then in the 60's. My preferred place was Seaside Heights not far from my Dad's folks place in Bayville. You know, Kids just like Rides & Seaside had More! When we 1st vacationed in OC here, I didn't think much of it. When I Re-discovered AC later, I was amazed having Never been in a Casino before in my life. Then in LV I was blown away! It really IS the Disneyland for Adults. AC is still OK but not what it was just a few years ago. All the States legalizing their own gambling killed their East Coast Monopoly. Think about it, most people have to Fly in to LV where AC is within a 4-5hr drive to Millions in the east. It was Much better 10yrs ago now it's like 1/3rd of the places are gone. But Hard Rock bought the Taj after Icahn closed it and they're supposed to re-open it next year. My Fav place to stay there was the Showboat but CET closed that several years ago. I like the less crowded North end of the boardwalk. Now I just stay at Harrah's bayside and run around there & the Borgata & Golden Nugget for a few days/nites mid-week now and then. This is how I remember Seaside, as a Kid we All had crew cuts or wiffles and wore those striped t-shirts!
  14. I don't do Any of that stuff and don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. I used to run several Real websites on the 'net in the late 90's to a bit past 2000. Started with Claris 2.0 then MS Front Page & FP2000 then finally graduating to Dreamweaver before I Quit it all. When I was in it having a Web Site was New & Fun. "Hey You're that Web Guy!" Then after a while no one cared anymore. I don't have a Facebook acct, don't Tweet and don't "Like" anything. Been There, Done That. Now I don't bother with any of it. Why?
  15. Sports Books are Big in the LV casinos, I think NJ was supposed to let More betting go on at the sports books that were pretty small in comparison there but I really haven't kept up on it as I don't do it. If the MD Pols figure out how to get their Take of it here, they'll do it. Been to "Live" just once and haven't been back, no desire to go to Horseshoe and only went in and looked around at Hollywood once. Just have no desire to Gamble here at home. For me it's always been about going Away to Stay and Play in the Real Casinos. I'll be in LV in December.
  17. Early AM Launch so it's mostly Dark, successful 1st stage Landing & Sat Deploy
  20. Why Are So Many Fascist Monuments Still Standing in Italy? You got a problem with that?
  21. On Mr Deltoids remarks abt flash supressors. I once bought a Mini-14 Ranch Rifle, the one with the scope mountings on the receiver. Put a 3x9 scope on it. Well the 223 rd coming out of that short barrel had such a Flash it whited out the scope picture when you fired it. In fact I had a Videotape from on the range where you could see the Flame a good 2-3 ft out from the muzzle on a bright sunny day! That's just Ridiculous! So what I did was trade it up and up with a buddy of mine for his slightly used Stainless Mini without the scope mountings and put a flash suppressor on that one anyway. At least the you could still see when you shot it. Then I put the 3x9 scope on my old Wards .22 LR bolt action, it's just fine there. You just Learn some stuff the Hard Way.
  22. Hell I'm already paying Extra with the Resort Fees for stuff I never use except maybe the Wi-Fi if I take my Laptop with me. Yeah, jack the prices up even More! I'll start staying Off-Strip at one of the cheaper Station casinos. I always get a rental car anyway so it makes no difference to me.
  23. Don't know if it's still True but I read Years ago that if you were in the Swiss Military you kept your Field Weapon at home with you. Cool!