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  1. Haven't been to a "Party" since maybe my late 30's or so. Have people I Work with every day, why would I want to see them Outside otherwise. A couple of those I've known for 30 years so I consider them Friends but we don't hang out otherwise from work. Have One friend left from a Group of us that hung together back in my 30's but most have gone other ways, a couple have passed on. There was Big John & Little John, Old Bart and I was Young Bart and Walt and a couple others. Still have my One friend (Little) John I still hang with on Sat nites at our Club and that's it. Have a Gal I see maybe twice a week, usually on Sundays and sometimes in the middle of the week. Once upon a time I was Out with that bunch & others probably 4-5 nites of the week but I just fell out of all that as I got Older. Have to get up way too Early every morning for work around 5-5:30AM. That pretty much Kills you for going out Weeknights as you get older. Don't really feel any Need to be around a lot of people anymore. I deal with enough people in my Co. and other Co's all week long at work. That's enough.
  2. Can't say I'm a Fan but not really Against him either. Just don't see why anyone already That well off would want to take that Step Down from his own Throne and have to fight with all these Morons in the Senate and Congress much less be under the Spotlight all the time like the Prez is. Maybe he Does feel like he can do something for the Country but if I was in those shoes, I'd have nothing to do with it. If you have That much money where you can pretty much Isolate yourself from the rest of us all and live in Peace in Happiness, Why give that up? Look at Steve Wynn or Sheldon Adelson! They've got Plenty and are Happy! I wouldn't take on This job for Anything! Heck, I'm old enough hitting 65 and my Overhead isn't that much that if someone would cut me a check for a Mil tax free, that's 50K a year for the next 20 yrs and everyone would be asking whatever happened to whatshisname! I'd Disappear!
  3. I know I got pretty extensive about it. To me Religion is just putting the Responsibility of what you do in someone else's hands. Most of us don't even get to make 100 measly revolutions around this little Yellow Star. That's not much. I'm gonna be 65 soon, when I was Young, I couldn't Imagine this. Those were my Grandparents! One day you turn around and go Holy Crap! What happened? I'm not gonna be around a whole lot longer! I didn't do all that well but on the other hand there's plenty of folks Not at as well off as I am. At least I never got into any trouble. Haven't done anything really Great but nothing Bad either. Think I've gotten to do a lot of stuff most people don't get to do. Some stuff I'd still like to do but it's not gonna happen. Most of us just get along about the same way. There's been lots of Good times but seems getting Older you do get Tired of dealing with all the Crap that still comes along. That's the way it goes. One day you'll get the Eternal Peace that you crave. Oblivion, Nothingness, call it what you will. If you think one day you'll be in God's Amusement Park or at the bottom of His Outhouse, well, you just keep thinking that. That's Your call. You get One shot at this, just don't Blow it. That's all you can do.
  4. Only Trump stuff I have are a couple Taj jackets. My buddy John used to go up to AC Every week to play and had a Load of Comp so he's got a Lot of Trump stuff to wear. He told me one day at the food store someone came up to him and told him he didn't like his Trump hat. John said "It says Trump Taj Mahal! Can't you Read?" John is an even Crustier Old Guy than I am.
  5. Second flight for previously launched Falcon 9 and a Second landing! These guys are getting Good at this!
  6. I was raised RC myself but I just kinda drifted away from it. Once I read that the physicists had gotten the Big Bang down to 10.-47 seconds afterwards, then there are Quarks and their components, Up, Down, Strange & Charm. Then the other Bosons, Leptons, Gravitons and Gluons and the rest I just said Forget it! On the other side of the scale there are Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Magnetars, Quasars and other exotic things out there. Our Sun you think is so Great is a Pipsqueak! Well Now you have to be Kidding me about any kind of God. In the entire scheme of things we're Nothing more than another odd Happenstance of the Universe. No doubt in my mind that there has been, is now and will be Other Intelligent Life, some Where, some When all over the Universe. The Problem is that Distance = Time and vice versa so the chances of anyone/anything actually getting together is quite Remote. We're here in Our Now which is barely an eyeblink of Time. To even Think that there may be some Being/Thing looking over us all is the Height of Conceit. It comes out of Our own Self-Awareness. Most of us do not know or care about any other Random Human living just anywhere say on the opposite side of this planet. Oh, This guy Died today, Who? What makes you think there could be someone/something caring about You/Us in this insignificant system around this minor G type star floating in an arm of this rather common Galaxy? You're just projecting your Own Awareness out there thinking/hoping there is someone who cares about YOU! I just don't see it. You're here for a while then your Gone. Unless you somehow get written up in Our History for something which may last a few or more Centuries, in just a few generations maybe 5-6 or so, no one will know you existed. Get Over It! This is your One Shot, just don't Blow It!
  7. Not unusual for July in LV to hit 115-116, been there many times. I'm used to going in Mid July after the 4th crowd leaves. It's a Dry heat you know. The Humidity out there is like 10% or less. I like that I never have a Sniffle all week out there but some folks complain about dry Sinuses. I Love it! I can Breathe! You don't Sweat 'cause it's like any perspiration Evaporates the second it comes out of your pores. If you're in the Shade it's not all that bad but if your in the Sun you feel like you're under one of those Heat Lamps at the Buffet. Remember standing downtown on Fremont and walked around the corner at Main St and got hit by the wind which felt like I was standing in front of a giant Blow Dryer. Biggest thing that Shocked me 1st time & Every time since is when you come back Here! The second you walk out of the Air Conditioned BWI you feel as if you've been dropped in the middle of a Swamp! I could smell Every blade of grass, every tree, every bush, you name it. That was just Overpowering. As far as Aircraft, it's called Density Altitude. All aircraft have a Maximum Altitude that they can take off at. It's a combination of how much Thrust (Prop or Jet) an engine can produce at a certain altitude combined with the available Lift generated by the wings at that altitude. That and the amount of available Runway.
  8. Condoms? Who wants to wear Condoms? Tax Incentives? People living on Social Support and/or the Underground Economy have no need or use for Tax Incentives. Care to try Again?
  9. Since no one piped up I searched myself. Looked at a couple Shareware/Open Source programs and so far have been playing with Debut Video Capture. Have to run it again tonite now I'm getting the hang of it. Captured the view during Sunset and seeing the Strip light up bit by bit. As I mentioned, I can put the Video on a thumb and with my little Micca Speck box I can loop it like a screen saver on the Big TV while I'm sitting there doing something else on my laptop. Later I might want to capture some other Streams but Most live streams on You Tube on people's Channels are saved there for D/L later which I can do easily with Firefox and the Download Helper. Just this Live Stream isn't Saved on YouTube. May try capturing other Cams from other sites sometime. I can plug in my headphones and run a Game and comment on how to do this and that and all and make a video of that. I know how to put together Videos with MS Movie Maker but never tried whole Screen Captures. Just fooling around.
  10. Tips, Suggestions? On You Tube, there's a LV TV channel that sometimes runs a Live webcam in 720P from the top of Mandalay Bay looking up the Strip. I'd like to record the Stream and save it. Firefox Download Helper doesn't do it, just leaves an Icon for like 48Kb showing it as an mp4 but there's nothing there. What I'd like to do is Download the Stream, I have Handbrake and other conversion software so I don't care what Format. All I want to do is DL the streams both day & nite for abt 1/2 hr each so I can Loop them and leave it on the TV like a Screen Saver when I'm doing something else. Any Free Software anyone know that will do it?
  11. My Grandparents lived through the Depression and my folks came along out of it being born in 1930 & 31. Being a Late Boomer from the early 50's, all I ever heard from my folks & family was that I didn't know how Good I had it. Everyone I knew in my family Worked all their lives. When I got older and went to work and whenever I would ***** or moan about my job all I got was "You should just be glad you Have a Job.". Seems I've heard that all my life and even when things Sucked and I thought I should Quit, I'd hear "You Don't Quit your Job!". That was the Ethic I was brought up in. It doesn't seem to be around all that much anymore. I stuck with one Co for 33yrs and when they shut down one of our competitors called Me to come on board with them. So I guess it pays to be that way.
  12. Well He started it with Everything being so Beautiful & Candy Coated! We all know it's not That way either.
  13. More of a Caligula fan myself, I have the flick on one of my hard drives. SPQR!
  14. But you gotta admit they had some Snazzy Uniforms, esp the SS, Wow!
  15. Wait. Wait, Wait! I'm not even going to bring up the Sex part but... "Woman is God's Greatest Creation" and you have how many Kids & Grandchildren? And Not Once in your Life has you're Significant Other turned into the Godless Hellion that you either wanted to Run from or Murder? I can think of a couple of Women that have put me through the Wringer in my life. Don't have One Grandkid that you look at and say well he's a real Worthless POS? You Must have the Perfect Family. Truly a Rarity in the course of Human Evolution. You should meet my Brother-in-Law! Now There's a Real piece of work for you there, I've never met anyone as Useless in my entire Life! So God has given You the Perfect Family! Wow, Lucky You!
  16. I remember those days when to a lot of people, Nixon was nothing less than the Devil Incarnate! And people Now are screaming about The Donald? I just don't see the comparison.
  17. We don't need "Your Tired, Poor or Hungry" anymore. That was in the 1800's and we're Full now. We have some 400 Million people. If you want to come here you Should have something to Contribute. We don't need anymore Burdens. We have enough of that already with our Own people.
  18. Well that Captain will be out of a job. There will be an investigation of whoever else was on watch and what they did or didn't do. Someone Blew it, there's no way a Warship lets itself get rammed by a Merchantman. The Capt. bears the ultimate responsibility in the end though. That's the way it works.
  19. Well I Did buy a Mosin Nagant way back when "Enemy at the Gates" came out and I do have a nickel plated Makarov in .380, it says "Made in Russia" on the slide.
  20. I just don't see why everyone is so Angry on Both sides. Must be because of my Age now. I Really Don't Care one way or the other about Any of it. I watch the news and move on. I've got Other Stuff to do. I'll get dressed & go to the food store in another hour. Yeah, 7AM right when they open up! After that I have all day to do Nothing in particular till I go to my card game tonite. Sunday I can just lay around all day doing Nothing. Monday it's back to Work, Lather, Rinse, Repeat..........
  21. Just a few, look 'em up! Q: What do you call a smiling, courteous person at a bar association convention? A: The caterer. Q: What's the difference between a female lawyer and a pitbull? A: Lipstick. Q: What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of 100? A: Your Honor. Q: What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of 50 A: Senator. Q: What's the difference between an accountant and a lawyer? A: Accountants know they're boring. Q: What's the one thing that never works when it's fixed? A: A jury. Q: Why did God invent lawyers? A: So that real estate agents would have someone to look down on. Q: What's the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a lawyer on a motorcycle? A: The vacuum cleaner has the dirt bag on the inside. Q: What' the difference between a lawyer and a boxing referee? A: A boxing referee doesn't get paid more for a longer fight. Q: What's the difference between a good lawyer and a bad lawyer? A: A bad lawyer makes your case drag on for years. A good lawyer makes it last even longer. Q: What's the difference between a jellyfish and a lawyer? A: One's a spineless, poisonous blob. The other is a form of sea life.
  22. FYI, usually the Handpay is any Win over $1100 or $1200, I forget which as I've never hit that big. Anything over that and you have to sign the Tax Form so the Feds will know to hit you for it next year.