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  1. OK then, it's showing Bing there too in the settings
  2. Is she still Hot and How Much? Never Mind, I probably can't afford it.
  3. My Cub Scout Pack was on the Bozo show here at Channel 2 when Stu Kerr was Bozo! They took us all there on a School Bus. I remember the Big Thing then was when he asked a kid in the audience what his name was the kid would say P'sketti (Spaghetti) and everyone would Laugh! JEEZ I'm OLD!!!
  4. Wouldn't she be considered the "High Priced Spread"?
  5. Depends where and when. If I'm downstairs the 1911 is handy in a couch side table. If I'm in bed the .357 is on the shelf of the night table.
  6. Funny, I never even heard of the event. Not that I would have watched it.
  7. Saw a sign in front of Fantasies in Curtis Bay that she'll be Stripping there sometime. I didn't catch the date, just saw it driving by. Thought you'd like to know. I have no intention of going myself I live on This side of the river, I only work on the other side.
  8. Buy a gun in the dark? I don't understand that reference. Yes I'm what you would consider the Older generation now. I learned to shoot in the Boy Scouts way back in the 60's. It was a different time then and to understand where my politics come from I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis and the day JFK was killed. To me firearms were just another Hobby as much as someone having a dozen different fishing rods or someone else changing sets of golf clubs. No more than a Hobby to me until I was grown and came to understand the need for self defense in the home. I haven't purchased anything New in 20 some years, I got what I wanted and was done long ago. I'm not Paranoid but realize it's better to have something if you need it than to need it and Not have it. I have a Baker's Dozen of assorted firearms at least half being Military pattern but in my 65 years on the planet I've yet to shoot anyone. On the other hand if I'm threatened in my home I'm not going to give the Bad Guy a chance. It is still My Right and I'll support that until they pat me in the face with the shovel.
  9. Saw the flick some time ago on TCM. That wasn't the only incident like that in WWII. Saving Private Ryan was loosely based on another set of Brothers then. That's how the Military came up with their Sole Survivor rules for families that had siblings serving together and even in different branches.
  10. If anyone cares, driving from Curtis Bay today and saw a sign that Stormy Daniels would be dancing at Fantasies. Didn't see the date as I just spotted it on my way to go over the Key Bridge. For one I know that I've seen enough Porn in my time on the 'net and I never heard of her before all this Flap. I have no intention of seeing her, I just Work on that side of town. I'm not going over that way on my own time! Just thought you'd like to know.
  11. On this one today Laws meant little. As far as I know it's Not Legal here in MD for a 17yr old to own a Handgun. Knowing how difficult it is to get a Carry permit here I doubt he had that either. So how Effective was the Law here? It's the Old Saw, Criminals don't obey Laws, those are for the Rest of Us.
  12. Well if you Don't Vote in Russia...
  13. Figured the Boy Scouts had already been Neutered when I looked up Broad Creek on the 'net and didn't see any mention of the Rifle Range where I first learned how to shoot many many years ago.. Guess they don't even have Boy Scout Knives anymore either.
  14. Both really Good Brit flicks. Keep in mind that they just don't make films the same way Hollywood does. Both slow paced and more Dramatic, not at all like all the Slam, Bang, Boom stuff from our studios. If you're a WWII History buff at all you'll enjoy them. They're both Keepers to me and have been added into my Library.
  15. They're all over the place at the Port locations I frequent at work. I doubt they're "Endangered". I'd be surprised if they were.
  16. All Walgreens & CVS stores I've seen have all been stand alone New Construction. So just figure, any or all Old Rite-Aid stores IN shopping centers with adjacent stores are likely out of the picture. The only stand alone Rite Aid I know of is the one in Dundalk at Wise & Merritt. In fact when it was building I thought at first it would be a CVS or Walgreens, So that one will probably go over.
  17. Got Bing on my IE but I don't think IE is keeping up anymore with what some sites run, Java and whatnot, it takes Forever sometimes to load a page. Still on W7Pro so I'm not using the Edge browser. I use Firefox more and more but don't think I specified any Search Engine. I just type stuff in the address bar and it shows me several choices there.
  18. I'll stay out of this one. I don't feel like getting torn up here If I said ......... Never Mind.......
  19. Wait, Wait, Wait! Whatever happened to the Brownies? Girls in Cub Scouts? Well I guess that's the End now. You had Boy Scouts for Boys and Girl Scouts for Girls. I don't see the problem with that. Next thing you know they'll be Camping together in tents! Well that oughta do it. All we need is a couple of Pregnant Girl Scouts and we'll see what they say then. Idiots!
  20. Used to catch him now and then many years ago. I'm not driving around anywhere at 10PM on Sundays anymore.
  21. Ate at the one on the LINQ promenade in LV back in Dec. OK enough place kinda like Hooters but more of a Sports Bar with all the TVs there, they covered the whole back wall plus the ones around the bar. Definitely catering to the younger Male set than a Senior Citizen like me but I felt OK there. Menu was pretty good with various choices but I didn't see anything really Spectacular about it. Bottom line is the one out White Marsh must not have been drawing in enough business to justify the operation. They tried it but apparently the "Market" wasn't there for them. That's the way it goes.
  22. I don't know anything happened other that they were both ticketed. Yeah the 390 wasn't really all that but Ford stuck it in the smaller Fairlane fastback and with the Auto trans it was badged GTA. Mr.W also had the 1st model Charger 66 or 67 fastback before they went with the newer body. I do remember a Senior who drove a yellow SS396 convertible, his last name was Earlbeck who auto enthusiasts will know, they were on Pulaski Hwy and made intake manifolds & headers. They became a quite famous outfit, still around I believe, the SS was their Tow Car for their Drag cars. A good buddy of mine got a Mach 1 Mustang with the 351 Cleveland after one of his "Friends" stole his 57 Chevy and wrecked it. I just drove an old POS 63 Chevy Biscayne with a straight 6 & powerglide tranny. I was Poor! I did have a good 8 track player though driving a set of 8" woofers & smaller tweeters in there though. I would blast the music in the days everyone hung out at the Perring Pkwy shopping center at nite.
  23. Been there several times yrs ago. Too crowded now and parking in DC is expensive. Better for a day, drive out to Dulles at the Udvar-Hazy expansion or whatever you want to call it. They have the Enola Gay, an SR71, the 1st 707, a Concorde, Bob Hoover's Aero Commander, Leo Loudenslager's Laser, a Space Shuttle and a whole lot more for Real aviation enthusiasts.