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  1. Best Views & Resolution yet! Second flight of Both the Booster and Spacecraft!
  2. Hop on board! Monitors tell you how high you are Here we go! Here's the Monorail & station behind Harrah's The back of the Flamingo Halfway up, there's the Axle Higher, the back of the Flamingo Looking North, the Venetian, Pallazzo & Wynn and the Trump Tower Almost at the Top! And here we are, looking South at the Strip The Top 538 feet! And North The Bellagio and Caesars across from the Flamingo And coming back down behind the Flamingo
  3. Only cost $20 with my Total Rewards (Caesars/Harrah's etc) card the other day like around 12:30. It takes abt 30min to go around the one time. Only one other couple in the one car with me. Most people want to go on at nite to see all the lights. Not Scary at all, kinda neat! Not surprised when you get off and go downstairs, you wind up in their Gift Shop.
  4. Didn't notice that one, the Eagle on top had a hat too but it was too small and didn't think I could get a pic.
  5. Sam's Town has their Atrium decorated every year The Bear is wearing a Santa Hat So is the Mountain Lion
  6. HAHAHA! Caesars costs too much for my needs. I don't need Luxury, you should see my House! I don't live like that! I've stayed at the Flamingo at least a dozen times now in their GO Room. You might want to call it the "Austin Powers" Room. It's kinda got that 60's-70's "Mod" theme. I like it. Center Strip opposite Caesars so plenty of places in walking distance. I know my driving routes in and out of the garage out back by heart to Koval Ln & Paradise Rd to avoid the traffic on the strip. Always rent a car and travel all around the places Off-Strip & Downtown for cheaper buffets AND Lower Table Minimums. It's just past 6:20AM here now & getting ready to drive out to Sam's Town out on Boulder Hwy for B'fast. After there, haven't decided yet. Ate yesterday at the Orleans and before that Palace Station. South Point is full of Cowboys now with the Rodeo Finals so have to skip that place this trip Dammit! Just go wherever the Whim takes me.
  7. Flamingo Go Room Top Floor Strip View!
  8. Peanuts! Intellicast has 1"-3" Sat then Sunny 41 degrees Sunday, Should melt off most of it then. Don't Care! Flying out to Vegas Sunday
  9. I'll be watching it Again tonite!
  10. I remember after he died, the next couple years there must've been half a dozen albums with unreleased or incomplete tracks. Except for one or two songs I felt they were all just Crap that the record companies were just trying to make more money off him.
  11. Biologists here on Earth have found Loads of places where Microbial Life has taken hold where no one expected. No doubt that conditions may occur elsewhere. Whether the environment has any capability of letting that life Evolve into something more Complex or Advanced, well that's another story.
  12. For one, the SpaceX "Dragon" ship has Nothing to do with Boeing. SpaceX was founded by Elon Musk, the same guy making the Tesla electric cars. They've already sent a bunch of resupply missions to the ISS AND it's the Only one other than Soyuz to Return to Earth. The other Cygnus ships they just fill with Trash and they burn up on Re-entry. The Manned Dragon is slated to fly next year. The Savings is with SpaceX's Boosters which they've Landed back at the Cape or on seagoing barges over a dozen times now. In fact one upcoming flight will be the Third reuse of one of the 1st stage boosters. That's how SpaceX is cutting the Cost/Lb of getting into space. The Boeing Uprated "Apollo" basically has no clear mission objectives yet. They Claim it will be capable of going to Mars but it's still in my opinion, too Small for that. 4 or 5 guys in that little space for a flight over a year, they'll be beating the Crap out of each other in 6 months You have to have enough Space inside for the people to just get Away from each other for a while.
  13. It was all over the 5 o'clock news, supposedly at 4:47 PM. Sorry but I didn't feel a thing! Anyone?
  14. Yeah, 60's TV! That's what I grew up on. Black & White, 3 Local channels and Maybe on better nights one or 2 of the DC channels with some snow if it wasn't too bad. That's when I was the Remote! Dad would tell me to get up and change the channel. He'd tell me when to stop.
  15. Think my 1st PC was a P-100. HD was possibly 20 or 30 Gb back then, I remember I paid xtra for a CD burner. Ordered from an outfit named Digirex out of that big old Computer Shopper book that used to come out. I used to grab that book every month as the Technology was booming so fast. My Second one was from an outfit named Multiwave, they're still around last time I looked selling parts. Then later at a Computer Show I bought a Barebones rig that I finished out and powered with the then new AMD Thunderbird chip. Since then I've bought nothing but Cyberpower rigs, The latest one I bought back last January is my 4th from them. Never had any problems or failures with any of them.
  16. Both my Latitudes, 54__ something and 64__ something have their vents on the side. I've noticed some of the heat also goes out the USB & other ports there as well. I watch never to block them unless something's plugged into them. Here's a little Heat monitor program, it's Free!
  17. Used to run FTP back when I was making Websites in the late 90's and into like 2003 or 4 when I quit. That's how I uploaded everything to my Host from MS Front Page then Dreamweaver. Don't remember what program I used for that anymore, may have been extensions built into MS FP & Dream.
  18. Tried Guinness once Forever ago way back in my Fells Point days, we're talking in the 70's! Didn't care for it then and haven't touched it since.
  19. "Nuke the site from Orbit, it's the Only way to be sure!" - Lt. Ripley
  20. There's an Outdoors section and a Shooting Gallery on the Other Forum Unfortunately there are Few people on those boards, tried it for a while but hardly anyone there.
  21. Before I really knew Anything about handguns Way Way back, the 1st pistol I bought due to reviews was the Star Firestar in 9mm. That little SOB was just Crazy! Think the barrel was just like 3" and barely controllable with that round. I traded it with a Dealer for a Ruger P90DC when the DeCocker stuff was just coming out. "The P90 came in multiple configurations including the P90 DC, a decocker only version with no external safety. The P90 was discontinued in 2010." I sold that off as well as I just felt it was too "Blocky" feeling and really not what I wanted. When I came across a good deal on the Browning, I jumped on it and Glad I did. It's everything that John M. Browning wanted to do after the 1911 and it's everything that makes it the Classic that it is. As far as Wheelguns, not being able to afford a Colt, the Taurus 689 had excellent reviews so I went with what I guess everyone considers the standard 6" vent rib for Target rather than a shorter Combat model. Pleased with it but yeah as I'm not all that Big in Stature the full load .357s will get to my hand after a while. To me, something with a little more Heft to it eases the recoil. Like I said, a friend has a bunch of Glocks and I tried them but they just weren't my cup of tea. I just like the Classics I guess, all these New ones just don't appeal to me. Besides I have what I wanted now so that's it. On a side note, I knew a guy who was pushing 80 back when I was in my 50's who was still shooting TC Contenders in .45-70 at that Steel Plate target stuff. I thought "You've Got to be Kidding me!". People call them Hand Cannons, right! And this Old Guy sitting at the bar with the Shakes when he picked up his Shot glass was the one who tried talking me into getting a .44! Nah, that's just too Extreme for me.
  22. Sorry, no clue here. Been running a couple Factory Refurbed Dells myself for some time now, each at least 3 and 4 years old respectively out of their refurb place. The internal speakers on my newest one started cutting out so I was afraid of the audio going out. Got a pair of cheap USB speakers for it and they work fine but the internal speakers just quit for some reason.
  23. Guess it's just personal preference. There's a bit more recoil with the .45ACP but the 9mm being a higher pressure round just feels less comfortable to me, more of a Pop! Mostly put 38 wadcutters thru the 357 but the std 357 rounds will bother my hand a bit after about 1/2 a box. I don't bother with the Hot loads.
  24. Tried a couple Glocks but just didn't care for them. One friend of mine must have half a dozen in different Flavors. I always liked the Classics, my Gov't Model is just Plain Jane but I put black rubber grips on it. Some people feel intimidated by the 1911 but to me it's a big old *****cat. My 9mm is the old tried & true Browning Hi-Power. Nothing fancy just the base Std model in black. Couldn't afford a Python when I was arming up way back when so I got one that had good reviews, the Taurus 689 6" vent rib in Stainless. I put Hogue grips on it. For a .22 I had to go with the classic Ruger MkII but got the 6" Bull barrel. Now the one Oddball I have you just can't get anymore. A Russkie nickel plated Makarov in .380. Basically the Russian idea of the PPK. That's why I got it 'cause I couldn't afford the Walther. It ain't bad and I like that it says "Made in Russia" on the slide. If I could Carry, that would be the one. Figure I covered the Major calibers I wanted . An old shooting buddy tried to talk me into a S&W .44 but I shot one Once and said I'll Pass on it. I've got enough. Don't feel that I need anything else.