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  1. HMMM... Don't have that problem in NASCAR.
  2. HD has been having troubles. The Millennials like riding the Rice Rockets, HD sales have been dropping for several years. Not much they can do about that.
  3. Got up Early last Sat just like Today, I'm used to getting up around 5:00 or earlier after doing it for Work all these years. Anyway, turned on 11 for the News and there was the Today show covering the Wedding. So I watched the whole shebang and thought it was pretty neat, We don't have anything like that here.
  4. I could see the tower going up downtown from the waterfront. I looked it up on and saw it was some Condo development named 411 Light St or something like that. It's some Luxury hi-rise with shopping and what not. There were online tours of the different I guess you call them Suites or whatever. Looks like a big deal but my thought was who would pay all that money to live right there? I'd give it a couple or three years and it'll wind up as Section 8 housing. I just can't see it.
  5. This is about the Boat right?
  6. As my Dad owned a bar once upon a time I know that most all bars & liquor store owners would be against it. Big chains could undercut their prices easily. More loss of Revenue to small business owners. It's tough enough as it is.
  7. You can fool around with Numbers enough to say almost anything. Apples to Oranges and what not. There are a few Fortune 500 companies based here but much more in the various counties and esp closer to DC. Ever drive up the Dulles Toll Road and see all the Hi Tech companies along there? The bottom line that I've posted elsewhere is that the Industrial Base that drove the local economy here for decades in my lifetime is mostly gone. Beth Steel, GM, Western Electric not to mention the smaller companies that fed them and the ones who took what they produced and furthered the process like Armco Steel, Continental Can, Eastern Stainless and many more. Sure there are more Tech companies now but most are smaller and don't employ the Numbers that the former companies and corporations did. One or the largest economic drivers in this area remains the Port where I've stayed in my career over 40 years now. Medical has a large base in the city but they don't supply the jobs in Numbers to the population like the older industries did. Like I said, Apples & Oranges but the better paying Jobs available to the People just aren't there as they were decades ago. Just noticed the other day on Eastern Ave that the large Paint Plant that was there opposite City Hospital for years before closing down is being torn down. For what? Another Retail shopping center, Our Industrial Base is virtually gone. There you are!
  8. Explanation by Kerbal guru Scott Manley
  9. I know some of the guys on Percy's gang and several supervisors, have worked at DMT & Fairfield for Ages. I don't go on the ships much anymore. I have a kid at work I put on them most of the time now. Mostly I'm in my office, after all these years I've earned it.
  10. And CNN, MSNBC and others Aren't?
  11. They do not display it but it's in the record if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Here's a clip on YouTube of Harry in Afghanistan. He was talking with a reporter and showing where he bunked like the rest of the fellows then an alert went off and he went running to his Apache. So it seems he's pretty down to earth despite being raised as Royalty.
  13. Yeah, I was brought up Democratic too. The Nuns were Big on JFK you know and they wanted all of us to grow up and be Democrats too. In my days in the 70's, Nixon was nothing less than the Devil incarnate! So I was still Dem then. I wanted McGovern instead of Carter 'cause though Carter supposedly drove a Nuke Boat, George was a B-24 pilot in WWII. Then later I found like MJ Fox on his TV show, I had become a Big Fan of Ronnie! These last few decades I guess with Age my leanings have changed from one side to the other and I switched my Party on my drivers license to Republican some time ago. The question I have is Why that should even be on your drivers license? it has Nothing to do with how you Drive. I haven't had a Motorcycle since my 20's but that is still on my license.
  14. Classic Lewis Black on Air Travel, of course NSFW, it's Lewis! Hilarious!
  15. Bottom Line is that all NFL teams have a Single Owner except the Packers who are incorporated. So you do what the Boss wants or hit the road!
  16. Have lived here most of my life and have been back in my folks' house for a bit over 10yrs now since their passing. All I have seen in my 60 yrs is the continued Deterioration of areas that once were solid working family communities. I wouldn't walk down the street where my folks' first house was and I won't go near where my Grandparents lived. Violent Crime now goes on in areas where such things were once unheard of. Don't even try to tell me that what I've seen in my 60 years on this planet Isn't what I've seen with my own two eyes. Who in the heck are you all trying to Fool? Charm? If I could get a check for what the City tells me that this house is worth on the property tax bill, it would Never sell for that, I'd be outta here in a Month! I'm only here 'cause it's free & clear and this particular street isn't too bad ..... Yet.
  17. On the other question, I haven't ridden on a Bus here since High School. After that I had my 1st car, an old '63 Chevy Biscayne, it was a stripped no frills set of wheels. Last time I was on a Bus was the 1st couple trips to LV where we caught the Deuce double decker bus from the Strip to Downtown & back. I hated the smell of Diesel right away. After like my 2nd trip out there we always rented a car. You can get out and around off strip and everywhere else a lot better. I don't have to bother with the Beltway, I get on 95 abt. 3 miles from my house. Straight up 95 across the Del Mem Bridge and onto the NJ Turnpike. Get off exit 3 and take the short drive through Runnymede then get on I think it's Rt42 which you bear left on straight onto the AC Expressway. Come back the same way, No Problemo!
  18. Nah, it's pretty much an all day travel ordeal here from BWI to LV. I've outlined the whole trip before here. Back in March I drove to AC in 3hrs Flat no problem. Know my route there like the back of my hand.
  19. 'Nother reason I'm Done with Flying. It's not bad enough they cram you in like sardines but the clientele seems to have gotten worse as well. I'll just drive myself in comfort, it's not worth the hassles anymore.
  20. "Some". If he was deeply involved in it I think they would've used a stronger wording. Here was a guy who apparently had deep pockets at one time but it appears he went off on a tangent and lost that job after making a whole lot more than many people do. So he started going down a different road some time ago. He supposedly was burning through all the cash he did make. That many weapons don't come Cheap. I have a fraction of what he had and I spent enough on that hobby at one time. Then he got sucked into Video Poker and really started burning through it. That is arguably the most popular form of gambling in the US but it doesn't look like he did his homework. I don't play VP much, just for the heck of it now and then but those that do subscribe to the Strategy books like ones made by probably the Guru of the game, Bob Dancer. There are so many variations on that game and there are defined strategies for each variation. Jokers Wild, Double Bonus .etc .etc.etc. and some follow those "Rules" on a Religious basis. I saw that so I didn't delve into it. Seems this guy was just dumping Thousands into it without doing any homework and losing his shirt. Then there's his what was she, Fillipino wife, that's something else that's different too. We don't know the whole story there either. About the only thing we can say is that he definitely went off his nut and it seems that some people saw him heading down that road for some time. I doubt we'll ever get the full story.
  21. Royal Weddings are a Huge deal to them, they draw from all over the globe. Remember Britain was an Empire once and people come to see that from all over the world. Our Elections are Peanuts in comparison so one shouldn't even be made. Remember how Diana was a Global Superstar? Politicians here just come & go like anywhere else, it's no big deal.
  22. Watch "Revolution" (1985) with Al Pacino, Donald Sutherland had a big part in it too. It was a box office bomb when it came out but I think it really portrays how things were. You can't fault the costumes & sets and the action. You might think it Drags some but you can't beat it for the Realism of the late 1700's. I sure wouldn't have wanted to live around then! It's a Keeper in my Library of films.
  23. Once upon a time people came here on boats from Europe (My Ancestors) looking for a better life but they joined in and Contributed, Worked and raised Families who Assimilated into the USA culture (in just 2 Generations we didn't speak German or Polish anymore) and Prospered. Now I believe the vast Majority of those flooding into here just want to suck on the Government's Teat that is so Easy to do now and have no desire to join This culture. Tell me it Ain't so!