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  1. Just passing through to say hi to everybody still around. These days I hang at..
  2. Only one from the 70's made that list.... Blue Collar.
  3. Sounds like she wants attention.
  4. Saturday Night Fever -- I never watched the full movie. You're right about the "f" word being thrown around..... they say around 82 times, and there were also a few other R-rated words used.... check this link under Profanity. The movies came out in the 70s when R ratings and the use of profanity in films with the "f" word was just cranking up. I see there's also a G version of the movie. It's interesting that the people making Rocky, which also came out in the 70s, decided not to use it. Look in this link under Profanity, and you'll see there was just a a very mild case of profanity.
  5. My parents also never cursed. My cursing (the incidental type) was picked up from listening to a co-worker mumble his choice words for many years. It's something that can also be acquired outside the home.
  6. That's funny. I don't mind cussing like when someone bangs a thumb or when someone's startled by something, etc. That's the incidental stuff not directed at anyone. It's not a derogatory thing and there are lots of words we can use. I do it all the time. Here's some justification for it.... I do see it as a form of stress relief. Just have to be smart about when to do it and when not to.
  7. I guess this whole thing about spanking works differently for different people. It never did much for me because it didn't teach me anything. and that's what I always seemed to be seeking. It did show me that I could make someone (like my father) angry and that all he knew was how to express the anger with a spanking. When it was all done, all there was for me was the element of fear... that's all. I hadn't really learned anything about right and wrong from the confrontation. In the picture of the guy in the OP link, with a strap..... that's just a short step from using his fist...that's all. I had a few older teachers in elementary school (they were close to retirement) who really had the discipline thing down. Back then, one came as close to being physical as possible ---- picture someone throwing something at you in class when they got pissed. These teachers were always on the edge. I think they really hated being there. The only thing I remember from their classes is a feeling of fear they created from the moment you walked in and waiting for those classes to be over. I can't tell you a single thing, other than those feelings that I remember learning from their classes. What a waste that was. That wasn't the case with some other ones I had.
  8. Ok, there are different types of cursing. One form can be used aggressively in a direct way towards a person, a group of people, etc. The words used are meant to be derogatory and disrespectful of the person or group. Another type of cursing happens when a person becomes angry at some particular situation and throws out some words which have a very general but schocking meaning that tells us things are not too great. And then there are some people that have been cursing all their lives and they've sort of built up an immunity to it (the schock's completely worn off), and they use it as a part of their normal speech. I'm sure there are other ways that cursing is used... So, when you hear someone use profanity does it push a button with you? Do you curse at times? Any thoughts on how the subject should be approached with children in the household?
  9. Ok, although it can lead to spanking, profanity is really a whole separate issue which I think deserves its own thread. So, let's talk about it in it's own thread.
  10. That's another reality for many in this society. Also, depending on the type of addiction, there may not even be any circle of friends involved. I think on a large scale, the Portugese model is something worth seriously considering.
  11. You mentioned profanity. I can see profanity leading to a spanking when it's directed at someone, in this case a parent. For ex., a child saying to a parent, "You sob, you're always picking on me." That's a sign of disrespect. But what if the curse isn't directly aimed at the parent, like in.... "WTF, why are you blaming me for that?" Does that change things?
  12. It is quite an insight and realization after all the years that we have been conditioned to believe that there is only one answer to this problem. It is amazing to me how Portugal could muster all that it takes, politically and otherwise, to think completely outside the box and go from one paradigm to another one so completely opposite. Ultimately, the mind will seek whatever it takes to get relief from what it perceives as despair. If it can't get the relief one way it will seek an alternative... however undesirable it may seem to an observer. Finally reading Hector's posts is like reading someone saying..... "Aha, aha, I agree (while nodding yes, yes). Now hand me the whip and bend over."
  13. I suspect his dad was spanked when he was young, and he's convinced that that's the only method that really works. I could be wrong.