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  1. Run Biden Run!!! A debate between him and Trump would be priceless.
  2. This must be about gun control laws, again.
  3. You can't keep guns away from people who want guns. You can't keep people away from drugs who want drugs. you can't keep people from fast food who want fast food. No law will ever keep things like this from happening. Sucks, but our lawmakers voted to to have it this way, for the good of the people. Nice job. Who's next?
  4. What was this thread about???? Eyze dun forgot.
  5. Isn't it still their choice regardless of the current finacial situation they are in before the windfall?
  6. DD's problem was that he aquired "depth" hoping for lightning in a bottle which happened last year. He struck out big time. Do we lead the league for DFA's?
  7. That is why I said it was my opinion. Like I said they could not prove rape. IMO she might have given head to a midi too drunk to know what she was doing. You don't know either. I worked in Annap and was around midis all the time. A lot of them are self entilted AHs that think they can do what ever they want. First and foremost to women.
  8. The only reason the kid got off was because they could not prove rape. IMO this was far from consensual. The kid had sex with her without her consent. She was too drunk to give it. Probably not even know what was happening. IMO that means rape.
  9. True, but there is also a bottom line.
  10. Repercussions?? Really?? How about it is just morally wrong. Good God Man!!!!
  11. This is not justice for Cecil. These people were on a sightseeing tour, not hunting. Feel sorry for the guide.
  12. Doesn't Wal Mart have cameras everywhere in the parking lot?
  13. I hear the Pirates park is very sweet!!!
  14. Not scoring more than 3 runs in 6 out of the last 7 games does not help. Good luck Nolan. Tough break.