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  1. Apparently not everyone does though. Hence why you should click the link. I assure you, if the link wasn't a news story about tipping, and was some "troll" thing or whatever you'll claim as the reason you aren't clicking, lik e a goatse link or something, i would get banned. So be a big boy and click on the link.
  4. Should political views become a proctected group? In the future should this be a hate crime?
  5. A bunch of lefties being violent? You think we'll ignore that? Kind of like how you liberals were ignoring all of the rapes and assaults at the OWS stuff?
  6. A bunch of lefties being violent? I don't think so.
  7. So what's the latest on this? A bunch of liberals attack a bunch of alleged white supremacists? Does that make them better than white supremacists? Violence is okay now? Or wait, was it an Irish Heritage Association?
  8. The guy is from ARlington, VA, that's hardly a "tourist".
  9. But of course having a negative thought about a hoodie is a thoughtcrime, right?
  10. Why do you people refuse to discuss the topic? Is having a sentence cut and pasted that important to you ? Or do you need to get off on your personal attacks? 18 men in hoodies entered a restaurant and attacked diners in that restaurant. The topic of the story said the exact same thing. Do you need to make more personal attacks? Will that make you feel better abou tyourselves?
  12. Yup, half the charges have been dropped
  13. To give the libs credit, the huffington post is still covering it. But as soon as it's official it was domestic violence, the story will go away.
  15. So if you can generalize about men because they tend to be bigger, and you say they are predators, would it a hissy fit worthy event to make generalizations about women too?