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  1. Interesting, Zimmerman said the same thing, that Trayvon was swinging at him, but in that case, many still think it was a hate crime.
  2. I'm sure you're going to see far classier behavior from Adkins supporters than you will from Trayvon supporters. Remember when Trayvon's mother Trademarked "Justice for Trayvon" so she could make a buck off of her son's death. classy!
  3. Now that the Taco Bell shooter has been named, do you think celebrities will try to tweet his home address? Will any politicians talk about Adkins like WWWH in a TB (Walking while white hispanic in a taco bell)??
  4. Speak of the Devil. Now USAToday has acknowledged the story
  5. If you compare the two cases, a confrontation if justified would be a lot more reasonable in a neighborhood, especially with the amount of crime it was experiencing, than cutting in line in a drive through. Don't you think?
  6. And libs are not hypocrites for not bringing up the story so they can attack SYG laws? I guess ignoring black on white hispanic crime is really that important to libs.
  7. It's not like Foxnews is covering it either. It's the ENTIRE MSM other than a brief mention by CNN. I've even brought this up on conservative talkshows on emails, where they normally read mine, they won't on Adkins.
  8. Soul: Adkins' family has been desperately been tr ying to get national attention for a lot longer than 2 weeks.
  9. They are trying, it's not working This is the ONLY bit of nationa attention it got
  10. I don't like the term "justice" because it presumes that the shooter committed a crime here. He may have, or he might have been justified, like with Zimmerman, you can't really know. But the one thing I do know now, is that more time has gone by with this case then with Trayvon and it going nation. This is still a buried local story that is virtually the same as the Trayvon case, with the roles reverse. Media attention for Daniel!
  11. Apparently not everyone does though. Hence why you should click the link. I assure you, if the link wasn't a news story about tipping, and was some "troll" thing or whatever you'll claim as the reason you aren't clicking, lik e a goatse link or something, i would get banned. So be a big boy and click on the link.
  14. Should political views become a proctected group? In the future should this be a hate crime?
  15. A bunch of lefties being violent? You think we'll ignore that? Kind of like how you liberals were ignoring all of the rapes and assaults at the OWS stuff?