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  1. Think about the advertisers who signed long term deals based on the the current format and traffic to the site. If you're an advertiser the Sun will lose alot of traffic, is that a place you want to spend some of your budget? Would like to know how drastic the numbers change when the change happens. Highly doubt the Sun would ever be honest in their mistake , thinking they are more than a big town newspaper.
  2. Hopefully other local online news sources see this as an oppotunity for their sites. Its ashame that the Sun cannot figure out another creative way to increase revenue, but then again most Baltimore media is outdated and goes through the motions. Have you tried watching the local news on TV, its terrible, the production quality is so poor, it is almost one step above a college communication department. Baltimore is a stepping stone market, but its not rookie ball. The media resemebles the Orioles, its just there so you folow it, but man, if you would pay for some real talent people would really pay attention. The readers who do get their local news from the Sun will move onto other sites and get more national news. The residents will become less and less informed, while politicians run the city staight into the ground, it will be like a modern wild west at City Hall. The Sun is a for profit business, but in a city with 1 in 4 people living below the poverty level ,do you really think there is alot of expendable income? Thirty dollars doesn't seem like much to ask for, but it will be looked as an extra expense and people will just "surf" away.