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  1. I was the CHC QB/passing coordinator during the offseason and had to step down due to my new job. No one had been annointed as the "starter" at any point during my brief tenure from December through July and I can confidently say no one had been annointed the starter in August. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I don't want to be involved in the silly debate but I want to correct any implication that anyone was handed anything. I also should point out that one of the kid ls being scrutinized has a scholarship to North Carolina, a top academic institution and the other is among the top students At CHC and I am sure will continue his education and football career at an Ivy level college. Both have been intrical components of CHC's strong season. Both are just great young men to be around and it saddens me to see adults ripping them apart when all they are doing is their best. Neither is Baker Mayfield and neither wants to be Baker Mayfield. Give the kids a break.
  2. True about SJC. We will find out today if they are for real.
  3. SJC is intersting. A fraction of last year's talent, but probably a better team this year.
  4. Dematha should have lost that game. Coaching in the secind half was the difference. Mcd did some unexplainable things. DM made adjustments to sneak out of there with a W. It was a fun game to watch from a coaches' perspective.
  5. The Dematha staff outcoached the Mcdonogh staff last week. Truth.
  6. This is somewhat true, but DM also has a few two way players (5 off the top of my head) and is actually not very deep this year. McD shot itself in the foot several times and was painfully predictable on big downs. DM made the adjustments on both sides. They minimized potential mistakes on offense and were spot on with their defensive calls in the second half.
  7. McD was the getter first half team. DM made the defensive and offensive adjustments at half time. They ran the ball and they stopped the run. Well coached game from Dematha.
  8. I definitely jumped the gun. I discounted how good the Gorman qb was. He was the difference.
  9. Dematha played well, but the running game was not there and the Gorman QB put the team on his back,when it mattered. Lloyd is a big loss, but Miree Is an elite back so the injury wont impact the Stags as long as Miree stays healthy. I like Dematha's front 7 on defense. The linebacker play was superb.
  10. This will get ugly by the fourth quarter. Gorman getting manhandled up front. Dematha has a fee missed blocks but otherwise manhandling Gorman on both sides.
  11. Dematha dominating the LOS early. This will only get worse for Gorman as the game goes on. Gorman looks really soft up front.
  12. I never said this one game would change anything. This would not be the first or the last time a local team beat a national powerhouse. In that regard, I do think folks could be overstating the impact of this one game. I simply said that if DM wins the MNC that it would be good for the area. Apparently, my view that local team winning the MNC would be a good thing is controversial. I am not sure why, but whatever.
  13. I agree. But where I am from, kids play for their school, neighborhood and community first. Beating your rival is more important than an offer or rivals ranking to many of these kids. That is the cultural difference and the reason why Ohio, Texas, etc HS football is overall better even though the per capita recruiting statistics may not be. Nothing wrong with kids having a combine mentality when it comes to HS football, but that comes at a price on friday nights. That mentality has spilled over into youth football in Maryland and that is what itnis. Airrade and I coached youth football together and the focus was on great teams, not individuals. That has drastically changed. Maryland is known to have great individual talent but not known to have great teams, which it appears everyone debating in this thread agrees with.
  14. I have two points. First, acceptance criteria, test scores, college matriculation, etc doesnt speak to how good a school is. How the school develops the kids that they have is more important to me. If a 95th percentile ISEE kid ends up being a 95th percentile SAT kid then that really doesnt tell me crap about what the high school did for him/her. But, if a 10th percentile ISEE kid ends up being a 50th percentile SAT kid then I might be impressed. Second, the reading, writing and mayh that you learn in high school is not very useful. What is most useful in high school is the character and life experience lessons that are learned. I find tha the $30k per year schools severely lack in that regard, which is why I think that many public schools and some of the more inclusive catholic schools provide a far better overall education than the elite schools. In other words, all else being equal, the public school grad almost always has the anticipated and actual advantage to gain, retain and succeed at meaningful employment.
  15. I think you missed my point.