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  1. Gilman has already won. They are back despite the adversity. People tried to bury them and were saying how Gilman football would never be back.
  2. Win or lose next week, Gilman is the story of the year for private school football. On paper, it should be a running clock next week. But, Gilman shouldn’t be in the champiomship on paper. Great story.
  3. It is a great story. But, I am rooting for CHC this week. They are a great story also. Both programs won with character and selfless players this year. That is what HS football is supposed to be about.
  4. Gilman’s success is good for the MIAA. #2 seed with a depleted roster. They will be back as a force soon.
  5. I think everyone us past it. Some get defenisve about the difference between myths and reality.
  6. I actually agree. This is the point.
  7. Yep. All I am saying is that there is no end of season tournament for apples to play apples. Until we have that, all "champs" are only champs of their leagues/division. Any reference to some "state" champ is "mythical" no matter if you play 4A or are the 4 time WCAC champ. This is not a hard concept and I disagree with others who say this is elitist. I find it elitist and naive for others to suggest that the publics have the only tournament that matters.
  8. First, some privates do play UIL in Texas. Second, Texas is the opposite of Maryland with respect to publics and privates.
  9. I disagree. Maryland is different. In football states the publics and privates play in the same tournament. In Maryland that does not happen. Because of our goofy structure there is no real state champion in this state. The fact that people dont get that is part of the problem with the culture and the reason why Maryland Hs football lags. Each champion of their respective league/division can call themselves whatever they want. They won their league/division but they are not state champs no matter what is on the trophy, ring or tshirt. The term "state champion" has a very different meaning in Maryland than it does in football states.
  10. Perhaps. My point was too extremes and same result. That is what happens when football programs are not checked by the institutions. In othet words, stable programs dont let the tail wag the dog.
  11. Nope. The Maryland writers poll or any other local poll are not the ones that people outside of this board follow. Those outside of this message board use one of the national polls. Whichever team is the consensus top team in Maryland in the national polls is the team that is considered the "mythical" state champ. The "myth" is reality.
  12. They were getting that at Gilman too, but they did. Things happen especially when egos are involved and people start thinking they can change the fabric of an institution and the insitution ends up being bigger than them. SFA's fabric is evey bit as interwoven in that institution as Gilman's. Like any coaching situation, at some point there is usually a crossroads and new direction is set. That is all fine as long as the program doesn't crumble after a change is made. ECA and Gilman are examples of very poor foundations. I fear the same for SFA for reasons way beyond football. What I am talking about has nothing to do with football, so this is no shot at anyone. Coaches do what coaches do which is try to make their program the bets it can be. We don't always consider the big picture and it always isnt about us. Many ECA and Gilman kids ended up being nomads that ended up at 3 schools in four years. Both sets of kids have completely different backgrounds. The irony of that illustrates my point. Coaches trying to build programs without thinking about the bigger picture. Kids and communities get hurt.
  13. SFA should stay in the league for reasons beyond football. What happens to the program if/when the current staff leaves? Gilman couldn't even sustain the fall. It would be much worse for SFA. The mission of the school is more important than any temporary success that the football program will have and having the safety net of the MIAA is good for the school for the long term. I don't think the door will swing both ways once they leave.
  14. Nope Daywalker. Whoever wins 3a, 4a, etc is champ of that class. Nothing more, nothing less. Same with whoever wins the MIAA or the WCAC. Outsiders will say that SFA is the state champ. I think they would be correct but we will never truly know because there is no end of season tournament thus in Maryland we can only award the title of "state champ" to the mythical state champ. This year that should be SFA. Last year and the year before that it was Dematha, etc.
  15. I find it interesting that so much energy goes into criticizing "mythical" national champions from people who support teams that all compete to win "mythical" state championships. New Flash: No team that wins 4A, WCAC, MIAA, etc. is a true state champ because the top teams in those respective leagues don't play each other in an end of year tournament. Everyone outside of this message board (including HS ranking sites) recognizes that the "mythical" Maryland state champion is either the champ of the WCAC or the MIAA depending on which conference yields the highest ranked team. Call it a "myth" if you want, but this "myth" is reality when we live in a state where the quality of football gets extraordinarily weak beyond the top 5 teams. The teams ranked 10-20 in football states can play some ball. Teams 10-20 in Maryland are far from elite and show how far behind the state is despite the fact that Maryland has better talent than most football states. The problem is the football culture. That culture/mindset is captured daily on this message board with the idiotic views that are expressed here.