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  1. It almost, but in no way really, makes me wish I could still vote in Maryland just so I could, as a registered Democrat, vote against this clown. Of course there are no other Democrats in the race yet that are really worth voting for. Not to mention ethics questions right out of the gate, School air conditioning, and the inanity of trying to tie Governor Hogan to President Trump and the other Reepublicans who as far as I know he has no ties with. Makes him look the fool.
  2. So they want their voices to be heard but not those they disagree with. They don't have to agree with her but she has as much right to speak, after being invited, as they have to disagree. They key is that all should be civil in how they handle the issue of free speech. Disagree, fine, disrupt no way. If they don't like it and want to hide their heads in the sand then just don't show up, if you show up be civil and protest in the proper way without disrupting the event and allow those with proper manners and behavior their time.
  3. I agree what he did was deplorable and he has been charged, as he should be, but I am curious if you call him "this deplorable" as in Trump supporter or as a deplorable person? If it is the former how do you know that? There was no reference in the article. If the latter I agree.
  4. Then were they, as were the Confederates according to many here, traitors to the country and therefor beneath contempt and not worthy of recognition? Just asking I don't have a horse in either race.
  5. I'm just curious, how do you know they wouldn't want to be honored this way? Ouija board, spirits, past life?
  6. Thanks, downunder. That is the exact quote I was going to post.
  7. I am past my limit on free Sun articles but there is one today that is about Governor Hogan stating that as long as he is Governor the state flag will not change. If someone who has access would provide a link I would appreciate it. Good for Governor Hogan for not caving to that whim from the noisy We Hate Everything from the past (unless it doesn't offend our feelings) crowd on the flag. While I no longer live in MD I will always say it is the best state flag in the country!
  8. I totally agree! It is the most well preserved and original condition Civil War Battlefield in the US. Definitely worth a visit to anyone interested in the history of the Civil War and Maryland.
  9. Yes, he was. http://www.historynet.com/stonewall-jackson
  10. While his fellow Troopers may not like it credit should go to the investigating Trooper who actually did the right thing and took the Trooper who caused the crash into custody.
  11. Destroyed? How about offered to those that want them? There are those that have part of that history in their family and they may want them. So some jerks do evil things in the name of "White Supremacy" so all traces of the country's past should be destroyed? Would he be okay with any trace of black history that caused dissension being destroyed? Would he be okay with destroying historic Mosques because some Arab terrorists kill some people somewhere? As Guido2 posted there should be bigger fish to fry than worrying about some statues. Fix the internal problems then worry about erasing history. I don't have dog in this fight (oops that's probably politically incorrect) but I think he is barking up the wrong tree. I have thought in the past that Mr. Scott was a voice of reason and stability but this makes me start to reconsider that position.
  12. The article stated from the "Living Donor" program and his sister. http://www.americantransplantfoundation.org/about-transplant/living-donation/about-living-donation/living-liver-donation/
  13. If his health doesn't improve it may not be voluntary for Mike Busch. http://www.wbaltv.com/article/house-speaker-michael-busch-to-undergo-liver-transplant/9965205 From what I have heard while in Annapolis last session Delegate Maggie McIntosh is the leading candidate to take his place as Speaker. That would put a woman, and a very Liberal one, in a position of considerable power in Annapolis.
  14. I will never understand why persons that go into that line of "work" have all those identifiable tattoos. Especially the facial ones, they're harder to cover.
  15. I would be totally disgusted to see Kaepernick signed here. Not only do I think he was a flash in the pan and his so called skills showed no longevity but his antics and whining do not fit with Ravens football. Pass on this jerk.