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  1. I think a little FDR tossed in the mix wouldn't hurt.
  2. I haven't read the whole thread but good for you mrdeltoid! I registered to vote in PA as Democrat but basically for the same reason I did in MD. I vote against those I don't want to see in office in the primary (unless there is a good candidate who I think deserves my vote) and vote for whoever I want to see in office in the General election regardless of party.
  3. I plan to get a Concealed Carry permit in my new state of residence (Pennsylvania). I doubt I will carry very often, if at all, but I have the right to the permit and I will avail myself of that right. I also take advantage of helmet choice in this state while riding my motorcycle, I usually don't wear one. My wife also takes advantage of helmet choice, she usually wears hers. That's her choice.
  4. As Attorney General Frosh has a State Trooper as his driver, State Troopers are armed. Remember when Gansler got in a little hot water for how he treated his Trooper/Driver? Having a Trooper as his driver means he has an armed guard whenever he wants to use him. I can also attest from personal experience that Frosh had no problem having an armed Trooper in the Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing room in Annapolis. Now, you and I on the other hand, just have to take our chances when in Maryland unless you don't mind carrying illegally or are one of the rare few granted a permit solely for personal protection.
  5. I was born in western PA and my parents moved to Dundalk when I was a year old. I lived there for 61 years until a month ago when we moved to PA. We're only 3 minutes over the line but still in PA, York county to be exact. My mother and youngest son still live in Dundalk so I will continue to go back often and most of my work takes place in the Baltimore metro area. My wife's cousin traced their family back to 1640 in Maryland. Her side has been in MD a while. One question though, why is this in nationals? shouldn't it be in Locals? Just wondering
  6. She was Chief of Staff for Charles Rangle. That would be enough for me right there not to vote for her.
  7. IMO, it's great. I think Governor Hogan has done a pretty good job for Maryland. He has done well with the finances I just wish he would have done more for certain personal freedoms. Helmet choice for motorcyclists and shall issue concealed carry. I wish him the best in the next election.
  8. I believe in his case it was his name that hurt. The people of the area had become very disenchanted with John Sr. and I think it cost Jr. his Senate seat. Just my opinion though.
  9. I believe Pat McDonough's name has been mentioned as a Republican Candidate.
  10. John Olszewski Jr. has officially announced his candidacy for Baltimore County executive. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/baltimore-county/bs-md-co-olszewski-runs-20170626-story.html Had I stayed in Baltimore County, instead of my recent move to Pennsylvania, I would be supporting Johnny O. I am sure more announcements will follow.
  11. I wonder how Gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous stands on this. Has he made any public statement about the organization he used to head making these calls for a state of emergency? I haven't seen a statement from him but then I haven't been looking for one either.
  12. I would probably skew the whole thing because my first cup is one sugar and chocolate creamer, sometimes hazelnut, and the rest is black.
  13. From the OP's link: So what's the problem? I thought the braless thing was settled decades ago. I remember the "Burn the Bra" days and loved it! Ocean City and Charleston WV and Charleston WV is more liberated towards women's rights. Who would have thought?
  14. It is with mixed emotions that I say it doesn't really matter to me any more. I have, as I said here often that I would, moved out of Maryland. I still would like to see Governor Hogan win re-election because I think it would be best for Maryland.
  15. He may not have a Maryland permit but as a member of Congress I have no doubt he could wangle some kind of Federal permit that would be recognized here.