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  1. Oh come on, everyone gets coughing fits. I never cared for Hillary Clinton or the majority of her policies but this is just a poorly timed cough fit.
  2. It's in the Op's link
  3. If I am not mistaken she had plenty of her own money before she married Donald Trump. Also, I don't think she spent her entire career posing nude.
  4. Thank you for a reasonable view
  5. I am sure Mrs. Trumps official portrait will look just as good.
  6. I'm somewhat surprised nobody posted this yet but Happy Birthday Governor Hogan! I was able to offer him my birthday wishes at a bill signing today. A great Governor for Maryland.
  7. This is not posted as a defense of President trump but not every man remembers every time. Perhaps you should remind these two former Presidents, they both walked down the steps of Air Force One behind their wives at the same time.: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/president-obama-michelle-obama-george-w-bush-wife-laura-depart-south-africa-article-1.1543303 It would be nice if chivalry was not totally dead, and I don't think it is, but there are bigger fish to fry right now with President Trump's steps and missteps than whether he is chivalrous to his wife each and every time they are in public. Presidents, even Mr. Trump, have a lot on their minds, as small and egotistical as they may be or as great and humble as they may be.
  8. You forgot this part from your link: So no cost To taxpayers for defraying costs. I also suspect that, as much as I approve of him, Governor Hogan had little if anything to do with this and that it happened in previous administrations all the way back to when the stadium was built.
  9. I applaud Governor Hogan for this veto. The whole wanting to wait for other states is a crock of manure. When people testify in Committees about issues, and I am one of those, and bring up how other states are acting or have acted on an issue the Dem leadership comes back with "We don't care how they do it in other states". Now on this issue we have to be concerned with what other states are doing.
  10. Maybe she is paid by the city but acts on behalf of the state and depending on what she is being sued for they have the responsibility to defend her.
  11. This is the part I don't care for. Is she being represented by them because she is an elected official? If yes then should the Maryland Attorney General's office have represented Delegates Don Dwyer and Rick Impallaria? They are/were elected officials. If not, why not. Maybe they wanted their own attorneys, I don't know. I am not saying it as a Dem/Rep thing they were just the first two that came to mind. I may have to check that out. I checked the Attorney General's page and found this: http://www.marylandattorneygeneral.gov/Pages/About.aspx Is Ms. Mosby a City employee or State Employee? I guess I need to check on that. According to this site she is paid $238,772 by the city: https://data.baltimorecity.gov/City-Government/Baltimore-City-Employee-Salaries-FY2015/nsfe-bg53/data So why is the State of Maryland defending her?
  12. Thankfully I do not and I am sure it's not easy. In this case I think the officer should also get asked some tough questions from his superiors ( and they as well if they approved this pursuit), an examination board (or whatever it may be called), and a Grand Jury.
  13. See, there's that reading comprehension thing popping up again. Gonzo did not say he missed the event because he was too wasted, he missed it because they got stuck in the mud and didn't want to walk the miles to the actual venue. THEN they got wasted.
  14. Please refer to post #31: Does that to you mean I said it was okay? As mrs said, not having sympathy is not the same as saying it is okay. I didn't see any post where the OP said it was okay either but perhaps we see what we want to see or read into something what we want to read into it.
  15. Where did anyone say it was "okay" to defraud anyone? Not having sympathy for some mega-rich "people of means" getting scammed is not the same as saying it is okay. If they were scammed the perpetrator should be, and considering who may have been scammed probably will be, brought to justice. More so than if it was some poor senior citizen who can't afford some high priced lawyers. Poor dears had to eat cheese sandwiches. There are a lot of people who would have loved to have had that cheese sandwich. Of course they may not have the means to get one and can just go hungry so the uber-rich can have another over the top party.