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  1. The moped fee is a $20 titling fee, and a minimum excise tax on the moped of $19.20 unless state tax was paid when the moped/scooter was purchased, and a ONE TIME (not every two years like everyone else on the road) decal fee of $5. http://www.mva.maryland.gov/about-mva/info/27300/27300-76T.htm Now, would that break your bank?
  2. And car owners pay that same tax on the gas for their lawnmowers. What about bicyclists that live in condos or apartemnets and don't mow grass? As for your question of how much should they pay. I would suggest a percentage equal to how much less a motorcycle pays than a car. Subtract that percentage from the motorcycle fee and they can pay that. Or possibly even the percentage that mopeds pay less than motorcycles. Subtract that from the moped fee and they can pay that. It would be minimal.
  3. And share the cost too. My motorcycle makes the road last longer too but I still have to pay fees to use it on the roads. Cars make the road last longer than pick-ups, pick-ups make th road last longer than semi's, etc. Each pays slightly more than the other. Bicyclists pay nothing.
  4. Everyone does have a right to own a bicycle, and a car as well. However, using those vehicles on public roads is a privilege not a right. Why should car owners pay for your use of public roads?
  5. So by your statement we, meaning all other road uses, pay for these special lanes exclusively for bikes but the bike users don't have to pay any more of the share for this exclusive lane. So I am paying for something I can't use, even with my motorcycle. Why can't the bike users pay for it themselves with fees? That most of them also have cars is a moot point. They are getting special treatment at no cost to them but at cost to others.
  6. No offense Marshan Man but there it is. The very argument that bicyclists use highlighted from my earlier post below. Okay the extreme majority of bicyclists own cars too but so what. Why do they get to have a vehicle with no fees? What do you think of my suggestion, also from the post below, about letting everyone pick a vehicle to not pay fees and taxes on?
  7. I agree wholeheartedly. You did forget one little item though. Helmets. Motorcyclists are required by law to wear them but not bicyclists. There are groups, locally, statewide , and National that fright for freedom of choice for adult motorcyclists. In Maryland a few years ago a bill was proposed that bicyclists be required by law to wear helmets. http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/2013RS/bills/hb/hb0339F.pdf The bill, which carried the penalty of a stern talking to, was defeated using the same argument that motorcyclists have been using for years to gain freedom of choice. So, is it a "good for the goose good for the gander"? Should bicyclists be forced to wear DOT compliant helmets or get a $110 fine (which I believe is the Pre-pay, $500 if you go to court and lose if the judge wants to fine you the max)? While I would like to see fairness I do want to force helmets on even bicyclists but if they want to wear one, fine. So, other than the helmet thing I agree with all the other points you made. The argument I have heard them use is they pay road taxes on their car. Okay fine, then everyone else should only have to pay all those fees on one vehicle (like the bicyclist's car), or be allowed to pick one to not pay fees on, like a bicycle.
  8. Columbus must have just had a better Public Relations firm. I really don't get it either. Not because of all the OP's angst and guilt but because of what the other posters stated about him not being the first, others already being here, etc.
  9. Please not Antietam! The vast majority of the battlefield is preserved as it was on the day of the battle. A great place to visit to even try to grasp what it was like. From what i have read it is also the best preserved battlefield in the country from the Civil War. Not covered with statues but IMO the statues and all the plaques that are there should stay right where they are.
  10. Come on be realistic, this is one of those things that both sides actually do. Support unethical, criminal, questionable, etc., etc., people for public office. While not Federal does anyone remember Marion Barry. But I certainly agree with ivanbalt's post.
  11. I still support the Ravens as my team. They did not all sit. I can support those that stood and not respect those that kneeled. I think what the Dallas Cowboys did was more of a proper way to make their statement. Kneel before the anthem to make your point and then the ENTIRE team stands for the anthem.
  12. With all due respect to your suggestion, why just Urban communities? There is social injustice everywhere, as well as people doing community service.
  13. Maybe that is one reason they are sucking so bad in this game. Worrying more about kneeling for the anthem than playing football
  14. I would have to agree with Bowie-Bruce on this one. The Redline only appealed to a small group of the population who would use it in the city while almost everyone used the roads and would love to see them improved.
  15. I wouldn't take for granted that Governor Hogan will be facing KK in the General Election. KK has competition in the Primary who will probably also use that clip. That photo is a great one though.