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  1. I have had dealings with Senator Brochin as well and will go with the old adage "If you can't say something nice about someone don't say anything". Yes he is a politician. Take that for what it's worth. The only good thing I can say about Senator Brochin is he ticks off Mike Miller.
  2. I was going to mention that Johnny O is a conservative Democrat as were, and are, many of the Democrats from the eastern side of the county. Johhny and I got to know each other during his time as a Delegate and he usually, not always, voted how I would like to see my Delegate vote. If I were still a Baltimore County resident I would vote for him over the others. I always felt that Johhny was being up front on whatever issue we discussed. In that case Johhny was caught up in an anti-incumbent wave. He also paid a price for the sins of his father. At the time of that election John Olszewski had fallen badly out of favor with the people of Dundalk and Johnny Jr. paid the price.
  3. I see no reason for the average citizen to own a bump stock. With that in mind I also don't like the idea of the government being able to make possession of something that was purchased legally before the law was changed illegal. Ex Post Facto should apply. There are a lot of variables with certain firearms and accessories and it is hard to decide where the line should be drawn. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/ex-post-facto-law
  4. I believe he meant the man uses an AR to hunt deer, not a bump stock.
  5. Yeah, Maryland needs a clear alternative to a Governor who is doing a great job. Has Ben promised you the Red Line yet?
  6. You are welcome.
  7. Ok. I will try one time to explain this. As I said, speak out against it, boycott, argue against, whatever, but if you expect others to be tolerant of you then you should be tolerant of them. You do not have to accept their views, you do not have to agree with their views, you can try your best to change their views but if you expect people to be tolerant of your views you should tolerate theirs. Tolerating does not equate to accepting. Unless they are physically or illegally harming you in some way then their views are theirs and have as much right to be tolerated as yours. Personally I can't stand racism. I have met too many great and wonderful people of all races and too many idiots and jerks of all races to think a person's race has anything to do with how they are as a person. If I meet a racist I will tolerate their view but argue with them about it. Will my arguments change them? I doubt it but I will express my views. Will they tolerate my views? Doubtful, but in doing my best not to be a hypocrite I will tolerate, but not agree with, theirs. That is my opinion. Agree or not, I don't care, but I will tolerate your view on my position.
  8. Okay this guy is a goof, no doubt. But tolerance is a two way street. The gay community should be as tolerant of him as they expect others to be of them. I don't know why a business would turn away paying customers. It's not like they are asking him to "turn gay". All they want is some screws. Oh sorry, that's a different business and I think it's only legal in Nevada. No really, just let him wallow in his own antiquated beliefs and buy your hardware needs elsewhere. I can't believe he has something that no other hardware store doesn't. If it's a small town rural area the next hardware store may be a way off but speak with your money. Sure, speak against it in the papers and news too but not shopping at his store will do just as much to show him how wrong he is.
  9. Snowflake? Really? Maybe the next time you are driving you could take off your anti pickup prejudice glasses and look around. If you do you may see more than you want to admit. Like all types of people in all types of vehicles driving stupidly. You have your opinion and others have theirs. Imo there is no majority of vehicle or person driving aggressively. It covers the spectrum. That you can't see it only shows you don't want to. Be safe out there.
  10. I guess I'm not hip so please explain what NAAPUTD is. And you are profiling pick up drivers.
  11. Funny, I'm on the highway every day in my pick-up truck, driving safely and reasonably, and watch D-bags in all kinds of vehicles swerving, darting in and out of traffic, tailgating, etc. They are in everything from little sub-compacts to Cadillacs, and yes, including trucks. Keep on profiling.
  12. Oh, I get it. People are only suppose to agree with you and accept your viewpoints. Heaven forbid people have views that differ from yours.
  13. Yes it is. Isn't it weird how some people are quick to believe racism while denying reverse racism? Racism is racism whether forward or reverse.
  14. I remember in the old Wallace Beery version of "Treasure Island" a part about the sailor's knives being "tipped" and how upset they were by that. That is basically what this judge supports. I found this which, although a little long, discusses that issue http://knife-expert.com/sailor.txt