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  1. They are trying to legislate away the Fouth Amendment warrant requirement. I don't think the law will survive challenges because of that. As it stands police have to develop probable cause and get a warrant to get someones cell phone records. This law is trying to do away with that. Destroying the Fourth Amendment is not the Legislatures job. It's SCOTUS' job to do that and they have made it their sole mission in life.
  2. So that's what you've been up to. It all sounds very adventurous and interesting. Ah, to be young again.......
  3. OMG! Aimeey7, long time no see. How in the hell have you been?
  4. I thought he was in Fla. working with Kurt McEwen.
  5. Jim, It's good to hear from you. I wish it could be under more pleasant circumstances. I'm also sorry to hear about Boss. Pat was a very special lady. Today I'm missing her more than ever. I will always remember her as the wonderful person she was. I feel I'm better for having known her.
  6. Just so everyone knows. Thomas "duhchef" Webster was sentenced to 25 Years for the second degree murder of Patricia "Daisydoright" Berner. Florida does not have good time or parole so he will serve all 25 years. He'll be 83 when he's released. Jacksonville man who stabbed girlfriend gets 25 years in prison for her murder A man who pleaded guilty to stabbing his girlfriend to death will spend 25 years in prison for the crime. Thomas Howard Webster, 58, killed Patricia Lynn Berner, 54, in their Millpoint Drive home in April. Berner was planning to move in with her parents when she was murdered, police said. She was stabbed once in the back. A large kitchen knife was found on the counter.
  7. I know that Airman. I've always said you were a good guy at heart. WKDWZD communicates with his family and gets the updates on how he's doing. I'm sure he'll pass on your well wishes.
  8. Byng had a stroke followed by heart surgery. We're all wishing him the best in his recovery and patiently awaiting his return.
  9. When he's convicted he can be sentenced to life. In Florida life means life. He'll never see the outside of a prison. Any judge that understands what a truly wonderful and selfless person Daisy was should have no problem sentencing him to life.
  10. Luv you too. I just wish I could say it with the usual joy in my heart instead of this heavy heart.
  11. Hoot, this has absolutely ripped my heart out. Daisy was the nicest, sweetest and most caring person ever. I don't know how a stranger could have done something like this to her more or less someone that knew her for the truly wonderful person she was. This much I know for sure. Daisy was loved by many and will be missed by many. God bless her and RIP Patricia "Daisy Doright" Berner.
  12. I think Cyrus Carter was the first poster we lost that I can remember. There have been far too many others along the way.
  13. I'm still here and missing you.
  14. Carter? Alan or Brandon? You know I frequently tell people that if you truly want to understand Mazdaism. Don't waste your time studying theology study quantum mechanichs instead.
  15. She didn't change her mind about the book deal. Her agent dropped her like a hot potato when she saw the backlash blow up her twitter account.
  16. It's a democracy. It's their representatives enacting their will. So they did have a say and involvement in making the laws that produced this travesty of justice.
  17. I'm already there. Now my charitable foundation will only pay to send children to Disneyland in California. Florida is far too dangerous to be sending kids to Disneyworld.
  18. The dualism was just one of the bad things about Manichaeism. Mani was also an ascetic. That just compounds the misery of the dualism.
  19. Okay, what is it about dualism that has you going bipolar? Spill it.
  20. So you're against the stand your ground law or just against Trayvon Martin standing his ground?
  21. I understand that. The problem is not so much with drawing the line but the legal prescedence that line establishes and how the next group is going to exploit the line and even move it's goal posts. The next thing you know lil Shaneequa is with a new family that calls her Mary Elizabeth.
  22. If this guy can't raise his kids to be good Nazi's. How long will it be before the liberals use that as precedence to take your kids away so you can't raise them to be good Gunnutz? They can't allows you to pass that insanity along to your children. They can't allow you to teach your children to love and worship the almighty gun. To emerse your children in a culture of blood, violence and death. No way a kid can stay in a home with a gun in it or even a pop tart shaped like a gun. And then they came for you and your kids. Uh huh.......
  23. Okay next we'll take away people kids because they named the kid Shaneequa or Dionte. Even black people will make fun of the kid when you give them a name like Shaneequa. You can't allow that when there perfectly good names like William, Mary, or Elizabeth. Any european name will do. You try any of that African mumbo jumbo and that kids out of there. What about those dumb white people that sabotage their childs education by giving their kids names with I's where Y's should be or Y's where I's should be? Name your kid Brandi or Daryn and they'll go to a family that can spell Brandy or Darin right on their birthday cake. What about people that have named their child Seven? That's not a name it's a number. No you will not raise your child as Borg. That kid is outta there! Steven should enjoy his new name and home. What about those crazy hispanics that name their kids Jesus. A man that was taken before the Sanhedrin tried, convicted and executed for blasphemy. How dare they name their child after an infamous criminal. Take those kids away and give them to a family that will give them real names like Sol or Shmuley. If your Arab or muslim - FRED! It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl their name is Fred. You will not name your children after terrorists. Then of course there's that boy named Sue. I could do this all day. There is no such thing as a perfect parent and CPS will always be to find a reason to take people kids away.