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  1. It has to be the location of the school and the administrations failure to address the social inequalities within the student body. The administrations failure to promote diversity is due to its inability to move the Catholic school to better urban location that is removed from the shadows of a prison. The P&L of the historic school has falling from grace and is a loser in profit. When you combine several of these factors you have the top educators head for the mountains of the likes of Gilman, CHC, Loyola or even a county public school. Hard to find great educators without nice facilities and better salaries. SFA may indeed turn into a Football powerhouse but the first order of business shall be to move the school. This will dramatically help the product in which they are selling.
  2. Well someone may be racist with comments like these on a public message board. You trying to say something like we are a bunch of dirty peeps. Did you think of pitching in and staying after to help clean up. It takes a village. Yeah our funds have been cut but maybe people like you can not just highlight but help fix an issue.
  3. I actually like have them sneak over here. A so called merger of boards may equate to a real merger of leagues. Besides half them on the DC board who migrated over here for the winter are the same person with multiple screen names. They change the names to Pump up players, degrade their own coaches, pump up their own coaches, pump up their own son, tell us how great he is, and argue amongst themselves. So welcome them with open arms and they have already bee here just now using their DC board screen name. And who knows....maybe everyone on here is just GA with over 50 screen names and the joke is on me.
  4. Can anyone confirm Hill and Gang was seen taken a personal tour of Hyattsville today? Closed for school activities but open for business. Rich keep getting richer. If this is true they are loaded and primed for the top spot in country.
  5. I will go on the record as believing OLI is a true brother and is black 100%. He didn't vote for our current POTUS and he plans to vote for Trump but he like many of us on here our Black.
  6. Does this mean Gilman will not, I repeat, Gilman will not, I repeat, Gilman will not have 8 different uniforms next year? Does anyone know if this is fact or fiction? So many rumors, I have no clue to believe. My aunts boyfriends niece said she overheard her cousin talking to her boyfriend that over heard they will only have 2 sets of uniforms next year
  7. Any truth to the rumor that this was over Biff wanting new t-shirts with no sleeves to go along with a complementary brown bagger for his early morning ritual. Or was it that famous introduction by the headmaster at the football banquet? Something is not adding up. I smell a rat.
  8. GA you act like you are the only that know what Biff asked for. Well here it is. The cat is out of the bag, the elephant in the room. Biff went in and asked. i Biff Poggi request the following items. I need a brown bagger for early mornings when I can't make to the bathroom, I would like three clean razors, 2 new t-shirts with no sleeves, one deodorant and one large pizza from little Caesars. I love that pepperoni.... The headmaster said Biff, have you lost your mind. Biff replied, "No sir". I encourage us to all provide input as to what Biff really asked for, Next Up, DW. What did Biff ask for?
  9. How quickly one can forget things when they over shadowed by even bigger news. I guess it is true what they say. Are you sure Gilman won? Seems so long ago.
  10. Just giving my two cents. As I read all of these posts it is clear. GA is defending Biff and his actions with all of his heart. I ask myself why, why does it matter. Gilman will still be the best of the best. But as I look more and read his words I began to understand GA as death becomes him. This board was his way of expression for a kid who once struggled from the inner city of bmore, finding his way through the halls of Gilman and now is in the 1%club. He knows where he came from as he tells everyone on here, he knows where he is as he tells everyone on here. He is a fictional character made up in his head as the Gilman Koolaid has him believing he not the pathetic likes of physco killer named Batman. He is GA, Gilman's own super hero as he is the voice of all who went there. As Biff weighs his decision you feel the pain of knowing what becomes of you. Your existence is gone? Do you continue your relentless pursuit to have others drink the Gilman Koolaid? As death becomes you we see it as unfolds on a newspaper forum. You are a legend, and your own Biff is the Legend killer. This pain you have must hurt more than we will ever know. Rest in peace GA may you reinvent yourself as Gilman will not be the same. But hey what do I know, you already know this. Great season this year too bad you guys lost the 100th game to McD. Maybe next year.
  11. This is where the issue is. Great players and rich parents, parents who have the money don't want to pay tuition. This is where the trouble comes in. Needs based is correct. Needs based, the football team needs a left tackle, the football team needs a qb. So you negotiate a reduced rate tuition for a kid and then you tell the parents. The parents say that is great but so and so offered this. We need biff say no worries I got you. So he pays the bill.... Gilman is not about this. Come on GA you of all should be furious as it goes against the Gilman way and tradition. We say it's needs based but if that kid can't play foosball he ain't considered. If it was thirty years ago, he'll you may not have got in. You never played and if you did you weren't good enough. Think
  12. Not Biff but the other coaches. Think.
  13. Always a motive. Don't tell me it about the kids. Cause where were they prior to.
  14. You missed it. This is not from my perspective or my belief but from the perspective of the former Gilman coaching staff day 10. They are on top of world and they are coming down here for what. fame?
  15. Everything sounds good in people's minds. Yeah I will just go to SFA where I will be a rock star and where I will be a hero. I will go and they will make a movie about me as I save the world. People need to be more like me and we will have a better place to live. But day 10 into the new move you realize the view from this office sucks. The newspaper left, the story is old, my ole Gilman friends aren't calling anymore, the view from this office sucks, Johnny just got arrested, is that my car going down the road, this view from this office sucks, can I hold 10 dollars, police sirens are going off, fight in the hallway, and you look around and say I left Gilman for this. come on man.......