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  1. Because we have no idea what will happen. This article was published 26 years ago today: UPI NewsTrack - April 27, 1982 The Baltimore Colts surprised no one today as they traded quarterback Bert Jones to Los Angeles for the Rams' first and second round picks in the 1982 NFL draft.The Colts deal with Los Angeles came within minutes of Baltimore's pick of Mississippi linebacker Johnie Cooks as the second player chosen in today's draft after the New England Patriots took defensive tackle Kenneth Sims from Texas.The Colts used their first round pick obtained from the Rams to select Ohio State quarterback Art Schlichter, 6 feet 1 inch and 210 pounds.Colts Coach Frank Kush said the Colts chose Schlichter over Brigham Young's Jim McMahon because Schlichter has 'more physical stature.'The choice of Schlichter over McMahon is something of a surprise because McMahon was generally rated the better pro prospect. But Kush spoke highly of Schlichter, saying, 'He has all the attributes that he needs and more physical stature (than McMahon),' who is 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds.
  2. That's a d!ck move, but no sympathy for Irsay. This seems like a good day to mention that McDaniels has never done anything without Brady, and that in addition to going 11-17 as Denver's coach, he also was caught cheating and find $50,000 for Spygate II: https://www.milehighreport.com/2010/11/27/1838850/denver-broncos-josh-mcdaniels-fined-50000-for-spygate-ii-incident
  4. Any day the 'boys lose is a good day. Days when they lose in a last-second heartbreaking fashion are even better.
  5. That was a good article. Since it mentions the influence of the current college game on the NFL, here's something I don't get: The Ravens have a coach and GM who have deep, strong ties to (respectively) the Big 10 and SEC. Isn't there some hungry, innovative young-ish DBs coach or OL coach in those conferences who the Ravens should take a gamble on? Instead of just being the team that hires old fart retreds (Pees, Trestman, Cameron, Morninhweg, etc) through the good ol' boy network? I'm saying going "younger" is a panacea but at least it would show some imagination and creativity, two qualities we don't see anywhere in this organization.
  6. I think Harbaugh needs to not only make the playoffs but win at least one game to keep his job. If the Ravens go 9-7 and get massacred in the Wild Card round, I think he still gets whacked.
  7. Raiders, 21-16 (unfortunately), I hope I'm mistaken.
  8. If Flacco and Perriman are healthy...10-6, with at least one playoff upset. If Flacco and Perriman aren't healthy...8-8.
  9. Exactly, this extension means bupkis if they miss the playoffs.
  10. Because the league (or "the shield", as the kids call it) schedules intra-divisional games for every team on the last weekend.
  11. I don't know, if we're trying to read the mind of someone most of us will likely never meet, why limit such speculation to football matters? Maybe Flacco's more concerned about whether or not the upcoming season of 'SpongeBob SquarePants' will live up to the quality of previous seasons than he is about actually winning championships.
  12. I think the "difference" between Rice & Mixon is that some fans will say "yeah, but Mixon was still in college, so that makes it different, he deserves to cut more slack than Rice." I don't think there's any difference between the two cases. I just hope Mosely or Weddle or whoever forces a few fumbles from Mixon over the next few seasons.
  13. What BayArea said, go Steelers.
  14. I may be stating the obvious here, but since their first Super Bowl title in 2000-01, the Ravens have never missed the playoffs 3 straight seasons. Harbaugh's gone if that happens in 2017-18, I think he's likely gone next year even if they limp into the playoffs (as say, a 5th or 6th seed) and don't win a postseason game.
  15. Ravens' leaders in most targets: Pitta=119 Wallace=117 Smith=103 Perriman=86 Aiken=50 (no one else was targeted 50 or more times than those guys)