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  1. but as a fan of football itself, the last 2-3 minutes, with all that was at stake, was top ten all time. and then THIS has to come into play
  2. Both Joe and Ben had Drew Brees/Matt Ryan Thursday night moments tonight. They'll probably get burned, but the Ravens have to blitz more, or throw in some of those weird coverage changes they did during the last minute to stop this Steeler machine. Can't stop them mano to mano
  3. Packers, Cincy, and.... coin flip time: which Ravens offense shows up tonight? How many Steeler TOs? Steelers 21-19
  4. Now suspended four games for PEDs. Would have been lost for the season regardless.
  5. What I love about the interwebs.....a newbie comes on to a forum and immediately acts like a buzz kill. How many games have you been to before this year? It had been years for us, but now we've been to three in two years. It's what we can afford, as well as a thing called 'life' that gets in the way. After today, we hope it can be two a year. Ravens are a game up in the playoff race. Are they a great team? Hell, no. We'll find out what 'week to week' team they are a bit more against a Steeler team that allowed the Pack to score 28 on them at Heinz Field, while the Ravens allowed the Pack how many points at Lambeau?
  6. I miss the old posters for this thread. I'll predict that I'll be at the game, looking for any Lion fans with the Owen #16 jerseys (there were quite a few at the '09 game). The game comes down to one made or missed play by the Lions. Chargers and Steelers easily.
  7. gotta get it started.... Baltimore at Tennessee- I think I'm 3-5 on my Ravens picks. Hope I'm wrong again. Titans 23-16 Cincy at Jacksonville - time to show that they are for real. Jaguars 27-17 The Browns miss the trade deadline for AJ McCarron. See, they can manage to lose during a bye week.
  8. The officials would have made whatever team did that to Brady forfeit the game on the spot. Joe was sliding, not diving head first. I don't care who the QB was bush to the nth degree
  9. After weeks of putrid to average results, I was finally perfect last week (unlike others who shall remain nameless.....Dana) Miami at Baltimore: flip a coin due to both teams having poor offenses. And yet, I think the Dolphins are better off with Moore at QB than Cutler because of his mobility. Landry will make THE key play of the game. The Ravens can certainly flip a switch if things go their way. The problems on offense with injuries, and MM trying to beat teams as if they were healthy without more motion and misdirection, is killing them. What worked against Oakland has seen limited use since. Please, no more screens, no more passes in the flats, and try passing to the left side of the field once or twice. Unless the D creates 3 or 4 turnovers, I'll say 20-13 Dolphins Minnesota-Cleveland, Sunday 930am, London: A no-brainer.....except for injuries on the Vikings OL. The Browns D has shown up enough times for them to win. Meanwhile, Minnesota's superb D should raise holy heck against a very poor OL, especially with Joe Thomas out, and whoever the Browns put behind center. 20-9 Vikings Indianapolis at Cincinnati: The only way the Irsays stand a chance, is if Cincy suffers a post-Steelers hangover and overlooks this dreadful team. Bungles, 26-13. Added......Pittsburgh at Detroit (it didn't show up on my screen earlier.....sorry, OCF) Lions will be around late as always, since they are at home, but they'll get worn down. Steelers, 27-17
  10. "If I were king, I would not allow people to go about burning the American flag. However, we have a First Amendment which says that the right of free speech shall not be abridged. And it is addressed, in particular, to speech critical of the government." Antonin Scalia Can we move on?
  11. 0-15-1 maybe? They were oh, so close today.
  12. I generally take whoever is playing the Browns in my survivor league, if I can. Thanks to the quick Ravens game, I got bonus coverage of a game I could give two hoots about. Succup's winning FG was almost as exciting to me as Tuckers 57 yarder. Those were the two most exciting plays for me today (other than the Ravens INT). Well......we are in 2007 and 2015 territory again. The effort was there in this 'snotknocker', almost no penalties, zero turnovers, but there are no offensive weapons, and the defense was steamrolled. Loved Trent Green dissing the Vikings kicking the FG to make it 24-9 with under three minutes to play. Really? Against this quick strike, 'hurry up' (rolls eyes and faints) offense?!?!? Get real.
  13. My picks are: Vikes over Ravens Bengals have looked good the last four weeks (loss to GB in OT, two wins, one bye....), Steelers are a semi Jekyll/Hyde......Steelers Whoever is playing the Browns.
  14. I'm gonna go back to college. I might have eligibility. If I fall and drop balls and run horrible routes, I might turn that into 1st Round draft money from Baltimore !!!!!
  15. Right! I forgot about that one. That's even easier to do! You were correct earlier, D, I am qualified to make some big bucks after all !!!!!!