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  1. The White Sox have the worst winning, there's always a silver lining if one looks hard enough;-)......
  2. Reliever Darren O’Day hyperextended his right elbow in a freak accident while stretching in the Orioles bullpen during Tuesday night’s game, and while both the club and O’Day are optimistic he will be able to return from the disabled list when he is eligible Wednesday, they still must gauge his recovery over the next few days to be certain. O’Day said he began stretching in the middle innings of Tuesday’s game when another reliever ran into his space and hit his arm. I don't know how one can blame O'Day or anyone (other than the player that ran into him) for this.
  3. 12-45 since being three games above .500 last September. This year, they have a ways to go to match my woeful Tigers of 2003. They'd have to go 35-93 to match that team's futility ('winning' percentage of .265).... or the '16 A's (36-117) .235 winning percentage.....which is the O's winning percentage for this season. O's (mis)management picked the perfect season NOT to allow free games to be telecast on the air, didn't they? They deserve everything they're getting. It amazing that a team issues an IBB to pitch to their opponent's clean up hitter. Actually, it's amazing that Davis at the 4 spot after doing so well there on Saturday (0-5, 3Ks).
  4. 44 A couple of right guesses, a couple of wrong guesses, .....had about twenty seconds left when finished, but really had to kick it in gear at one point. I'm quite good at math ....without needing calculator, and fairly good at word problems. My wife has two Master's degrees, is far smarter than me, but is not good at math (but she is great at handling our finances). Her score was 34. In high school, I was a very good SS/LF, a fair point guard, a 3rd string QB for one year that was mostly inaccurate in practice. A QB basically has to know the playbook for each position as well as his own. How he adjusts to a cover 2 stunt or zone blitz is more important than knowing what the sixth number is in a sequence, or the amount of jars needed for large and small candies. ("Obtuse? What did you call me?")
  5. Tillman should have signed more than a one game contract with the devil. Until he does, send him to the minors.
  6. Harbaugh certainly didn't baby rookie QBs......the one he drafted ten years ago started Game 1 of both of their careers
  7. My wife and I went today. Mancini saved Alvarez from adding three errors to his season totals. That's how bad his throws were, and that's how good Mancini's glove was. I did hear a segment where Terry Ford reported Valencia was having groin problems, and that Alvarez was inserted into the starting lineup 5-10 minutes before game time. His bat was certainly the difference today.
  8. The only reasonable explanation is that he pulled a 'Joe Boyd', and made a pact with the devil tonight. It helped going against the schizophrenic Tigers.
  9. Must be a real thrill to go to the ballpark, only to see Ubal....., er, Tillman on the mound.
  10. Quick thoughts: glad they don't start or finish against the Bungles for a change, can never figure out why the NFL schedules three straight home or road games for any team, and it'll be nice to have a mostly regular Sunday 1pm routine available. Things change yearly, but a team that was 9-7 against last year's schedule, doesn't seem all that promising against this one.
  11. Buck just wanted to give Tiger fans in this area, who have absolutely nothing to get excited about this year (other than the Trammell and Morris HOF inductions), something to smile about. And it worked.
  12. Since Mr. Angelos doesn't think the franchise he receives public assistance for is worth televising occasionally over the air to the public, I could really give a **** what they do this year. Win your 75 games with broken down pitching, and then watch it all come crumbling down at the end.
  13. Had the Eagles not scored on 4th and 1, the first half would have ended before NE had to punt. So I was really questioning it at the time. And then they run such a brilliant play. Totally understood why they went for it again later on. Also....if they had failed, and the Pats drive down and score, it still would have 'only' been an eight point game. The Ravens have had their fair share of failures....and successes. I totally questioned the fail against the Browns in Week 16. Run, incomplete pass, incomplete pass, run. And that run on 4th down was so badly designed. .
  14. The first QB to QB TD pass in 20 years, the first ever in the playoffs....on 3rd and goal on a drive not long after KC doinks a 48 yard FG off the upright. Those were the keys to the game. Look at Cincy's INT TD return last week (with eyes closed). Ya can't coach that stuff, ya can't coach against it. Ya just have to deal with it.
  15. Did Pees put in his papers with 2:54 left in the game?