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  1. Man, this took some digging. He went three innings for the Charlotte Knights, allowing one hit and striking out four.
  2. Good thing Tejada was pinch hit for in the 9th. Oops, he got a two out single. Never mind. So much for my prediction back in May that the O's would be ten under .500 on July 31 (which went out the window last week). I must have been talking about the Tigers....
  3. I remember him with the Big Red Machine, and then toying with Tiger pitching when he was with the O's. Eleven consecutive years of 20+ HRs and 80+ RBIs. 354 career HRs. His worth as a player and teammate were well stated in The Sun today. Enjoyed the autographed 'toilet seat' story. Linking the 71 trade where Cincy sent him to Houston. May continued on with the same power numbers with the Astros, but the Reds certainly got the overall best of the deal. Traded by the Cincinnati Reds with Tommy Helms and Jimmy Stewart to the Houston Astros for Ed Armbrister, Jack Billingham, Cesar Geronimo, Denis Menke and Joe Morgan
  4. Pearce became just the third player to hit two game-ending grand slams in the same season, joining Cy Williams (Phillies, 1926) and Jim Presley (Seattle, 1986). Presley later served as Pearce's hitting coach with the Orioles. The slam yesterday came off of....Bud Norris. (modified because I had to correct a grammar error from the one line I copied from
  5. ^ This. They need someone who can eat up some innings (a shame Sydney Ponson is retired;-)). Maybe Miley gets DFA'd soon as a result. It will not be UJ with his nine lives courtesy of Buck. As to Kim....a .305 OBP this year, so he's really no loss to a team that didn't seem to want him around. Hope he does well up I-95. The trade gives them a better chance of winning 75 games this year. Sad to say, at least they did something to improve the starting pitching. The whole league wants better starters, but there's just nothing out there that's available.
  6. But the staff is improving. The ERA was 20.01 at one point!
  7. ^ Agreed. Also, an amazing one minute part of the press conference, where Buck says that 'Ubaldo is out there trying'. This might have been the most discouraging comment he has made at a presser. Trying? Really? Who gives a crap!?! He could put you or me or anybody else out there, we would try our darndest, but if we were continually lit up, the door would close on us fast. But not for UJ. Ubaldo starts, Buck BS's. 'Wash, rinse, repeat.' In only three of his fifteen starts has his ERA been 3.00 or under. It's time, yet again, to cut his cord.
  8. Starting pitching ERA post AS break now down to 9.41 (meanwhile, my Tigers traded JD Martinez.....ouch)
  9. Starters lowered their post AS ERA to 12.28. Break up the O's!
  10. UJ goes 3 2/3 allowing 6 runs. The starters' ERA since the break went DOWN because of that great performance (from 20.01 to 18.90). As to 'crowds': went up to see the Ironbirds today, so on the way up I'm listening to the 9th inning. Happy Hunter is spinning a positive during the trouncing in the bottom of the 9th, talking about the great crowds over the weekend. Over 34K Friday, over 40K last night, over 31K paid today. I'm sorry, but other than Saturday, those numbers are quite horrid IMHO. This was the Cubs they were playing, not the Rays or Jays. The numbers are going to continue to go down, as the starting pitching ERA continues to climb.
  11. Oops, I forgot about Miley getting charged the 7th run. The starting ERA since the break is actually 20.01.
  12. In Tejada's defense, he did have three hits last Sunday. We need Flash! Where's Janish? ;-)
  13. ERA is 8+ over the 30+ games. In the 2nd half predictions thread, I figured they'd 'improve' to 6.4 for the second half. Well, two games after the AS break, it is 16.4. Ouch!
  14. He has all that freedom since Anita split, that he has to write something to pass the time;-)
  15. Well, if their starting pitching ERA continues at 8+ as it has for the past thirty odd games.....I'd guess 28-46 for the second half, resulting in 70 wins for the season. It can't continue to be this bad, or can it? So.....I'll try to be optimistic, figure that the starters' ERA is 'only' 6.4 for the second half, and they manage to go 32-42, 74 for the season. I still believe, as I did in May, that they'll be ten under .500 by the end of this month.