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  1. This game was another head scratcher. After throwing 89 pitches, (29 in a fume throwing 4th), Tillman escapes trouble and is done for the night. Nope, wait, he comes out to pitch the 5th. Well, part of it anyway. After a hit, a walk, a wild pitch, sac fly on a 3-0 count to tie the game, and another walk, he's finally yanked. He was tanked after the 4th.
  2. So tired of finishing with the Bengals 2010 Cincinnati @ Baltimore 2011 Baltimore @ Cincinnati 2012 Baltimore @ Cincinnati 2013 Baltimore @ Cincinnati 2014 Cleveland @ Baltimore 2015 Baltimore @ Cincinnati 2016 Baltimore @ Cincinnati 2017 Cincinnati @ Baltimore Started the 07, 08, 12, 14, and 17 seasons against them as well. Week 3 onward for the Ravens is brutal as to the players' body 'rhythms'. One of the reasons the quality of play has dropped. 3 Sun, Sep 24 @Jacksonville* 9:30 AM 4 Sun, Oct 1 Pittsburgh 1:00 PM 5 Sun, Oct 8 @Oakland 4:05 PM 6 Sun, Oct 15 Chicago 1:00 PM 7 Sun, Oct 22 @Minnesota 1:00 PM 8 Thu, Oct 26 Miami 8:25 PM 9 Sun, Nov 5 @Tennessee 1:00 PM 10 BYE WEEK (will never figure out why byes aren't the week before TNF...let's hope this is its last year) Schedule makers do love to mess with all teams. For instance, here's the Patriots' ending schedule: 9 BYE WEEK 10 Sun, Nov 12 @Denver 8:30 PM 11 Sun, Nov 19 @Oakland 4:25 PM 12 Sun, Nov 26 Miami 1:00 PM 13 Sun, Dec 3 @Buffalo 1:00 PM 14 Mon, Dec 11 @Miami 8:30 PM 15 Sun, Dec 17 @Pittsburgh 4:25 PM 16 Sun, Dec 24 Buffalo 1:00 PM 17 Sun, Dec 31 N.Y. Jets 1:00 PM
  3. Well, at least we won't have misspell his name as much now that he's gone (correct spelling is Juszczyk). His contract is waaaaaay too much for his talents. Having said that, who will forget that TD late in the Pittsburgh game? The one where we jumped, fist pumped, yelled, cheered..... then immediately sat down, and said, "Oh, crap, there's too much time left." Could have been remembered as THE play of the season.
  4. weirdo posted: ChippewaJoe, on 24 Feb 2017 - 8:59 PM, said: "Other teams should have been so 'unlucky' to have him as part of their organization." I think you're combining multiple comments into one final assessment that O's fans hated the guy. That's not true at all. The harshest criticism on MW, is that he was a bust, because he didn't live up to the hype. And that's an opinion that is shared by a small percentage of the O's fan base. As I've said before, I never judged him by how well he lived up to the hype. He was a very good catcher, for a few years. But he isn't that same All Star caliber player any longer. And that's why most of us are glad to see him go. It's not about what he did in the past. It's what he does, going forward. And going forward in Baltimore meant giving him a minimum of $120M for 7 years. If you think he's a $17M+/yr player worthy of a long term commitment, then I can understand your disappointment that he wasn't drafted by the Tigers. But the baseball industry obviously feels differently. He's a $10M/yr player, and no one wanted to be anchored to him for multiple years. So it's not just O's fans who didn't share Matt's opinion of his worth on the open market ********* Of course, I was commenting on those O's fans who dissed Matt. And I stated that he might well have been 'the' missing piece for Detroit, had he come up in that organization at that time, instead of here with the overblown hype. Look at Alex Avila's numbers (other than 2011), and you'll understand that opinion. I never said anything about him staying, or 'going forward' or thinking he's worth x amount or y amount. I did get a chuckle when reading about his comment that 'God led him to where he is now'. I always read that as 'In God We Trust', i.e., how many greenbacks a player was offered.
  5. I got so angry at this article after taking a few hits off a joint, that I had a few Oreos, laid down on the couch for a while and... ....what were we talking about?
  6. Since I'll always be a Detroit fan first, just think if Wieters had been drafted by the Tigers. Consider how they had turned the tide years prior. When he was ready to be promoted, the PR surrounding him would have been to try and fill the shoes of Pudge WITHOUT being the Second Coming to rescue a woebegone franchise. I'd have taken Matt over Avila in a heartbeat. Detroit might have a WS ring or two had Wieters been with them. A great family man, loves dogs, great teammate, never a hint of scandal,....certainly had some key hits late last year. Oh, and a pretty good ballplayer. Other teams should have been so 'unlucky' to have him as part of their organization.
  7. somewhat on topic....Hardy is out for awhile due to back spasms (yet again)
  8. To a fellow semi cord cutter, I am mostly sure that you would not be able to stream the O's, even if they did allow this streaming. Last year, I was willing to pay for the MLB playoff package. BUT, since our cable package no longer had MLB, TBS, dice!!! A fellow poster sent me their password, but some sort of logistics prevented viewing. So, no LDS. No LCS. Total BS.
  9. Remember the stupid 'worst call ever' INT against the Eagles by this coaching staff? The description Harbaugh gave to it, when three running plays would have burned up some clock (or TOs) and put the Ravens up by two scores. I would hate to be a Falcon fan. Julio Jones ('the most amazing catch that will be forgotten in SB history' they are saying) or Matt Ryan is the MVP, if they just run the ball up the gut three times, and then try and kick an under 40 yard FG to go up 11. So, Mr Brady continues to be 'The Master'....yet again. And then again. Time to tip our hats to him and Bill yet again. Oh.....btw, I cannot stand Kraft. But it was a 'joy' to hear all of the boo birds during GODell's presentation, and then the not so subtle 'UP YOURS, Roger!' response.
  10. My prediction was 27-24 Pats......38-35 without all the commercials and the long halftime. Wow.....I mean, 'Wow'. You think Showalter did a blunderfluck in the WC game against the Blue Jays: WTW was Atlanta thinking with less than 4 minutes to go, ball at the Pats' 21, leading by eight? Oh, let's let Brady do what Brady does best....
  11. I would love to have Ray as a linebacker coach..........if he stopped by a couple of times a month and discussed strategy for ten minutes each time. EXCEPT.....nine of the ten minutes would be espousing gawd and his motivational word salad BS. Ed Reed is different. He has the right 'it', and talks 'with' people, not to or at from a pulpit. Goodness....I tuned Ray out around 15 seconds into his SB47 speech, because.........blah, blah, blah
  12. April Fools is two plus months away.... good lord....seriously!?!?!? I mean, this guy infuriated me more than any Detroit Lion OC did back in those woe begotten years back in Michigan. Yes, I know, it happened. But.....WTW?!?! Anybody need car repairs, but the individual will totally screw up your car because they have no clue? Hire me...or hire Matt. oy......Frickin''.......vey
  13. I keep seeing the Pats along the lines of 27-19. Not so much a defensive struggle, but lots of points left on the field. The Packers have some starters that didn't play the first time, and a bunch who are not. This could be 44-37 Atlanta, but title games never get that crazy, so let's say 33-27 Falcons........(depending on what Rodgers does on the last play........)
  14. Well, it doesn't really matter if he was a household name outside of Baltimore, does it? The kid goes from an undrafted free agent to 2nd team all-pro in his third season, leads the team in tackles, and now has to retire at 24. Doesn't he deserve the chance to explain it, in person, and say 'goodbye'? In the meantime, we get to wish him well, and find out what a well spoken young man he is.
  15. Someone who was overrated