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  1. Had the Eagles not scored on 4th and 1, the first half would have ended before NE had to punt. So I was really questioning it at the time. And then they run such a brilliant play. Totally understood why they went for it again later on. Also....if they had failed, and the Pats drive down and score, it still would have 'only' been an eight point game. The Ravens have had their fair share of failures....and successes. I totally questioned the fail against the Browns in Week 16. Run, incomplete pass, incomplete pass, run. And that run on 4th down was so badly designed. .
  2. The first QB to QB TD pass in 20 years, the first ever in the playoffs....on 3rd and goal on a drive not long after KC doinks a 48 yard FG off the upright. Those were the keys to the game. Look at Cincy's INT TD return last week (with eyes closed). Ya can't coach that stuff, ya can't coach against it. Ya just have to deal with it.
  3. Did Pees put in his papers with 2:54 left in the game?
  4. No one is saying 'force the ball into coverage'. No one is saying ' take a sack and risk a strip from the blind side and fumble'. Good gawd, men, read what's being said. Most of us like Joe. There's no SB 47 ring without him. On that play, when you realize it is totally blown up, run off to the right as far as you can, and fall or slide inbounds. No one cares if you lose two yards, five yards, eight yards, or ten yards. The clock keeps running, or Cincy burns a TO. Koch buries them deep regardless of the spike or the sack. That's the smart play (other than not trying a screen by a team that generally doesn't know how to run a screen). That said....just like Juszczyk's TD against the Steelers last year, Collins 4th down TD ....which should be remembered as the play of the year.....will be forgotten by most. Frick the TD, escaping for the first down was incredible. Touchdown? Damn, what a play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sign that kid up!!!!!!!!!
  5. But....they shut out a Packer team AT HOME, that was an Antonio Brown HOF reception from taking the Steelers to OT at Heinz. Blew out a Dolphins team 40-0, who beat the Patriots last week. This team was 'capable' Great? No. But I would have bet house money on them next week in KC. A shame we'll never find out. \
  6. NO, NO, and NO. Scramble to the right and take a knee or a sack. Let the clock run, or force Cincy to take their FINAL timeout. That's the SMART play! No one is saying 'risk an INT'. If the play is blown up, big frickin deal. Eat the clock.
  7. by not trying to get that second first down on the last possession.....and then, stupidly, throwing the ball into the ground on a blown up screen pass..........they gave the season away. Never give your opponent the chance to tie....or win...on their last possession. So much for 'Festivus'. And now.......we have to wonder.......sadly, was this John's last game?
  8. Pre order you Cleveland Browns Owen #16 jerseys at any NFL shop. btw.....daBears are 5-10, with four of the wins against the AFC North. A clean sweep.
  9. It's time to enjoy wearing our Festivus gear as much as in years past. They did what they had to do tonight against the frickin Irsays. Offense did well, chewed up the clock....the D was fair, Weddle's drop kept the game in doubt, as did the very slow blocked punt. But, hey, you could be a Lions fan, with still only one playoff win in the last sixty years. Tomorrow....daBears go for the sweep of the AFC Norris against the juggernaut Clowns. Be grateful Chicago isn't in this division.......
  10. but as a fan of football itself, the last 2-3 minutes, with all that was at stake, was top ten all time. and then THIS has to come into play
  11. Both Joe and Ben had Drew Brees/Matt Ryan Thursday night moments tonight. They'll probably get burned, but the Ravens have to blitz more, or throw in some of those weird coverage changes they did during the last minute to stop this Steeler machine. Can't stop them mano to mano
  12. Packers, Cincy, and.... coin flip time: which Ravens offense shows up tonight? How many Steeler TOs? Steelers 21-19
  13. Now suspended four games for PEDs. Would have been lost for the season regardless.
  14. What I love about the interwebs.....a newbie comes on to a forum and immediately acts like a buzz kill. How many games have you been to before this year? It had been years for us, but now we've been to three in two years. It's what we can afford, as well as a thing called 'life' that gets in the way. After today, we hope it can be two a year. Ravens are a game up in the playoff race. Are they a great team? Hell, no. We'll find out what 'week to week' team they are a bit more against a Steeler team that allowed the Pack to score 28 on them at Heinz Field, while the Ravens allowed the Pack how many points at Lambeau?
  15. I miss the old posters for this thread. I'll predict that I'll be at the game, looking for any Lion fans with the Owen #16 jerseys (there were quite a few at the '09 game). The game comes down to one made or missed play by the Lions. Chargers and Steelers easily.