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  1. I'm gonna go back to college. I might have eligibility. If I fall and drop balls and run horrible routes, I might turn that into 1st Round draft money from Baltimore !!!!!
  2. Right! I forgot about that one. That's even easier to do! You were correct earlier, D, I am qualified to make some big bucks after all !!!!!!
  3. My problem would be running down the field. I would have no problem falling to the ground, but that would make my chest a difficult target to hit........... Thanks, you've been a great crowd. Don't forget to tip your waiters and waitresses! Speaking of running down the field........the long attempt to Perriman early in the game. The replay shows the DB slightly getting in his way. There's no head fake, juke, one step to alter course and route. Nothing. He looked so timid on the play. And that's just one. If I was a glutton for punishment, I'd love to see press box view tapes of the WR routes, just to see how bad they generally are. And this is one week after they changed schemes, formations, put men in motion, and looked like a pro offense for a change.
  4. Slightly off topic....anyone notice all the FOX promos for the Yankees and Game 3 during the Ravens game? Uhm.....oh, that's right, Houston is also playing and up 2-0, but the same clip showed nothing but Bronx Bombers pix and clips.
  5. If Yin and Yang are WRs and on waivers, I wish the Ravens would grab them ;-)
  6. Fourteen seconds IMO is the bare minimum time needed to run a play and then spike the ball......and that's if the WR gets tackled or falls to the ground immediately. 16-18 seconds, and one feels quite comfortable and confident of having enough time. I was waiting for Wallace to take a couple of steps and falling down, which was their only hope at the time. Thanks for the recap of what the WR were doing. Perhaps a 'hook and ladder' was to take place, and someone messed up? Someone crossing and getting a pitch from Wallace might have had time to get OB. One sideline catch, and Tucker comes out to try a 63 or 65 yarder. We were getting really excited about that possibility. Campanero gave them that chance. As did daBears running OB. Damn, the last three minutes were really poorly coached on both sides.
  7. It's all Joe's fault for those INTs where the WRs allow the ball to bounce off their hands or their shoulder pads. Joe's fault for Williams' fumble. Although......override MM's stupid decision to throw over the middle with 12 seconds left and no timeouts. Fuller was a beast on defense the entire game. How many times did they try a pass to the left And please, no more middle of the field screens.
  8. Ravens only if they wear the white shoes again. Seriously....hope the motion and different formations on offense weren't a one week idea. This won't be a 40-10 rout, but I figure that they'll finally put the game away with around 5 minutes left. 27-16 Chiefs Texans (my choice in my survivor league which was a no-brainer)
  9. It is painful to see Verlander in a blue and orange uniform.....that isn't the Tigers..... Almost always a treat to watch him pitch. Today was no exception.
  10. The Charge of the White (shoe) Brigade !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Would you tune into any of these games if you were not a fan of the teams (beyond fantasy leagues)? Amazing the amount of uninteresting matchups week in and week out these days. Jets, Bengals, Steelers, Raiders Hey, RavensGrrl, good to have you back!
  12. How many times did they air it over the past 5-10 years? The same with CBS? Zero? A handful? We really don't know. We've avoided the pregame shows for at least five years, and turn the TV on around 12:55. Seems they finish the pregame, show a couple of commercials, and then it's to the stadium, a few comments and then kickoff.
  13. Mr. Dean.....I gotta hook up with you again so that you can talk some sense into me, so that I follow my head. Wow, this is ugly
  14. should I follow my heart or my head... Ravens get a couple of TOs, move the ball on the ground somewhat like the Bears.......and somehow manage to edge the Steelers 19-17. I cannot, in good conscience, pick the Browns two weeks in a row. Bungles 20-16
  15. I said back in May, that I would not be surprised if they were ten under by July 31st. And then the pitching did its historic collapse, and I thought it might happen by the end of June. To think they were 72-70 not long ago. It all comes down to pitching, though the bats went from feast to famine with the turn of the calendar for some reason. Sure would have hated to be one of the young guys out on the field, and then see Miley and Tillman go to the mound.