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  1. This place has no affiliation with the NFL but they work closely with the NFL. Saw a cool pic of Ed Reed looking up at the MD Air Guard A-10's and a lot of Ogden stuff was on display.
  2. Cal and Billy are going to kick some butt!!! Glad she is doing well.,0,1198173.story
  3. If an officer witnesses the rock being thrown, it's a misdemeanor commited in his presence. Still playing lawyer Wiz?
  4. I just became a PIG, pretty important guest. Try the brisket.
  5. They have a Pizza Johns coupon, it's a hundred dollar coupon for seventy nine dollars.
  6. Adam Richman from Man vs Food was there and he killed a five pound cheesesteak. Tony Luke couldn't finish it.
  7. Had to pick between Geno's and Pats and went with Geno's. Pats had more choices and was cheaper. The line was longer at Pats too. For what you pay at Genos, it just wasnt worth it.
  8. It has Emile Hirsch and Hal Holbrook.
  9. But Octo has heard numerous accounts otherwise.
  10. The moose out front should have told you the park is closed.
  11. I got no where else to go. I got nothing.
  12. Burglary- breaking and entering of dwelling,usually at night, to committ a felony therein. In my mind, deadly force should be required.
  13. One round of furloughs, two round of furloughs, one round of layoffs.,0,556428.story
  14. I have always heard that there are " soft pulls" and " hard pulls" of your credit history. Is this true?