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  1. The Times obtained documents that show that Donald J. Trump avoided reporting hundreds of millions of dollars in taxable income in the early 1990s by using a maneuver that his lawyers warned would most likely be deemed improper by an I.R.S. audit.
  2. Donald Trump is actually the corporate triceratops, Mr. Richfield, from the 90’s TV show sitcom, “Dinosaurs”. Trump's resemblance to B.P Richfield is bizarre! Did "Dinosaurs" predict the future? Click following link, Enjoy!
  3. “Worse than anything we could’ve imagined.” “An act of climate denial.” “Giveaway to big agribusiness.”
  4. The 1% wants Hillary?
  5. A google link to a Forbes magazine article titled "Psychiatric Drugs, Not A Lack Of Gun Control, Are The Common Denominator In Murderous Violence" now leads to a page on the Forbes website that says "Oops!" Original Link → A cached version of the missing Forbes article follows:
  6. The Atlantic horseshoe crab (Limulus Polyphemus) is considered by scientists to be a "living fossil," it is one of the only organisms that has survived without evolving since the age of the dinosaurs, 450 million years ago. They are also known as helmet crabs, and they are actually not all that closely related to crabs at all--they are genetically more closely related to spiders and scorpions, and they crawl around the surface of the ocean when they're not spawning on the shores of the East coast--most prominently on the Jersey Shore, Long Island, and Delaware, and even in the Gulf of Mexico. Aside from their entire existence and history being prehistoric, so are their immune systems! Horseshoe crabs bleed blue (no, literally) because their blood is mostly made of copper--unlike that of humans--our blood is composed mostly of Iron. Their blood, along with their really neat prehistoric immune system, contains a substance called LAL (Limulus amebocyte lysate), which coagulates around endotoxins and bacteria, detecting their presence. Since 1970, every pill, medical instrument or other tool used and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has undergone testing using horseshoe crab blood, which costs around $15,000 per quart. These critters are super important to our health, but what about their health? When we extract their blood, we take around 1/3 of their blood cell count, and due to the old-fashioned nature of their circulatory system, it can take around 6 months for a single horseshoe crab to restore itself to its normal blood cell count levels. During the process of their "donation" to American medicine, it is estimated that 18% of horseshoe crabs die from blood loss and other complications related to the extraction process. While it is technically illegal to bleed the same crab twice (which is why they are often tagged by medical companies, to ensure that they don't re-collect that same crab,) it is still cruel to be taking these animals away from their homes and habitats, bleeding them out and leaving them to re-adjust their blood cell count. Their prehistoric immune systems and body processes cannot handle this, and because of this, their population remains in great danger. Our scientific research and advancements in technology could certainly afford to find a synthetic solution to LAL. The health industry knows the chemical composition of horseshoe crab blood, so why can't they make a synthetic version? If they can afford dozens of quarts of copper-based blue blood, they can afford a synthetic alternative to bleeding these friendly, awesome creatures dry. I am urging you to sign this petition to ask the FDA and the EPA to work together to minimize the amount of horseshoe crabs who are bled annually, and to work more quickly and efficiently toward finding a synthetic alternative to horseshoe crab blood/LAL. Horseshoe crabs are not only a really cool connection to our prehistoric past, but they are friendly and wonderful animals who contribute great things to our aquatic ecosystems.
  7. "Off The Grid" host Jesse Ventura stops by to talk about running for president in the 2016 election. We discuss his running platform, Libertarian party endorsement, and being the first president since George Washington that does not belong to a political party, in this short clip from the full length Buzzsaw interview hosted by Sean Stone.
  8. Two weeks after his own Democratic Party handed him an embarrassing defeat on trade, President Barack Obama maneuvered his way back to victory, salvaging a key piece of his second-term legacy with the extraordinary help of the very Republican leaders he once accused of obstruction. Wednesday's 60-38 vote in the Senate to strengthen Obama's trade negotiating position sets the stage for Obama's real prize: conclusion of a 12-nation Pacific rim trade pact that is crucial to his effort to expand U.S. influence in Asia. Trade experts believe Obama's negotiators could conclude that deal by early fall and that Congress, after a period of public review, could vote on it by year's end. Obama Recovers: He Rescues His Trade Agenda _ With GOP Help - ABC News
  9. The Santa Ana Police Department will launch an internal affairs investigation after being provided video clips showing officers engaging in questionable behavior during a police raid last month on a medical marijuana dispensary, Police Chief Carlos Rojas told Voice of OC this week. Warning SICK COPS, Graphic language!
  10. The Broadband Industry Pretends To Be Worried About Your Soaring Bill In Attempt To Undermine Net Neutrality from the who-can-you-trust-if-you-can't-trust-the-phone-company dept
  11. BREAKING: The House is trying to sneak through language that would take away the FCC's ability to enforce the Net Neutrality rules, undermining the open Internet. Thousands of calls and emails will nip this in the bud — contact Congress now! Unbelievably, this latest attack started the same day that the new rules finally went into effect. And as much as it’s a moment to celebrate, we need to act now to protect the rules because this Team Cable’s most insidious move yet. Comcast and their cronies in Congress are trying to sneak 3 amendments into a must-pass budget bill to stop the FCC from implementing Net Neutrality until every one of the cable industry’s 10+ lawsuits are settled. That amendment is ridiculous generally, but it’s even more absurd because the US Court System just denied that very same request on Thursday. The House is voting on the language in the bill in 24 hours, so it’s urgent that Congress hear from you today. If they vote to keep this language there’s a real chance Net Neutrality will be upended. Can you make a phone call to demand that Congress end this sneak attack on Net Neutrality, and protect the open Internet? Yes, I’ll call Congress right now. Net Neutrality shouldn’t even be a question for Congress anymore. The FCC spent years on the rules, basing them on expert testimony and the input of over 4 million Americans who weighed in overwhelmingly in support Net Neutrality. But instead of listening to the American public and defending the rules, some in Congress are following the orders of the cable industry and using every trick in the book to kill them. This attack in particular is so dangerous because it’s wrapped up in the appropriations bill, which determines the funding for hundreds of government programs. Which means when Congress votes on the bill, they’re not just voting on Net Neutrality — they’re weighing dozens of issues and priorities. We need to nip this attack in the bud and get this language removed from the bill now, well before it ever gets to the floor. If we don’t, Net Neutrality may become part of the same kind of funding fight that shut down the government two years ago. We can't let Team Cable get away with this. This is first real threat to Net Neutrality in Congress — let’s make it clear that no one can mess with the Internet and get away with it. Can you right now and demand that they strike all the language that would stop the FCC from doing its job? Yes, I’ll call Congress right now.
  12. Here is the list: Global Gods | Machines Like Us
  13. We have to realize reality! Grand Theft America
  14. In a dramatic turn of events on Friday, the House of Representatives narrowly voted to pass Fast Track trade authority, 219-211, thus opening the door for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and many other horrible trade "deals" down the road. But there is a HUGE catch which means we can still stop Fast Track early next week, and defeat TPP once and for all. Sign and send the petition to your member of the House of Representatives: Vote against TAA to stop Fast Track and protect American jobs. Sign and send the petition: Stop the TPP once and for all Just before the House voted to pass Fast Track, it overwhelmingly voted to defeat something called TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance)—which funds "worker training" by cutting Medicare. The House needed to pass TAA in order for the bill to go to President Obama's desk, because TAA was in the Senate version of the bill. Without TAA, the House and Senate have to come up with an entirely different bill, and then both re-vote on the whole thing again. What's more, the Senate probably can't pass Fast Track without TAA. They tried that last month, and failed. Now, there will be another vote on TAA in the House this Tuesday. If we can defeat it again—and yesterday we crushed it 302-126—then Fast Track and TPP all go away and we win! Sign and send the petition to you member of the House of Representatives: Vote to against TAA and stop Fast Track and TPP once and for all. Sign and send the petition: Stop the TPP once and for all Keep fighting