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  1. What time is the Franklin Dundalk game?
  2. Awesome
  3. Anyone have the Milford Perry Hall score?
  4. A black coaching staff has never and will never get true respect on this forum. It will always be a contrived excuse as to why they are winning. Its usually the old, "they are an all star team" excuse, or they violate recruiting rules.
  5. This is a perfect example of the issue I have with Baltimore County. Rigged schedules. They do nothing but hurt the quality of football. For years they rigged, Patapsco, Dundalk, Dulaney and Towson;s schedules. Dundalk was the only program to play its way out of the vicious cycle, Just let the programs play teams they are classified to play and they will eventually raise the level of the program to conform to the competition. If not, you have teams backdoor their way into the playoffs, knocking out a program who played a tougher schedule and then get embarrassed in the first round. Or you have parents who have an unrealistic opinion of how good their child is, thinking they will land some kind of D1 scholarship. It can also create coaches who get satisfied with padding their wins and never raising the bar of competition.
  6. Milford 42 Woodlawn 14 4th
  7. I just don't see Calvert Hall beating Wise in PG County...
  8. Where can I get scores?
  9. Hereford as usual will do well in the county against the 1A and 2A schools and get overwhelmed once they leave the county. Last years game against Dunbar was sad to watch. If the PG County schools are now in 2a North..the road to M&T will go through the land of GOGO music and half smokes
  10. Wise is the best public school in the #veryimpressed
  11. Henry Wise @ Milford..Wise looks ready...well oiled machine...very impressive QB...Milford will do well in the county this year...Wise could very well be the best public school in the state
  12. City will be fine...they have an excellent recruiter and assistant coach on staff there now
  13. Friendship Academy at New Town......Wise at Milford
  14. Baltimore County..Franklin, Milford, Perry Hall and everyone else...
  15. I truly believe the beginning of the end of this country is on the horizon. Our President (a shining example of the political intellect of this country right now) is leading our nation into a conflict that will be devastating. Iran, North Korea, China and Russia are forming a military alliance right before our eye.