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  1. Enough of the bull****...everyone with solid matter between their shoulders know private school athletics (at least in the 695 corridor) is generally more advanced. When you can develop a brand of football and then recruit kids that fit into your style of play, there is a pretty good chance that you would beat a public school team. On the downside...the private schools have a playoff system that cant compare to the excitement of the publics....
  2. get out your feelings man...everyone knows the Poets legacy..I've always supported Lawrence...I just don't believe this years team would do very well against the upper classification champions, or MIAA. Just my opinion
  3. This years Dunbar Team did not seem that impressive in terms of major competition. They were a very good 1A team, and that's it...The better question would be how a school like Wise would do in the MIAA. No salt on Dunbar. They are a great program...
  4. You are the expert..I just don't see it...not this year...
  5. Dunbar is NOT an All-Star team....SFA is an All Star team...Dunbar is a very good 1A team,and not the best assembled team Baltimore...After watching the 4A, 3A and even 2A games, it was obvious that neither Ft Hill or Dunbar would have beaten any of those teams...That All-star team argument is old
  6. ...No complaints recently when the Poets were absent from the championship...
  7. Milford got cheated and it was bad....Dunbar as well...This is a topic for real men...not scared asses..
  8. I just wanted to keep it positive or the sake of the kids....
  9. Excellent Comment
  10. 1st Half Milfford 19 Linganore 7 Its been Milford vs Milford the first half...too many penalties for the Millers
  11. that's never a guarantee under any format
  12. The best team almost always wins and the top two teams usually meet somewhere along the way. Whether its a regional championship, semi-final or have to beat the best team to win