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  1. I haven't actually lived in the Dena for years. Too many addicts. Yeah, I saw S.S. at Sunset Cove. I knew who he was right away and he said I looked familiar, then remembered me when I mentioned this website HAHA! He told me a thing about about...sorry. Miss you lots. Wish there was a way we could catch up. Life has been...crazy.
  2. We did the NE road trip last summer. I'll post the details tomorrow.
  3. You still lingering around? I ran into an Irish man last week.
  4. Post.
  5. Yeah they messed up my start date one point I lost my account and had to re-sign up. I think I really signed up in 96 or 98???
  6. I don't think I am old, but I guess I am "old".
  7. Thanks I got that damn song stuck in my head.
  8. Oh Aggie Poo!
  9. So, I've got 2 kids, no wrinkles, and no extra pounds...does that mean I am only 1/2 experienced? Would the pounds and wrinkles make me fully experienced? I guess I better tell hubby if he wants it REAL good I gotta get fat and old.
  10. Besides, things were be more boring
  11. I don't think you can really get to KNOW someone on these will only KNOW what the posters allow you to know or what they WANT you to know.
  12. hehe...I am just trying to be bad again today
  13. Response? MEOW Cat fight!
  14. I know...but I'm bad everyday