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  1. Beastly maybe. Given that OLine.....and one fast but raw threat @ WR.....and the TEs canceling each other out.....get your hopes up at your own peril.
  2. Consider this post bookmarked and saved in order to be brought back when Griff comes out looking like Camtastic did last year....maybe even a bit better.
  3. Insane. Certifiable.
  4. Again...say it w/me.....preseason. That said.....I was thrilled watching these 2 guys go at it. There were times I actually found myself rooting for Griff a couple times (if certainly not WAS its self).....he is just that likable and that exciting a talent. It will be awesome watching these 2 guys grow and develop....maybe all the way to facing off for the Lombardi one day.
  5. May I present this morsel of argument here... http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/fp/flashPollResultsState?sportIndex=sportsnation&pollId=145201 Rather harsh IMO.....but w/e. Now.....given how many fans/analysts would prefer the gentleman in question over your QB as it stands.....what does that tell you? I mean seriously.....whose fooling who?
  6. No biases anywhere. Actually....you just hit on the mark rt there. AL was playing in his 1st pro game EVER. And he was up against a Jeff Fisher coached D who's 1st stringers were bringing the heat early and often (at least in the 1H.) Flat Joe is in his 5th yr and was going up against guys that will likely be doing construction or trucking or something other than NFL work in a couple weeks. Difference.
  7. Preseason. Say it with me.....preseason.
  8. And yet.....I'd deign to venture that to a man almost every fan/analyst would not hestitate to take AL over Flat Joe every day of the week and twice on Sundays (when it really counts after all ). Want to tell me I'm wrong? OK then.....for all Flat Joe's 'achievements'....why do most experts still like Matty Ice over him?
  9. Nice try. I was talking about none other than your very own.....ahem....'Franchise QB'. (HAHAHA! ) But I know you already knew that.....just humoring you.
  10. Preseason....regular season.....training camp....playoffs....doesn't matter. When you see greatness you immeditately recognize it.
  11. No....not neccesarily. We'll be seeing a lot of that from him this yr I'm thinking....so no need to beat up on a dead horse.
  12. 1 wasn't his fault and the other was a common rook mistake....besides he bounced right back from the pick-6.
  13. How bout em in deed. 26-41/363 2 TDs/87.8 in 4 qtrs (w/only 1 sack) for the future HOFer......not to shabby I'd say.
  14. I don't blame them for keeping him out. Grant it...he does need the work and lots of it....but w/that swiss cheese wedge of an OLine.....they won't expose him to any further risk than necessary til it's absolutely necessary (i.e. W1).
  15. Oh come one now Under......are you serious? If anything I'd say they're being a bit generous w/that rank. I can't quite figure you out. What has happened in the last few months or so to make you think he is suddenly this fantastic All World QB?