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  1. I dunno, I just don't get the big deal about homosexuality. So a couple of guys like guys, and a couple of girls like girls. I swear most things are a big deal because we make them one. This isn't a big deal. Heck, compared to what some of the "heterosexual" girls did at my proms, they may be less sexually explicit to each other. *not that it f**** matters"
  2. The day I get the cash to do so, I'm gonna be your next door neighbor
  3. Great, valid point, but I see it differently. Lets say you go to the beach, and you put a towel down in the shade. You decided to go swimming, and when you return, I have moved your towel out into the heat. I tell you that "its a public beach, and you left. Just because you set out a spot, doesn't mean it is yours. If you wanna keep the spot, don't leave". What goes through your mind? Or you go to a movie theater, and you leave your coat on the seat while you use the bathroom. When you come back, I am sitting in your seat, next to your lady () When you ask me to move, I tell you "its not your theater, you can't tell me to move. If you wanted to keep that spot, you should have never left". How would you feel? Last one. You go to the food court in the mall, and buy some food to eat. You sit down at a table, and you realize you need a drink. You leave your jacket, and maybe even your meal there. When you return, I am sitting in your chair. I tell you "this is not your food court, If you wanted the seat, you should have never left". With me, its not about property, or public space. Its just courtesy. With digging out a spot, I see that someone has worked hard to get it out. I believe its their spot. Before, I have parked in spots, and left my number on a piece of paper, saying "just needed to borrow it, call me and I'll move". I dug a space out at my parents house when I went to help them out, and I left it open. No laws, no right, just an understanding. I can see your point, I just think we disagree.
  4. Okay, two different scenarios. There was a parking spot at my university when I moved back in after the storm. I dug it out and cleared the snow so I could park there. I dug myself IN. is it my spot now? Same with my house. I went home to help my parents shovel their snow. There was an open spot noone had parked in, so I dug out the snow, and parked there. Since I dig up a spot to park IN, is it my spot permanently? Even if I may not come back? I hear this saying sometimes, but I don't get it. You dig yourself out, and that alone should be reason not to take someones spot. I would never park somewhere in which I know someone took 2-3 hours digging up.....