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  1. Crickets after 13 hours. Even when I agree with the point of her OP there is no reply. Very telling. Some people want to be argumentative even if you agree with them. No wonder we have such a divisive nation at this point in time. Very sad.
  2. If by that you mean dead I have to agree with you - their circular firing squad is a terrible disappointment to me as registered Republican. Unfortunately I know other Republicans who are just as disenchanted with their inability to govern and their mixed (and often negative) messages. But just for the record I personally do not consider Trump as the "head of the party" in any way. Actually, I think the real problem is that it is a party with zero leadership. And in my humble opinion the sad truth is that the Democratic party suffers under the same lack of viable leadership. It's no wonder that the two parties just keep flailing away at each other and place the country in political gridlock, with nothing getting done, and with all of us stuck in the resulting mess.
  3. Joseph Heller would have been amused. But if it makes you feel better, I agree with the original premise of this thread. Trump is a punk, among many other negative things. I truly hope that we do not have to suffer another three years under this fool. Regardless of what you think of my style and I might think of yours, we are on the same page that Trump is a terrible president.
  4. Seems like the possibility that Trump is in some stage of dementia may be true.
  5. Most likely by trying to put tough trade sanctions on China's oil exports. Intervention on the ground is not an option.
  6. Well Gonzo, it would seem to me that how I choose to deal with someone who I feel is ignorant and vicious (and posts garbage) is my business (and the mods, should they choose to intervene). My opinions, dissenting or agreeing, are generally quite rational when the topic being discussed is a rational one. But I must admit dealing with the almost constant irrational follies posted by the squid and the good professor are enough to drive even the most rational person over the edge sometimes. And by the way, if you go back through this thread, you will note that I agree that the president is indeed a punk, and also an egomaniac who is out of control. I don't disagree at all with the primary topic raised. My disagreement was wiith the need to disparage the states of Maryland and PA as some sort of hotbeds of Trumpism or confederate sympathizers by referring to (as yet unidentified) parts of PA as "garbage" and suggesting that conferedate flags litter the landscape of both states. That kind of vicious negativism offended me, given that I live in Maryland and have many friends and relatives in PA, none of whom are Trump supporters (except for one nutty uncle), confederate sympathizers, or any other kind of RWNJ. Some of them are dyed in the wool Democrats.
  7. RIP for sure. He was great comic talent, but when he sang in that wonderful baritone voice he was amazing. 87 years old - a good long life well lived.
  8. I suspect Mr. Tillerson will be relieved to be out from under the lunacy of Trump's nutty world of tweeting to undermine any kind of diplomacy.
  9. As will I. You just need to figure out how to cope with folks who see through your foolishness a bit better.
  10. Unfortunately, what you seem to go out of your way to notice are things that you can complain about on this forum. Like I said earlier, in my opinion that is a waste of time. And by the way, no one else has said what you said - that you have favorite game of counting confederate flags in windows when you drive through Maryland. Some have said they have seen a few - but no one has suggested they are numerous enough to be worth counting. It is sad that you somehow feel your ignorance in disparaging a whole state has somehow been vindicated. Maybe if you just stayed away from Maryland you would be a happier person. I would certainly be happier to know you were not anywhere near me.
  11. Stupidity that cannot be gauged seems to be your issue, not mine. That you seem to think I have "been doing Trump's bidding" in ANY of my posts is clear evidence of that. Clearly your point of view is that anyone who dares to disagree with your ultra progressive narative is "doing Trump's bidding", which is patently ignorant (not to mention extremely offensive). And you are the one splitting hairs, since the term "illegal" (which can imply civil violations of the law or criminal activity) is something that you disparage when it comes to undocumented immigrants. How about other civil violations of the law? Do you excuse parking tickets, speeding, or running red lights if the offender is a progressive Democrat versus a conservative Republican? To me an illegal activity is illegal no matter who does it, and no, we do not have laws that are socially unjust in this country - they exist only in your imagination.
  12. Your presumption that I would characterize your example as a "criminal" reveals that you know absolutely nothing about me. Minor children brought here under circumstances out of their control are clearly in a different category than adults who cross the border illegally or who come here and then overstay their visas. I think Trump's threats to the "dreamers" is absurd, provided those "dreamers" do not commit criminal acts or join gangs like MS13. I doubt that "most of the country" disagrees with that sentiment.
  13. Someone seriously needs to confiscate Trump's cell phone and his computer.