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  1. Does it make you feel good to try to tell Ken that he's not as well off as he thinks he is? Your arrogance is just amazing.
  2. Says the master of cheap shots at anything with pale pigmentation. Your grotesque view of the "white man's cause" is a pathetic joke, and with comments like the one highlighted above you reduce yourself to a parody.
  3. Ken - if you are not willing to play the victim you will never be truly black in hst2's world. Sad, isn't it?
  4. In other words, your opinion of what these black pastors ought to think is more important than what they choose to think. How very arrogant of you. You seem to be imposing your caucasoid supremacy over them since they can't possibly be as well informed as you. You might get an argument from Kandace if you keep doing that.
  5. No you are not right. You have no basis to be suggesting that anyone has an ethical obligation to do anything. Your arrogance in seeking to do so puts you right up (down) there with hst2. Feel free to carry on with your feelings of moral superiority to the rest of us, but know that it is a delusion.
  6. So you can't answer his question. Got it.
  7. You have no basis to be preaching to anyone about ethics.
  8. Your "introspection" is seeking to justify the absurdity of hst2's asinine views about the evils of the white race. Feel free to wallow in that garbage if you wish, but leave us normal folks out of it.
  9. Gee, there are some black pastors in 2017 that disagree with Dr. King's opinion of Margaret Sanger. I guess in your view that might make them racist (or worse - makes them officially "white") because of their ignorance of your "truth". It must really upset you to know that your particular views about things are not shared by all of the black people that you love to speak for.
  10. I am white and in my 69 years I have never committed any atrocities against African Americans. According to some here, my only "crime" is being white, and for that "crime" I am supposed to wallow in guilt and shame and atone for various sins committed by others. Sorry, but I refuse to submit to such nonsense.
  11. Careful Matt. Challenging hst2's narrative might get you warning points. You're a white person, so what can you possibly know.
  12. According to the article on the front page of today's Sun, Governor Hogan is getting a raft of BS from some of the far right people in Maryland who feel they have been betrayed by his agreement for the statue's removal. Apparently his facebook page has been hit with all kinds of vitriol, calling Hogan vile names and saying he should resign. To those very stupid and ignorant people, I say bugger off. I would rather see statues moved than to see ongoing protests and demonstrations around them which lead to people getting hurt.
  13. In cases like this, it seems a shame that there is a ban on cruel and unusual punishment, which is what the killer of those children deserves. RIP children, and condolences to their family members.