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  1. Nice dodge. But that's not how you normally roll.
  2. Are you saying that you suport the public shaming of the female student because she got pregnant? That's what the school did to her. I am truly curious Kandace - If the pregnant student had been a person of color would you feel the same way? Or would that have been a racist action by the "caucasoid supremacy" in charge of that particular private school?
  3. That is your opinion, and you are welcome to it. What you fail to grasp is that everyone else is never going to agree with you, no matter how much you rant about it, particularly people who have been born and raised in the south. Perhaps in a few more generations that will begin to change, but not likely in our lifetimes.
  4. If racist idiots think they won't be punished they are mistaken, and stupid for thinking it. But your continuing rants about "caucasoid supremacy" reveal that your personal hatred and racism is just as vile as the hatred and racist of those who would target various minority groups. Until to come to grips with your own demons you have no room to criticze the demons of others.
  5. I think the naming issue is stupid on the part of those who did it back in 1968, and the law that would prohibit a name change at this point is clearly a backlash against the whole politically correct movement to erase all mention of the people who led the confederacy from history. Why are you surprised that such a backlash would occur? Don't you think that a similar backlash would occur in New Hampshire if a movement to ban the motto "Live Free Or Die" was proposed? When you strike at the heart of any area's history and heritage one can expect that people who have grown up with generations of honor of that heritage will react negatively. Who are you (or I, or anyone else) to say that one area's history needs to be erased out of some sort of effort to make some others feel good? I don't have a dog in this fight, but I understand the feelings that lead to such actions like the naming law. To deny such feelings as legitimate for the people who hold tham is to deny reality. Of course you seem to have no problem denying reality here on a regular basis, since you think all thought should conform to align with yours. I don't suffer from that weakness. I recognize that some people are always going to think differently from me, and that it's OK for them to be different, even you.
  6. Your supposition of cause and effect is highly suspect. The penalties for committing such crimes have not been reduced, so the risk that a person has to take to act out their hate for another human being is just as great as it was long before Trump was on the scene. If individual racist bigot idiots feel emboldened because of Trump, that is a reflection of their own stupidity.
  7. How would you fight back? It's sort of like the fight aganst ISIS. One can keep killing people but unless you eliminate the ideology behind it the problem just shifts to the next convert and the next convert, on and on. Other than with the laws we have in place against hate crimes, and public opinion slowing moving toward a more tolerant view of minorities of all types, the problem of idiots like this acting out their hate will persist. And don't pretend that kicking Trump out of office will be an instant solution. The idiots who hate people will continue to surface until the reasons behind their hatred are addressed. European countries are having exactly the same problem, and to date have no solutions either.
  8. Woodlawn High is a good local example. It is simply a reflection of the population in the area. The area that feeds students to Woodlawn High is predominently black today, as middle class black families found it to be a welcoming neighborhood over the past few decades as they sought to move out of the city. The new interim superintendent of Baltimore County Schools, Verletta White, who is black, graduated from Woodlawn High some years ago (she is 49, so that would have been around 1986), so she obviously lived in that area at the time. It is interesting to note that in the recent articles about Ms. White, it was reported that she now lives in "northern Baltimore County" (that would be the Hereford Zone). I guess that represents black flight from the Woodlawn community once one has made it to a new economic level. I wonder what hst2 thinks of that?
  9. Some people ignore reality and instead make excuses for criminal behavior that ends badly for the criminal. For them truth is a damn nuisance.
  10. Could be. Trump has made plenty of absurd statements as well.
  11. The woman is losing it. Only a died in the wool apologist for her many gaffes and faraway stares would say otherwise. My wife is about as non-political as anyone and the last time she saw a clip of Nancy Pelosi on the evening news her comment was "that woman is nuts" because what she said made no sense. Having been through the whole descent into dementia process both with my father and my wife's mother we see the signs all too clearly. It is sad to watch.
  12. Actually he is, unless you choose to move to another country, whether we like it or not. Saying "he's not my president" means nothing.
  13. The young woman who was in my senior class in 1966 is still married to the father of the child that they had out of wedlock (they married shortly after high school). She became a very successful real estate agent and he owns a car service franchise. Not every such situation turns out badly. Obviously they worked hard to make the best of what could have been a very bad situation. And they did it 50 years ago, before there were so many government programs aimed at assisting (or would that be encouraging) such situations.
  14. Nancy isn't being arrogant. She just has all the signs of early onset dementia and can only speak in gibberish. Listening to her try to speak in public has become very sad.
  15. Clearly the school is wrong to seek to punish the student in this way. Hopefully parents of other students at that school will agree and pull their kids out. This kind of attitude was prevalent back in the 60's, even in the public schools. There was one girl in my senior class (1966) who was pregnant and was banned from coming to school. I really thought we had progressed a bit since then, but obviously some places are still stuck with a 50 year old mindset. Sad.