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  1. Several years ago on one of my flights to London on British Airways both the pilot and first officer were female. Apparently there are about 6,000 female commercial pilots based on this link that I found.
  2. That was my first thought! I wonder if he has a shoe phone as well.
  3. Posts that are "tongue in cheek" are always welcome. Too bad that we see so many posts from certain folks that are "head in butt" as opposed to 'tongue in cheek".
  4. Surely you jest. And now you can respond "Don't call me Shirley".
  5. And your post confirm my opinion that there are brainless mindless followers of absurd cult-like entities such as the alt-right that have no clue as to what kind of idiocy is leading them to a huge fall. Anyone who defines themselves first as a political entity is missing 99% of what it means to be a human being.
  6. Another passenger on the plane reported that the lady's upper body (from the waste up) was actually outside of the plane until other passengers pulled her back in. A nurse and a paramedic performed CPR on the lady for 20 minutes but to no avail. She was a mother of two from New Mexico. Very sad. It is a tribute to the flight crew that a plane at 30,000 feet that experienced a sudden depressurization of the cabin got that plane on the ground safely and saved the lived of 148 additional persons.
  7. I consider myself an intelligent human being. When I vote I vote person, not party. I don't define myself by any political party label. Only really stupid people make their political party their primary way of identifying themselves. I am a registered Republican in Maryland primarily to have the opportunity to vote against Andy Harris for a better qualified Republican in a primary, should the situation arise. If not for that I would be registered as Unaffiliated. In my opinion both parties suck.
  8. LMAO at your lack of understanding of economics. Good ratings for a tool like Ingraham but lack of advertisers are akin to wonderful critical acclaim for a movie that fails at the box office. Both are economic LOSERS.
  9. Sounds like a Shad swimming upstream against the current.....
  10. I said that because he bounced off the cars that hit him like a rubber ball and kept running. It looked like they didn't hit him hard enough to stun him. After they cuffed him he got up and walked without a limp. Pretty tough dude I guess. I find it a bit strange that we have seen that take down a bunch on TV yesterday and today but I still have not seen anything on the news about the victim of the carjacking. Hope the person was not injured.
  11. Here's your original post: You didn't even have to post that, we already know your record and how you feel about thugs. That made you feel better didn't it. My record? How I feel about thugs? And who (besides you) is "we"? Talk about saying dumb things ^^^^. You may think you know how I feel about criminals and criminal behavior, of all types, but not all criminals are "thugs". I was just as happy to see someone like Bernie Madoff be taken down as I was was to see that carjacker being captured. Both criminals. Both deserved what they got. But just for the record, my definition of "thug" is someone who commits violent street crime, regardless of their pigmentation. So I would define all carjackers as "thugs".
  12. Since you were critical of me since I would feel good about that butthead being caught, it was safe to conclude that you felt differently about it. Or is it just that you think it's OK for a black person to watch a black criminal get caught and feel good about it but a white person is not supposed to feel the same? Personally I feel better every time ANY dangerous or violent criminal is taken off the street, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or any other descriptor that might be used to describe the person being caught. What makes me not feel so good is the revolving door that puts so many of them right back out on the street to commit more crimes.
  13. Who do you think is falling for your "alt-right porn"? Just the alt-right rubes. Thankfully they are few in number, and seem to have the collective brain power of a flea circus.