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  1. To shut you down...😄
  2. Equality of opportunity does not guarantee equality of outcome. Squandered opportunity usually leads to outcomes that are less desirable, regardless of the race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or political views of the person who has squandered opportunity.
  3. The linked article does not speak to the idiot's political views, but feel free to assume whatever you wish. If you could link some of the twitter stuff that you indicated shows he is a Trump supporter I could agree with you about him being a RWNJ, but since I don't do twitter I can't look it up.
  4. My last living uncle is a Korean War vet. He is 89. His parents (my maternal grandparents) died in 1978 and 1980. Trump continues to reinforce his Moron persona.
  5. He is correct that it is a contributing factor. The granddaughter of some dear friends of ours (a brilliant and highly artistic young woman) has been struggling with her feelings of lesbianism to the point of depression and suicidal thoughts, prompting (thankfully, her case) some mental health intervention to help her come to grips with her sexual identity, in a supportive and non-judgmental way. Without that support she may well have committed suicide.
  6. How about grumpy but sensible old white men? I can live with that label. Oh, I forgot, you don't think I'm sensible because I don't agree with you on some stuff.
  7. I suspect that some gun owning lawyer zeroed in on that very question either for a hefty fee (or perhaps for an opportunity to get 15 minutes of fame).
  8. Doesn't June 14th happen every year?
  9. Ye Gods, maybe Trump Moron Syndrome is contagious. This state department spokeswoman is clearly infected.
  10. Actually the Moron in Chief is 72 today. Ironic that his birthday and Flag Day are both June 14th.
  11. He should stick to short but stupid posts. Less embarrassing for him. Using Boobie's automobile analogy, perhaps Trump is actually a loose cog in the transmission, which could explain the inability to get his brain in gear.
  12. I like the photoshopped version that shows him in a diaper.
  13. I agree. Three strikes might be too harsh sometimes, but 4 or 5 strikes like that? Lock him up and throw away the key.
  14. A little history lesson. The US pulled out of Vietnam in 1973, and Saigon fell in 1975. That was 43 years ago. Today Vietnam is a trading partner with the US and vacations in Vietnam are promoted online to Americans every day. Change does not happen quickly or easily, but it has to start somewhere. If (and that's very big if) the Trump/Kim summit is the start of something that might lead to complete normalization of relations between North Korea and the US (and perhaps the rest of the world, like Vietnam has done), many of us (including Trump) will be dead before it happens. But perhaps it's worth the try. Can we learn from history that old enemies can change? Even if not so nice men take the lead? It happened in Vietnam. Just sayin'.
  15. Neither link suggests how much it will cost or how it would be paid for. Typical campaign claptrap.