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  1. What you are doing is asking the president of the United States to micro manage the issue of transport of patients in Puerto Rico. Can't you see how silly that is? It is an issue for people on the scene.
  2. The legislation that he supported was passed by an overwhelming vote in congress and was signed into law by President Obama. Now that action (which would at the time have been regarded as an uncommon example of bipartisanship by a Republican) was used to paint him in a negative light. Hypocrisy anyone? SMH
  3. One might even suggest that he was the ghost writer of it!
  4. Not reponding to your constant stream of pure BS would be a disservice to sanity in this world.
  5. Trump is being more of a flaming anus than usual in his current feud with John McCain. He is indeed a pathetic fool.
  6. I need to prove NOTHING to you or anyone else. My opinions stand. I don't give a freakin' **** (I used the asterisks - put in your own four letter word to suffice) what you think or care about me or my beliefs. Your asserttions are just as "without evidence" as mine, so maybe you need to just learn to deal with it, let people with opinions different from yours exist in peace without being attacked by your constant snark and venom. That would be a welcome change on this forum.
  7. Pointing at Trump on this particular issue is just plain stupid. The people on the ground in PR need to figure it out. The ship is there. The patients are there. There are 14,000 members of the military there. The General who is in command of the 14,000 troops on the island needs to figure out how to transport people in need to the Comfort but if the PR government's health department can't identify and locate those patients in need of transport it is hardley Trump's fault, nor the military's fault. In my humble opinion there are people on this forum who need to get a harsh dose of reality about what can be "ordered" by any president versus what can actually happen on the ground based on the people there. Maybe you and others have been watching too many TV shows that make it look like a president can simply snap his fingers and things magically happen. That is not reality.
  8. Expressing a personal believe that you do not have religious faith is fine. Your religious liberty is to be free from religion, just as mine is to chose to believe in whatever religion I might choose. Both are equally valid. But some who hold that non-belief go beyond that and insist that their non-belief is the only way that people should think, and that people of faith have some sort of problem, either emotionally or intellectually. My various responses to Calamari are based on her long history of making such statements about people of faith and religion in general for as long as I have been on this forum.
  9. You know NOTHING. Period end.
  10. I think this deceased would-be armed robber just qualified for a Darwin Award. Running toward an armed cop brandashing an empty shotgun is clear evidence that being removed from the gene pool was a service to humanity.
  11. Yes - being married to a man and birthing out six children of his while he is carrying on with a girlfriend and making three more (soon to be four) babies in her bedroom - clearly a sign of a mental lapse of some sort. No one is "making fun" of anyone. That you cannot accept the reality that this awful tragedy is a direct reflection of a perverse lifestyle choice by the adults involved is a problem that you should work on.
  12. You can back up your accusation about me (based on your opinion of my posts) just about as well as you can back up your opinion that there is no God. You opinion is backup for absolutely nothing.
  13. It was critical of her statement that God doesn't exist, stated so emphatically. It was not her first excursion into the realm of mocking religion in general - she and a few others do it pretty regularly here. If she thinks that "demeans" her then she is free to think so. I don't agree, and quite frankly I don't care.
  14. Your perception is your perception. It doesn't mean it is correct.