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  1. I prefer to wait to see "the rest of the story", as Paul Harvey used to say.
  2. I don't doubt that he has been a thief, but in my humble opinion he is too dumb to be a traitor. Gullible fool? Sure.
  3. Changed in what way? I have been saying Trump is a fool since before the election. And I have been a critic of social media forever. I am still a conservative but that does not mean I approve of everything that the GOP might do, or would support all conservative organizations. To me the extreme right wingers are as bad as the extreme left wingers.
  4. Why is that obvious? Remember Brian Williams and his fall from grace for lying? Why on earth would anyone immediately trust a news organization? ANY news organization?
  5. That's why I called it comic relief. Fake news abounds. The absurdity of the "actors" accusation is unreal. Either the kids speaking are students at the school who were there the day of the shooting or they weren't. An actor would be immediately debunked.
  6. In my humble opinion twitter is a piece of crap and anyone who obsesses over what is posted there, or obsesses over posting there, is a damn fool, no matter what content is involved. Trump is the Damn Fool in Chief and it's all downhill from there.
  7. That didn't answer my question. And since I have no love for guns or right wing gun nuts, I am simply interested in what you would say if the young man's version turns out to be true.
  8. In my opinion, left leaning judges tend to endorse government control oriented decisions, which (being not a fan of bigger and bigger government) I personally find troubling. Unlike you, I see the government as the "rich and powerful" that we should be wary of, not individuals or businesses.
  9. So both you and perhaps some others here are calling the young man a liar. Got it. What will you say if it turns out to be proven that he told the truth about CNN?
  10. It represents a check against some of what the liberal left would have us do, which I regard as less than sane. For the most part the liberal left would endorse "loose interpretation" of the Constitution (as hst has noted) and it is my opinion that strict interpretation by conservatives strikes a balance. In my opinion much of the far right is as insane as much of the far left, but the SCOTUS is the place where some semblance of balance needs to be maintained. A SCOTUS dominated by liberals would upset that balance in favor of leaning too far toward the insane far left, since I regard the conservatives on the Court to be pretty far removed from the insanity of the far right.
  11. One could argue that long term control of interpretation by "loose constructionists" could be more dangerous, as by definition loose construction could lead to destroying the essence of what the original authors intended. If the Constitution needs to be changed or updated, it needs to be accomplished via the process of amendment, not by judicial interpretation. My concern is that "loose interpretation" of the Constitution by the SCOTUS would represent amendment by judicial action as opposed to amendment via the ratification process that we should employ.
  12. That you feel the Constitution is "all but worthless" is exactly why you are so fearful of judges who might interpret it strictly, and not as some sort of "evolving, fluid" document. While it is only a couple of hundred years old, it may well be one of the most important documents in human history, and is not to be dismissed so casually.
  13. Balance. If it were just a quest for power then John Roberts would have voted hard line conservative views ever since taking the Chief Judge role - but he has not.
  14. But the views of the liberal left should run roughshod over everyone else because they are in your wheelhouse, and that's not dangerously undemocratic? Give me a break.