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  1. We know Trump is a loose cannon, a fool, an idiot, a narcissist, an egomaniac, and a variety of other things. He provides continous reinforcement of all of those via his daily tweets. It's sort of like old news at this point. Sometimes even you and Raw Story get it right.
  2. You forgot the rolleyes to document sarcasm. Some folks here might actually think you're serious.
  3. Just my observation of the situation. But actually I know quite a few people (most of them liberal Democratic females) that agree with me that Hillary should have dumped Bill years ago. It was one of the few things that the Democrats and Republicans in our gourmet group (that has been getting together for about 27 years) actually agreed on during the campaign.
  4. Until yesterday. She was back "on stage". Saw a clip on the news, but it was too short to be able to grab the remote and mute it.
  5. Actually you raise a valid point. I would have had far more respect for Hillary if she had dumped Bill because of all of his flings. Couples that split up over affairs by one or both partners are pretty commonplace, so the whole mariage / divorce / marriage / divorce / marriage thing with Gingrich raises fewer eyebrows than a marriage that stays in place even in the face of very public adultery. I suppose we have become accustomed to people having affairs and ending marriages because of them, as opposed to affairs that yield what appears to be marriages of convenience (which is how I tend to view the Clintons). Bill was a ticket to bigger and better things for Hillary, so she accepts the flings as the cost of doing business. In my view the more honest thing to do is divorce and move on under those kinds of circumstances.
  6. But for the right amount of money and the right connections one can buy an "annullment". I have always been amused by that loophole. But not being Catholic I suppose I am not meant to understand the deep spirtual meaning that process is supposed to represent.
  7. So now we get Sara Huckabee Sanders full time? Ugh. From bad to worse. Thank goodness for the mute button.
  8. If we tried to indict every politician who has commited adultery we would have no politicians left to criticize.
  9. I got to say goodbye to my dad but he was so far into dementia at that point that he didn't even know I was in the room. Very sad situation..
  10. Doubtful. One has to have a conscience for that to happen.
  11. So what? A load of BS being dumped here. Making fun of any president who chooses to have a conversation with any other foreign leader at the G20 is ludicrous. One does not have to be a Trump supporter to recognize the REALITY OF THE SITUATION which is that the G20 is a place for foreign leaders to talk to each other, freely, and on any topic. Deal with it.
  12. The hypocrisy is mind boggling. Look up sexual indiscretions in the dictionary and you will likely find Slick Willy as the poster boy.
  13. In a cult there is usually some sort of psychological manipulation at play. If indeed these women have been interviewed by authorities on multiple occasions as suggested and that has not been suspected then what can anyone do? People of both genders are free to make bad life choices. I would agree that these women appear to have placed themselves in a very bad situation, but if they have done so willingly there is very little recourse.
  14. Do you get are tingly when you make absurd accusations and insults like this? How disgusting. SMH
  15. The women noted in the article say they are staying with him on their own free will, and are all of legal age. It would seem that the author of the article paints them as victims, but they do not see themselves that way. Unless someone can prove that he is doing something to them other than (apparently) giving them some sort of sexual satisfaction, it would be hard to define them as victims in a legal sense. For the guy to maintain some sort of "harem" is certainly morally objectionable, but as long as they are all aged 18 or older and are not otherwise being held captive (via drugs, psychological manipulation, or violence) it most likely is perfectly legal. At one point wasn't Charlie Sheen accused of doing something similar with a whole bunch of young women? And how many female "groupies" have placed themselves in similar situations when following male performers around the world? Are they all "victims", or just young women using bad judgment?
  16. Hopefully the RNC has the balls to terminated that woman's position as a committeewoman for the party.
  17. Your broad brush approach is duly noted - and rejected for the garbage that it is.
  18. Listing herself as a minority for a national professional organization seems pretty public to me. And Rubio has never claimed that he was a refugee. He was born here. Otherwise he could not have run for president. As I recall the issue that came up during the primaries, the claim was made that his parents came from Cuba as refugees, not refugees from the Castro regeime, but from the fighting that was being waged by the Castro revolutionaries that overthrew Battista. They were said to have arrived here prior to Castro's victory. I never gave that issue much thought, since Rubio's only possible appeal as a Republican candidate was his potential to appeal to parts of the Hispanic community. Whether his parents were refugees from Castro of just escapees from a war zone seemed irrelevant to me.