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  1. According to the noon TV news she is also being charged as an adult. GOOD!
  2. Do you think anything that comes out of Fox news is factual? Based on your posting history I doubt it. So why should I accept anything from Rawstory as factual? See how that works? If I don't trust a source I refuse to use it, ever. I'll recant my post as soon as you do a post with a Link to Fox news as your source.
  3. It was reported that when told to get on the ground he complied and offered no resistance. Hopefully he will get what he deserves when tried and convicted of four counts of 1st degree murder.
  4. Refuting such a left wingnut piece of shxt as Rawstory is meaningless. Their slant to the left is as bad as the Fox slant to the right. If I want factual information I will seek an unbiased source. The only people who quote or link to sources that represent an extreme bias to either side are people with an agenda, not people who want accuracy.
  5. I said it needs to be proven. So far that has not happened - except perhaps in your fantasies. I also said that if it proves to be true and provides evidence of an impeachable offense I would be a happy camper.
  6. Any person who threatens to "shoot up the place" gets what they deserve, regardless of pigmentation. Unless of course you would prefer that the customers and staff just sit there and wait for the "ladies" to carry out their threat. You might not have noticed but there's a lot of "shooting up of the place" going around these days. With real bullets. And real corpses.
  7. Sure it is. You are just too fixated on your ideology to recognize it. As you and others have said so many times, words have consequences. If it applies to morons like Trump then it applies to morons like this college professor.
  8. Those were not "ladies". Perhaps you failed to notice that.
  9. What's unfortunate is that (based on the articles about her and TV news reports) that Guido's description of her is spot on. Sad that at age 16 a young girl has already ruined her life. Doubly sad is the fact that there are some adults in her life that let it happen - and possibly encouraged it. What a waste.
  10. He was on LSD, so the article says. It's just a good thing that the only weapon he had was his fist. He probably thought he was punching out a three headed lizard monster. What an idiot.
  11. Yep, you are 100% correct. He is a rotten human being. And we are stuck with him unless evidence that would uphold impeachment can be produced. So far that has not happened. We can only hope....
  12. I am far from ignorant of the president. He is is awful, in more ways than there are words to describe. And his "followers" are either stupid or just afraid of him. There is very little to admire, that's for sure. What you seemed to be ignorant of is that Mr. Shaw has been hailed as a hero by much of the country, although he does not see himself that way. That our moron president may not have tweeted anything about him is pretty meaningless given the recognition of his heroic actions by people whose opinions actually count for something. You also seem ignorant of the issue about a "pardon for a dead man", who happened to be black boxing champion Jack Johnson. He was treated terribly by the Jim Crow government of his era, convicted of a crime that was absurd (crossing a state line with a white woman), and his surviving family has been seeking a pardon for decades. One would have thought that the possibility that such a pardon might be granted to right a historical wrong against a black person would be right in your wheelhouse, but you seem to be throwing Mr. Johnson's memory and his family's desires under the bus because the "wrong" president is considering it.
  13. Sometimes I just can't help myself. But I acknowledge that it is a losing battle. A leopard does not change its spots.
  14. If the pee pee tape actually comes to light it will simply be further evidence of what we already know about Trump - that he is a lying sleazebag who has had multiple sexual encounters with less than desirable bed mates over the years. Has he lied about it under oath (yet)? Nope. Let's hope he screws up and does so - then his sexual proclivities and his lying might rise to an impeachable offense. But simply being a lying sleazebag doesn't meet that standard. If being a lying sleazebag was justification for kicking elected officials out of office about 80% of congress, a similar percentage of state legislators around the country, and probably about half of all governors would be gone. An unfortunate truth about our political system is that in order to advance to higher office being a lying sleazebag seems to be a prerequisite. Honest politicians get left in the dust.
  15. I am quite relaxed, because unlike some others here I am not full of hate and venom. I am actually amused by the way some folks here expose their sick and twisted mindsets to everyone. It's very revealing. And so very easy to ignite with just a simple retort.
  16. Maybe because she threatened to come back and "shoot the place up"? Don't you think that particular kind of threat gets a quick response these days? And maybe the woman should think about wearing a bra if she doesn't want her breast to pop out of her tube top when she gets into a fight. Doubtful this is her first fight.... Sorry, but when people act like animals they get treated the way they deserve. First three people come into the Waffle House and bring alcohol with them, and are told they can't. So they argue about it. No respect for the restaurant's policy and no respect for anything, it would appear. Then the threat to shoot the place up. This woman deserved the take down she got and anyone who thinks otherwise is refusing to acknowledge the anti-social behavior that led to the problem - and it was not by the police.
  17. I am far more at peace that you are. That's obvious.
  18. I didn't vote for the SOB in the first place, and I have absolutely nothing that I can do to get his sorry arse out of office until 2020. Neither do you. I complain about him just about every day, just not perhaps with the same venomous hatred that you show. Sorry I'm not as high enough along the nasty person scale as you. It would make me sick to be that awful a person.
  19. Your hate is only exceeded by your arrogance. I truly pity anyone like you who takes enjoyment out of the suffering of others. Your hole awaits you. Start crawling.