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  1. You're right. It's politics. And politics suck when it gets in the way of common sense.
  2. You can have it. I will not be there to get in your way. But my advice to you is not to bet the farm.
  3. Why do "some folk" insist on abusing the English language for some sort of dramatic cultural effect? It diminishes their perhaps otherwise valid arguments. Is it a Negroid denial mentality?
  4. According to the article in the link he has not been deported. It sounds like he has some good arguments to present when he goes before an immigration judge. Let's hope that good sense takes over in this man's case and he is permitted to retain his green card status.
  5. It's the moron left wingers who truly think they are superior. Only the "progressives" know what's best for everyone, as viewed through their prism.
  6. You have described Baltimore perfectly. There is nothing to be optimistic about. Sad but true.
  7. The young idiot thugs are obviously too stupid to know that they were being recorded. I am glad that the victim was not hurt. I look at that video and see a victim who could easily be my wife. It is absolutely disgusting, but I am sure momma will cry and say "but he's such a good boy"... Good for nothing is more like it.
  8. Why do those of you "who are woke" have trouble with proper grammar? Or is it just too "Caucasoid supremacist" for your elite tastes?
  9. I am disgusted with both parties. They share responsibility for this dysfunction. Blaming only one side is stupid. They are all morons, in my opinion, if they think this childishness impresses anyone.
  10. I would not have been as tolerant as you. The "tongue lashing" would have lasted about 5 seconds before my plate of food would have been in that idiots face. The management of any eatery that tolerates that kind of customer to get away with such behavior deserves to be stiffed and out of business. The family with the brats should have been told to leave as soon as the kid took food from your plate. By force if necessary. I admire your tolerance.
  11. I hope you are correct but I have my doubts that any one change is going to address the underlying problems that cause the city to be such a mess.
  12. Both Acosta and Trump are flaming rectal openings. No wonder they conflict with one another.
  13. Australians are much more civilized than Americans. Smarter as well.
  14. A joke. Both the candidacy and the candidate. Anyone who would vote for that freak is a blooming idiot.
  15. Governor Hogan invited members of the legislature to breakfast to discuss his proposed budget. The Democrats boycotted the meeting. Childish behavior by child-like imputent bastards. It is time for the two Mikes to go. Their impudent and purely political hack behaviors are an embarrassment to the citizens of Maryland.
  16. I hope they lock up the miserable little turds that did this to the victim and throw away the key. Only six filthy animals would gang up on a 69 year old man, beat him, and then run over him with his own car. Anybody who would try to come up with "explanations" (in other words, excuses) for such animalistic behaviors other than a complete lack of values on the part of whomever birthed out these monsters and their inability to raise a child into a decent human being needs to have their head unplugged from the dark orifice where it resides, in my humble opinion. But rest assured there will be bleeding hearts that come to the defense of these ignorant monsters and their parents. Disgusting.
  17. It would be interesting to see how "non-urgent" might be defined. Is knee replacement surgery because walking is problematic "urgent" to the patient, but "non-urgent" to a system that may see "urgent" as something that is life threatening? Probably. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 248 pounds, meaning that my BMI is 34. I would be delayed from getting the knee replacement that I needed (and received) a little over a year ago. While I will be the first to admit that I should lose some weight, to get down to a BMI of 29 I would need to lose 38 pounds. Not an easy task at age almost 70 and arthritis in every joint that limits one's ability to exercise. Seems to me that handing over decisions about healthcare decisions to any government bureaucracy is fraught with complications and bad outcomes.
  18. And yet one could say Jerry Van Lesbian and Richard Van Lesbian and it will be OK. Very silly, in my humble opinion. RIP Jerry. And condolences to Richard on the loss of his younger brother.
  19. The only solution to the two Mikes (unfortunately) is that they ultimately will either become so old and infirm that they are unable to get to Annapolis, or they will die in office. Their constituents are going to keep sending them back until they simply can't function. I fully expect to see one or both of them attending the General Assembly sessions in wheelchairs at some point. They are poster boys for term limits.
  20. Having had elderly relatives in nursing homes and also having had experience in overseeing long term care for the elderly, I can see both sides of this argument with some degree of objectivity. There are situations in nursing homes that result in injury and death that are unavoidable. The governent says that patients cannot be restrained. If my father had been allowed to be restrained he would not have fallen twice in a two week span because he insisted (in his dementia) to trying to use the toilet unassisted, breaking his wrist the first time and his hip the second time. What we do to try to preserve the "independence" of elderly folks in long term care facilities puts them at risk, and then the facilities which are REQUIRED to let the old folks be "independent" hurt themselves (and sometimes hurt other residents in the process) get sued, or accused of abuse, or have their licenses revoked. That's just wrong. Relaxing the penalties on facilities that do the very best they can under impossible requirements makes sense. Mistreatment of elderly residents of long term care facilities is a totally differerent issue. Knowing the difference is based on having lived it. And understanding it.
  21. There is plenty of inaccurate history, purveyed by both ends of the political spectrum. There seems to be no such thing as true, accurate history. Example - Look at the way Johm Brown's actions are described by some people (a true patriot, a freedom fighter, and anti-slavery hero) versus others (a madman, a murderer, a traitor who organized armed insurrection against the government). Which one is correct? In my opinion - NEITHER. Let the facts speak for themselves. He led an anti-slavery insurrection, was caught, convicted, and hanged. Let opinions about his motivations be stripped away from the so-called "history" books and just report the facts. That is the way all history should be reported in my opinion, not with all of the hyperbole of people with a particular view. That some school districts ignore that and seek "slanted" views of history is bad practice, in my opinion, but it is certainly not limited to conservative areas of Texas. School districts in very blue areas do exactly the same thing.
  22. So tell me - how many right wing organizations have prevented a liberal speaker from appearing somewhere?
  23. Sorry that you are apparently such a partisan liberal that you cannot understand that people boycotting a football game, or a school district being selective about their text books, or any other thing that you mention simply represents people exercising their freedom of association and freedom of speech? That's a far cry from the way some (not all) liberals want to PREVENT conservative idea from even being spoken, or printed, or broadcast, because it "offends" them or invades "their" safe space. It is really sad that you cannot (or refuse to) recognize that key difference. PS: The "Alternet" as a source that is unbiased? Really?