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  1. So complain to the mods. I am entitled to my opinion about your motivation and your cop-hating attitude, as reflected in your one-line original post on this thread. When people post crap I point it out. That you don't like being pointed out perhaps means you should stop posting crap.
  2. Maybe you didn't read the dates IN the article - the cop cofessed to his crimes in 2013. By my calculation that was about 4 years ago. The fact that it took so long to identify and exhonerate his wrongly convicted victimes led to the date of the article itself. But the squid's comment about that cop's behavior being "cop SOP" was what I was complaining about in terms of her motivation - as a cop hater. So feel free to go back and read the thing for comprehension, including the squid's little one-line snark. Then go away and bother someone else for a while.
  3. Seems like the administrative review looked at all of the evidence and made the correct call.
  4. Just considering your motivation in posting it. So very very transparent. Consider yourself exposed.
  5. Because Egypt thinks Watts is a white man, but he isn't. That's the whole problem with this thread - it tries to infer that bad white cops shake down poor blacks, but in fact this was a bad black cop shaking down poor black folks. That little detail takes all the wind out of the sails of people like Calamari and Egypt. Notice how that have disappeared from the thread? If it wern't so disgusting it would be comical. SMH
  6. I have never been a fan of Jesse Jackson but this is sad news. I too have known people with Parkinson's and while folks can indeed live with it for quite a long time it gets tougher and tougher as the disease progresses. Thoughts and prayers for Rev. Jackson as he embarks on this battle, and for all those fighting a debilitating disease.
  7. Keep trying to deflect from your cop-hating personna - it reveals a lot about you. So very transparent.....SMH
  8. Well, the Chicago cop was doing his thing several years ago - pled guilty in 2013. That it becomes news for the squid to post about the day after a Baltimore police officer is killed in the line of duty is just a coincidence, right? Had to get that anti-cop jab in there today, to pour salt in an open wound. Typical. Are you defending her timing and intent? I certainly hope not.
  9. Care to start acting like a decent human being for once? And stop with the vindictive hateful posts against police officers?
  10. Lt. Brian Rice also found not guilty of all administrative charges. The administrative trial for Sgt. Alicia White is set to begin Dec 5. Does anyone think she will be skapegoated, or will she also be found not guilty? I vote for not guilty of all administrative charges for her as well.
  11. Your need to post this story about a corrupt cop from Chicago less than 24 hours after a Baltimore police officer is shot and killed on duty is quite revealing about the way you view things. I find your timing to be utterly disgusting, and your comment that what the Chicago cop did was "cop SOP" an insult to the memory of Detective Suiter and every other good and honest police officer. You should be ashamed of yourself, but I doubt that you have that capability.
  12. What all of this has highlighted is how easy it is for someone's career to be potentially affected (or ended) because of accusations. Clearly some of the accusations we have seen aginst Moore, Franken, Weinstein, Spacey, and others have been pretty well supported, but some other accusations in the "me too" frenzy have not. Even if the accusations are shown to be false, the negativity about an accused person can linger. True situation - a male teacher in a Baltimore County school is accused by a male student of inappropriate touching. Suddenly he is removed from the classroom and an investigation begins. When questioned, the student admits he was just angry with that teacher so he made the story up. Teacher is back in the classroom - now known as the guy who was accused of groping. That accusation, completely false, followed that teacher. And the kid got a suspension (aka a slap on the wrist). The effect? Teachers now seek to avoid any situation of being alone in a space with only one student. If there is only one student in a classroom the hallway door is kept open, never closed. Teachers know that at any point a student could make an ugly accusation, lie like a rug, and make that teacher's life miserable. My wife worked in that environment so we have first hand knowledge of how many teachers feel these days, and how they fear that an unwarranted accusation could be a career ending situation. So when I ask for some reasonable form of substantiation when an accusation is made, this is the context in which I view the situation. It is sad but true.
  13. Choosing to come forward now, on the eve of a senatorial election, is suspicious timing. These allegations about Moore could have been made years ago, to get him removed from being a judge (for example). I am not saying that the allegations are necessarily false, just that the timing of them has politcal implications that ought to make any open minded person be suspicious of the motivation for coming forward now instead of several years ago. Moore is a person whose career as a public servant in any form should have been derailed years ago. Why only now?
  14. As of tonight he has two...
  15. Being taught to respect your elders and being taught never to get into a car with an adult that you don't know is safe can easily be conflicting guidance to a child. I suspect that the standard of what was considered "safe" in Alabama almost 40 years ago was not the same as today, but even 40 years ago I would have told my child not to accept a ride from anyone who was not a trusted blood relative or known friend of the family. Certainly a local elected official who was neither of those would not qualify to give my daughter a ride home from work.
  16. The Republican party cannot force Moore to withdraw. They have said he should, but they cannot make it happen. You really need to deal with that reality before you go around slamming the party for something they have no power to do. No more than the Democratic party could force Franken to resign. At least TRY to be honest.
  17. I don't care is a male a-hole is running for office or just making movies. If the offense is the same, the penalties should be the same. That's not "bull ca ca" - it's just common sense. Maybe you need to get some. Maybe you think I am trying to defend any of these turds, but I'm not. All I am suggesting is that offenses of a sexual nature toward women by men should be dealt with consistently, and that we should not pick and choose which ones are less problematic (or to some, more forgivable) than others. Some here will want to make excuses for Al Franken, for whatever reason, but that's inconsistent if the real intent is to say that men (of any age) should not act like predators toward women (of any age). I have no use for men who act like predators toward women, and I say that as a husband, a father of a daughter, and the grandfather of a granddaughter. True predatory males should be treated equally - and not politely simply because we like their politics, or their movies, or their hair color. Lets have some consistency.
  18. I think you meant denigrated. But I think it may snow tomorrow because I agree with you - this may well be a first!
  19. And all will be forgiven - because he is a liberal Democrat. That's my prediction. I hope I am wrong, but...
  20. I just call 'em as I see 'em. Some are easier than others.
  21. I didn't know the city ever had a governor....but feel free to continue with the personal attacks and name calling. It certainly fits your pattern.
  22. So sorry that this has hit so close to home for you. My condolences to you and to the family of your good friend.
  23. I just renewed mine in July of 2017 - it expires in July 2024. That's only 7 years. My current passport is good until 2023. I wonder what I will need to prove in 2023 to renew that, so I will have valid ID to renew my license in 2024. Plus my TSA Global Entry will need to be renewed in 2019. No telling what kind of hassle that might be compared to getting it the first time. All for our safety, so they say.
  24. RIP Detective, and condolences to his family.
  25. I suspect that Liz would always insist on being on top.