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  1. Having watched a bit of rugby on TV while in England in the past, I know why the saying "it takes leather balls to play rugby" came about. What a brutal game! Most likely the Ravens / Jaguars game will be the roughest sporting event I will be attending this trip.
  2. I predict that they will not get the votes to pass the bill. Too much bad crap in the bill that would indeed result in a huge backlash against the GOP.
  3. Who said I could afford it? I'm just squandering my daughter's inheritance while I have to good health to do so!
  4. She was replying to me, and it's not really off topic. The point is that health insurance does not solve all of the problems that we have in our medical systems. And indeed some problems have no good answer. For anyone to think that the ACA or any other program for health care that the government might adopt is going to be some sort of silver bullet that fixes everything is just incorrect. There are some good things about the ACA, no doubt, but how we continue to pay for it over the long term is a real question.
  5. I fear you are correct. Thanks!
  6. I refuse to waste valuable vacation time playing on my smartphone at internet hotspots. While in London for the Ravens game internet is everywhere, but we will not be in the UK the whole time. We will be in some small towns and villages in Germany and France (tracing some of the places my dad visited during WW II) and looking for a place with wireless internet in some of those places is a bother (and we like to stay in little family run B&B's), particularly if it is just to see what the good professor or the squid might be accusing me of on any particular day.
  7. I am happy that your relative was consider a viable candidate for the medical procedure needed. But as I noted just having good access to insurance (or deep pockets) does not assure that certain medical situations will be addressed in the interests of the patient. That is particularly true in the case of organ transplants. To be told that transplanting an organ that you need would be "wasted" because you are likely going to die anyway is a tough message to hear, and one that insurance and money won't change.
  8. I am not saying celebrities should not speak up. I simply choose not to listen to them, since for the most part they live in a world so different than the world of so many (like me and you) that I find it hard to believe that their perspective could have meaning to me. I do admire some of the charitable activities that many of them do, but I don't want to taint my enjoyment of their performances in movies, TV, or in music by having some notion about their poltical positions. I will either like them of dislike them for their performances alone.
  9. Exactly. Which is why Kimmel's statement in support of the ACA, that implies that situations in our healthcare system can be addressed via insurance (or in his case deep financial resources) is off the mark, because there are situations that indeed "money can't buy" a resolution for, nor can insurance. But I agree with you this newest GOP proposal is crap. I doubt they will get the 50 votes they need.
  10. See my other post in response to MM. My personal view of Californians is (I admit) tainted by my sister's attitude toward being a transplant to there from Maryland. Racism does not just exist in a little box, but it also does not exist under every rock as the OP would have us believe. Because (pretty much without exception) according to him if you are a white person you are one of those rocks.
  11. Sorry, I have a sister who lives in California, is on the far far left of the political spectrum, and who loves to talk about being in such a tolerant and open society. And she lives just about 50 miles east of LA. That contributes to my sense of irony about the location of this (obviously) very racist school assignment.
  12. Never listened to any of her music, hey but whatever floats your boat.
  13. My general policy is to ignore any comments made about politics made by celebrities, no matter which side of the aisle they seek to support or attack, with the sole exception being the few cases in which a celebrity has made a threat against the life of someone. That crosses a line. But of course such a threat should be condemned no matter who is making it or who it is against. Do I really care if Jimmy Kimmel (whom I do not watch) wants to "pound" a Fox news person (whom I also do not watch)? Since I doubt either has the balls to actually engage in a fist fight the answer is a resounding no. While I understand why Jimmy Kimmel would be passionate about the topic, given the heart surgery needs of his infant son, his suggestion that the healthcare system under the ACA actually addresses that need for people without financial resources like his is off the mark. I have a personal friend whose grandson was born with similar heart defects, had multiple surgeries as an infant and toddler, but was only expected to survive to age 5 or 6 at best. That "child" is now 21 (against all odds), but truly needs a heart/lung transplant to continue his survival. The family has abundant resouces over and above abundant insurance coverage for this young man (they could pay for such a procedure without insurance help) but the healthcare system (which includes Johns Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic, and a large university hospital in Boston) have all rejected him as a candidate - primarily because he has already outlived the original prediction of his survival prognosis. As such, he is not the kind of patient on which a doner set of organs should be "wasted". The ACA cannot help that kind of situation, nor can abundant financial resouces, if the medical community considers the patient a non-candidate for being on such a transplant list. It is a sad situation for this otherwise bright and now well educated young man and his family.
  14. Glad to be leaving for London this evening. Looking forward to getting away from some of the lunacy on this board for the next 19 days. Maybe that long of an overseas hiatus will be enough to break my habit of coming back here.
  15. That you don't see the irony of the second example coming from California does not surprise me.
  16. Not humor so much as irony. California has such a very progressive reputation and then this ridiculous and very racist example comes from Los Angeles. Of course I would be upset if my child or grandchild ever got such an assignment. That does not mean that I can't point out the absurdity of it.
  17. That you might believe the stupid pee pee story should make you feel embarrassed.
  18. What a stupid post. As a nurse you should know better that to post absurd crap like that. It really does not help your credibility (as if you had any to protect to begin with).
  19. Only in his worst delusions.
  20. Looks like the great blue state of Californiia must have some racist teachers too, right professor? Your second example is from Los Angeles. I guess the city of angels isn't quite so angelic...
  21. I tend to agree with you. A person has to have a certain mindset in order to be willing to sound like or act like a victim, and there are posters here from both sides of the aisle who seem to feel put upon by the world around them. Perhaps they want us to believe they are helpless. Actually being helpless is seldom the reality, but some folks run and hide and cry victim instead of just dealing with reality.
  22. It was an honest response to a description of victimhood. You have a problem with that? I'll send you a hanky.
  23. If stirring up unwanted crap and inciting riots is "doing a lot of good" in your view, I truly pity you.
  24. So you are a perpetual victim. We get it.