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  1. I'm sure someone at Franklin appreciates you saying so , this thread is about MIAA how did you lump Franklin in this ?
  2. If you say so
  3. You named two, and what did this "better" transfers do for Franklin , every school gets transfers
  4. I shouldnt respond , but what better transfers ?
  5. Playoffs , when it counts
  6. It's not hard to figure out .
  7. Why should they go Independent ?
  8. Ok, now let's dig a little deeper , were any of these home grown or transferred into SFA
  9. Just curious , how many Bmore kids are on this team and I'm talking players that make an impact in games not bench rides that just fill out the roster ?
  10. Check your email
  11. Damn, dude took his ball and ran home
  12. NC won't even win their region , let alone beat two very good MIAA teams
  13. Yep those two would beat CHC and MSJ all by themselves
  14. No they would NOT