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  1. And how’s that ?
  2. I can’t tell, less talented huh, how’s your athletic prowess?
  3. Do you get a h@rd on , that stacked teams beat up on lowly Md. publics ?
  4. Who made excuses?
  5. Cold as ice , lmbo
  6. Exactly, but some on here just like to beat their chest !
  7. If I recall correctly, BMac and ABC lost to Dem by greater scores maybe they shouldn’t play Dem, point is don’t think Franklin is somebody’s Bytch cause they lost a game, I believe 4 other teams lost to Dem also
  8. Ok, I’m in ; what the hell does that mean?
  9. And 2016 the favor was returned
  10. That would be the one ! My Favorite also
  11. Quick correction,Franklin was 3A State Champions, ranked #5 in final State poll
  12. Are we talking FBS or FCS , if you’re talking FBS those rankings mean a lot , coaches care a whole lot especially when you have bonuses tied into have a ranked class.
  13. I’m curious, name me the better city or county players , that should have been ahead of the 15, looks like a very good mixture , 11 non private school guys seems fair
  14. Looks good to me .
  15. As much as I loathe private supporters beating their chest about what those schools would do to publics “as they should they have a great advantage by recruiting the beat talent “ we have to be honest here , most years the top 3 privates in the MIAA -A and WCAC would win hands down unless the public school had some serious D-1 talent , I believe Wise would have faired well, maybe 3-4 in each league hence the talent they had this year , Dunbar not so well, don’t even think they beat Loyola just my opinion.