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  1. More people confirming FISA misdeeds
  2. Crickets. Why is he making excuses? If he's telling the truth,he should want it If as you stand say "Nunez" is lying .........he and you guys should also want it We all know why. More people piling on.
  3. Shutdown is over. Another manufactured"crisis" over. Next.
  4. Uh oh.....that's going to upset the usual suspects. Now you will be accused of lying about your credentials and call you names.
  5. LOL Why do Libs post their opinions as fact? They never learn.
  6. With you and the other geriatrics? Is he nice in person?
  7. LOL. Nobody cares you have me on ignore. Are Hindenburg,Calimari,PaulSebastian,Bogart.....etc? All,I do is post links and debate. YOU are the ones trolling and name calling.......because you can't refute anything. Its noticed.....Look today who's all over the boad name calling only. You want to censor yourself? act as if it's cool,or brave.......quite the opposite .
  8. And you aren't a troll......🙄🙄🙄 Care to moment on the subject matter? Only thing you got right was I didn't vote for Trump. BUT.......if things keep going the way they are I will next time.
  9. Is that your guys new talking point for posting actual,links that are relevant to today's current events you don't like? Why are you guys trying to censor me? Thought I was on ignore from your meltdown yesterday? Care to comment on the subject matter or just troll and name call?
  10. To them it's "just OP ED's "........more denial of reality. See they like to generalize when convienent.......and or lie about contents of my links.....hoping people will,take their word for it and not read it. Then....WHEN I AGREE ,YES ITS AN OPINION PIECE WITH UNDENIABLE FACTS IN IT.......I SAY TAKE VERY WORD SHE SAID OUT.......JUST READ THE FACTS SHE LINKED...........THEY STILL LIE . They act like I don't know what IM doing.Iread the entire link,knew it was a op ed.......if it dint have substantial verified facts in it ......I WOULDNT HAVE USED IT.
  11. Ok?
  12. Doesn't suprise me a simple decision requires you to coordinate. Care to comment on the subject? Or just deflect as usual. I made it to easy......I posted 2 paragraphs of facts in the opinion piece.
  13. Deflection noted. Care to comment on the subject matter? Maybe the "collusion" is expert JOYINMUDVILLE can ....he's still on board with "collusion" Which begs the question your post an admission the "collusion" thing is DOA?
  14. Good it will save time proving you wrong all the time.
  15. “MYE” stands for “midyear exam” and was the FBI case name for the Clinton email investigation. Here are the pesky facts none of the usual suspects can refute. Instead they lie and say the entire link is an opinion.