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  1. More good news.
  2. Oh,it'll be brought up again and again and me.😂
  3. LOL CHINA!!! RUSSIA!!! POLLS!!! "Collusion"!!!!! meanwhile..........."nothingburger" FBI agent text......also warning Mueller he doesn't think anything is there......
  4. LOL The rest is no joke....... Too funny. Watch the spin........EVERYTHING was a big joke.....nothing to look at here..... RUSSIA!!!
  5. And this has what to do with the topic? A lot of that going on with the Libs here lately.... Why is that?😀
  6. It's comica how the Libs here attack sources but use Wa Po,Mother Jones ,Buzzfeed,Raw Story,CNN,etc....... And deny what's going on with multiple sources but believe "Collusion" that has nothing supporting it as happening. Rough Year ahead.Libs,rough year.
  7. LOL Libs reduced to spell Nazi's Its been corrected. Care to comment on the topic. Dont you realize this old tired schtick is weak? "Most transparent Administration ever".........LOL. And the "Obama Legacy" is definitely real...........just not turning out how Libs expected. 😂😂😂
  8. There are many threads I posted .....remember I was accused of "spamming the board with"? Now they don't exist... 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  9. LOL ,now the Libs are straight up denying established facts. Desperate much?
  10. And no.....your lame "source " deflection doesn't work. Refute it with a link. Gets better every day.
  11. LOL all these coincidences and the Libs here scramble to explain them. Yet .............nothing on "Collusion " Too funny.
  12. It's more than obvious he can't be objective. He's painted himself in a corner .
  13. So what? That was before people found out he's complicit in real Collusion.