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  1. Probably explains the odd behavior lately. Hoping fior the best,expecting the worst.
  3. Look who you are talking about,lol. I think The Donald is use to doing what he wants consequences be damned. Except this time the office and issues are bigger and it doesn't work that way .
  4. Think a lot of this really just is a guy who isn't a politician who doesn't know the "protocol" . Not an excuse.I just don't think there is anything to it other than his son trying to get dirt on Hillary.
  5. Duhhh. LOL, I've criticized cops when needed.
  6. Absolutely,any critisizm of a liberal is either,racist,misogynistic,bigoted or a hate crime.
  7. I loved it. It bridges Prometheus and Alien well. I think most people that don't like it aren't vested enough in all the details. There is a lot going on that takes several viewings even for myself who is a ALIEN nerd. Fassbender steals the show. McBride was good too. People looking for a Summer Blockbuster action Flix WILL be dissapointed . It has a lot of angles,God,God complex,AI and how "real" is too real.Creationism. The actual ALIEN is sort of a side story to a degree.
  8. Nothing new,the MSM has waged war on everything Conservative since Reagan.
  9. LOL,more cloak and dagger stuff..... How dissapointed are you all going to be when nothing can mes of this? More dissapointed than the Election?
  10. These threads are so lame. So the Libs practice racism here everyday yet the same ones cry when other posters start black crime threads.
  11. This one is very strange. If what is reported is accurate how can anyone think it's not either a mentally unstable cop or a Jihad hate crime.......
  12. Nobody asked you.
  13. I'm sure the Muslims over there enjoyed all the drone strikes. You don't think before you post do you?