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  1. 1. The Ravens players are absolutely free to speak and or express themselves 2. I am free to stop going to or watching...I will.....been a Season Ticket holder since 2000 3. Wrong place IMO to do this. 4. On foreign soil? Really. 5. Stand for the English Anthem? 6. Don't they realize Englands Imperialistic history,The Crusades?( point being anyone can find find something about anything to be offended,outraged by). 7. They are rich pool their money,make a commercial on THEIR TIME.
  2. Yep. IMO they are now doing more harm then good to their cause. You will see it reflected in attendance......I guarantee it.
  3. He was asked a question......he answered it truthfully and frankly something sorely missing from politics for a loooonnnng time, What about Obama injecypting himself into all the police shootings?( btw I had no problem with that either)
  4. Like I said I have ZERO issues with protesting peacefully. The ironic part is I and IMO most ARE somewhat sympathetic to the cause. Do it on THEIR time. Pool some money together ,play a commercial before every game,speak,tell us what your feeling. IMO that would be much more effective........also putting their money where their mouths are.
  5. Can't wait to see all the empty seats next Sunday. The gift that keeps on giving.
  6. What a jerk
  7. Well said. Not an attack......just my opinion. I seee Llbs throwing out absolutes to steer the conversation.
  8. Just saying if he's asked a question,he answered. Reading these posts some say he should keep his opinion to himself? Regadless of wether I like or don't like some of what he's real.........something woefully missing from politics for a very long time.
  9. Another lie......have you no shame?
  10. An estimated $640 million has been diverted into what critics say is an improper, if not unconstitutional, “slush fund” fed from government settlements with JPMorgan Chase and Co., Citigroup Inc. and Bank of America Corp., according to congressional sources. convienent how none of you seemed to read this part.......sigh
  11. Like the ones your guys post but nothing is ever said? Hypocrisy exposed .......again.
  12. Did he freely say that....or was he asked?
  13. I don't think anyone cares that they protest. Its where. Already privileged get to let their opinion be seen and discussed by millions. Most I've talked to don't think it's the time or platform to do it, How is kneeling for the flag related to their issue with police. When I think of the flag I don't think police? It's a representation of the USA....that encompasses a lot........I never connected it with the police?
  14. Name calling noted. Onr problem with your incorrect would one know in 1886,1933 how many hurricanes were at sea let alone the intensity.
  15. I'll check but I don't think there were as many nor the intensity. I asked HST this in another thread. Whats going on here?.........Very civil today. Appreciated but not the norm.
  16. Ill get back to you on this. BTW ...What's going on here today......everyone is being civil?? Appreciated,but a departure from the norm.
  17. Regardless of what some think here I'm a straight shooter. The way I see it is like this. 1. Since the mid 90's or so anytime the Repubs have the hammer they don't use it.Wusses worried about votes. 2. Now you gave a Pres that wants to push the platform he was elected on( wether you agree or not that's Nobel) but the Repubs AGAIN won't commit. Thats how I see it. BTW McCain is a microcosm of what I just said. One of the man voices behind REPEAL OBAMACARE!!!! Now???
  18. Do you know what year that started? Im curious.
  19. Yep,I've also seen pictures of his famous accusers cozied up to him before he ran for President. Not a good look if they want to be taken seriously.
  20. That's actually a good idea. Leave them all in the locker room. Im serious. I like that.
  21. Well ,IMO it shouldn't even be insinuated for the exact reason you gave. Its one of the most serious allegations you can accuse someone of.
  22. Just saying there a a group of posters that always use the same exact lines. Anybody can do that. Post what you're thinking,not some stale talking point. Thats all.
  23. On his own time.....fine. Not mine. I pay for that product.