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  1. Looks pretty good I like Michael Shannon. I wonder if they are going to include the political aspect? Or just go with the events on the ground?
  2. No...just elections.
  3. "what's with the personal insults"?.............YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE Im an "ill informed partisan"?......Didn't I just correct you? A simple acknowledgement you were wrong would have sufficed. Now go cry to the mods to get it removed because you got owned and can't cope. Talk about a meltdown....sheezzzz
  4. You're just as dumb as Acosta apparently ......leave it to you to say something idiotic...... This is too funny to leave out.Consider it a bonus.....
  5. Nah,the Presidential Election dope. You sound angry? Hows that "collusion" going? 😂🤣
  6. What we've known all along.
  7. Agreed. This is boring...I HATE YOU!!! Just kidding😂
  8. Its the economy stupid.
  9. That was an incredibly petty thing for Obama to do.
  10. LOL ok.. I know PLENTY about history. ESPECIALLY WW2 and the Nazi's Ive been reading and collecting for 20+ years. Your "analogy" sucks. What you are doing is marginalizing what they did.
  11. And there you have it . Can you guys ever articulate anything without talking points? Nazi's .........pfft.
  12. They never belonged here.
  13. discuss. Oh and defore you guys try and deflect the's been reported elsewhere.
  14. Explained earlier. I said Trump inherited a stable economy from O Of course he gets credit for his part. This economy IMO has been improved upon by Trump. Obviously the tax cuts,loosening of business regs. Corporate tax cuts is a biggie. I think it's a fair assessment,no?
  15. I don't know if this site meets the Libs criteria for "credible".......doesn't seem like anything to lie about?
  16. Already been explained .....because of a stimulus package that blew up the debt. Hell,you or I could do that.
  17. If that is in reference to me you are a liar. And no I'm not paranoid.........just to beat you to your talking point punch.
  18. LMAO Calamari duped again on its RACE EXPLOITATION THREADS. Ohh,this has been a awesome last 3 days here.
  19. All to easily. Its Hindenbergs alter ego here. He will switch back soon.