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  1. Back to the main point. Wether it's true or not Imus and Rather are wrong.
  2. And the Libs here wonder why nobody trusts the MSM. Must protect Bill at all cost.........disgusting.
  3. If only you all were this concerned about Bill......... Then I would take you seriously.
  4. Lots of coberating evidence. Screwed up? How about intentionally lying.
  5. I'll take it a step further........because they can't contest it.........or they would.
  6. The usuals resorting to personal attacks. Might as well just say "I surrender".
  7. Rather was the worst of the 2. One of the most respected liberal journalists of all time........ I agree with what you said about Imus.
  8. It's funny actually.I guess they think they get the upper hand when someone posts actual news and facts........then they produce corny one liners to counter it? Might as well just say I surrender.
  9. Just when you thought the Libs here couldn't get any more tone deaf.
  10. Why even post these lame posts if you have nothing to say?
  11. I suggest the libs go back and look at the way accusers were treated when Bill was in office. Its appalling.
  12. Exactly...... they aren't too bright here in case you didn't notice.
  13. LOL, he's such a tool
  14. Still doesn't mean it's true.
  15. Sorry it's inconvenient for you. The personal attack tells us all we need to know.
  16. Because they can't attack him on issues. The economy is humming, economic outlook strong, unemployment low.
  17. Are you familiar with the word "hearsay"?