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  1. I'm going to say 31-28 Denver. If the power goes out, 31-30 Denver. There will be a few interceptions that decide the game.
  2. What's up people? Been awhile, but i'm back now for the weekly game thread. I'm living in a remote area of New mexico so its hard to post like before. Anyways it's game day, in Oakland, Ravens will play much better offensively today provided hurst can hold up. I think our defense will be very strong today with Jernigan back. We shall see, Just a little while longer until it's time. Here's to victory in Oakland. Lets do this!!!! LETS GO RAVENS!!!!
  3. Yessir I had an issue finding the talk forums as it has been a while since i have posted here. haha. Hope all is good man.
  4. Look how far this thread has come over the years.
  5. Thanks for all that you do for them Fred.
  6. What's up Raven Nation? 33 views and no on knows what time it is? GAME TIME!!!! in about 8 hours. Still in Game time mode though. :rwb:
  7. Alright 2nd half, Lets keep rolling.. GO RAVENS!!!!!
  8. they just tiring the defense out.
  9. I hope Marlon is Okay. crap..
  10. Need to start out fast against that Pagano team...
  11. Lets do this people!!!!!! GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Good win. See yinz next week....
  13. Need to take this game out of the refs hands...
  14. Alrighty then, Not a bad start at all. Cannot let up..
  15. WOOT WOOT LETS DO THIS !!!!!!!!!! GO RAVENS!!!!